My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 49

In the distance, the beast souls came fiercely and between the breathing, everything was a burning blaze. Only at a glance, Shu Tang understood, this is most likely seeking revenge.

Thanks to her separation from the people of the Yuangui Sect, otherwise, it would really be a drag on them.

Shu Tang used her true qi to form a blade of light in her hand and slashed at the dying beast soul, shouting, “If you don’t want to die, leave quickly.” With that, she condensed another light blade and her gaze was harsh.

The beast soul saw her determination and knew that he would not be able to benefit from further entanglement, so he turned and fled, disappearing into the sand and wind.

At this time, the beast soul, which had already taken shape, also arrived in front of her, and let out a peal of brutal laughter, “Little girl is bold enough to come to the Barbaric Wasteland alone.”

Shu Tang’s heart jumped and a sense of déjà vu came over her. She thought she was distracted, however, after she settled her mind, she realized who this familiarity came from.

The beast soul in front of her was flaming red, full of hostility, but with a hint of confusion between her eyebrows. Shu Tang blurted out and said, “Are you Huo Ying?”

“You know me?” The beast soul circled around her and suddenly attacked her back, Shu Tang leaned down sharply, dodging the blow before covering her body with a layer of protection.

Of course, she wouldn’t know who Huo Ying was, but the magical beast that had given her its memories of its travel was known to her.

The Hou Ying in front of her was the soul of a magical beast. Before the war between the Gods and Demons, it was a good friend with the beasts she inherited from her memory. The two often traveled together through the six realms, drinking and talking, but things have changed, and now they have reconnected in this way.

The confusion between the eyebrows of Hou Ying shows that it has lost its mind due to obsession, and Shu Tang knows that it is not the time to have a relationship with it, so she has to confront it.

The opponent was so strong that it was a bit of a struggle for Shu Tang, who has little experience in actual combat. Under the opponent’s movements, she was already losing ground.

However, when she was at a disadvantage, she could see a few weaknesses in her opponent’s attack, and after a moment’s thought, she quickly counterattacked, hitting her opponent where the weaknesses were present and had a chance or two of winning.

Hou Ying sneered and said, “You don’t know your own strength”, the flame around the body became more vigorous, and then rushed to Shu Tang’s dantian, wanting to destroy her dantian and break her true qi. Shu Tang spun around, hastily pulled out a magic weapon given to her by Immortal Luhua, and blocked it.

“It seems you still have some ability, otherwise you wouldn’t have injured my brother.”

Shu Tang used two fingers to infuse true qi into the magic weapon, “In the Barbaric Wasteland, it is rare to speak of brotherhood.” She added, “Then are you going to kill me before you stop?”

Hou Ying gave a cold laugh again, his figure vaguely clearer, “Brotherhood is secondary, what I like more is your scent–” it trailed off, laughed twice, and attacked again.

The new round of attacks was several times more severe than the previous moves. Shu Tang even sacrificed the magic weapon, but could not resist the fierce attack, and without looking, was bitten on the arm. She grunted in pain and unknowingly used the fire spell of Taotie, and when her true qi was about to be exhausted, she used all her strength to make a final strike.


That instant, the heaven and earth shook, the wind and sand became more violent, almost covering the wasteland. When the sand and dust fell out, Shu Tang fell to the ground on one knee, her arm was bleeding, and a beast soul with a blurred body was standing in front of her.

Hou Ying was severely injured, but the condition was obviously much better than Shu Tang. It said, “This was the last thing you used to protect your life, now that you have used it, you must have nothing more to offer. Just let me eat you.”

Before the words fell, it opened its bloody mouth and rushed toward Shu Tang, looking to tear off her tender flesh, but a strong force suddenly lifted it to the ground.



Chi Yan roared at it with his head tilted. Hou Ying hesitated slightly and did not flee immediately, but said, “Long time no see, you also want a piece of the pie?”

Shu Tang on the ground only then reacted… Could it be that the smell of pig on her body that had attracted it?

Chi Yan gave a cold snort and raised one of his front paws, “If you don’t leave, don’t blame me for being polite.”

“The prey was the first thing I set my eyes on. The rules in the Barbaric Wasteland is first come first served, I think you understand.” Hou Ying’s heart scorned the other party, although he did not dare to speak rabidly, he expressed his dissatisfaction.

However, Chi Yan did not take its warning to heart at all, and directly said, “I’ll give you one last chance.”

Hou Ying resentfully looked at Shu Tang, no longer reluctant, and feeling the gap in strength, it also admitted defeat and disappeared.

Shu Tang breathed a sigh of relief. During the fight just now, she was so full of tension that she forgot there was a Red Flame Beast protecting her in the dark. When Hou Ying was completely gone, she immediately lost all of her strength and no longer able to kneel, directly fell to the ground.

“Don’t move, I will heal you.” Saying that, Chi Yan stretched out his tongue and licked her arm, leaving a lot of saliva on the black clothes.

Shu Tang held back from looking at her arm with disgust and tried to set her eyes elsewhere.

However, the Red Flame Beast’s saliva does have some effect, at least the bleeding was stopped and the wound was no longer as painful. Shu Tang on the ground panting, looked inside her Dantian, and seeing that it was empty, couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

She was only fighting a beast soul that had just taken form, and she had already used up all her true qi. How can she protect her master when she is so weak?

But then again, the Taotie’s fire spell was indeed powerful and it really took her by surprise when she used it.

Chi Yan saw her recover slightly, shrugging his nose to sniff her body, “How come I do not smell your scent?”

Shu Tang: “….” That’s because the pig smell is all covered up by your saliva, alright!

However, Chi Yan did raise a very important question. Shu Tang herself was also a bit puzzled if Hou Ying was not attracted by her own pork smell, then what would he be attracted by? What does it mean when it said she had a scent and its eyes were filled with longing?

Shu Tang thought about it too much and just now suffered some internal injuries, vomiting out a mouthful of blood for a while, scaring her to think further.

Moreover, she was exhausted after all, and no matter how good her physique was, she couldn’t stand it at this time. Under the pain, she could no longer support her human form, so she reluctantly turned back to the appearance of a pig.

Shu Tang was lying on the ground, beyond heartbroken. For some reason, her body size was even smaller than when she first turned into a human.

In short, after finally becoming a human being, she returned to the appearance of short arms and short legs…. For the first time, Shu Tang experienced this kind of heartache and felt that the life of a pig had turned gray.

The Red Flame Beast saw her depression and comforted her by saying, “After a demon cultivator becomes a human, it is normal to transform between the human and beast forms, what do you have to be depressed about?”

It had a point, but it was difficult for Shu Tang to express the feeling of loss. In her heart, only the human form could be worthy of her master, and now that she had transformed into a pig, how could she be worthy of staying with her master? Although Miao Jinghan often transformed in front of her, when things fall on themselves, it is not always pleasant.

Chi Yan swept her a glance and sighed quietly. In this way, it would take at least three days of rest for Shu Tang to recover her true qi, even in the immortal world. However, if it is in this Barbaric Wasteland, he feared that she will have to recuperate for half a month before she can reappear in human form.

After thinking about it, Chi Yan said to her, “Your fighting style is just a bit desperate, this time it exhausted your true qi. It will take at least half a month to recover from this, what are you going to do?”

Shu Tang wilted on the ground, the wound on her front hoof looked quite hideous, as if someone wanted to cut off her pig’s hoof and roast it for dinner. She understood that the best place for her to go now was the Immortal Realm, but how could she have the face to go back to find her master?

It’s just that if she doesn’t go back to the Immortal Realm, she doesn’t know where else she can go.

Seeing that she was lost, Chi Yan hummed hot air and said happily, “Or you can stay in the Barbaric Wasteland and I’ll take you back to my nest to recuperate, okay?”

Now it seems that she really does not have a better place to go either. Shu Tang thought about it for a moment and then agreed.

However, before Chi Yan could take her to his nest, she already had a change of heart. For a month, her appetite has been extremely poor, eating very little, and Shu Tang thought that this state would continue, but did not expect that the hunger would be violently attacked at this time.

In an instant, the hunger ignited in her stomach and spleen, almost burning through the internal organs. Shu Tang body chilled, her stomach could not stop twitching, and her mind was fully focused on her stomach. She could not even care about her injured front hoof anymore.

This is the first time Chi Yan saw this situation, immediately froze, and while carrying Shu Tang, he did not know what to do. When Shu Tang barely regained her composure, she just said, “Hungry… so hungry….”

Thinking of the Taotie spell she had just cast, Chi Yan immediately understood, but, in this vast wasteland, where can he find food for her?

When he was unable to do anything, a white figure dropped from the sky because they had sensed that Shu Tang was injured and had rushed to the scene.

The person quickly picked up the pink piglet from the Red Flame Beast with one hand and their brow was full of heartache. A soft voice called out with a slight tremble, which made Shu Tang suddenly aggrieved.

But Fuyu could not care much about that, but only asked with distress, “Huahua, what happened to you?”

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