Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 23 – Contract


The cold hairs all over Lin Siyi’s body instantly stood up, trembling and pointing at the gray cat that poked its fluffy head out from behind Nan Xueqing.

“Cat… Cat. Cat! It’s this one, where did it suddenly come from!” The excitement was incoherent.

“Meow!” Aversion purred up at her.

He had been behind his master from the beginning, and it was obvious that this human was so focused on talking to his master that she had ignored him, and she even said that he had appeared out of nowhere!


Lin Siyi wanted to go forward and hide next to the female lead, but did not dare to move because the gray cat was right in front of her, and looked to the other person with pleading eyes.

Nan Xueqing looked to her side at Aversion, “Go to the balcony and stay.”

“Meow” Aversion aggrieved, tail instantly dropped, moved step by step towards the balcony.

Lin Siyi was stunned.

“This scheming cat actually listened to you, don’t you think it’s amazing? Xueqing-“

Lin Siyi voice suddenly stopped, looking at the female lead expressionless look, feeling a little embarrassed.

“This cloud cat is my contract beast.”

Nan Xueqing’s tone was faint, and after she finished, she observed the other party’s expression.

Lin Siyi was stunned first , then scratched her hair and pointed to the gray cat lying on the balcony floor sunbathing, “Am I wrong? I seem to think it’s the same one I met before”

“That’s the one.” Nan Xueqing interrupted the other person’s words.

Sure enough, her expression instantly became excited.

Lin Siyi’s heart was very confused at the moment, the female lead actually told her that the cat that tried to harm her repeatedly was actually her pet?

How is this possible? How could the kind-hearted female lead harm her?

The female lead is set to be a saintly mother, if she could harm people, she will go… No, no, poisonous oath cannot be made casually.

Lin Siyi carefully recalled, in fact, she has seen this cat twice in total.

The first time she was in the dormitory, it was to attack her, but in the end it did not do it, the female lead came just in time…

If according to the female lead, the cat is her, the time it attacked her, the female lead came just in time, could it be because the female lead did not know that her cat was going to commit a crime, so she came to stop it?

In that case, it was actually the female lead who saved her life?

The second time, the female lead was not outside, so the cat took action without permission?

But why does this cat have to harm her?

Lin Siyi carefully mulled over.

The brain instantly opened up like a light.

She understood!

It must be because the gray cat knew that the original owner often targeted her master, but the naive owner was too kind, so it decided to take matters into its own hands to avenge its owner.

Lin Siyi’s eyes were instantly filled with heartache when she looked at the female lead, the other party must have suffered a lot of aggression from the original owner before, thus even her pet couldn’t bear to look at it.

Nan Xueqing couldn’t help but take a step backward, the other party’s eyes were a bit overly passionate, much different from the reaction she imagined.

“Xueqing, don’t worry, I won’t misunderstand you, I know that none of this was your intention.”

“You-,” Nan Xueqing spoke.

“Xueqing it’s okay. Besides, it didn’t really hurt me, it’s not easy, after all, it’s also for your sake. At most, we will both educate it properly later on.”

Nan Xueqing felt that the other party must have misunderstood something and wanted to say it, but stopped when she heard the word we.

It’s really like what Bo Leng said, that she liked her so much that she didn’t even care about such life-threatening things?

She asked, “Are you serious?”

Lin Siyi thought the female lead was talking about educating the cat and nodded solemnly, “Absolutely serious!”

Nan Xueqing pursed her lips, “Do whatever you want.”

No matter how much the other party likes her, she is not going to like women.

Everything…. Just let her go.

Lin Siyi blinked and looked at the gray cat that was hiding behind the curtain and poking its head out every now and then.

After everything was said and done, she surprisingly felt that this scheming cat was getting cuter and cuter.

Pointing, “Can I hold it?”

Nan Xueqing looked behind her.


Aversion purred coquettishly.

Nan Xueqing hesitated, although the contract between Yang and it was broken, it had stayed by Yang’s side after all…

Lin Siyi looked at the female lead, nervously rubbing her fingers.

Contracted beasts are special existences to their masters, if the female lead agrees to let her get close, does that mean she is a few more points closer in the female lead’s heart?

Looking at the other side with a look of eager anticipation, Nan Xueqing looked again at Aversion who was tentatively poking a paw into the room.

Forget it, after all, the other person likes her so much and she will definitely never be with her…. Even if she gives her a chance.

“Come here.” Nan Xueqing said.

Immediately, Aversion happily wagged its tail and rushed in, immediately jumping into Nan Xueqing’s arms.

Lin Siyi blinked her eyes, how could it be like a dog.

Reaching out to touch the furry head, the good boy suddenly showed his teeth and screamed at her.


Nan Xueqing brows furrowed and popped the head of Aversion.

Retracting her hand, how could she act in such a degrading way?


The master who had never hit him before actually hit him on the head for an outsider??

The back legs of Aversion stirred to leave the arms of his master, and then immediately stopped.

The master has only been able to hug him once, so why should he leave because of a slap?

It didn’t hurt.

And it can also use this slap to stay in his master’s arms for a while longer.

With this in mind, Aversion buried his head directly into his master’s arms, pretending to be complaining.


Nan Xueqing, “…..”

As a contractor, couldn’t she feel whether the contracted beast’s emotions were low or excited?

Lin Siyi looked at the hand of the female lead who paused after hitting, felt a momentary pang of internal blame, it seems that she has never hit her own pet.

It was too touching that she moved for her this time.

She decided, from today onwards, she will not aim to save her life by pleasing the female lead, she will treat her sincerely and be a really good sister!

“Xueqing you are so kind.”

Lin Siyi’s eyes blazed so much that Nan Xueqing was a bit confused.

Did she just do something to make her feel better?

Sure enough, she still liked her too much.

“Want to hold it?” Nan Xueqing gestured to Aversion in her arms because she really couldn’t ignore the other party’s passionate eyes.

Lin Siyi nodded her head hard.

“Contract with it and it won’t hurt you.”

When this statement was made, it was not only Lin Siyi who had raised a question mark but also Aversion, who was buried in Nan Xueqing’s arms, instantly raised its head.

“Meow meow meow???”

But Nan Xueqing completely ignored it.

Lin Siyi was puzzled, “But isn’t it your contracted beast?”

Nan Xueqing, “Aversion is more special, it can contract two people at the same time.”

So that’s how it is, Lin Siyi seems to have discovered a new world.

“Do you want to?” The heroine asked.

Lin Siyi immediately nodded, “I want to I want to I want to!”

Having the same contracted beast as the female lead, just thinking about it is exciting.

Could this be the legendary ‘sisters with the same beast’?

Thank You WillieCoyote for supporting this novel! Here’s 1/10.

Translator: Is that even a thing?

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