My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 45

In the cave, it was dark and eerie. Shu Tang did not expect that the place that the kitten had brought her to would be the cave where she had last transformed.

Thinking about what Master had asked her earlier, Shu Tang paid more attention to the cave this time, so that when Master asked again, she would not be unable to answer anything. But then again, Miao Jinghan was able to bring her here with a big smile, and in a way, it also showed her trust in her. If she really had to tell the secret that the kitten wanted to keep, Shu Tang felt that she might not be able to do it.

The two of them walked in the dark cave, but both sides did not light a fire to illuminate. Shu Tang’s power has improved a lot, last time she could only see a vague view in this darkness, but this time she can see clearly. However, the two of them had entered the cave with the method of instantaneous movement. Without the guidance of the kitten, Shu Tang could not enter alone.

This was strange, the Barbaric Wasteland did not allow the use of instantaneous movement, how did Miao Jinghan do it?

There were occasional sounds of water in the cave, which should be the underground stream formed over millions of years. Shu Tang was thinking the whole way but couldn’t understand, when she saw the trickle of water near her feet, she finally couldn’t help but ask the question.

After listening, Miao Jinghan did not answer her face-to-face, but only smiled smugly, “Whatever I want to do, naturally I can do it.”

For this answer, Shu Tang certainly was not satisfied, but the other party did not want to say and she could not force it. When Miao Jinghan saw that she no longer continued to ask questions, she smiled again, “What’s wrong? You don’t want to know anymore?”

“Any question you don’t want to answer, naturally you do not answer.” Shu Tang said dryly, “How can I continue to ask?”

Because of the water flowing in the cave, the air seemed to be a little damp. Miao Jinghan touched her nose, wiping away the dampness and coolness, and said, “It’s because I belong to the Barbaric Wasteland, that’s why I can use instantaneous movement here.”

Shu Tang first froze for a moment, not understanding what she said. In a few breaths, she turned to understand and said in stupefaction, “You are a… beast soul in the Barbaric Wasteland?”

“No, beast souls are not allowed out of the Barbaric Wasteland.” Miao Jinghan laughed softly, “I am the spirit of heaven and earth generated in the Barbaric Wasteland and later, with a demonic beast obsession, transformed into a soul.”

As they spoke, the two had already walked to the place where they saw last time, and the air seemed to carry the tension of that day. Shu Tang looked up in shock at Miao Jinghan’s fair side face, her heart was full of incredulity.

In her knowledge, the Barbaric Wasteland is full of dead things, except for the raging wind and sand or the souls of beasts made of obsession. She had never thought that there were spirits in this Barbaric Wasteland.

To speak of spiritual intelligence, the beast souls also have one, such as the Red Flame Beast, its spiritual intelligence can be comparable to the time when it shouted at the wind and clouds. However, it is unheard of to have both a spirit and a soul.

Miao Jinghan continued to walk forward and said, “I know, you must feel that this matter is quite strange. To say the least, even I myself feel incredulous.” She inclined her head and looked at Shu Tang’s tilted little face, “But, I was indeed born in the Barbaric Wasteland.”

“Then how come you have the beast form of a cat?” Shu Tang wondered.

“Didn’t your master tell you about the origin of the Demon Immortal?” Miao Jinghan glanced at her, “The soul I initially formed was extradited and reincarnated, which gave me the human part. When I died in the mountains at the age of four, I took a stray cat that was passing by and became half-human, half-demon, with a body capable of cultivating into a demon immortal.”

Shu Tang listened dumbfounded, “What happened when you were… four years old?”

Miao Jinghan looked into her eyes and her heartstrings moved slightly.

She did not ask how she had taken her body, nor how she had been extradited, but asked – what happened to her when she was four years old.

The kitten turned her head, looked ahead to the faintly glowing light, and said, “It was just an accidental death, there’s nothing to say.”

She said this, she must not want to say more. Shu Tang has long been aware of the temperament of this kitten, so she no longer asked, but looked with her towards the distant light source.

In the darkness, the most inconspicuous light will have the most dazzling brilliance. Shu Tang looked at that little light, suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help but look at Miao Jinghan.

She said she was born in the barbaric wilderness, which means that she is most likely the only living thing in this Barbaric Wasteland. Such a kitten, isn’t it just the same as the glow in front of her?

Born in darkness and despair, she blossomed into the most beautiful light.

Miao Jinghan uncomfortably took two steps, puffed out her cheeks, and asked, “Why do you always look at me for?!”

Shu Tang was asked by her and immediately withdrew her gaze and said truthfully, “I think that it is a great thing that you were born in such a despairing place.”

“Is that so?” Miao Jinghan didn’t get the answer she wanted, so she casually responded, while quietly releasing her immortal qi to test the entire cave, confirming that Fuyu had failed to follow her, before walking quickly towards that bright place.

Shu Tang followed closely and when she approached the light source, she couldn’t help but squint her eyes slightly. When she got used to the light in the darkness, she was able to see what was in front of her.

Something was hidden in a cave within a cave and it took two people to get into a hole as big as a basin before they could fully see it. Shu Tang, in this small space, immediately froze.

The thing in front of her, about a person high, is a huge transparent crystal. The crystal stone emitted a luminous blue light, and in the center, there was a palm-sized blue ball of light suspending quietly. What made Shu Tang incredulous was that the ball of light had a woman’s face visible. It was actually a group of power condensed from the divine power left by the ancient gods!

In the wasteland □ □ there are three kinds of power of the group; there is immortal power, magic formation, and the rarest of all, is the God’s condensed power.

The ancient true gods were born with the opening of the heavens and earth, and there were only a few of them, so the power they released when they died in battle was naturally very limited. Among the very limited power, most of them have been digested within the Barbaric Wasteland, but a very few have been obtained by those who have the chance of fortune. The last time she talked to Chi Yan, he said that the power of the true gods had long been gone in the Barbaric Wasteland, if there was, it would have already been eaten.

In other words…. even the Red Flame Beast does not know the existence of this cave?

Shu Tang smacked her lips, thinking that this kitten was really capable, even this object can be obtained. However, the face of the woman in the ball of light, is that the appearance of the true God?

Taking a closer look, it doesn’t even look one-tenth as good as the Master’s appearance!

Beside her, Miao Jinghan observed her demeanor and did not find any covetous look as expected, so she said with satisfaction, “This is the divine power of the True God of Reincarnation, do you want it?”

Shu Tang was still immersed in her master’s beauty, and was startled by her question, “What do I want it for?”

Miao Jinghan was helpless, judging from her appearance she wasn’t pretending either, but someone who can still be so calm in the face of a True God’s Power is really rare.

“With the power of the True God, you can become an immortal in a matter of days.” She gave Shu Tang a list of the benefits of this power, “and as long as you have it, the Shangxians will have to give you three points of courtesy…. have you heard of the immortal diviner? He received the true god of divination’s power and is respected in the three realms. When necessary, even the first of the three Shangxians, Nantan Shangxian, has to be respectful to him.”

Shu Tang looked at her silently, “What exactly do you want out of this?”

Miao Jinghan froze and heard her continue to ask, “Why didn’t you absorb such a good thing yourself and leave it for me? Are you trying to entice my greed or do you have other plans?”

One had to admit that Miao Jinghan had given her a lot of things, but this, the one in front of her, was definitely not a gift within the normal range.

“You’re still so wary of me,” the kitten said quietly, “but if I say I don’t have any plans, do you trust me?”

Shu Tang always felt that her expression was a little wrong, and couldn’t help taking a step back, “Then what are you doing?”

“Of course, it is for you–” before the last sound fell, the immortal Qi on Miao Jinghan’s side suddenly rose. The ink-colored immortal Qi overflowed and instantly filled the narrow cave.

Shu Tang secretly said that it was not good, subconsciously ran outward, but was pulled back by a strong force. She immediately shouted, “Miao Jinghan! You let me go!”

A light laugh fell into Shu Tang’s ears, the next second, the cave resounded a “kaka” cracking sound. The transparent crystal gradually showed fissures, and the fissures quickly spread out. Soon, the sound of an explosion resounded, the crystal shattered.

“I don’t need this power! Miao Jinghan, since you and I are friends, you have to respect my wishes!” Seeing that the ball of light with the hidden human face coming towards her brow, Shu Tang no longer cared about anything else and shouted out.

The cluster of light abruptly stopped, Shu Tang looked at it close at hand, exhaled deeply, and was busy digesting what she had experienced in a few moments.

Miao Jinghan looked at the small face under the light, quietly saying, “If you think I am a friend, you will not be so wary of me. Xiao Tang, you only need to remember, no matter when, I will not hurt you.”

Shu Tang’s eyes suddenly opened wide, the strings in her heart were once again tense, and then, the light mass entered her eyebrows, and she lost all consciousness in an instant.

Where… is she?

When Shu Tang regained consciousness, she found herself in a completely unknown place, where flowers and plants were everywhere. Looking up at all the gorgeous colored clouds, there were fairies weaving and dancing among the clouds, so happy.

She hesitantly took a step forward, her feet felt like cotton, extremely comfortable, but not floating. However, as she continued to walk forward, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed, the sound of war drums, countless unfamiliar figures staggered in the battlefield.

When they fought against each other, heaven and earth trembled, and when they fell, heaven and earth also mourned. In the distance, it seems that there are immortal birds wailing in the distance, unknowingly, Shu Tang was already full of tears.

She wiped her tears blankly and took another step forward. The scenery really changed again, all the hustle and bustle turned into dead silence, a woman in blue staggered up, looking at the corpses around her, suddenly kneeling on the ground, throwing her head back and crying blood!

Shu Tang’s heart ached and her consciousness blurred a bit. She tried to stabilize her mind and saw the woman crawling on the ground, crawling to a mound of earth, trembling and kneeling there, not knowing what she said. At that moment, her hands emitted a faint blue light, and her body gradually became transparent, and disappeared from the spot.

Shu Tang was dazed and took another step forward, but felt the earth violently began to shake, followed by the collapse of heaven and earth, her body also falling to the ground.

However, she did not see what the depths of the earth looked like, then she woke up and opened her eyes.

Her forehead was drenched in cold sweat and her body was a little sticky. Shu Tang sat up slowly on the ground and before she could digest what she had seen, she saw Miao Jinghan beside her.

“You….” She just wanted to reprimand her, when she suddenly saw that on the other side of her, the light blue crystal still standing there, with no trace of cracking?

Shu Tang hurriedly got up and rushed to the crystal, looking incredulously at the intact True God’s power inside. Only after a long time did she turn around and ask, “Why did I pass out?”

“You touched the crystal just now, and for some reason, you suddenly babbled nonsense and soon fainted.” Miao Jinghan then got up and said, “And, you cried.”

“I cried?” Shu Tang touched her cheeks, and they were indeed moist.

Could it be that… everything that happened just now was her illusion? Or is it that she unknowingly coveted it and actually wanted to get it in her fantasy?!

Shu Tang shook her head, this is impossible, she is not such a person, she has this confidence.

She shifted her gaze to Miao Jinghan, her heart vaguely guessing, could it be that she was responsible for all these illusions?

But after all, she had little evidence and must not slander an innocent person. Shu Tang withdrew her gaze and looked again in a daze at the faintly visible face in the crystal.

Was the woman in blue she just saw the true God?

Then, even if it was an illusion, why did she see those scenes?

She did not participate in the ancient barbaric war thousands of years ago, so how did she know about the situation at that time?

A terrifying thought came up, and Shu Tang’s body trembled. After calming her mind, she asked in a soft voice, “This True God’s power, did you snatch it from her?”

“It was there when I awakened my spiritual wisdom.” Miao Jinghan’s tone was gentle, but with an inexplicable strangeness, “It was the one that grew up with me.”

The two did not talk much about this topic, Miao Jinghan seemed to be hiding something, after pulling Shu Tang out of the cave, she said, “If you need the power of the True God in the future, just come to me.”

So, she brought her here just to show her what the True God’s Power looked like? Shu Tang did not think the other party would be someone who would do such a thing, but the kitten has always been capricious, maybe she had just done it on a whim,. For a while, she really could not judge.

Dealing with Miao Jinghan is like fighting with someone whose attacks have no routine; you never know what her last move was for and you don’t know what her next move will turn out to be. However, Shu Tang found that she had already gotten used to such a Miao Jinghan.

When she was having the hallucination, Shu Tang remembered that she had said to her – they are friends.

Are they really …… friends?

The two walked towards the outside of the cave without words, Shu Tang bit her lower lip and suddenly asked, “Do you think we are considered friends or not?”

Miao Jinghan was silent for a moment and said in her usual teasing tone, “If you say we are friends, then we are.”

Shu Tang was quietly relieved that she had not made a fool of herself, which was really a happy thing.

However, the next moment, Miao Jinghan said, “But you have to remember, for you I may be a momentary friend, and for me you…” she turned her head and looked at Shu Tang, “will always be unattainable.”

Translator: I have no idea what that last sentence means but it sounds quite depressing.

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  1. It is indeed quite depressing.

    Fuck I still can’t understand just why Jinghan seems to love Shu Tang so much, is it really just cuz? Or is it cuz she’s some reincarnation of someone she loved? ….. But she said she was born there …. I’m guessing it has something to do with her death at 4 years old?

    The only thing I know is that now I’m quite sad about Jinghan, it seems she won’t have a happy ending … She seems like a pitiful characters that will sacrifice herself cuz of her friend she always loved, just cuz she wants to.

    Wtf is going on things were so happy at the beginning and now everything has taken such a dark, depressed tone ……

    Did Shu Tang absorb that power? It seems like most definitely so …. Reincarnation power eh?

  2. I really like Jinghan. She’s so cool and yet seems like she hiding a very deep pain. I really hope there’s happiness for her in the end. Not the kind, where she dies. Hopefully not.

  3. Miao Jinghan is very good. She would be an adorable little lover if Huahua were to worship Fuyu solely as a master. The cat demon knows how to pursue her heart, which is so much fluffier than the awkward dance Fuyu and Su Tang are going to do.

  4. Considering we are talking about the god of REINCARNATION it seems pretty obvious to me that the kitten loved Shu Tang in a previous life, but did not get together with her. Intresting tho that citten seems to already to give up in this life

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