My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 51

Shu Tang sat on her master’s lap, arms around Fuyu’s neck, her mind was chaotic, and her eyes were full of confusion. When the waiter trembling put the rice bowl on the table, she only smelled the fragrance of rice and reacted. She separated her forehead from her master, turned around and picked up the bowl and chopsticks directly and ate quickly.

It was only then that the waiter and the guests at the side tables saw that the person sitting on the beauty’s lap was just an eleven or twelve year old girl. Seeing how the young girl was wolfing down the food, she must have been hungry, if so, it is not surprising that she just nestled in that beauty’s arms and acted pampered.

Fuyu felt inexplicable, sighed, and wanted to hug her to the next chair, but Shu Tang’s fierce appearance of eating made her hesitate, and finally had to let her sit on her lap and finish the ten bowls of rice like a storm.

So, the people at the table were dumbfounded again–this little girl can finish, right?

But these ten bowls of rice were not even an appetizer and when Shu Tang put down the last bowl her stomach was still hungry. Seeing this, Fuyu first put her on the round stool next to her, and then called out to the waiter, “Another bucket of rice.”

The waiterr’s eyes widened at once and asked repeatedly, “Another bucket of rice?”

Fuyu frowned and urged, “Bring it quickly.”

The waiter gulped and nimbly ran away. Not long after, he carried a wooden bucket filled with rice.

Shu Tang almost forgot where she was at this time. As soon as she saw the rice bucket, she immediately pounced on it, ignoring her injured arm, picked up the bucket containing the rice and ate it up wolfishly.

In order to prevent her disciple from being surrounded by people again, Fuyu calmly made an illusion for her, so that some people can no longer see her slightly scary amount of food. By the way, she also made a cleansing technique for her disciple to clean the smell of Chi Yan’s saliva left on her body.

The dishes came one after another. Shu Tang hugged the rice bucket and finished eating, tossed the bucket aside, picked up a plate, and ate fiercely.

The heat on her forehead also faded away.

About an hour later, the back kitchen finally cooked all the dishes in the store. However, at the table piled with empty plates, the little girl with a pale face was obviously still not full, her eyes were full of desire for food.

The restaurant has been open for so many years, but this is the first time that they encountered such a situation. The shopkeeper could not see how the food disappeared, but he knew that most of the food had gone into the little girl’s stomach.

The shopkeeper constantly rubbed his hands, and finally could not resist, cracked the abacus, calculated the meal for the table, and asked the waiter to pass the message.

Fuyu listened to the waiter, swept her beautiful eyes over his embarrassed face, gently took out enough silver from her sleeve, and said, “Another ten plates of sauced meat, ten plates of chicken legs, and ten plates of dumplings.”

As a result, another half hour passed, and Shu Tang ate all the dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen, still deeply hungry.

The Upper Immortal Fuyu paid for the rest of the meal and took her disciple to the next one.

After roughly eating all three restaurants in this way, Shu Tang was finally no longer hungry and burped a belated satiety after stuffing the last piece of steamed bun into her mouth.

Fuyu calmly asked, “Full?”

Shu Tang looked at the empty plates piled up in front of her and thought of the plates that were previously taken away by the waiter because there were not enough plates and her face turned red.

How… how much she exactly eat?

Shu Tang turned her head awkwardly to look at Master. However, at this look, she remembered the scene of her sitting on her Master.

….So, just how many sins did she make today!

She trembled her lips and asked weakly, “Master… am I eating you poor?”

She thought her master would say “no”, but unexpectedly, Fuyu replied–“Yes, the silver is spent.”

Shu Tang: “….”

Is Master teasing her? No! This is not in line with her master’s style ah!

Seeing her disciple’s torn face, Fuyu’s originally bland face revealed a faint smile, “It’s good that you’ve had enough, I’ll take you back to the Immortal Realm.”

Shu Tang nervously stared at the ground and asked shamefully, “But, Master… I, am I eating too much?”

“It’s okay,” Fuyu raised her hand and touched her head, “Master can afford to feed.”

This is the second time that Master has said this to her, but Shu Tang still inevitably blushed.

On the way back to the Immortal Realm, Shu Tang was quiet all the way, but it was Fuyu who told her all about the Taotie spell.

It turns out that her hunger is all because of the Taotie spell. If she did not exhaust her body true qi, perhaps it would be much better, but she was in the case of exhausting her true qi, which led to herself into that extreme state of hunger.

Fuyu was afraid of hurting her disciple’s pride, after all, she had eaten three entire restaurants empty. After weighing the words, and upon reaching the Immortal Realm, she said to Shu Tang, “Huahua, only the first time you use the Taotie spell will you become like this. You’ve done a good job, no need to think too much.” After a pause, she then said, “Furthermore, the endlessness of food is the nature of the Taotie, your spiritual roots have just fused, it is understandable that you are unable to fully control it.”

Comforted by her Master awkwardly, Shu Tang suddenly felt that she seemed more embarrassed….

When the two of them returned to the Immortal Realm, the feeling of insecurity that Shu Tang had felt for nearly a month instantly disappeared, and when she entered the side hall she breathed a long sigh of relief. She never knew that she would have such a sense of security in this side hall.

Luhua Shangxian had long heard of everything that happened to Fuyu and Shu Tang along the way, and when they came back, he rushed to the house at the first opportunity, and brought some exquisite snacks. However, the ruthless Fuyu Shangxian, in consideration of her disciple’s body, cruelly turned away Luhua after receiving the snacks.

After Qing Senyang left, the small kitchen had been empty. Seeing Shu Tang and Fuyu back together, Nantan gave it some thought and picked an outstanding disciple from a Human Realm Immortal Cultivation Sect and sent them directly to Fuyu’s house.

Shu Tang was not aware of this at this time, she entered the side hall, and then transformed back into her beast form. She was able to return to her human form thanks to her master’s immortal power. However, at this time, the immortal power was exhausted, she had to take the beast form in the hall to meditate and cultivate.

As Fuyu expected, when she arrived at the side hall with the snacks, the door of the side hall was already closed, and the air outside was turbulent. The Qi of heaven and earth was being continuously extracted from it.

Fuyu originally thought of asking her apprentice to rest for a few days, but when she thought of Huahua’s obsession with cultivation, she had to give up and carried the snacks back to the inner hall to rest.

It had been thousands of years since she had worked to this point. Fuyu put the box of snacks on the table, lay down on the soft couch, and fell into a deep sleep.

This time, she had a dream.

In the dream, she seemed to be back before the war of Gods and Demons, being worn around the waist of that person, with a number of jade accessories colliding with a tinkling sound. At that time, they used to talk with the jade rings around them, but unfortunately, the jade rings do not have spiritual intelligence, and can not chat with them. Gradually, they stopped talking and only made one jade pendant.

Until one day, that person found that she had awakened her spiritual intelligence and immediately went to seek another true god and said to that person, “I want to teach this jade pendant how to become an immortal.”

Then came the more exciting days of Immortal cultivation, where she cultivated her soul daily and wanted to have a physical body. However, the process was too long, and by the time she had her three souls and seven spirits in focus, the person was already dead.

She became an ordinary jade pendant again, and although she had spiritual intelligence, she was seriously injured. She lay in the mud, looking at the sun rising and setting every day, not really knowing what she should do. After spending long years in the mud, she finally found something to do when a family settled in the neighborhood…

Fuyu slowly opened her eyes, ending the somewhat long dream, pinching her fingers and finding that she had slept for three days and three nights. She looked at the snack box, the snacks inside were not spoiled, but they were no longer soft and tasty, so she could only throw them to the cleaning servant and tell her to do as she pleased.

When she arrived at the side hall, the person in her dream was still vaguely in her mind. The Immortal exhaled deeply before pushing open the door to the side hall.

The moment the door was pushed open, there was no sound in the empty side hall. Fuyu’s pupils shrunk, quickly stepped inside, but could not see the shadow of Shu Tang.

Her heart panicked and quickly went to search for Shu Tang. Only after feeling the breath of Shu Tang, she quietly sighed with relief.

It turned out that her disciple had slipped away to the small kitchen.

Walking to the small kitchen, the Fuyu Shangxian paused slightly, then knocked on the door and asked, “Huahua, are you here?”

Shu Tang, who was stealing food, almost choked. After swallowing her food silently, she straightened her clothes, and ran to open the door, “Master, I’ve come to see the new cook.”

Fuyu had a deep gaze, looked at her for a long time, reached out, and wiped away the crumbs of steamed buns from the corner of her mouth, “How is it going?”

Shu Tang saw the steamed bun crumbs smeared on her master’s delicate hands, her face suddenly turned red, “Quite, quite good, after seeing, he went back to rest.”

“So, you steamed two pots of buns by yourself and hid in the kitchen to eat them dryly?”

Shu Tang: “….”

Master! Please don’t say what you know by heart, alright!

Shu Tang had recovered three hours ago, and as soon as she regained her human form, she was hungry, which led her to the midst of the kitchen. She did not expect a newcomer in the kitchen, and as soon as she met with the young teen who was fair, she was first stunned, then delighted, and sat down next to the ready-made meal.

Only, she did not expect her appetite to remain so great, the teenager made two whole tables of dishes, all of which she ate clean. When the teen asked her if she wanted another round, Shu Tang awkwardly made an excuse and sent him away.

Then, she secretly steamed steamed buns for herself and ate them in the kitchen with a big bite.

Shu Tang knew that she could not eat much. She understood that her master wouldn’t mind it, but she was afraid of scaring the new cook, so she had to eat by herself. She didn’t expect to be caught by her master.

Looking at her embarrassed disciple, Fuyu smiled softly, rolled up her long sleeves, found the ingredients, and neatly made a big pot of soup.

Shu Tang: “….”

Master is really…. simple and rude.

Under Fuyu’s gentle gaze, Shu Tang heartily picked up the pot and ate up the remaining four large steamed buns while drinking the soup.

After three days of cultivating, her true qi had not only recovered, but was even much more abundant than it originally had been. Moreover, she had healed her injuries while cultivating, and the injuries on her arms were almost healed, at least…. when she picked up a large pot of soup, she did not feel the slightest pain, only a slight soreness.

After eating, Fuyu took her pulse and taught her the experience of fighting. It’s been a long time since she’s been this close to her master, so Shu Tang couldn’t help but feel a little excited. When it was time to take a break, she was still a bit reluctant to leave, so she haphazardly found a topic and asked her master, “Do you know about the Yuangui Sect?”

Fuyu shook her head, she knew very little about the human world sects, and the Yuangui Sect was unheard of.

However, Shu Tang had expected that Master did not know this sect, but did not care. She propped up her chin and looked at her master while saying with a smile, “The new cook is from the Yuangui Sect, and coincidentally, I even met his junior brother and sister when I was in the Barbaric Wasteland.”

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