My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 52

Fuyu nodded slightly and said, “I already know about your fight in the Wasteland. However, although that cook is pure, you are not to touch him in the future. If not necessary, words should be spoken less.”

Shu Tang knew that Master was still thinking about the matter of Qing Senyang, and quickly nodded obediently and said, “I promise!”

Fuyu stroked her head, “Go rest, tomorrow I will teach you true qi condensation. After a successful sword condensation, your combat power can also be greatly increased.”

This is what her master has said and Shu Tang couldn’t find any more topics to talk about, so she had to leave the kitchen with her master and go back to the side hall.

After all, since she had been practicing hard, the side hall had become her residence by default, and the good times she had shared a room with her master had long since disappeared. Although Shu Tang had figured out the matter of her master, but because of this, she would unknowingly want to have more contact with her.

 Whether it’s life or cultivation, she wants to be closer to Master, wants to understand her past, and also wants to accompany her in the future.

With these chaotic thoughts Shu Tang drowsily fell asleep. Half dreaming, half awake, in a trance, she saw the woman in the battlefield of the ancient gods and demons again. Her face full of blood and tears, clutching her lapel, her mouth opening and closing, as if she was calling a name.

Shu Tang tried to get closer to her, wanting to hear who she was calling. However, just as she was about to approach the woman in blue, she suddenly turned her head and looked straight at her! Shu Tang was startled and plucked up the courage to continue looking at her, only to see that there was no trace of focus in the woman’s eyes nor did she notice her, and her mouth was still mumbling that name.

Once that name entered Shu Tang’s ears, it suddenly caused her delicate body to shake.

If she heard correctly, the person that woman called was…. Lie You!

This name was not familiar to Shu Tang, but she still instantly remembered that it was the name of the city lord of the city next to the Barbaric Wasteland!

She couldn’t help but take a few steps backwards, but saw that the woman suddenly gave a hollow and terrible laugh, but with a hint of relief. Shu Tang’s heart inexplicably saddened, and wanted to talk to her, but the words did not come out and the woman disappeared like last time. Immediately after that, the earth shook and everything fell back to the ground.

Only last time, Shu Tang awakened in shock after falling, but this time, she heard a voice–

“Everything in the past has no meaning to you. They don’t belong to you. So why do you need to follow…..”

The voice was erratic and unpredictable and Shu Tang subconsciously retorted, “I don’t want to know the past and I don’t have a past. Who are you? What do you want to say?”

A soft laugh seemed to come from the ground, for some reason, Shu Tang’s heart suddenly surged with intense fear. The air around her body quickly withdrew, when she was on the verge of suffocation she let out a cry, and the next second, she was embraced into a slightly cold embrace.

Fuyu was sleeping well at night when she suddenly felt tightness in her chest, and after several adjustments of the Qi in her body had no effect, she simply went out for a walk. To her surprise, when she walked to the side hall, she happened to hear her disciple’s sleep talk. She approached the door and wanted to secretly listen to what Shu Tang was saying but she didn’t think she was having a nightmare, so she rushed into the room and hugged her.

Shu Tang was not fully awake yet but tears broke out from the corners of her eyes. Fuyu touched her back at once, combing the turbulent true qi in her body for her.

After about half a stick of incense, Shu Tang finally regained her composure and slowly got up from her master’s arms, asking with much resignation, “Master, when I’m not cultivating, can I rest with you?”

Fuyu wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and said soothingly, “Naturally you can.”

Shu Tang took the opportunity to look at her master for a while, and when she was satisfied, she told her about her dream, and together with it, what happened in the barbaric cave.

After listening to her dream, Fuyu’s expression changed slightly, then recovered and said softly, “Miao Jinghan used illusions on you. This dream should also be caused by that illusion and has nothing to do with Lie You. But you don’t have to worry, in two days it should be fine.”

Shu Tang nodded honestly, “But Master, if it were you, would you be interested in the power of the True God?”

Looking at her disciple’s dumbfounded expression, Fuyu opened her mouth and sighed lightly, “Huahua, your master has no interest in the True God’s Power because your master herself has a True God’s Power.”

Shu Tang’s eyes suddenly widened and exclaimed, “You have the power of a True God?” Exhaling, she realized that her master was originally a jade pendant that had followed the True God for countless years, and since she could open her spiritual intelligence by getting tainted with immortal qi, she could naturally also be tainted with divine power! However, as for what kind of divine power her master has, it is not something she can just ask.

She smacked her head and turned to say, “Then does sister Zhu also have the power of a true god?”

“She doesn’t,” Fuyu replied. “She was accidentally lost by the True God after she had her spiritual intelligence, and spent the rest of her time cultivating alone, and did not get tainted with more divine power.”

So that’s how it is. Shu Tang nodded thoughtfully, her eyes suddenly fell on the quilt, and only then did she realize that when they were talking, her Master had been sitting beside her and the two were extremely close.

Shu Tang was a little nervous and stammered, “Master, that, am I disturbing your rest? Cough, should we go back to your room to rest…” She did not finish her sentence, Fuyu was already shaking her head and said, “No, I can rest here with you.”

After saying that, she took off her shoes, grabbed a quilt out of thin air, and lied down right next to Shu Tang.

After chatting with her disciple for a while, Fuyu’s stuffy chest had all but disappeared. As soon as she touched the pillow, she quietly went to rest, leaving only Shu Tang who was sitting there, clutching the quilt to death.

Master! You should at least give your disciple a psychological preparation! Even if she wanted to sleep together, she originally wanted to be in the same room and different beds! How could she have imagined that her master would not mind so much and sleep directly next to her. In this way, in the quiet room, her master’s breathing seemed to hit her face….

Happiness came so suddenly that she was now excited enough to go out and run ten laps!

Shu Tang tried to control her emotions and tried not to make her heart beat like a drum, and only then did she lie down gently, pretending that nothing had happened and urged herself to go to sleep quickly.

As a result, that night, Shu Tang recited the clear heart technique all night, but no matter what sleep was impossible.

It is said that pigs only eat and sleep, however, as a proper pig, she was shamefully insomniac.

This is really… Shu Tang’s heart quietly shed tears, this is really too much shame to the pig community!

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