Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 25 – Ghost Eyes

“What are you doing so slowly?”

Before even reaching the front, she heard Qiao Zheng’s scolding words.

Lin Siyi pretended not to hear, and silently moved to the female lead’s side.

Nan Xueqing glanced at her without saying anything.

“What are you doing standing over there, come here.”

Qiao Zheng saw the other party approaching close to Nan Xueqing, his eyebrows wrinkled, and immediately gestured to his side.

Lin Siyi hesitated, full of reluctance, like a young daughter-in-law who had to leave her newlywed husband, making Wu Ke’er a little unable to look down.

“Teacher Qiao.” Lin Siyi called out in a good manner.

“Are we going in?”

Qiao Zheng squinted his eyes, “Go inside? You can try.”

The tone of his voice made Lin Siyi feel a little awkward, “So we’ll just stand here?”

Qiao Zheng looked at the crowd in front of him, “Yes, just stand here, including next week, you will also stand here.”

Wu Ke’er, “Ah, what’s the point of standing here, to look at the stars?”

Lin Siyi looked up at the sky. The moon was mostly covered by dark clouds, not to mention looking at the stars.

Lin Chuliu did not speak and stood in a stance, with doubts in his eyes, but did not speak.

Qiao Zheng, ” Do you know what a soul crossing mastere does?”

“To cross ghosts over?” Lin Siyi tried.

“You are only half right. Lin Chuliu you say the other half to her.”

Lin Chuliu, “Yes.”

He glanced at Lin Siyi, as if wondering how he could have such a stupid sister.

“The so-called soul crossing, itself is the duty is to cross the ghost over, but more importantly is the role in the team. One is equivalent to another kind of auxiliary division, for the teammates who have opened the ghost eyes, scouting the surrounding environment, perceive unknown dangers, is similar to but more subtle than a psychic master.”

Qiao Zheng nodded, “Very well said, you, do you understand?”

Lin Siyi, “I got it, I got it.”

“Now, all you have to do is to open the ghost eye for your teammates.”

Lin Siyi immediately nodded again.

The air was silent for three seconds.

Qiao Zheng, “What are you still staring at, why don’t you start now?”

Lin Siyi, “???”

She could only humbly ask for advice, “Then… what should I do?”

Qiao Zheng, “……”

Bursting out with foul language, “How the fuck should I know what you should do!”


Isn’t it a teacher’s job? Shouldn’t a teacher teach his students?

“The method of each soul crossing master is different, relying entirely on their own awareness.” Wu Ke’er kindly reminded.

All eyes were looking at her and Lin Siyi suddenly felt so much pressure on her.

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

Nan Xueqing stepped forward, “Close your eyes and focus the essence in your body to the top of your eyes.”

Hearing the gentle voice of the female lead, Lin Siyi’s body inexplicably relaxed a little.

Closing her eyes and trying hard to perceive the so-called magic essence in this world.

Magic, in her world, was something completely unreal, but miraculously, she would encounter it one day.

The shining light in her body attracted her, so it must be the essence the female lead was talking about.

But how do you focus them on top of your eyes?

Lin Siyi was currently in an empty space, surrounded by nothing but these shining stars.

She was instantly a little sad.

“Your eyes are the brightest one.”

The soft voice sounded again.

Lin Siyi immediately looked up at the two round and bright diamond-like stars at the top, which must be her eyes!

Looking at the stars scattered around, Lin Siyi took a step forward and found them taking a step backward.

With that, she knew how to focus them on her eyes.

Lin Chuliu and others stood next to each other and waited for twenty minutes or so.

Qiao Zheng silently squatted in a corner and lit a cigarette.

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi’s forehead with tiny sweat and her eyebrows twisted together slightly.

“I’m going, I’m really getting tired.”

Lin Siyi bent over, hands pressed on her knees, panting roughly, looking at the dots of stars that were driven by her to the most shining light source in one piece, with a sense of inexplicable achievement.

Looking up at the top two.

So how was she supposed to get this clump to the sky.

Lin Siyi jumped up, and the star cluster moved up by a few points visible to the naked eye.

But it was still a long way from the target.

If only she could fly.

Lin Siyi thought so.

However, in the next second, she really flew up.

Looking at the feet that left the ground, Lin Siyi had a slightly surreal feeling.

She suddenly remembered earlier when she was framed for stealing Lou Mei’s magic stone, at that time she was thinking how good it would be if the item was not the other party’s, and then… the thing in her hand had inexplicably changed…

The feeling at that time was exactly the same as the fleeting feeling just now. Her mind always felt that something strange had happened in a flash.

Then, she wanted it to happen?

Is it possible that she also has this kind of magic?

In order to experiment, Lin Siyi purposely stretched out her hand, “I want money, let the money appear in my hand immediately.”

One second…. two seconds…. three seconds….

The hand in the air, besides the air, was air.

How can there be a feeling of stupidity.

Lin Siyi immediately shook her head, it should all be a coincidence, after all, where in the world can there be such a great thing.

It was better to finish what was going on at the moment first.

Next, she very easily sent the cloud of light to the two brightest lights.

As soon as they were close it immediately scattered into it.

Lin Siyi disappeared into the empty space in an instant, stumbling a bit on her feet, and delicate hands caught her in time so that she didn’t fall.

She opened her eyes and looked up to face them, “Xueqing, fortunately, you are next to me.”

Seeing the other’s eyes, Nan Xueqing was shocked in her heart, not expecting that this person had really inherited the pair of eyes of the Lin family.

The originally black eyes were now faintly showing a hint of dark purple, and mystery lingered in them.

Lin Chuliu’s footsteps could not help but take a step forward, precisely blocking Wu Ke’er’s line of sight.

Wu Ke’er, “Did it work?”

She wanted to go forward but was rebuked by Lin Chuliu, “Don’t move.”

The first time she heard such a tone from Lin Chuliu, Wu Ke’er instantly froze and tears instantly swirled in her eyes. Chuliu was actually mean to her!

“Who told you to open your eyes. Close them!” Qiao Zheng threw the cigarette to the ground in a rage.

Lin Siyi reflexively looked over and her line of sight happened to pass through the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard.

Fuck, who opened the door!

Why are there so many ghosts, I…

Lin Siyi didn’t have time to complain,  when a certain nerve in her brain was violently touched, and her vision locked tightly on the old man sitting on the dry well.

As it turned around unaware, a bloodstained face caught her eye and stared at her.

The scene around her began to change layer by layer, deeper and deeper. The dizziness began, and at this time a cold sensation covered her eyes.

The voice carried a certain appeal, instantly pulling her back to reality, “Close your eyes.”

Lin Siyi did not dare to hesitate, immediately closing her eyes, and her brain instantly calmed down.

Nan Xueqing put down her hand.

Qiao Zheng cursed, “Damn, you want to run before you learn to walk. You’re seeking death, right?”

Lin Siyi had a tear flowing down from the corner of her eye.

Qiao Zheng was stunned, “Did I scold her fiercely?”

Nan Xueqing shook her head, “She should be affected by what just happened.”

Sure enough, Lin Siyi curled her lips, “That can’t rule out the gifted.”

“I-,” Qiao Zheng suddenly did not want to talk to this person again.

And once again, squatted in the corner and lit a cigarette.

Lin Siyi closed her eyes and suddenly felt that the world around her had instantly become so wonderful.

Obviously her eyes were now closed, but she could clearly see everything around her.

Except that the world turned black and white.

Her line of sight shifted to Qiao Zheng in the corner, “Mr. Qiao, smoking too much is not good for the body.”

Qiao Zheng, “Oh, that’s for ordinary people, I’m gifted.”

Lin Siyi, “But there are times when the gifted is impaired.”

Qiao Zheng, “For example?”

Lin Siyi thought for a moment, “A fallen daughter?”


“Think about the rich people who are born winners in life. In a way, they are considered gifted, but then one day, they suddenly go bankrupt.”

Qiao Zheng threw away his cigarette in annoyance, “What is all this crap.”

Nan Xueqing stood by and listened to what the other person said in silence.

Qiao Zheng got up, “Go and disperse the elements in your own eyes to your teammates. Remember not to open your eyes.”


Lin Siyi was in a happy mood because she felt that the world was just too amazing at the moment.

With her eyes closed, she thought about what Qiao Zheng said, and then her eyes hurt slightly, as if something had separated outward.

Nan Xueqing and the others instantly felt a force drifting slowly towards them.

Qiao Zheng walked to Nan Xueqing’s side and said, “Don’t reject them, accept them kindly and then slowly adapt to it. It will be a little uncomfortable at first. Close your eyes, slowly adapt to it, and then open them later.”

The people nodded their heads.

Wu Ke’er wiped the teardrops that swirled in her eyes, and Lin Chuliu in front of her closed his eyes, his face began to frown.

Never looking at her from start to finish.

“Humph!” Wu Ke’er stomped her foot in anger and then walked over to Lin Siyi’s side angrily.

Nan Xueqing glanced at her, and she instantly lost her nerve and silently retreated back again.

All of them were receiving the ghost eyes of the soul crossing master for the first time, so they were all a bit uncomfortable.

Especially Wu Ke’er, the power was running around in her eyes, making it hurt like hell.

Just as she was about to mobilize the wind element to suppress it, she heard Qiao Zheng’s reprimanding voice, “Don’t mobilize the essence in your own body, calm your mind and slowly fuse!”

Wu Ke’er muttered a few words, but still obediently obeyed.

About three or four minutes, Nan Xueqing opened her eyes and looked at the ghosts scurrying around in the Soul Crossing Courtyard and could even sense some of the hidden ghosts.

Qiao Zheng whispered, “How does it feel?”

Nan Xueqing, “More difficult to adapt than uncle’s ghost eyes, but-“

Looking at Nan Xueqing’s slightly upturned mouth, he knew she was about to say a whole lot of compliments. Qiao Zheng immediately said, “Okay, don’t talk about it. I have experienced the more advanced ghost eyes of the Lin family, not to mention this fledgling girl.”

Nan Xueqing smiled.

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