Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 22 – Doubts

The music in the restaurant stopped abruptly.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Wu Ke’er looked at Lin Siyi who suddenly put down her knife and fork and asked.

“I’m suddenly a little confused.”

“What doubts, tell me, maybe I can help you to solve the confusion.”

“That is,” Lin Siyi’s voice stopped short.

Wu Ke’er was a little impatient, “What is it?”

Lin Siyi swallowed her words and looked at the other party, “Why do you look more anxious than me?”

Wu Ke’er became embarrassed, “It’s not because you are Chu Liu’s younger sister, other than that I do care about you.”

Lin Siyi thought about it.

“You haven’t said what your doubts are?”

Lin Siyi, “Actually, I’m just curious. I didn’t even know that Qiao Zheng was Xueqing’s uncle, but you did.”

Wu Ke’er immediately said, “Then you don’t even look at whose daughter I am!”

Looking at the other party’s proud look, Lin Siyi was speechless.

Actually, it was not this question that puzzled her.

It was about how she saw Zhang Hua’s ghost, how did the principal know about it.

And the night Zhang Hua was killed, how did Chen Xing and the others know that she went to the Clean Soul Temple.

Obviously these two things, from beginning to end only…

No, the reason why she went to the Clean Soul Temple was completely forced by Lin Chu Liu. When she left, the other party was outside, it is difficult not to say that she told this matter of hers?

This is not right. Not to mention that Lin Chu Liu will not harm his own sister, just seeing the ghost of Zhang Hua, she also only told the female lead.

It is possible that all of this is done by the female lead?

Lin Siyi immediately slapped her head.

How is it possible that the female lead who is so kind, gentle, and generous, put her friend in trouble?

So in the end, who could it be?

Lin Siyi looked across to Wu Ke’er, the principal is her father, if she asked the other person, she might know soon.

But for some reason, Lin Siyi just didn’t want to ask the other person, maybe subconsciously she was still a little afraid that the female lead had inadvertently revealed it.

If Wu Ke’er knew about it, she was afraid of causing a bad misunderstanding to the heroine.

Wu Ke’er, “What are you looking at me for, could it be that you still have some doubts?”

Lin Siyi shook her head, then immediately said, “Can I pack these?”

She pointed to some untouched desserts on the table.

Wu Ke’er shrugged, “It doesn’t matter.”


Before returning to the dormitory, Lin Siyi suddenly had some hesitation.

If she had doubts in her heart, she would definitely not be able to hold it back. Sooner or later, she would have to ask face to face.  

But she was afraid that the female lead would mistakenly think that she was suspicious of her, and then, how heartbreaking it would be.

Isn’t it easy to brush down the good will?

Lin Siyi pushed open the dormitory door in distress.

“Where have you been?”

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi who walked in, her eyes deep.

Lin Siyi did not expect the heroine to come back, and immediately lifted the dessert packed in her hand, “I went to eat, are you hungry, I brought you some snacks.”

“By yourself?”

“No, with Wu Ke’er1.”

Lin Siyi said without reservation, then her eyes drifted and saw a box of delicious cakes on the table.

Lin Siyi was surprised and pointed, “Is that for me?”

Nan Xueqing’s tone cooled down, “No.”

Lin Siyi touched her head with some embarrassment.

Thinking about the doubts in her heart, her face instantly tangled up again.

Nan Xueqing looked at her.

Everything is really written on her face, does she need to be careful with such a person?

Thinking of what Qiao Zheng said to her.

“Although Yang is disrespectful to you, but his words still have a few points. You and I do not know what the other party is thinking of any bad ideas after all, the best way is to be direct,” Qiao Zheng made a gesture.

“I know.”

Qiao Zheng nodded, “It’s good that you know what to do.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were dim, “I mean, I know what she’s thinking.”

Qiao Zheng was puzzled, “What’s her idea?”

After that, she didn’t say much, only told the other person, “She will listen, uncle just teach her.”


At this moment, Nan Xueqing looked at the other party, she suddenly had some doubts about whether she had made the right decision or not.

What exactly is she thinking, or…

“Nan Xueqing…”

Lin Siyi struggled for a long time to open her mouth, but ended up hesitating again.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Nan Xueqing eyes fell on her body.

“It’s you… Do you, do you know why Chen Xing and the others knew that we went to the Clean Soul Temple the day that Zhang Hua died?” Lin Siyi said in one breath.

Nan Xueqing, “….”

She totally did not expect the other party to say this.

She said, “Do you still want to ask the Head Master why he knows that you can see ghosts?”

Lin Siyi did not expect the female lead to be so smart and guessed correctly what she wanted to say.

Immediately, she nodded her head.

“I don’t know about the matter of the Soul Crossing Temple, as for you…” Nan Xue lightly deliberately paused, looking at the other party’s eyes desperate to know, “I’m the one who said that.”

Lin Siyi froze for a moment, never expecting that the female lead would just… just so naturally just admit it?

“Then then why did you…”

Nan Xueqing did not speak and looked at her.

Who would have thought that the other party suddenly snapped to realization and slapped her head hard, “I know! Xueqing you must want to live with me… Ah, no, you want to stay in a team with me!”

How come she didn’t think about it before!

If she was also an auxillary mage, the possibility of staying in a squad with the female lead was almost zero.

After all, the B Courtyard was the most crowded one among the three courtyards, and there could only be a maximum of two auxiliary in a squad.

Which fool would go for two healers?

So when the female lead knew that she was a soul crossing master, she couldn’t wait to tell the principal, so that they would more than likely be a team.

She remembered that the female lead had asked her to transfer to the C courtyard before.  

The more Lin Siyi thought about it, the more she felt that this was the most likely scenario.

Her heart is so beautiful that she can not help but laugh out, the female lead has been so fond of her, already thinking about how to team up with her.

Nan Xueqing heart was surprised, she did not think that the other person would think of this level. Could she actually know…

“Xueqing actually I also want to stay with you in a small team, this way we both can go to class together, eat, sleep, and train!”

Nan Xueqing was flabbergasted, “You think so?”

“What else?” Lin Siyi tilted her head, doll face wrinkled together, skewing the corners of her mouth to show the dimples, and thought for a while, except for this, nothing else could be thought of.

Nan Xueqing moved her gaze away.

Stupid… King of cute.

1 Jealousy! Be known!!

Translator: Jealousy not known.

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