Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 21 – Same Contract

When Lin Siyi came back, the schoolground was surprisingly empty.

What’s happening, is it possible that the female lead has been abducted behind her back to turn the field?

She immediately took out her cell phone from her pocket and sent a message to the female lead.

[Where did you go?]

A message came back quickly but did not answer her question.

[Meet at the Soul Crossing Courtyard at 7 p.m.].

It turned out to be over.

[Did you go back to the dormitory?]

When the message was not answered, Lin Siyi became a little anxious and ran to the dormitory with a pocket full of candles, but the female lead was not there at all.

Panting, she sat down on the sofa and sent another message asking when she would return back to the dorm.

Looking at the large space, Lin Siyi suddenly felt a little lonely.

The meeting was at seven o’clock in the evening, so what should she do during the long hours of the day?

Lin Siyi lay down on the sofa and looked at the roof in a daze. Time passed slowly but the female lead did not return by eleven o’clock and the message was not answered.

Life is boring.


When a message rang, Lin Siyi immediately picked up her phone.

[Wu Ke’er: Are you there?]

It turned out that it was not the female lead, Lin Siyi jabbed at the screen fiercely for a while.

Then she sent a question mark to Wu Ke’er.

She thought that she must be looking for her to ask about Lin Chuliu.

[Come out for dinner, my treat]

Lin Siyi’s eyes instantly lit up.

When she was buying the candles, she had noticed that she didn’t have much change left.

She originally planned to seek reimbursement from the other party, but who would have thought that they would leave so quickly.

She was worried that she could only scrape together a meal today, but she didn’t expect a free lunch to be delivered so soon, so she had to go.

–(I wish the author actually notified a scene change)–

The sun was shining brightly, shining through the gaps in the leaves to form a spot of light on the ground.

The colorful flowers were delicate and beautiful, but not as beautiful as the woman in front of him. Yang’s eyes were filled with obsession.

The cell phone in Nan Xueqing’s pocket vibrated, she took it out to return a message and then ignored it.

Lying next to the ‘beauty’ was Aversion, from time to time he stretched out his claws to tease the flowers, making the red petals tremble incessantly.

“Xueqing, did you find me for something to say?” Yang looked at her, “As long as you tell me, I will do my best.”

Nan Xueqing did not answer but reprimanded Aversion in a low voice.

“Meow,” Aversion retracted his paws and stepped forward to please his master, but when he saw the other party’s cold eyes, he couldn’t help but retreat half a step. He felt the anger hidden in his master’s eyes.

Yang immediately went forward to pick up Aversion, “Is Aversion making you angry again? I will teach it a lesson for you.”

His mouth said the words of a lesson, but the hand was tenderly smoothing the hair for the gray cat.


The cat squinted its eyes comfortably.

Nan Xueqing looked at the scene in front of her, her eyes grew colder and colder, “Why did you do that?”

Yang flinched, “You mean the Lin Siyi thing?”

Feeling the sudden drop in temperature around him, Yang’s expression changed somewhat, “Xueqing, are you angry with me over an outsider and this person is Lin Siyi?”

Nan Xueqing, “No matter who it is, you shouldn’t get involved.”

Yang looked a little agitated, “But this person is Lin Siyi, we were originally supposed to-“

“Shut up.” Nan Xueqing abruptly interrupted, “I said, no matter who it is.”

Yang was silent.

“Xueqing, have you noticed that she has always intentionally tried to get close to you recently. I suspect that she has an agenda, otherwise, with what she did before, she would have never turned her enemies into friends with you so easily.”

Nan Xueqing looked at him, “You have been watching me.”

Not doubt but confirmation.

Yang immediately became anxious, “Xueqing, don’t get me wrong, I just-“

“Let me think about how you have been watching me.” Nan Xueqing walked towards him and Yang instantly tensed up.

The footsteps stopped, Nan Xueqing’s eyes fell on Aversion in Yang’s arms.


Aversion purred coquettishly.

“On my tenth birthday, you gave me Aversion and told me it was a special cloud cat.”

She looked at the blood mark that had appeared on Aversion’s neck again, “You said that it was a manifestation of its physical condition and that if it was weak, it would disappear.”

“Xueqing, it’s not what you think.”

Yang was a little anxious.

Nan Xueqing looked at him coldly, “Before me, you had a contractual relationship with it. Its specialty is not the blood mark, but the ability to contract two people at the same time. Except that the first person who contracted it is more dominant.”

“Xueqing, believe me, I never wanted to harm you using Aversion. I did all this for your sake.”

Nan Xueqing did not look at him.

Continuing, “The blood mark is the seal of the contract between the two. Previously, someone inadvertently destroyed it, so the one belonging to you disappeared and so did the blood mark. It was only later, that you had carried out the contract again.”

“Except you may have forgotten that no matter how you make up for it later, right now I’m the one who made the first contract with it.”


Nan Xueqing looked at him, “Yang, I hope this is the last time I see you.”

“Xueqing are you trying to kick me out?” Yang did not expect the other party to do this.

Nan Xueqing did not answer and wanted to leave.

Aversion jumped down from Yang’s arms to follow.

Yang immediately shouted, “In the end, it’s still because of Lin Siyi!”

Nan Xueqing’s footsteps paused.

“Xueqing, don’t you forget, our purpose from the beginning is her. Since her eyes can already see, why not just take it!”

“Or have you already forgotten that you are a member of the Ko Si’er clan and the blood feud of your parents!”

The air around them instantly turned cold and harsh. Yang saw that ice residue appeared on his fingertips almost instantly.

He immediately raised his head, “Xueqing, Lin Siyi suddenly got close to you, do you really do not worry what her purpose is? All we want is her eyes. Only that pair of eyes is possible to find the master!”

The temperature dropped even lower, Yang was unable to move and watched the other walk out the door.

“He’s right.” A low, hoarse voice rang out.

Nan Xueqing looked up at the man walking towards her, “Uncle.”

Qiao Zheng looked at Yang whose whole body was about to be wrapped in an ice block, “Let him go.”

As soon as his voice fell, the surrounding temperature instantly returned to normal.

Finally able to move, Yang immediately moved his stiff arms and legs, walking to the side of Qiao Zheng.

Who knew that just before he was ready to open his mouth, he was slapped by the other party without mercy.

Qiao Zheng, “You are just a son of a servant, the third master has taken you as a disciple because she likes you. In the end, Xueqing is your rightful master, a subordinate dares to question what the master has done?”

“The same contract, are you worthy?” Qiao Zheng looked at the cloud cat who was curled up beside him in fear and grabbed it directly before forcibly breaking the contract on it.

“Meow–” Aversion groaned in pain.

A contract without an oath is simply unbearable, it is also worthy of being called the same contract?

Yang’s mouth corner spilled a trace of blood, his eyes momentarily filled with gloom, then faded, and raised his head, “Master Qiao says is right.”

Qiao Zheng coldly snorted.


In the upscale restaurant.

Lin Siyi almost spewed out her tea, a little in disbelief of her ears, “What did you say? Qiao Zheng, that teacher Qiao, he is Xueqing’s uncle?”

Wu Ke’er nodded, “That’s why I called you out, so you can be cautious of him.”

Lin Siyi thought of Qiao Zheng, his fierce appearance came to mind, how could that be the female lead’s uncle? And the two people don’t even have the same surname.

So she asked, “Is he really her uncle?”

Wu Ke’er shook her head, “That’s not quite it, but it’s closer than a real uncle.”

That’s right, but, “Why should I be careful of him?”

“Are you stupid? Although Qiao Zheng only returned to school, you have been targeting Nan Xueqing before, there’s nobody within the whole school who doesn’t know. If this reaches his ears, he will not just let you die.”

Lin Siyi immediately said, “You also said that was before, now Xueqing and I are very good, how can I go against her again!”

“Who would believe it when you say that? Suddenly a change in behavior might mean a demon. Don’t look at me like that, everyone thinks so.”

Wu Ke’er looked at the other person staring at her and felt a little strange.

Lin Siyi shook his head, “No, I was just thinking, why are you warning me about this?”

Wu Ke’er instantly felt a little sheepish and stammered, “I… I just… I just think I will be with your brother sooner or later and you are the only sister of Chuliu. I can’t just leave you alone!”

Before becoming a sister-in-law, she was worried about the things that sister-in-law should worry about.

Lin Siyi was more and more optimistic about this Wu Ke’er. Definitely has the potential to be her sister-in-law!

“You can rest assured, with my current relationship with Xueqing, nothing will happen.”

After speaking, she felt a pang of worry. Others thought she had no good intentions, and the female lead couldn’t be a little suspicious of her in her heart, right?

No, she must show a little more sincerity, so that the female lead’s heart will thoroughly believe her.

Wu Ke’er saw that Lin Siyi did not pursue the matter further and secretly sighed with relief.

“In any case, you better be careful.”

Lin Siyi remembered that Qiao Zheng always let her run errands, but it was a bit like targeting her, and felt that she should indeed be careful.

So she nodded seriously.

“By the way, why didn’t Lin Chuliu come?”

It’s a bit rare that this guy did not come when there was a meal to eat.

Lin Siyi noticed that Wu Ke’er’s face instantly reddened and thought to herself that there was a show.

“Chuliu he”

“What’s wrong with him?” Lin Siyi was eager to hear the gossip.

Wu Ke’er stammered out, “He’s in class.”

Lin Siyi, “????”

Why are you blushing when he is in class? As a result, she became excited to talk about it.

Unexpectedly, Wu Ke’er bushed even more, “Taking my place in class.” In a small whisper, “I skipped class to come out.”

“Oh, it turned out to be this way, what class do you take in the middle of the day?”

Wu Ke’er beamed, “It’s a cooking class. My father forced me to enroll, saying that girls should learn these. But the teacher here likes to flatter me , so I was promoted straight to a critic, as long as the taste test is good.”

Lin Siyi opened her eyes wide, “Is the food made by the people inside very delicious?”

Wu Ke’er nodded, “It’s okay, just so-so.”

She knew it!

How could Lin Chuliu not dilly-dally, it would only be because he had a better place to go!

Translator: Wow! Now we know the relationship between FL and the two people (Yang and Qiao Zheng).

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