My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 47

Miao Jinghan’s amber-like eyes turned slightly and finally looked straight into Fuyu’s eyes and said, “I think you should know that we definitely have a next step.”

When Fuyu’s hands increased in strength, Miao Jinghan felt the blood rush up to her throat. The Immortal Fuyu has always been light-hearted, but this time it was full of killing aura, “Then do you believe that I will kill you now.”

“Do not believe.” Miao Jinghan laughed loudly until blood vomited out. The bright red blood stained on the black shirt instantly disappeared in it, completely smeared.

Fuyu’s eyes deepened and asked, “What exactly are you doing to her?”

“Everything I do is for her own good,” Miao Jinghan smiled lightly, with blood still on the corner of her mouth, “Lord Shangxian should still think more about herself.”

Her words are clearly hinting at something, Fuyu eyes grew darker and darker, “You don’t want to say?”

 “That is what I want to say, I think the Lord of the Immortals will not have the opportunity to listen to….” before the words fell, a strong ink-colored whirlwind whizzed from a distance, wherever the whirlwind touched, beast souls avoided. The whirlwind came all the way behind Miao Jinghan, and instantly swept up her body, making her disappear.

She looked at the place where the whirlwind disappeared and slowly clenched her fist when she thought of the ink-colored smoke she had seen earlier.

“Master… Master…”

Behind them suddenly came the shout of Shu Tang, who was accompanied by Chi Yan, who was also quite worried about her.

Fuyu quickly took the detoxification pills that Zhu Caitong had given to her, and within a few breaths, she could not see the appearance of poisoning from the outside.

Shu Tang quickly ran and stood in front of her master, her cheeks and eyes were red, “Master, how is your poison?”

“It has been solved, your master is fine,” Fuyu looked at her look of desire to speak and lightly said, “She was taken away.”

Shu Tang gently bit her lower lip, suddenly gathered courage, and raised her head, “Master, although Miao Jing Han is not good, she has not harmed me in any way, do you have some kind of enmity with her?”

Fuyu was silent for a while, looked at her, and slowly said, “Have.”

Chi Yan was plowing the ground, it has seen low EQ, but never seen a pair of master and disciple with such a low EQ!

The two of them were silent for a while, but Shu Tang said uneasily, “Master, we’d better go back to the Immortal Realm to recuperate quickly. Your health is not good, and you haven’t had a good rest these days. I’m afraid…”

Fuyu shook her head and said, “Your cultivation is not over yet.”

Shu Tang’s eyes became red again, after knowing that her master had been accompanying her all the time, it was absolutely false to say that she was not moved. However, even if she wants to let her master continue to stay with her, she must not be so selfish as to leave her behind. She still remembered the appearance of her master who had vomited blood and fainted, and she had not forgotten the appearance of her master who had been poisoned, so how could she let her fall into danger again?

So she wiped her face and said, “Master, this disciple begs you to go back to the Immortal Realm to recuperate…”

Fuyu looked at her hanging head, and finally slowly nodded, “Okay.”

Shu Tang was happy and quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Chi Yan, on the other hand, was on the sidelines painfully plowing the ground, could it be that all beautiful-looking female beasts have low EQ? Her master is obviously misunderstood ah! She is still laughing! She will cry in the future!

Chi Yan was right in thinking that Fuyu was indeed misunderstood. What happened today, in her opinion, was that Miao Jinghan was planning to frame Shu Tang. The power of the True God is indeed a good thing, but Shu Tang, whose spiritual roots have been damaged, can’t bear this kind of power at all. If not for the jade pendant in her spiritual platform to regulate her, the moment the True God’s power was injected, she would have lost all five senses and become a living dead.

The most important thing is that the power of the True God will only fuse with the subject after one becomes an immortal, that is to say before Shu Tang has become an immortal, her body is carrying the power of the True God, and anyone has the opportunity to snatch it away!

The most direct and easiest way to seize the True God’s Power is to kill Shu Tang, take the spiritual power from her body, and then use this power to extradite the True God’s Power.

If Miao Jinghan spread the news that Shu Tang carried the power of the True God, the consequences would be disastrous. This is also the reason why Fuyu moved to kill her.

However, at this time, she suddenly reacted to something.

Miao Jinghan had killed eight people in the Qing Rong Sect and Qing Rong City and Qing Sen Yang’s life was most likely taken by her. For these two things, if anyone is serious about killing and paying for life, she really deserves to die. However, Fuyu is not the one who seeks justice, she just wants to protect the people she wants to protect, but….

But, to erase another person for the sake of a person, this thing is right or wrong?

Chi Yan has said, in the Barbaric Wasteland one can not think too much, and Fuyu at this time her mind has been a little unstable, busy collecting thoughts, but saw Shu Tang look at her with a worried face.

“What’s wrong?” Fuyu asked.

Shu Tang’s eyes were flooded with water, “Master, is your poison… really okay?”

Fuyu ran the circle of immortal qi in her body, unobstructed, then closed her eyes again, and looked inside her spiritual consciousness, which was also clear. She opened her eyes and said calmly, “The detoxification pills given by Caitong can solve all the poisons in the world. A little demon poison is not a problem.”

Hearing that Master had taken the pills made by Zhu Caitong, Shu Tang immediately relaxed, “Then you should also go back to rest now.”

Fuyu pursed her lips and did not speak.

Chi Yan’s eyes turned and hurriedly mended the ground, “Yes, little Furong, you hurry back to the Immortal Realm to rest, don’t let your disciple worry.”

Fuyu’s body had long lost the killing aura around her, and returned to her bland appearance, but in this moment, Chi Yan seemed to feel the hint of killing aura again.

The good thing is that this murderous aura does not exist for a long time, Fuyu soon raised her feet and walked away. Chi Yan winked Shu Tang with copper bell-like eyes and instructed her to hurry up and follow.

One man and one beast sent the Shangxian to the exit, Fuyu stopped and turned back to Shu Tang and said, “Huahua, do you want to stay in the Barbaric Wasteland or do you want to follow me out of the Barbaric Wasteland and go somewhere else to cultivate?”

Shu Tang froze, the reason she came to the Barbaric Wasteland was the arrangement of Miao Jinghan, now that the person left, she really did not know whether she should stay here for a while.

See her hesitation, Chi Yan’s eyes lit up, intuition telling their opportunity has come, quickly saying, “Hey–don’t go, little female beast, I tell you, if you want to talk about this cultivation, the whole world can not find a better place than the Barbaric cultivation.”

Shu Tang quietly replied, “Suitable for cultivation… you mean those white bones?” Saying that, she pointed to the pile of white bones in the distance.

Chi Yan twisted his head to take a look, his chest ached, and said, “….no.”

“Then you mean those beast souls that eat people at any time?”

“….Yes, and not really.”

Shu Tang was a little excited to stay in the Barbaric Wasteland on such things, after all, she was no longer the little piglet who could not learn spells. However, the viciousness of the Barbaric Wasteland is not something she can handle, even immortals may become a pile of white bones, let alone the second realm she is still in? But, just like countless predecessors who broke into the Barbaric Wasteland, this place is also full of attraction to her.

This is her own cultivation and she must make a quick decision on her own.

Shu Tang’s mind turned and said firmly the moment before her master opened her mouth, “I want to stay.”

Fuyu pursed her lips and no longer stopped like she did last time, “Okay,” sighing, she looked up and said to Chi Yan, “Then I’m counting on you.”

Shu Tang was not the kind of person who only knew how to show off, and with Chi Yan around, she could indeed save her own little life. So, she nodded and said, “I’ll trouble Senior Chi Yan.”

The Red Flame couldn’t wait for her to stay and was so happy that a flower almost bloomed on its head. It plowed the ground happily with its claws and promised, “Yes, no trouble.”

Fuyu gave them a slightly worried look and instructed, “You must take good care of her, but don’t help her unless it’s a time of crisis.”

“I naturally know.” The Red Flame Beast huffed hot air, and Shu Tang beside him could naturally understand her master’s painstaking efforts; since she was cultivating, how could she rely on others?

After sending away Fuyu, Shu Tang suddenly had some insecurity in her heart. The Red Flame Beast beside her displayed her majesty, escorting her to the crowd close by before saying softly, “There are too many people over there for me to show up, so you can learn from those people and pick the weaker beast souls to fight. If you want, you can also challenge the strong ones together with them.” He paused, “However, you came here to cultivate, not to collect beast souls. If it is not an extreme case, please be merciful, just wound them. Do not let them completely dissipate in the Barbaric Wasteland. After all… it is not easy.”

Shu Tang answered it heavily and her heart was inexplicably warm. Although her master left the wasteland, she still had someone to accompany her. She’s not alone.

Moreover, this Red Flame Beast, in terms of character and ability, is superior and worthy of a friendship.

Seeing Chi Yan’s figure fade away, Shu Tang took a deep breath and walked towards the teams that were besieging the beast souls.

However, as she watched the fiercely fighting team and was studying their spells and strategies, suddenly, one of the fine icicles shot straight at her, shocking Shu Tang, her hands instantly lit up with fire and struck straight at the ice.

The ice melted and a teenager in the group saw this and quietly spat out his tongue. As he fought, he shouted to her, “Sorry girl, I didn’t mean to do that!”

Translator: Hehe there’s somebody who calls me “china doll” at work. I take that as a compliment, thank you. We even reenacted “Rush Hour” where Chris Tucker yells out “Push the button.” Pfft that was a laugh.

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