For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 14 – Then I’m not afraid

The young girl in her arms seemed to have finally calmed down, her arms around Xiao Yuqing gradually loosened, and then lowered her head, grasping Xiao Yuqing’s hands to carefully examine whether Xiao Yuqing had fallen and hurt herself.

Xiao Yuqing knew her worry and softened her voice to comfort her, “I’m fine. I fell just now, but I didn’t get hurt, don’t worry.” Saying that, she also took the initiative to show Lin Xian her perfect palms and elbows, and moved her legs freely to show that she was fine. As she moved, her clothes showered the floor with water.

Lin Xian finally relaxed a little, turned her back and lowered her head, and refused to look at her. After wiping her face haphazardly with the back of her hand a few times, she urged Xiao Yuqing with a nasal voice that carried a hint of crying, “Then go and change your clothes.” The voice was deep and muffled.

Xiao Yuqing guessed that Lin Xian was probably a little embarrassed by her crying outburst just now. The young girl was thin-skinned, which she could understand, so she didn’t try to poke at it. She reached out and lovingly stroked Lin Xian’s head and promised her in a warm voice, “Okay, but you wait for me first.” After saying that, she carried the bag in her hand and was about to walk in the direction of the kitchen.

A force was lightly applied to her hand, but Lin Xian reached out and pulled her wrist. Lin Xian lowered her voice and asked her, “Where are you going?” The direction Xiao Yuqing was going was obviously not the way to the bathroom.

Xiao Yuqing stopped walking, turned back, arched her eyebrows and said warmly, “Yesterday I finished the last bottled water, there is no more at home, I will go to the kitchen to boil some water for you to take with the medicine.”

Not wanting to hear the words, the hand pulling her wrist tightened more and more. She frowned with an unhappy face and snapped out a stern stop, “No, don’t go!”

Xiao Yuqing was taken aback by her decisive shout and looked at Lin Xian in a daze, somewhat stunned.

The young girl standing in front of her, because of crying just now, her eyes and nose were a little red, eyes full of water, wet, like a pitiful little white rabbit, but her voice was a little fierce, like an angry tiger with fangs and claws. Right now this little tiger in her sight, it seems, has gradually withdrawn her little paws, showing a touch of embarrassed look of anxiousness.

Once Lin Xian spoke, she realized that she was impatient and her tone was not very good. She bit her lip and settled her mind before looking at Xiao Yuqing and eased her voice to explain, “Aunt Xiao, you are soaked, so go take a hot bath and change your clothes first. Be careful you also catch a cold. You can give me the medicine, I can boil the water myself. I still have this basic skill of life, don’t worry.”

“It’s okay, boiling water is quick, there is no difference in this little time.” Xiao Yuqing still wanted to insist.

Lin Xian wrinkled her eyebrows and stared at the constricting wet clothes on Xiao Yuqing’s body, not wanting to dwell on this issue with her anymore her anger suddenly rose up again inexplicably. Xiao Yuqing really doesn’t take any responsibility for her body at all, she really doesn’t know her worries at all!

Involuntarily, Lin Xian’s thin lips were pursed tightly and her complexion sank again. She suddenly stepped in front of Xiao Yuqing, without saying a word, she clutched her wrist and pulled her towards the direction of the bathroom quickly.

Xiao Yuqing who was caught off guard and, led by her, staggered a few steps. She looked at the back of Lin Xian, who was walking in front of her, emitting a negative energy, and was a bit overwhelmed.

She slightly struggled with her wrist, but the girl only clutched her wrist tighter. Unable to do so, she tried to appease her, “I’ll listen to you, I’ll go by myself. Then you quickly go to the kitchen and boil water by yourself first, okay.” The girl, however, just remained silent and walked faster until she pushed her through the bathroom door.

Xiao Yuqing stood in the bathroom, gazing at Lin Xian who was blocking the doorway, as if afraid that she would not listen and not take a bath and for a while was a bit dumbfounded. Afterward, she realized that Lin Xian seemed…. to be sulking? She hesitated for a moment before asking in soft words, “Xian Xian, can I… go out and get a change of clothes first?”

Lin Xian froze for a moment, looking at the inexplicably pitiful Xiao Yuqing in the bathroom, reason slowly returned to her and scarlet suddenly roamed her cheeks.

Ah, what had she done? Aunt Xiao is such a big person, will she still run away from a bath? And she was too aggressive just now…

Lin Xian nervously clutched her clothes with her hands helplessly, trying to hide her embarrassment, and stammered, “Sorry, I… I didn’t think too much when I was in a hurry.”

After saying that, she didn’t dare to look at Xiao Yuqing’s face again, and hastily reached out to take the bag containing the cold medicine from Xiao Yuqing’s hand, hurriedly turned around and walked outside, leaving behind a whispered explanation, “I’m going to boil water, Aunt Xiao, go get a change of clothes.”

Xiao Yuqing watched Lin Xian’s face change several times in a short period of time, watching her shy little movements, her lips could not help but have a warm smile spilling out. It was really, really cute.

She finally had the opportunity to bend over and rub her aching knee. Then she tiptoed away from Lin Xian and went to the living room to carry the medical kit away. After that, she went back to the bedroom again and got a change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

When she took a shower, the warm water sprayed out from the showerhead, slowly flowing over her body, washing away her coldness and warming her from head to toe. With one hand, she lifted the hair that had fallen in front of her forehead to the back of her head and suddenly her mind could not help but recall Lin Xian’s angry little face just now because she was worried about her and it was as if a thunderous shout of “No, don’t go” rang in her ears again.

She grew up in a peaceful and simple environment, and her parents were both very good-tempered people. They loved and cared for their only daughter, and as far as she could remember, they never had the courage to say a heavy word to her, except for that one time.

She didn’t know before, that originally, a worried person’s gesture for another would be that diverse.  Many of the emotions that people have for others are not pure and more complex emotional expressions can only be gradually understood by carefully understanding them. Until later, she felt joy and excitement for the first time from such an awkward concern. It was…

The floodgates of memories suddenly seem to be triggered and the memories of the past suddenly gush out like water from a shower, spewing out in a frenzy. Xiao Yuqing frowned, showing a painful look.

She tilted her head back and let the water hit her delicate face relentlessly. After a few moments, she opened her eyes against the water that continued to stab at her, reached up and wiped a hand over her eyes casually, and turned off the water. She stood in silence for a while, until she felt a deep chill, then she exhaled, pulled the towel, and gently wiped herself off.

After putting on the upper half of her clothes, Xiao Yuqing opened the medical kit and began to treat the bruises left by the fall.

The left leg was better but there was a large bruise on the knee, whereas she was not sure if she hit her right leg hit something when kneeling down, except for the knee, it was also bruised downwards. There was also a bruise on the knee, vaguely seeping with blood, and after soaking in water it was a little white. The hideous bruise on her glistening jade-like skin was particularly shocking. Xiao Yuqing was unconcerned, she only blandly disinfected the wound and applied a few band-aids on it, and was done.

She did not dare to rub the medicinal alcohol, worrying that the smell will be too obvious, and Lin Xian will discover that she was injured and worry about the guilt.

She hid the medical kit in the highest cabinet of the bathroom vanity, changed into a comfortable pair of leisure pants specially selected for parents, and then, after drawing a towel, she walked out as if nothing had happened while wiping her wet hair. Just outside the room, she smelled a faint smell of ginger in the air. After a little thought, she had a vague guess in her mind.

She tentatively called out Lin Xian’s name softly, “Xian Xian?”

Immediately, Lin Xian’s voice came from the kitchen not far away. “Aunt Xiao, I’m in the kitchen, come quickly.” Her voice had regained its usual clarity and brightness and seemed to carry a little excitement and joy.

As her hair was no longer dripping down, Xiao Yuqing simply stopped wiping her hair and walked towards the kitchen with a slightly faster pace of anticipation that she herself did not notice.

Sure enough, Lin Xian was standing in front of the gas stove in the kitchen, just as she had guessed. She was turning off the fire and pouring out the soup when Xiao Yuqing arrived. When she heard the footsteps, she turned around and looked at her, her still wet eyes staring at Xiao Yuqing brightly, and said, “I made ginger soup for you, to drive away the cold.”

Xiao Yuqing took a few steps forward, put the towel on the back of the chair, rubbed the girl’s soft hair with a gentle smile on her lips, and her tone was one of unconcealed surprise, “Our Xian Xian still knows how to cook ginger soup, I underestimated you.”

Lin Xian looked up at Xiao Yuqing, her wet hair was a bit disheveled, her fair face was rosy from the steam, which added a few points of beauty to her that were usually rare. She could see that Xiao Yuqing was really surprised, and chewing on Xiao Yuqing’s “our Xian Xian”, she couldn’t help but feel a little happy and a little shy. She hid her happiness and pretended to look like she didn’t care, saying nonchalantly, “I’ve seen mom cook it a few times, it’s not that hard. I seem to have learned it after watching it a few times.” Saying that, she picked up the small bowl containing ginger soup with both hands and carefully handed it to Xiao Yuqing, “Quickly drink it while it’s hot.”

Xiao Yuqing lowered her eyes and was about to take it with a smile.

Lin Xian suddenly withdrew her outstretched hand back, without Xiao Yuqing touching the bowl. “No, let’s wait, it just came out of the pot, it must be very hot.” After that, she quickly walked out of the kitchen and headed for the dining room. Xiao Yuqing also followed her step by step.

Lin Xian put the bowl on the table, sat down, and gently blew into the bowl.

Xiao Yuqing was standing not far behind her, her ink-like warm eyes watching her series of actions without blinking.

Lin Xian noticed her gaze, and as if she suddenly remembered something, she stopped the blowing action. Turning her head the other way, she spat out her tongue and covered her face, and said embarrassingly to Xiao Yuqing, “I… forgot for a moment, I shouldn’t have blown my spit in….”

Xiao Yuqing did not expect her to say that and gently laughed out loud. She went up and sat down beside Lin Xian, moved over the bowl, lowered her head to take a small sip, inclined her head and said, “Even if it blows in, I don’t mind.” When she said this, there seemed to be water waves rippling in her eyes, softly rippling layer by layer.

Lin Xian stared at her and felt that there was suddenly something wrong with her heartbeat.

She didn’t know why, she wanted to stare at Xiao Yuqing’s eyes, but she didn’t dare to stare. She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, moved her eyes away, and added in a somewhat numb tone, “It would be bad if I gave you my cold.”

Then, she heard Xiao Yuqing let out a nice soft laugh at her side, and after that, her usual warm and pleasant voice rang out softly with a touch of rare daintiness, “Then I’m not afraid, after all, our Xian Xian is so good at taking care of people.”

Lin Xian felt that her words, like magic, gently fell on her heart but caused a wave of ripples, stirring up a spring water, causing her to lose her heartbeat rhythm for a moment

Xiao Yuqing’s appearance of eating has always been very beautiful, a bowl of ordinary ginger soup, as if she ate the delicacy of the world. Lin Xian looked at the side with her cheeks resting to the side and only felt that it was pleasing to the eye. The phrase “is it good” went back and forth on her tongue several times before almost asking the question.

It’s just a bowl of ginger soup, there is no difference between good and bad. Lin Xian thought, she still wanted to save face.

On the contrary, Xiao Yuqing, as if she had guessed her heart’s hundred twists and turns, not only drank every drop, but also relaxed her eyebrows after drinking it. Her picturesque eyebrows curved into the arc of a crescent moon, with an insatiable look, “It’s really good.”

Lin Xian thought of being poise and tensed her face, but still could not restrain herself from raising the corners of her lips. She stood up, picked up her bowl, and walked towards the kitchen while pretending to be proud as she teased Xiao Yuqing, “This shows that Aunt Xiao, your taste buds are very keen and foresighted, too. I am so smart, naturally all talent and skill points are full, and a shot should be extraordinary.”

Xiao Yuqing would not let Lin Xian help her wash the bowl. She followed Lin Xian’s footsteps, stood next to her, took the bowl from her hand, and naturally said, “You still have a cold, don’t touch the water.” And then, she very facetiously echoed Lin Xian’s narcissism, “I also feel that it is a great honor for Xiao to be able to taste the refined soup cooked by Chef Lin today.”

Her hands moved skillfully, and as she spoke, she had already washed the bowl, and then, she proceeded to wash the pot used to cook the soup. Lin Xian was aware of her stubbornness in certain household matters, and knew that it was useless to argue with her, so she simply let her do the washing.

After washing the dishes, Lin Xian urged Xiao Yuqing to go to her room to rest for a while. She remembered in her heart that she had hardly slept the whole night last night.

Xiao Yuqing lifted her wrist, looked at her watch, but shook her head, “I took a shower, and now I don’t feel sleepy at all. It’s fine to have lunch and take a lunch break. You, on the other hand, go take a nap. Does your head still hurt?” She was thinking that it would be almost time to prepare lunch.

Although Lin Xian did not sleep well last night, now she really had no desire to sleep. So finally, the two of them went to the study together and sat down at the same table, one on the left and one on the right, with Xiao Yuqing reviewing the manuscript and Lin Xian reading a book.

The study was quiet, with the occasional sound of Xiao Yuqing tapping on the keyboard.

Lin Xian’s initial idea was indeed to read a book, but in the end, she didn’t read a single word. Not knowing when it happened, but it became, when Xiao Yuqing looked at the computer, she — watched Xiao Yuqing intently.

This is the first time since coming to her house, Lin Xian saw her working up close like this. She saw her eyes staring intently at the screen, her beautiful eyebrows unconsciously frowning slightly, her jade-like white and slender hands, one clasped on top of the mouse, the other, unconsciously snapping lightly on the keyboard. Looking from Lin Xian’s angle, one could clearly see Xiao Yuqing’s pretty side lines that were like the carefully outlined lines of a highly skilled painter.

She looked so serious, and, so charming.

Xiao Yuqing moved her mouse and switched a document, then, her eyebrows gradually stretched out, and her lips had a clear and shallow curve. Lin Xian thought, Xiao Yuqing must be smiling like that again…

She rested her cheeks and gazed at her, couldn’t help but gently open her mouth and gently call her, “Aunt Xiao….”

Xiao Yuqing was immersed in her work, when she heard the sound, she naturally stopped the movement of her hands and turned her head to look at Lin Xian. Her expression carried a few questions, and her eyebrows still carried some of the solemnity that could not be dispersed, but in the moment of looking at Lin Xian, it was all gone, and only a warm and soft smile remained.

The two eyes glistened, like a clear pond full of starlight.

Sure enough, yes….

Lin Xian did not respond to Xiao Yuqing’s question, just stared at her, tilted her head, eyes bright and white teeth, smiled and called her again, “Aunt Xiao…”

Xiao Yuqing blinked, the water under her eyes rippled. She understood that Lin Xian was teasing her again. She was not annoyed, only hooked up the corners of her lips, showing a shallow small smile, reached out and tenderly touched Lin Xian’s nose, and then, as if nothing had happened, turned back to continue reviewing the manuscript.

Outside the window, black clouds are pressing down on the city, and the wind and rain were violent.

Lin Xian, however, slightly closed her eyes, full of warmth and tenderness, laid down on the desktop, like a small cat that was comfortably soothed.

The trance years were quiet.

The author has something to say:
The thought that Aunt Xiao may have scars, I feel so heartbroken T_T…… (an author with a lot of drama, QAQ)

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  1. Hm, it’s an interesting atmosphere between the two. Already pretty romantic, good for them. Hopefully the story continues to focus on their domestic life, I feel it would be a waste to follow them separately.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Interesting what did Yuqing remember as that one time they were harsh on her? Guess when they found out she was gay? And she’s always felt pretty sad about it but here she realized they were harsh cuz they cared about her?

    Well sorry to burst your bubble but not all anger from parents comes from a good place, most parents are just assholes, cuz they’re just normal people and most people just suck.

    I do like how much they’re starting to care for each other already.

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