Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 26 – Hold

Almost half an hour has passed, Lin Chuliu and Wu Ke’er still had their eyes closed and from their tightly locked brow it can be seen that it was not going very well.

Qiao Zheng is not in a hurry and silently squatted in the corner again, just smoking a cigarette, which was taken away by a fair and slender hand.

“It’s better to smoke less.” The fingers of Nan Xueqing slightly bent and the cigarette died.

The heart of Qiao Zheng was dripping blood, taking a long time to spit out a sentence, “very expensive.”

The eyes of Nan Xueqing fell on Lin Siyi in front of her, unsure if she heard.

Qiao Zheng held his forehead in mourning.

“Why… why do I see that the scene is getting blurry?” Lin Siyi made a sound.

As the words fell, Lin Chuliu opened his eyes.

He looked at the ghosts in front of him in the Soul Crossing Courtyard, as well as the psychic senses, his face was shocked, and then his face immediately sank into contemplation.

“Because this is the first time you are performing vision sharing, so when your ability is shared to your teammates, your own vision will be reduced.”

“In the end, you are still too trashy, when you reach my kind of level, even after vision sharing, there will not be any changes and you will be the most awesome one yourself.”

Qiao Zhenghao was not modest.

Lin Siyi understood it a little bit. This was equivalent to a piece of cake divided among three people, so from a whole cake into a smaller piece, but equal among the others.

Wu Ke’er suddenly let out a cry of pain. Lin Chuliu turned around and saw that the other party was covering her eyes in pain.

“If you can’t do it, don’t force it.” Qiao Zheng shouted.

Wu Ke’er spat out a word in pain, “No.”

Lin Chu Liu’s face was slightly moved, “If you really can’t merge, don’t force it.”

Qiao Zheng walked over, “Lin Chuliu is right, you are already great for holding on for so long. Open your eyes and let your power out and continue tomorrow.”

When Wu Ke’er heard Qiao Zheng’s words, she finally did not persist and collapsed on the ground exhausted.

Opening her eyes, the power immediately escaped and went towards the direction of Lin Siyi, disappearing when it touched her eyes.

Lin Siyi original blurred scene instantly clear up a lot.

Lin Chuliu looked at Wu Ke’er who was propped up on the ground, panting heavily, with beads of sweat on her forehead continuously falling down, and silently withdrew his hand that was ready to be extended.

It’s better not to give the other party any hope.

Wu Ke’er raised her head, eyes full of red blood and full of reluctance, “This time I was just not ready, next time I will be able to do it!”

Lin Siyi was the only soul crossing master in the team, so if she couldn’t manage to fuse with her ghost eyes, wouldn’t she be eliminated from the team.

She looked at Lin Chuliu beside her, and saw that the other party’s eyes were on the Soul Crossing Courtyard, not looking at her at all.

Her heart was even more furious, no matter what, she had to stay in this squad to impress Chu Liu!

Qiao Zheng, “Now for half an hour from now, observe the ghosts in the Soul Crossing Courtyard.”

“Lin Siyi!”

In the Soul Crossing Courtyard, two ghosts were sitting on the steps chatting, and Lin Siyi was watching enthusiastically when she heard Qiao Zheng call her.

“What’s wrong?”

Qiao Zheng had a gloomy face, “Observe the ghosts in there, after a week, you have to choose a ghost to cross.”

“Oh,” casually saying.

Qiao Zheng, “Do not think that this is a redundant task, for the soul crossing master, observation is the most important and critical thing. Figure out the habits of the target, and the cause of death, is the guarantee of your safety. Your teammates can not protect you at all times.”

Lin Siyi retracted her gaze from the Soul Crossing Courtyard and shifted her eyes in the direction of Qiao Zheng.

To be honest, the black and white color of Qiao Zheng, the scars on his face actually looked a little cool, so Lin Siyi could not help but “tsk tsk tsk” a few times.

Qiao Zheng looked at the other party closed eyes, grinning, and making strange sounds, not to mention how ridiculous it was.

“The soul crossing master is not the main attacker, but to fight with ghosts, so you must learn the ability to protect yourself. You can’t rely on your teammates when encountering any danger.”

Lin Siyi opened her mouth, “Teacher Qiao you make good points, I will definitely do what you say.”

The other side clearly said obedient words, but from her mouth, let Qiao Zheng inexplicably feel strange and dropped a sentence, “Observe by yourself, you have half an hour to finish.”

However, before half an hour had passed, Lin Siyi felt the scene in front of her wavering a bit.

Just about to ask what is going on, Lin Chulu suddenly fell down.

Luckily, Wu Ke’er was beside him in time to hold him up, “What happened to you, Chuliu?”

Qiao Zheng walked to his side, “Is it that your body can’t take it anymore?”

Lin Chu Liu nodded with difficulty.

That power was very dominant, hovering in his visual nerves, and even absorbing his spiritual power.

He had to control it on one hand and on the other hand, he had to stabilize the fire element in his body from restlessness, and after a sustained period of time, it made him exhausted and unable to support himself.

“You have this situation, on one hand, you have not yet adapted, and on the other hand, it is your good sister who has not yet managed to fully control this power.”

Qiao Zheng’s tone sounded as if it had a deeper meaning, causing Lin Chuliu to raise his head and give him a serious look.

The other party walked to Nan Xueqing and whispered, “Don’t be too anxious, take your time.”

Nan Xueqing nodded, then released the power in her eyes, and her whole body instantly became much more relaxed.

“The main task for you two this week is to adapt to the sharing of this ghost eye. So far, in this team, only the two of you are capable of attacking, so you must do it so that you can easily harness this ghost eye even when fighting.”

Qiao Zheng looked at Lin Chuliu and Wu Ke’er.

Wu Ke’er gritted her teeth, she was currently the only one who couldn’t even manage to fuse.

She, who was the pride of heaven, could not even do this, which made her feel very ashamed.

“So…. that what, can I end it?” Lin Siyi felt that her whole body was spinning and she was somewhat unable to hold on.

Qiao Zheng, “Disperse the essence in your eyes before opening them.”

Hearing this, Lin Siyi immediately proceeded, then opened her eyes sharply, one foot buckled, her center was unstable, and she leaned directly backwards.

Qiao Zheng was closest to her and was just about to be a good guy to help the other person, but Nan Xueqing was one step ahead of him and held her.

“Is everything okay?”

Her eyebrows were instantly tightened.

“It’s… it’s fine.”

Lin Siyi smelled a light fragrance, a jasmine scent, and the dizziness of her mind disappeared, but she was somewhat reluctant to leave the other party’s embrace.

Nevertheless, the words were just uttered within a few seconds, and the other withdrew her hand Leaving the embrace of the female lead Lin Siyi suddenly felt that her heart was empty, as if something was missing.

Wait, there seems to be something wrong!

Qiao Zheng, “This is the end of the day, go back to sleep. Tomorrow is the same as seven o’clock in the evening.”

“Teacher Qiao! Don’t go, why can’t I see!”

She obviously has opened her eyes, why is the surrounding area still dark. Reacting to this, Lin Siyi, was a little unsettled.

Qiao Zheng’s voice came from afar, “Oh I forgot to tell you, this is just the after-effects of sharing ghost eyes. It will be fine after sharing a few more times.”

Lin Siyi, “????”

Immediately shouting, “So when can I see?”

Qiao Zheng’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, obviously walking farther away.

“As short as one or two hours, as many as seven or eight hours.”

Seven or eight hours?

Then she should be able to see if she sleeps for one night, Lin Siyi sighed with relief.

Then immediately remembered, how could she go back if she couldn’t see?

She stretched out her hand to fumble around, finally grabbing an arm, and immediately cried, “Xueqing is really good, I knew you would not leave me alone.”

Lin Chuliu looked at Lin Siyi who grabbed his arm, his face was instantly dark.

“Do you think I feel like a woman?”

“Huh?” Lin Siyi stretched out her hand upwards until she felt the rough scruff, when she smoothly exhaled, “Lin Chuliu, how come it’s you?”

Extremely disappointed.

Lin Chu Liu felt that his heart was wounded, having raised a sister in vain.

Walking towards the front, he looked at Nan Xueqing who was standing at one side, ” I will leave Lin Siyi to you.”

Nan Xueqing did not say anything.

Lin Chuliu also did not care, leaving with a pause in his steps, looking back at Wu Ke’er who was still standing in the same place, “not going?”

Hearing Lin Chuliu’s voice, the originally depressed Wu Ke’er instantly raised her head and her eyes opened, “Chuliu are you inviting me to go with you?”

Lin Chu Liu, “Forget it if you don’t want to go.”

As soon as he turned his head to leave, Wu Ke’er immediately chased after him, “I’ll go, Chuliu wait for me. Lin Siyi, we’ll go first, see you tomorrow night!”

“Okay.” Lin Siyi also do not know whether the other party has gone far and can hear her, but still answered a sound.

Then carefully moved a few steps forward, hands groping around.

Nan Xueqing looked at the other party’s tiny hands moving around in the air, afraid of her hitting an object, she walked up and directly held the pair of small tender hands.

“Let’s go.”

Perhaps the moon was too enchanting, the dark clouds could not hold back the moon from releasing, so that the moonlight scattered all over the night.

Lin Siyi was held by the other’s hand, taking small steps forward. One step, two steps, and finally could not help but say, “Xueqing, why don’t you hold me. Just pulling a hand I’m still a little nervous.”

The other party’s footsteps stopped, and Lin Siyi immediately said, “Of course, I’m not asking you to carry me, just just-“

Lin Siyi did not know how to describe it, directly pulled the female lead’s left hand to her right shoulder, and then the whole person leaned in, “That’s it.”

Then she personally bent the other party’s stiff arm down so that her entire body was encircled in her arms.

“This makes me feel a little more secure.”

Smelling the faint jasmine fragrance on the female lead, Lin Siyi suddenly felt that it was oddly nice to be blind.

Cheerfully saying, “Let’s go!”

But she didn’t notice the other party’s steps, and wondered, “Xueqing?”

“Well.” The other party’s voice was a little hoarse.

“You don’t want to go?”


While passing through the dormitory hallway, Lin Siyi’s sharp ears heard cursing and swearing coming from the other dorms.

“Xueqing, it seems that all the soul masters start studying at night, we might have to adjust our time differences.”

Lin Siyi raised her head and came in close contact with her cheek, and the breath of the words she spoke slowly lingered in her ears.

Nan Xueqing’s heart shuddered, completely unable to hear what the other party was saying and mindlessly replied “hmm”.

Back in the dorm room, she immediately put Lin Siyi to the bedside and went into the bathroom, opened the faucet, and splashed the cold water fiercely towards her face indiscriminately.

Instantly calming down.

  She looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes deep.

A moment later, she opened the bathroom door, and Lin Siyi, who was currently sitting on the edge of the bed, raised her head for a split second and smiled awkwardly, “Hey, I thought you were taking a shower and then I got too hungry, so”

Nan Xueqing looked at the other’s hand holding the cake she had bought earlier, eating all over her mouth, and even dropping some crumbs on the floor.

Her eyes moved to the table. Indeed, the original neatly arranged books were now a mess.

She was just in the bathroom and didn’t even notice any movement.

It seems that something was slowly derailing, Nan Xueqing eyes sunk, no longer able to continue.

“Xueqing?” Lin Siyi’s tentative tone sounded, “You, you won’t get angry, right?”

“It’s all my fault for putting the dessert I packed earlier too far away. Luckily yours was close to me, otherwise I would have starved to death first. Don’t be angry, okay? I’ll buy you another one tomorrow.”

The other’s voice that did not answer and Lin Siyi could not see the other party’s expression and her heart became a little frightened.

A wet, moist, and cool feeling appeared around her mouth.

Nan Xueqing took a wet paper towel for the other party to wipe off the cream around the lips.

“Eat and rinse your mouth, then go to sleep.”

Although she couldn’t see, Lin Siyi could imagine how gentle the female lead must be at this moment.

Moved enough to cry.

A million thanks to the author for writing such a good female lead.

Shrugging her nose, “But I haven’t showered yet.”

Nan Xueqing wiped the other party’s hand with a pause, “How are you going to wash?”

Lin Siyi was a little annoyed, her eyes unable to see was really too inconvenient.

“Want….want you to help me?”

Lin Siyi obviously felt the other party quickly withdrew her hand.

Nan Xueqing stood up, her voice low, “Impossible.”

Lin Siyi was a little disappointed, “Then okay.”

She can only wait until tomorrow morning when her eyes have recovered before taking a shower.

With the help of the female lead she rinsed her mouth and finally lay down on the bed listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

She was thinking of waiting for the female lead to come out and have a late night exchange, but eventually she failed to stay awake.

Nan Xueqing walked out of the bathroom and looked at Lin Siyi, who was lying on the bed, and looked at her carefully for a while.

Why is it suddenly not the same as before?

The next day, Lin Siyi woke up hungry, took a look at the time, but it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

She looked at the time on her phone screen, screamed, and touched her eyes, “I can actually see.”

Just when she wanted to share this happy news with the female lead, she realized that the other party was not in the dorm.

Flopping back onto the bed, her head was a little dizzy and she must have been hungry.

Her eyes went to the packed dessert she had thrown on the couch, and sighed, why did she dislike it so much.

Just as she was starving and decided to make do with what she had, the female lead walked in carrying a fragrant bibimbap.

She immediately called out, “Xueqing, is that the bibimbap for me!”

Nan Xueqing was stunned, “How do you know it’s bibimbap.”

Lin Siyi jumped out of bed and took the bag with the lunch box in the female lead’s hand, then opened it, and it was indeed bibimbap! Or ham sausages!

“I used to eat a lot. I can remember this taste even in death!”

Nan Xueqing did not say anything, because she remembered that the other party used to eat only the food in the fine restaurants.

It was almost seven o’clock when they came out of the dormitory, and was still the last to arrive.

However, as soon as Lin Siyi saw Qiao Zheng who was squatting in the corner and immediately throwing his cigarette to the ground and stamping it out with his foot, before walking with a stern face.

“Everyone’s here? Then let’s get started.”

She looked at Nan Xueqing, not knowing if it was her illusion, but she actually felt that Qiao was a little afraid to look the female lead squarely in the eye.

In accordance with yesterday, she concentrated the essence in her body into her eyes and immediately closed them tightly without opening them.

The scene around her instantly became clear, but compared to yesterday’s black and white, she surprisingly saw another color.


Does she look like someone who has a connection with green?

Nan Xueqing felt the same power from yesterday floating towards her again.

It was more than ten minutes faster than yesterday. When did the Lin family’s ghost eyes become so easy to master?

Qiao Zheng saw Nan Xueqing close her eyes, obviously fusing with the power of the Ghost Eye.

His heart was also astonished, knowing that the Lin family’s person had just begun to awaken these eyes should take at least twenty minutes.

And this is only the second time that Lin Siyi was doing it, not only is it awakening and sharing the vision.

It took more than ten minutes to complete it, which is incredible.

In less than a minute, Nan Xueqing opened her eyes.

Compared to last time, the power was a little more docile. Even she didn’t bother to over-control it, it all just hovered around her eye and wasn’t as dominant or greedy as last time to absorb her spiritual power.

Lin Siyi was able to feel her side of the vision enter the female lead’s vision, and even more subtly, she was able to feel where that power was located.

The other side was replenished by absorbing the female lead’s spiritual power, and of course, she was benefited, but how could she move the female lead’s spiritual power!

If she accidentally absorbs too much, what if the female lead gets injured.

Furthermore, Lin Siyi was even more worried that she was afraid that the female lead would misunderstand her so as to secretly absorb her spiritual power to strengthen her own power.

So she immediately reprimanded that power, trying hard to suppress it and make it behave.

On the other hand, Lin Chuliu also succeeded in fusing half an hour earlier than the last time.

As for Wu Ke’er, her heart was filled with doubts.

After yesterday’s failure, she specially asked her dad to find an experienced soul crossing master to share the ghost eyes with her.

In less than five minutes, she managed to gain the other person’s eyesight with such ease that she wondered if her dad had helped her.

What’s even stranger is that not only did her eyes not feel any discomfort, the power of that soul crossing master even hovered very gently in her nerves.

It was completely different from the feeling shared by Lin Siyi’s ghost eyes.

Wu Ke’er gritted her teeth, this power was just too overbearing.

She heard the voices of Lin Chuliu and Nan Xueqing around her, did they succeed so quickly?

No, she couldn’t fail.

After about another hour, Wu Ke’er finally opened her eyes.

In that moment, she froze.

Instead of looking towards the Soul Crossing Courtyard, she looked around and the world seemed to become clearer for a moment.

This clarity was completely different from the feeling of what her own eyes saw.

It was clearly night, but she could see the moment when the dew slowly traced off the leaves. It even slowed down a hundred times in her eyes at the moment, and she instantly came back to her senses as her brain began to ache.

“Strange, why is that thing absorbing my spiritual energy?”

“Try to suppress it, and remember, don’t let your essence come into contact with it.” Lin Chuliu’s voice rang out.

Wu Ke’er immediately obeyed and did as she was told.

Hearing Wu Ke’er’s words, Lin Siyi felt a little embarrassed, all her energy was focused on the female lead’s side, so she couldn’t even bother to control the others’.

If only one’s energy could be split, this way it could be divided into three and everyone could be taken care of.

After this time, Lin Siyi’s blindness only lasted about four hours before she recovered.

At three in the morning, a thirsty Lin Siyi found that her eyes could see, and there was a small amount of excitement. She used the moonlight to look at the sleeping female lead in the bed next to her, with her back toward her, with some regret.

She could not appreciate the beauty of the other person.

Her line of sight fell on Aversion curled up at the foot of the other’s bed, and she tiptoed up to pick up the gray cat, then put it on a blanket on the floor.

Humph, she didn’t even sleep on the female lead’s bed, you still want to dream.

Aversion, intoxicated in a beautiful dream, did not pay any attention to the fact he was moved to a new location.

After a few days, they gathered every day at the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard and carried out the same thing.

Amazingly, Lin Siyi found that she had managed to distract herself while controlling the power in the visual nerves of the three.

Also, from the beginning, the blindness lasted for one night, to four hours, to two hours, and until finally a few seconds.

Wu Ke’er, again during the daytime, found the previous soul crossing master to repeatedly share the vision, and was finally certain that Lin Siyi’s ghost eyes were not the same as the others’, checked a lot of information, and finally confirmed one thing.

The principal saw that his daughter was somewhat unusual recently, and after several inquiries, the other party just shook her head and said it was all right.

Just curious about the ghost eyes of the soul crossing master.

For Lin Siyi’s ghost eyes, Wu Ke’er felt that the fewer people knew about it, the better, especially her father.

A week later, Qiao Zheng gave them each a talisman paper and said, “These days you have mostly observed, it’s time to go in and pick a ghost to cross. This talisman paper can suppress most ghosts, take it with you.”

Lin Siyi put the talisman paper into her pocket and asked casually, “What about the other ghosts?”

Qiao Zheng’s forehead veins flared up, “Lin Siyi, can you normally read more books?”

Lin Siyi, “????”

Wu Ke’er whispered, “Basically, the ghosts want to harm people are limited, you just do not have to get in its way and it will be fine.”

In its way?

Lin Siyi still did not understand.

Nan Xueqing said, “White high heels.”

This word out of the others, Lin Siyi instantly understood, “Just like the legless ghost, if it wants to harm people it must get people to pick up her shoes. If not, it will entice people to pick them up, this way, she can harm them?”

Nan Xueqing nodded.

“What white high heels, what legless ghost?” Wu Ke’er listened with a dumbfounded face.

So Lin Siyi told her previous experience.

Wu Ke’er immediately exclaimed, “Are you sure there is no soul crossing master following her around, how could there be such a ghost in the academy outside the Soul Crossing Courtyard?”

Lin Chu Liu pondered, then said, “Don’t go out alone at night in the future.”

“Right, right.” Wu Ke’er hastily seconded the motion.

Lin Si nodded, she knew without them reminding her.

“Remember this ghost.”

Qiao Zheng’s voice suddenly sounded.

Lin Siyi turned his head to look at him, puzzled.

“It will be under your control.”

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