My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 50

Seeing Fuyu coming, Chi Yan felt guilty for a moment. She left her disciple to his care, and as a result… he took care of her disciple like this, how could he not be guilty?

However, after the always protective Fuyu Shangxian saw the problem in her disciple, the first thing she did was to thank him, “Thank you for saving my disciple.” After saying that, she turned around and left in a hurry, heading straight for the exit, leaving only the Red Flame Beast shouting behind–“You promised to let me keep her with me! Fuyu, why are you not keeping your word?”

However, Fuyu was not able to hear this. As soon as she left the Barbaric Wasteland, she sensed the damage to Shu Tang and thought she had an accident, so she hurriedly broke through the formation and came back. Fortunately, Chi Yan was still reliable, although her disciple was injured, it seems that there should be no serious injury.

Fuyu sprinted outward, and thought, Shu Tang is not seriously injured, but her biggest problem is because of the Taotie’s spell, which caused the body to turn around and fall into infinite hunger. However, it does not matter, after they get out of the Barbaric Wasteland, she took Huahua to a restaurant to eat a meal, and she should recover.

Shu Tang had not been nestled in the arms of her master for a long time, and at this time, although her belly was in pain, her heart still bubbled with a hint of sweetness. Master’s clothes were slightly disheveled, it was obvious that he came in a hurry. But most importantly, she was now being held tightly by her master, and it was clear that she was worried about her.

Shu Tang suddenly thought, the last time she saw her master at sea, she previously thought she did not have the skill of pampering, but once she saw her master, she pampered her properly. This time is the same, before her master arrived, she was afraid that her appearance in the form of a beast would be disliked, so her heart was apprehensive. However, the moment Master embraced her, she realized that all the nonsense she had been thinking about would turn into nothing after seeing Master in person.

Thinking of her intentional avoidance of Master in the Immortal Realm, Shu Tang couldn’t help but blush. And that’s right, why did she intentionally avoid this? When it comes to cultivating immortality, isn’t it all about going with the flow? If you are too deliberate, then you really have an obsession.

The Shu Tang, who had thought of everything, endured the pain that consumed her heart and tried to burrow further into her master’s arms.

There are not many occasions when she takes the form of a beast and there are not many opportunities to be held in the arms of her master. So she must seize the moment!

But Fuyu did not know what was in her disciple’s mind, only that she was suffering from pain in her stomach and spleen, and her body was uncomfortable. Reaching out to touch her disciple’s head, she said as gently as possible, “Huahua, let’s go back to the Immortal Realm to recuperate for a while, shall we? When your body has recovered properly, you can go back down to the realm to practice.”

Knowing that Master was worried about her, Shu Tang no longer wanted that vain ambition, and opened her mouth and hummed in agreement.

Fuyu touched her head again, recited the spell, and one person and one pig immediately disappeared at the exit of the Barbaric Wasteland.

However, in the Barbaric Wasteland at this time, a new storm was set off.

A team of Yuangui Sect had a brief argument after Shu Tang left, but soon, they could not afford to argue and turned their full attention to besiege a beast soul suitable for Yuanhai.

They came to the Barbaric Wasteland this time, firstly, they were stimulated by the appearance of the Soul Returning Pill, and secondly, they wanted to collect beast souls for their disciples to improve their power. Yuan Hai had just caused a little trouble, now obediently cast a spell, and no longer dared to make any mistakes.

His senior sister was straightforward and acted generously, but was actually a cranky woman. If he made any more mistakes, Yuan Hai highly suspected that he would be thrown into the depths of the Barbaric Wasteland to feed the divine beasts by his senior sister.

However, when Yuan Hai attacked the beast soul, he always felt that his body was not quite right.

That wrongness slowly expanded from a minor degree until he stiffened his body and fell heavily to the ground, spitting blood from his mouth.

When Yuan Xiang saw her senior brother suddenly fall to the ground, she couldn’t help but let out a cry of alarm, and after putting a defensive boundary on her senior brother, she said to the elder, “Master! Something has happened to Xiao Hai!”

The elder, who was guiding his disciple to cast the spell, leaped to the beast soul, quickly killed it and put it into his bag, then came to Yuan Hai’s body and leaned down to take his pulse.

It was at this point that Yuan Hai, who was covered in blood, rose up violently, causing the elder to stagger backwards, and then looked at his brothers and sisters with a grim expression.

The elder secretly said not good, thinking that the beast soul had devoured his soul, and was busy reversing his sleeve robe. His hands tightly grabbed his wrists, and sent his true qi across. However, halfway through the transfer of his true qi, Yuan Hai’s eyes suddenly flashed a tiny black lightning bolt, followed by a slow curve of his mouth and a burst of sinister laughter.

The disciples had a chill in their hearts, thinking that he was possessed by evil, but an immortal cultivator would only go off the deep end, so how could he be possessed by evil?

The elder also noticed something was wrong, and immediately opened his eyes, shouted loudly, raised his hand and struck Yuan Hai. Yuan Xiang’s heart tightened and she stepped forward to stop her senior brother, saying loudly, “Master! Xiao Hai is your own disciple!”

“He has been struck by a demonic impediment, if we don’t kill him, we will all die!” The elder shouted angrily, lifted Yuan Xiang, and turned his hand to kill Yuan Hai, but saw him smiling more and more grimly, while his lips moved slightly.

Others did not hear what he said, but the elder heard it, and his face changed dramatically.

The wind and sand blew, and the blood on Yuan Hai’s face gradually dried up, solidifying a dark red hideous pattern. His blood-soaked lips opened and closed, and the words he spoke were like a fatal incantation from the depths of hell–

“It’s too late, all of you–are going to die.”


Outside the Barbaric Wasteland, the city was bustling.

Fuyu, who kept using the instantaneous movement, finally took her disciple into the city, and once she entered the city, she went straight to the restaurant. The waiter at the door greeted her with a smile and politely said, “What would the guest like to order?”

“All the dishes in your store and ten bowls of rice at once.”

The waiter was only concerned with welcoming the customer, but now that he could see the customer’s face, he was suddenly stunned. He has lived in this city for more than 20 years and has seen all kinds of people, demons and immortals, but he has never seen such a beautiful person. Seeing him like this, Fuyu’s brow furrowed and she kept stroking Shu Tang’s furry head as well as her back, while urging, “Hurry up.”

Only then did the waiter come back to his senses, answered “Ai”, and quickly ran to report the food to the shopkeeper.

Fuyu hugged her disciple tightly and sat down in the corner of the restaurant, reassuring her. Once inside the restaurant, Shu Tang began to be restless due to the smell of food in the air. Fuyu did not dare to apply the stabilizing technique to her, for fear of hurting her spiritual roots, and had to use her hands to try to soothe her. However, even with her gentle reassurance, at this time, Shu Tang could not fully control her craving for food. Seeing that she was about to pounce on the next dining table, Fuyu was busy grabbing her by the hind legs and pulled her back.

Shu Tang was already hungry and delirious at this time. Fuyu sighed, her right hand condensed a glowing yellow warm glow and gently applied it to her disciple’s belly.

The strong immortal power slowly entered her body and a warm stream flowed into her dantian, making it immediately full. The pain in Shu Tang’s body was not relieved and the desire for food remained, but the power of the jade pendant in the spiritual platform reacted at this time.

The broken jade encountered the body, it will naturally and instinctively move forward to absorb. Shu Tang only felt that the power from her Master was extremely comfortable and unconsciously wanted to crave more. Because the immortal power inputted into her body by her master was strong enough, she involuntarily transformed back into her human form and unconsciously put her forehead against her master’s forehead.

Fuyu’s mind was in a trance and was about to avoid it, but seeing Shu Tang’s tightly furrowed eyebrows, her heart softened and she let it go.

There was already an inextricable link between the body of the jade pendant and the broken jade, and the last time she fainted, it was also her disciple who used this method to wake her up. Although this method can not wake up the disciple now, it is possible to appease one or two after all, and Fuyu also let nature take its course.

Although the two people in question are insensitive, the guests eating next to them were really shocked. The unparalleled beauty of the woman holding the piglet to the restaurant was already eye-catching, but later, the piglet transformed into a human figure, sitting on the woman with her legs hanging down, more people could not help but reverie. Now, the two of them directly touched their foreheads… Several merchants looking for business smacked their lips, saying that people in the demon realm are really shameless, and they dare to be so close to each other outside in broad daylight.

When the waiter came back with ten bowls of rice, he naturally looked dumbfounded, and the bowls in the tray nearly fell on his feet.

He looked at the two incredulously, his mouth wide open–it doesn’t matter if the pink piglet turned into a human just now…. what is the matter is that two people are rubbing against each other?!

The author has something to say:
Today, Mama made some rib soup = ○ = But thinking of Bai Huahua I will only eat the greens… Hey! Do I have to wait until the end of this novel to eat pork normally?!

Thank You WillieCoyote for supporting this novel! Here’s 5/10. I’ll get the others out ASAP.

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