Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 24 – Pick me up

Aversion watched his master teach another person how to make a contract with it.

His fur exploded in anger, constantly moving in the arms of his master to show resistance.

However, Nan Xueqing glanced with a look, and Aversion instantly became obedient. Is there anything more terrible than feeling your master’s anger?

“Meow–” extending his paws to please.

Lin Siyi really took great courage to cut a layer of skin on her finger.

Then pressed down on the paws of Aversion, her mouth whispering the incantation the female lead had just told her.

Blue light instantly flashed, and the five corners connected to form a formation that appeared at her feet.


Aversion shrunk his head into Nan Xueqing’s arms, aggrieved.

The light disappeared and the contract had been made.

Lin Siyi felt that there was suddenly an additional inexplicable sense between her and the gray cat, and there… was even a feeling of getting closer to the female lead.

“Is it called Aversion?”

Nan Xueqing nodded.

“What a strange name.” Lin Siyi bent down and stretched out her hand to poke its head which was buried in the female lead’s arms.

The other side’s body trembled, Lin Siyi thought it was going to show its teeth again like before to scare her and reflexively took a step back.

Who knew that the tail pressed under the arm of the female lead would pop out like a spring, standing up like a pole, and then softly sway from side to side.

Lin Siyi boldly rose, “Nan Xueqing, let me hug.”

Nan Xueqing tenderly touched Aversion and then sent it to Lin Siyi’s arms.

The heart of Aversion was silently crying, why does it feel like he was being given away as a token of love by his master.

Aversion in her arms was surprisingly well behaved, which made Lin Siyi sigh at the fact that the contract was so useful.

Making the originally unruly and untamed cat become so submissive.

Lin Siyi’s heart was instantly satisfied.

If she was afraid that the female lead suspected that her sudden change in attitude was for an ulterior motive previously.

Now, she can be very sure that the female lead has been completely conquered by her!

Next she just needs to follow behind the female lead and silently receive some afterglow of the female lead’s halo.


When it was almost six o’clock, Lin Siyi’s stomach began to grumble.

She poked her head out and her eyes fell on the cupcakes the female lead had bought on the table.

Then she looked at the packed dessert that she had casually tossed aside and instantly returned her eyes to the table.

It’s still more gluttonous for the female lead to buy.

Lin Siyi pricked up her ears to listen to the movement in the bathroom. There was no longer the sound of water and she should immediately come out.

A moment later, the sound of the hair dryer sounded.

Lin Siyi instantly limp back to the bed.

Her stomach grumbled, her face was full of life and death.

This was the scene that Nan Xueqing saw when she walked out of the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Lin Siyi immediately climbed up, “Xueqing, let’s go eat.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes fell on the desserts the other party brought back.

Lin Siyi immediately threw them aside, “Dessert is not a meal!”

Nan Xueqing, “I have an appointment.”

“????” A sense of crisis warned in Lin Siyi’s heart, “Who?”

Who is trying to steal her female lead?!

Nan Xueqing looked at the other party as if she was facing a big enemy, and she couldn’t help but laugh in her heart.

But her surface remained calm.

“Nanzi and Bo Leng.”

“Acquaintances, let’s go eat together, they will not mind!”


In the restaurant, Nanzi glared at Lin Siyi who was sitting next to Nan Xueqing, “Why are you here?” Then she looked at the hot potato sitting next to her, and immediately moved to the edge, “And you!”

Since knowing that Bo Leng likes women, every time she goes back to the dormitory and passes by the other person’s door, she always walks with a run.

It is also fortunate that the other party is not in the same class as her, otherwise, she would go crazy.

Bo Leng said, “How come I can’t come, I’m the one who asked Nan Xueqing, okay, classmate Nanzi?” The tone of her voice was a little frivolous and Nanzi’s body was covered in goosebumps.

Lin Siyi stuffed a chopstick of cabbage into her mouth, “That is, why can’t she come, we are all friends eating a meal together.”

“No, she is gay, you are not afraid of her-“

Nanzi stopped, not knowing what to say later, “Anyway, she’s not like us!”

“What?” Lin Siyi froze, and then looked across the table at Bo Leng, “You, gay, like women?”

Bo Leng was already indifferent to Nanzi’s reaction.

But she was still a little interested in this one, “Last time we had dinner, you didn’t know?”

Lin Siyi abruptly got up.

Nan Xueqing gripped the chopsticks with a slightly harder grip.

Nanzi thought that the other party was also surprised like she was before and just wanted to echo the comment, but as a result…

Lin Siyi stammered, as if he had discovered a new world, “Then those words you sent me, is it possible that you were trying to pick me up?”

Nan Xueqing instantly raised her head, looking at Bo Leng, remembering what the other party said before.

“In that case, then you shouldn’t have any problem with me chasing Lin Siyi, right?”

The former only thought that the other party was joking, but did not expect…

Bo Leng did not expect the other party to say so blatantly. According to the past habit, she would have to teased with a few words before she was satisfied.

But feeling a very powerful sense of oppression, she inexplicably wimped out.

Waving her hand, “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t talk nonsense, how can I pick you up… you are not my type, Xueqing, do you know that?”

The eyes of Bo Leng were with a hint of goodwill.

But Nan Xueqing averted her gaze, not wanting to meet her eyes.

“Sit down and eat.”

Hearing the female lead’s voice, Lin Siyi instantly reacted that she had just acted a little too aggressively.

Rubbing her head, she sat back down.

“E… Eat.”

She tried to cover up her embarrassment by eating.

But Nanzi didn’t let it go, “You are not surprised that she likes females, females!”

Lin Siyi puzzled, “What’s wrong with liking a female, it’s not illegal.”

Strange, in her world same-sex marriage was almost legal, how come people in this world are still making a fuss about it.

“What about you, Nan Xueqing, aren’t you surprised?” Nanzi asked for a change of person without giving up.

Nan Xueqing lifted her eyelids, “Is it against the law?”

Nanzi, “….”

God, why does she suddenly feel like she’s the anomaly.

After eating, the time was almost gone.

Lin Siyi and the female lead said goodbye to Bo Leng and the two of them headed in the direction of the Soul Crossing Courtyard.  

She thought they should be the first to arrive.

But unexpectedly, Lin Chuliu and Wu Ke’er were already standing at the entrance.

Just about to say hello to Wu Ke’er, she was pulled aside by Lin Chuliu rough abuse.

Nan Xueqing looked at the hand that Lin Chuliu used to grab onto Lin Siyi’s arm and her eyes slightly narrowed.

Wu Ke’er walked over, with some fear under her eyes, “Xue… Xueqing, can I call you that?”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes remained on Lin Siyi’s body, “In the future, we are all teammates, no need to be distant.” As to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

She withdrew her eyes.

“You’re hurting me, quickly let go.” Lin Siyi slapped Lin Chuliu’s hand in an attempt to fight it off.

The other party, however, still grabbed her and did not move a muscle, “Let me ask you, earlier at the restaurant dinner, did you say something to Wu Ke’er?”

Before at the restaurant dinner?

Lin Siyi remembered, the corners of her mouth could not help but reveal a bad smile, “Ahem, is it that something happened?”

Thinking about this, Lin Chuliu was a little bitter, “She has recently changed… Well, how to say…”

“Is it that the colder you are to her, the more passionate, spirited, and shameless she becomes!”

“How do you know?”

Lin Chuliu looked at Lin Siyi’s eyes instantly full of danger, “It’s true that you said something.”

Lin Siyi: Wait, what the hell is this look of wanting to devour her?

Shouldn’t he thank her for being a resourceful sister?

Or is it, “Is Wu Ke’er not good, you don’t like her?”

Seeing Lin Chuliu’s furrowed brow, she knew there was hope for Wu Ke’er.

She began to be miserable, “In the end you are my brother, I also hope that you can be happy. Ke’er, although she has a temperament of a lady, she is sincere to you. This heart can be learned from the world, and you can’t justify it if you don’t cherish it.”

“What are you two doing over there, why don’t you come over here quickly!” Qiao Zheng’s voice rang out.

Lin Chuliu, “You do not meddle in this matter, I have a marriage contract”

Lin Chu Liu immediately hurried over and left a thoughtless sentence.

Lin Siyi was dumb, what, this is not ancient times, where did he get the marriage contract?

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