My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 48

Since the person has apologized, Shu Tang could not say anything, and then thought of the purpose of their journey, immediately walked over, smiled and said, “No matter.”

As he spoke, the teenager shot out another icicle, and the people next to him immediately set up a trap formation, trapping the beast soul in it, unable to escape.

Shu Tang’s heart was tight, her body could not help but step back. The team solved the beast soul in three steps, a young girl shouted “this is mine”, and then nimbly put it into a container and happily put it into her sleeve pocket.

The teenager breathed a sigh of relief and ran to Shu Tang’s side, smiling shyly at her, “Little girl, why are you by yourself?”

“I…” she thought about it and lied, “I got separated from my teammates.”

“This Barbaric Wasteland is very dangerous, it’s really risky for you to walk alone.” The teenager smiled out eight small white teeth, “Why don’t you walk with us first, we have to collect five beast souls anyway, and we might meet your teammates on the way.”

Shu Tang nodded. She seldom came into contact with people of this age after crossing over, let alone a man, and for a while was at a loss as to how to respond. The young man only thought she was shy, pulled over the young girl who collected the beast soul, then said, “This is my sister, let her take care of you on the way!”

The young girl smashed a fist on the teenager’s head, “Why are you giving me trouble again?”

“Hey hey hey, sister, it hurts!” The young man pitifully covered his head, “She was separated from her team, I almost hurt her just now, consider it as an apology.”

The young girl glanced at him, “You think the little girl looks good, right?”

Shu Tong: “…..” Hey! What is with this marvelous development?

The young man grunted and did not say anything, the young girl sighed, said a few words to the one who looked like the leader on the other side, turned to Shu Tang and said, “My name is Yuan Xiang, this is my senior brother Yuan Hai. This is our master and also our sect elder. The others are all disciples of the Yuangui Sect, so if you don’t mind, come with us. By the way, what sect are you from?”

Shu Tang had not heard of the name of Yuangui Sect, but looking at the young girl’s proud expression, this sect should have some fame in the human realm. Thinking for a while, she politely said, “I have heard of your sect’s great name for a long time, my name is Shu Tang, I am a loose cultivator.”

Once they heard that she was a loose cultivator, the elders and some of the other disciples instantly had some contempt. Cultivation is not something that can be self-taught, and those who have the support of a sect behind them are several times stronger than those who are loose cultivators. Some people with immortal cultivation talent will be sent to a cultivation sect at the age of a few years to cultivate, because here, the more capable a person is, the more he or she can get better secret books of the mind, pills, and tonic.

Therefore, most of the loose immortals are people with average immortal talent. They have a dream of cultivating immortality in their hearts, and no sects to accept them, so they have to cultivate immortality on their own, not to mention the easy way out and a careless one may go off the rails. Most importantly, because there is no discipline, the behavior of the loose immortals has always been disgraceful to the righteous sects.

Yuan Hai and Yuan Xiang did not despise her identity, especially Yuan Hai, who remained welcoming, “It’s not easy to be a loose cultivator, how many realms have you cultivated to?”

“I have just entered the second realm.” She answered honestly.

“Except for the leader, who is at the peak of the third realm, most of us who are almost in the third realm, to put it mildly, we are all in the second realm.” Yuan Xiang smiled and said, “Then again, what kind of beast soul do you need to come here?”

“I’m just here to cultivate, I don’t take beast souls.” Shu Tang slightly hung her head, “I’ll go with you and just help you fight the beast soul.”

Yuan Xiang was a bit surprised and quite admired her guts. A loose immortal who had just entered the second realm did not panic after getting separated from her teammates and looked normal. It was unknown whether it was because she was too bold or had something to save her life. However, when she thought about it, if such people are not as simple as they seem, they are extremely dangerous people and need to be guarded against.

Not only was she defensive in her heart, but so was Shu Tang. Shu Tang and them are just a chance encounter, and together they are just traveling to cultivate. Master has said that practice is not only to train practical ability, but there is also an important point–dealing with people.

She boasts that her EQ is not low, but she should practice more in dealing with people. However, if Chi Yan knew this idea, it would definitely slap her in the ground with a paw.

There is a beautiful girl in the team, although she is a loose immortal, everyone is still good to her. Yuan Hai told her about the interesting things that happened along the way, next to Yuan Xiang who grabbed the back collar of her senior brother, dissatisfied, “Senior brother, if you continue to do so, I have to suspect that you deliberately shot to that icicle just a while ago.”

Yuan Hai scratched his head and heard his sister say to Shu Tang, “Don’t pay attention to him, he has no decency all day, in terms of age, he can be your uncle.”

Shu Tang was shocked, “How old is he?”

“Twenty-four, only the cultivation of immortality has delayed the change of the face. He still looks like a young boy.” Yuan Xiang said to her.

Shu Tang was speechless for a while, and suddenly remembered the no proper Luhua Shangxian.

Thousands of years ago, Master, Nantan, Luhua, and Zhu Caitong cultivated immortality together, did they also tease and play like this on the road?

Not long after, Yuan Hai came to her side to talk again, and Shu Tang politely replied, when suddenly she heard a disciple shout, “Watch out!”

Before he could say anything more, a flame-clad fire beast soul rushed straight at them, opening its mouth wide and seemingly ready to swallow Shu Tang’s head.

Fighting head-on with the enemy was definitely a first for Shu Tang. At this time there was no time for her to hesitate, she immediately instinctively recited the magic words, and at the same time activated the true qi to protect her body.

Yuan Hai let out a cry of alarm and subconsciously went to help, but was pulled back by his sister. Shu Tang’s afterimage swept this scene, slightly pursed lips, two palms in front of her, and two vines winding from her palm wrapped around the beast soul.

Wood produces fire, using wood spells against fire spells, is undoubtedly using one’s own power to help the opponent attack themselves. Yuan Xiang frowned and was about to go forward to help, but saw that when the vine touched the flame, countless icicles had grown from it, forming an ice prison densely packed, trapping the beast soul in it.

Yuan Hai couldn’t help but applaud. Shu Tang took a deep breath, turned to them and said, “Is there a senior who is good at water, I can only trap it for a moment. Once it is released, it is likely to fall into a berserk state and I can’t suppress it.”

The attack power of the beast soul in a berserk state was going to increase greatly, and those present did not want to be involved themselves. Yuan Xiang and a female disciple immediately stepped forward and together they launched a water wave, and then Yuan Hai jumped into mid-air and ran it through with an ice shard from the top down.

The soul of the beast issued a heartbreaking roar, Shu Tang took another deep breath, suddenly pulled out the vine, unlocked the ice prison, and let it escape quickly.

The female disciple who helped was stunned and immediately said angrily, “Why did you let it go?”

“Just now Yuan Hai said that you no longer need a fire-based beast soul.” Shu Tang wondered, “Why should I kill it?”

“Beast souls are not good, they deserve to die. If you let it go, and if it brings other beast souls back to take revenge, won’t we be in danger?”

After all, they have not yet become immortal, even if there are elders in charge, in the Barbaric Wasteland they are also extremely cautious and careful. This time Shu Tang caused trouble, even the elder was a little upset and said, “Yuan Qiu is right. Since you are following our team, you can no longer be as casual as a loose immortal. If something happens to us, how will you afford it?”

Seeing their aggressive stance, Shu Tang was first stunned, then understood what they were worried about. After a long time, she apologized, “I’m sorry for giving you guys trouble, in that case, I’d better find my own way back to my team.” After saying that, she then said to Yuan Hai and Yuan Xiang, “I have wronged you and brought you this trouble.”

A black light flashed in Yuan Hai’s eyes, then shook his head in confusion and said, “It’s okay, you must be careful alone.”

The wind and sand swept up in the Barbaric Wasteland, and as Shu Tong left, a small storm attacked the crowd of Yuangui Sect, causing them to not have the energy to care about Shu Tang for a while and focus on the storm.

The little girl dressed in black walked to the mound of earth with some dismay and sighed heavily.

This time it was indeed her poor consideration, and she was a tad sorry for the disciples of the Yuangui Sect, but the elder’s words were not really inviting to listen. Although the loose cultivators are not as good as sect cultivators, he is a sect elder, how can he so bluntly look down on a class of people? It’s true that people are divided into three, six, and nine, but even the highest person, in the end, is also a person. There is no need to look down on their own kind.

It’s just that she doesn’t know much about loose immortals, and not quite sure if these people have really done anything harmful to heaven and earth and can’t be biased in favor of them. Shu Tang is now dissatisfied with the attitude of the elders of the Yuangui Sect regarding their so-called famous sect.

After resting for a moment behind the mound of earth, she got up again and walked towards the place where the beast soul was hovering.

At the moment, she is really not suitable for walking with the team. She didn’t want to kill a beast soul and it would certainly cause dissatisfaction among the team, so it would be better to go alone. The danger may be a bit dangerous, but it won’t cause people trouble.

After making up her mind, she bypassed a beast bone, carefully walked to the clearing, and attracted the soul of a beast from a distance.

This magic beast soul is slightly weak, most suitable for people of her ability. Provoked, the beast soul came straight towards Shu Tang, the sharp claws on the soul sucked the sand particles in the air, melting them into flames, and struck at Shu Tang. Shu Tang immediately confronted with fire and fought with it.

However, just as she was about to defeat this soul, another beast soul came running towards her.

That beast soul has taken its first form, and was obviously several times more powerful than the one at hand, and it came with a rage…. Shu Tang was in a panic and her attack instantly lost its accuracy, nearly getting her face burned.

Barely avoiding the attack, she faced the beast soul in front of her, to control the situation at hand, while looking at the strong soul beast that was about to come in front of her, she was slightly flustered.

The beast soul will not care so much, in its eyes, she is just a prey, strong or not, it is something to be eaten. Shu Tang understood that even if the Red Flame Beast is in stealth to protect her, he will not show up now, and will only come to her aid in times of crisis.

So now, Shu Tang tightly bit her lower lip, what should she do?

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