Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 20 – Teacher

As soon as Lin Siyi woke up, she rolled over and found no one next to her, opening her eyes immediately.

It was only when she heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom that she was relieved and closed her eyes comfortably, it was a beautiful day.

After lying down for a while, when there was no sound of water in the bathroom, Lin Siyi slowly got up, opened the curtains, and the sunlight instantly poured, illuminating the whole room.

As soon as Nan Xueqing opened the bathroom door in her bathrobe, she saw Lin Siyi looking at her with eager eyes.

The hand that was wiping her hair with a towel paused, “Want to take a shower?”

Lin Siyi immediately shook her head, “I don’t have the habit of showering in the morning. I just didn’t expect you to get up so early, Xueqing.”

Nan Xueqing pursed her lips.

“But let’s go to bed earlier from now on, you can see that you have dark circles under your eyes.”

How can you not have dark circles under your eyes after a night without sleep?

Nan Xueqing walked to the wardrobe, her hand preparing to change clothes suddenly stopped and looked at Lin Siyi who was still watching next to her, “Aren’t you going to wash up?”

Lin Siyi still wanted to admire the female lead’s body again, and immediately said, “There’s no rush.”

Nan Xueqing, however, directly closed the cabinet and picked up the phone on the table, her voice flat, “The time right now is 7:50, you still have ten minutes.”


Lin Siyi quickly picked up her mobile phone and looked at the time in the notification message. At eight o’clock, gather in the schoolyard. The time now…  

“How did it go by so fast!”

“Xueqing you get changed, I’m going to brush my teeth.”

Nan Xueqing watched as the other party jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom with bare feet.

Eyes lowering, didn’t she know that going barefoot often was bad for her body?

Then froze, why did she suddenly care?

The hand holding the clothes could not help but clench.

Then immediately changed into the clothes and opened the door to leave.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Lin Siyi immediately ran out with a toothbrush full of foam in her mouth.

The female lead who slept with her actually abandoned and left her alone?

No, absolutely not!

The female lead must have seen that it was getting late and good students are afraid of being late, so she left early.

Or, the female lead actually just went out for a walk and will be right back?

After Lin Siyi hurriedly brushed her teeth and changed her clothes, the female lead still hadn’t returned.

Okay, maybe the female lead had gone to buy her breakfast?

All sorts of thoughts appeared in Lin Siyi’s mind.

Until she arrived at the schoolground.

When she saw the bright figure of the female lead standing in front of her.

Lin Siyi immediately ran up cheerfully.

Good students are afraid of being criticized for being late, she understood that!

“Xueqing you-“

“Lin Siyi, right?”

Before the words could be finished, they were interrupted by a voice.

Only then did Lin Siyi realize that there was a man in black standing in front of the female lead, his back facing them.

There was also Lin Chuliu next to him… And Wu Ke’er?

“What are you guys doing here?”

Lin Chuliu didn’t say anything and stood in an upright posture.

Instead, Wu Ke’er secretly greeted her.

The black-clothed man in front of her turned around, and Lin Siyi looked, surprised, “How come it’s you?”

Qiao Zheng was grim and fierce, “Why can’t it be me, got a problem with that?”

Lin Siyi never thought that the mature old man she met last night would be her… teacher?

Lin Siyi couldn’t help taking a step to the side, hiding behind the female lead.

Nan Xue gave her a light glance, then inadvertently blocked her behind.

“No… No, how could I have a problem with that? I just didn’t think you would be so young and… be a teacher.”

“Lin Siyi, watch your language, and treat teachers with respect.”

Before the other party could reply, Lin Chuliu scolded.

Wu Ke’er whispered, “Your brother is just like that, don’t mind too much.”

Lin Siyi naturally didn’t care.

But she was curious as to why the two of them would be here and just wanted to ask when Qiao Zheng answered for her, “For the next team formation, you two will be members of Lin Chuliu’s team.”

“Because you are special, the two of them will be properly protecting you for the next few days of training.”

“Why should it be them?”

Lin Siyi didn’t care if Lin Chuliu glared at her and asked a question.

Qiao Zheng squinted, “At this stage of yours, Nan Xueqing is the number one in healing, Lin Chuliu is one of the best members of the fire element attackers, and Wu Ke’er is even better at melee attacks, you, a newcomer to the Soul Crossing, will have the three of them escorting you, are you qualified to issue questions?”

Lin Siyi was speechless.

In fact, she just wanted to ask.

Qiao Zheng, “My surname is Qiao and from today until the end of the practical training, I will be in charge of your group.”

“Although the combination of group members is freely chosen, but because there are special people among you, it has to be arranged this way. I don’t think you will have a problem with it, right?”



Lin Chuliu’s protruding response made Lin Siyi burst out laughing.

Feeling the gazes of everyone around her, she immediately shut her mouth.

Qiao Zheng ignored the situation and continued, “I don’t ask for much, just absolute obedience and no doubts are allowed. Lin Siyi, do you understand?”

At the sudden question, Lin Siyi immediately said, “I understand.”

“Hm.” Qiao Zheng extended his hand towards her.

Lin Siyi’s face was full of questions.

The other party slowly said, “I asked, yesterday that four stacks of paper money can at least be bargained for five hundred.”


“You, give me five hundred, don’t you understand?”

There it goes.

“I can pay back five hundred, but why should I give you five hundred?”

“Lin Siyi.” Lin Chuliu suddenly called her, with a straight face, “If the teacher tells you to give it you must give it, absolute obedience, don’t you understand?”

Lin Siyi, “I… I ….”

Wanting to cry, these two are actually in cahoots, right?

Looking at Lin Siyi’s slow action, Lin Chuliu couldn’t help it, “Teacher, I’ll give it to you.”

Qiao Zheng looked at him, “Why do you want to pay back the money she owes?”

“Because I’m her brother and as a brother it’s only right that I pay back the money for my sister!”

Qiao Zheng was thoughtful, “I’d forgotten you two were brother and sister.”

Lin Siyi always felt that this person was up to something bad and wanted to stop Lin Chuliu, but she didn’t have the courage to do so yet.

She winked vigorously at Wu Ke’er, hoping that the other party would be able to stop this monetary transaction that was somehow due from her.

Who knew that Wu Ke’er’s eyes were gleaming gold as she looked at Lin Chuliu and thought to herself that her Chuliu was so handsome for being so responsible to his sister.

Lin Siyi felt so powerless for an instant.

She watched as Qiao Zheng and Lin Chuliu finished their WeChat transaction.

The other party retrieved the phone, “It’s fine. You two go back first and meet at the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard at seven in the evening.”

Wu Ke’er originally wanted to ask why he wanted to meet at the Soul Crossing Courtyard at night, but seeing Lin Chuliu’s voice booming back a yes, then turned his head and left, she immediately waving to Lin Siyi and trotted to follow.

“You, go buy some candles.”

Lin Siyi pointed at herself, “Me?”

Qiao Zheng, “If it’s not you is it me?”

Lin Si looked at the female lead next to him with a hesitant look.

“Still not going for me?”

Seeing the female lead not even looking at her, Lin Siyi was a little sad.


Qiao Zheng saw the other party leave, as if remembering something, he immediately yelled towards her silhouette, “Don’t forget to bargain!”

“Got it.”

Lin Siyi responded from a distance.

Seeing the other party far away, Qiao Zheng looked towards Nan Xueqing who was in front of him, his scarred face somewhat eased, “I just transferred some money to you in passing, eat more, you look skinny lately.”

Nan Xueqing looked up at him and spoke, “Uncle, did you find it?”

Qiao Zheng’s eyebrows instantly knitted, Nan Xueqing probably understood, “I’ll go back first.”

Qiao Zheng did not swear, “That tortoise son is really good at hiding, if I catch him one day, I will definitely skin him!”

Nan Xueqing’s back did not stop at all.

Translator: Who are all these people Nan Xueqing know?? So many mysterious people surrounds her. Anyways, Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Wu keer is that girl who likes her brother, right? I forgot about them for a second lol. Thanks for the chapter and merry christmas!!

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