My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 46

Until the two of them left the cave, Shu Tang hadn’t even thought about what Miao Jinghan’s last words really meant.

Of course, when they got out of the cave, she didn’t have time to think about it, because – the red flame beast was already standing in front of her.

The red-eyed Red Flame Beast stood majestically in front of the two of them, the flames on its body burning more and more intensely as if it had a tendency to devour everything around it. It looked askance at Miao Jinghan and said disdainfully, “Where did you come from?”

Miao Jinghan was not afraid of it at all and smiled gently, “Where you don’t know.”

The Red Flame Beast spewed out scorching gas, and the hot gas dissolved away when it approached Shu Tang unexplained, but it directly lunged at Miao Jinghan’s face. The kitten’s long sleeves flicked up, instantly dissolving the heat, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Being able to dominate the Barbaric Wasteland for so many years, the Red Flame Beast naturally would not be irritated by this provocation from her. It just tilted its head and said to Shu Tang, “See? The female beasts I meet are all like this, if I saved you this time, you should be grateful and appreciative to me.”

Shu Tang saw that this one person and one beast was quite a fierce fight, so she stood between them and said, “Chi Yan, she is not harming me, I came with her to practice in the Barbaric Wasteland, not forced!”

Chi Yan grunted, “Why are you still protecting her? Don’t you know who she is?”

Shu Tang was stunned by the question, to be honest, she indeed did not know who Miao Jinghan was. Is she a Demon Immortal? Is she a spiritual wisdom born in the Barbaric Wasteland? Or was she someone who lived in the City Lord’s palace?

Suddenly, she realized that she really didn’t know this person who always appeared next to her.

Miao Jinghan hooked up the corner of her mouth, “I will tell her myself who I am. I don’t need you to worry about it.” Chi Yan was just about to speak when she added, “We’ve had enough time to chat. I didn’t expect that the Immortal Fuyu, who is ranked as the Third Immortal, is such a timid and fearful person. Just because you don’t dare to see me, you even found a rescuer. Do you think you can trick me like this?”

Hearing the name of her master, Shu Tang suddenly opened her eyes wide, and in the next instant, a bright light flashed out, and a woman in white landed in front of her.

Fuyu faced Shu Tang, but the words were towards Miao Jinghan, “I am not afraid to see you, I am just afraid that Huahua is uncomfortable. After all, this is her own cultivation.”

“Heh,” Miao Jinghan laughed, “her own cultivation? Then why did Lord Shangxian follow us stealthily and for the entire journey?”

“Master!” Shu Tang sucked in a cold breath and said in a shocked voice, “You…”

Before she could say the next words, Miao Jinghan continued, “You turned into your true body and followed us into the Barbaric Wasteland, following us all the way to where the cave is…. Lord Shangxian, in fact, the disciple is not important, is this is your purpose?”

Only she and Shu Tang know what is in the cave, but if Fuyu knows that the cave has the power of the True God, she really will not be moved?

The strongest in the immortal world is only the Shangxians, and further cultivation will only improve the cultivation base on the basis of them and can no longer breakthrough itself. The true God’s power, on the other hand, allows the Shangxians to break through the current realm and go straight to the demigods.

The demigods are neither a god nor an immortal, but the highest realm that can be reached in the realm today. Not to mention the physical body of Immortal Fuyu, even Chi Yan, transformed by obsession knows, it will kill for this.

Perhaps, with Fuyu’s close friendship, it will also split it with Fuyu…

However, these thoughts can only be thought about, Fuyu is Shu Tang’s master, after all, and now is not the best time.

When Miao Jinghan said this, Shu Tang first froze, then turned around and stood firmly in front of her master, and said to the kitten, “My master is not the kind of person you say, even if she follows me, it is for my safety. If you claim to be my friend, why did you say such things to my beloved master?”

“Between me and you, there will always be your master.” Miao Jinghan smiled, “You must not forget that now you are still fulfilling your promise, could it be that you want to go with your master?”

Shu Tong bit her lower lip and for a while did not know what to say. On the Red Flame Beast’s side, he could not understand what they said, but he sensed that something was wrong.

Fuyu looked at her disciple’s back, her pupils narrowed. After a long time, she slowly said, “Since you have explained things, then I do not need to hide. I saw what you did to my disciple on the way, you were good to her, but you were also luring her into your plans. My disciple is sincere and does not know the danger of the human heart. If you still want to strike at her, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

A cloud of ink-colored immortal power suddenly appeared on Miao Jinghan’s right hand, “What is the meaning of the Shangxian, that you want to teach me a lesson with your own hands?”

“It seems that you haven’t given up on my disciple either.” Fuyu actually let out a sneer, “Then let’s do the calculations, what have you done to Shu Tang this whole time!”

As soon as the words fell, the two of them struck at the same time, leaping up and fighting in the air. The last time they fought, Miao Jinghan intentionally hid her strength, only defending but not attacking. This time, it was an actual move, a deadly move.

Shu Tang’s strength is still weak, unable to fly up in mid-air in the Barbaric Wasteland, and can only turn to Chi Yan in a panic.

However, seeing her look for help, Chi Yan just shook his head, “Their business, let them solve it by themselves, this is the rule of the barbarians and their rules.”

In fact, before Shu Tang could react to what happened, these two had already fought. In her anxiety, she jumped up onto a high mound and shouted, “Master — don’t fight!”

However, her voice had long been automatically blocked out by the two people. Miao Jinghan’s hands formed a dark-colored seal, chanting the magic spell under her breath, her footsteps dancing, retreating backward and forwards, but she was not harmed at all. Fuyu hit a number of palms, the right hand fiercely grabbed in the air, and instantly conjured a longsword of light with immortal power. In the second before the end of the spell, it was transformed into a dozen swords and struck at the other side in unison.

Shu Tang’s heart thumped but saw Miao Jinghan smiled subtly, and at the same time, she struck the seal to meet the dozens of swords of light.

Slowly, a long whistle came from the distance, as if something was rushing over. The moment the swords and the seal touched, it was as if thunder rolled in the Barbaric Wasteland, the Red Flame Beast knew it was bad. His body jumped straight up, his four claws fiercely touched the layer of boundaries above the two.

Shu Tang stood outside the boundary, her eyes slightly red, and she couldn’t help but rush to the boundary. However, before she could, the two people in the boundary had struck again, and every move was made with undiminished force, almost wanting to take the other’s life.

She had never seen such a master, her body floating, but is full of murderous aura. Not only Shu Tang, but even Miao Jinghan looked a little surprised at her expression.

In mid-air, Miao Jinghan dodged a heavy punch from Fuyu and suddenly asked, “Do you know what I have done to Xiaotang?”

“She is my disciple, I naturally know.” Fuyu’s next punch had already been struck, “You forced her to absorb the power of the True God and then used the blind illusion to deceive her. You think if she doesn’t know, I don’t know either?”

Miao Jinghan’s body gave a jolt and her body suddenly fell down. Fuyu folded her palms and struck out the roaring fire dragon from it. Miao Jinghan dodged this blow, landed on the ground, and rolled. The fire dragon then exploded around her, leaving a deep crater on the ground.

 When the attack failed, Fuyu also descended with it, “You should know that if I use my full strength, even if you are already a Demon Immortal, you will not be able to fight me.”

“So what? Do you want me to admit defeat at this point?” Miao Jinghan sneered, her sleeve robe raised, a gray and black porcelain bottle fell into her hand, “Who will win and who will lose, it is still uncertain.”

The moment the porcelain bottle was in her hand, Chi Yan suddenly felt an unpleasant aura. Because of the boundary, the outside world can no longer hear the sound of their fighting and talking, but just by watching their movements, they know that the fight has reached a heated stage.

Fuyu did not bother with the porcelain bottle, one hand tapped in the void and a lotus flower suddenly appeared under her hand. The lotus flower was continuously enlarged in the air, then turned into countless lotus petal-like ice, before swiftly and fiercely striking at Miao Jinghan.

The other side only held the porcelain vase, her body did not move. When the ice crystals reached her face, Miao Jinghan suddenly smiled and said, “Enjoy, Fuyu Shangxian.”

The contents of the porcelain bottle burst out of her palm in an instant, crawling out of her fingers, and reached Fuyu’s feet like lightning. Miao Jinghan smiled wickedly and disappeared in the blink of an eye, avoiding all the ice. Fuyu’s eyes flashed and she flew up. Her palms formed a seal and struck at the thing that approached her. However, the strike was to no avail, the thing passed through the immortal power and directly into the bottom of her feet with incredible speed.

“Master!” Shu Tang exclaimed in distress, intuiting that the thing was not a good thing.

Sure enough, as soon as it entered Fuyu’s body, it began to cause chaos. The next moment, she broke through the boundary, went straight in one direction, and quickly disappeared.

Shu Tang followed closely, Chi Yan eliminated the flames on his body, and grabbed her, “No need to worry, your master is not that weak.”

That said, it was also a little worried.

Xiao Furong said her disciple does not know the danger of the human heart, how much does she know personally? When it comes to pure benevolence, she is also considered the number one. For thousands of years, she has made very few shots and will avoid harming human lives. Can such a person deal with this fierce opponent?

Far away, Miao Jinghan had already thrown herself to the ground, panting with big mouthfuls, red and blue light looming on her face, and sweat on her forehead.

Although she left the demon poison to Fuyu, she was also affected by the wave of fire and the icy air and was affected by the fire poison and □□. She did not expect that the Immortal Fuyu, who has always retained seven points of her attacks, would also use such extreme tricks this time.

Suddenly, her long hair fluttered up behind her, a strong wind came, Miao Jinghan rolled on the ground, dodging it, and looked up and said, “I didn’t expect Shangxian could still follow me after being poisoned by a demon.”

Fuyu’s lips turned purple, but that didn’t stop her from attacking her opponent, grabbing her clothes and saying, “I never said that I was easy to mess with.”

“Yes, you will do anything for your precious disciple…” Miao Jinghan’s internal organs have been severely injured, and her meridians have been scorched by fire, and she has no energy to speak at this time. “Unfortunately, she has absorbed the power of the True God, what can you do to me?”

Fuyu looked at her, slowly raised her right hand, her palm condensed a dazzling light, and immediately, she slammed the palm on the opponent’s lower abdomen.

“I don’t know what you are going to do, whether you provoke the immortal realm or restore your demon realm, I only tell you–” Fuyu’s eyes flashed a ruthlessly, “If you do something to my disciple again, even if I use all means, I will seek justice for her!”

The author has something to say:
Thanks to the owner for raising flowers =w= I heard that today is the “Moe Festival”, come and let Huahua sell you cute!
Shu Tang: …cute.
Author: ….= =. Hey! Can’t you be more serious about this!
Shu Tang: …Moe:)
Author: Forget it… It’s better to be cute!
Miao Jinghan: →_→
Author [Race Walking]: Enough! Can! You! Be! More! Serious!
Shu Tang & Miao Jinghan: (-♾-)(=^ ^=) Meng.

Translator: 萌 means Cute/Moe/Meng. In Chinese, the symbol means Meng meaning cute and in Japanese it means Moe also meaning cute. I just felt like explaining that.

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  1. Damn, straight up fighting for their waifu, Shu Tangs appearance must be heavenly.

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    It looks like Fuyu will forgive this indiscretion cuz her disciple gained the true gods power but …. Idk everything is so vague about what Jinghan really wants ….. She really seems to be in love with Shu Tang though band really wished they could always be together, extreme jealousy towards Fuyu as well ….

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      1. Right ? And it just tugs at my heart strings seeing her care so much about Shu Tang and help her out so much knowing she’s never going to be the one that Shu Tang directs her love to ….

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    1. Haha sorry. I’ve been slow at translating at the moment but thanks for the support! I’ll definitely try to translate as much as I can tomorrow!

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