My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 44

Go to the Barbaric Wasteland….to see an old friend?

Shu Tang was instantly wary of the kitten and asked with a tense face, “Who is your so-called old friend?”

Her tense look fell into Miao Jinghan’s eyes and the kitten vaguely let out a soft sigh, then transformed into a human form and said, “Let’s set off now.”

The more she did not reply to her, the more alert Shu Tang became. The relaxed atmosphere between the two dissipated in an instant, leaving only a trace of embarrassment and confusion. The embarrassment is from Miao Jinghan, she thought that these days together would change something, but didn’t want to, she was always affectionate from beginning to end. The one who is confused is Shu Tang, she suddenly couldn’t figure out her attitude towards kittens and didn’t know what to do with her.

To be honest, ever since Miao Jinghan appeared, although she was always exploiting her, in the end, she was leading her in a good direction. For Shu Tang, the kitten is both a teacher and a friend, but she can’t forget her master’s warning.

Getting along with Miao Jinghan is a tangled affair, suffering from her kindness on one hand and being wary of her on the other because of her master’s words… Shu Tang bit her lower lip tightly and after the other party took two to three steps, she suddenly said, “Miao Jinghan, maybe…. we should go separately.”

The person in front of her gave a pause in her steps, the sound of the waves lapping began to expand indefinitely. When Miao Jinghan turned her head back, her black brocade robe merged into the darkness, leaving only a slightly pale face.

“Are you driving me away?” Miao Jinghan looked at Shu Tang for a long time before chuckling, “Don’t forget, you are fulfilling a promise, you are not in any position to order me.”

Shu Tang grabbed the corner of her clothes, “Am I really making a deal with you? You gave me a Soul Returning Pill and accompanied me in my cultivation, guiding me all the time along the way, and you didn’t get anything in return!” She spoke with some emotion, “Such a loss-making deal, how could a smart person like you do it?”

Miao Jinghan’s miserable pale face regained some color. First, she raised the corners of her mouth, then she stopped and took back her smile and said seriously, “You are right. A smart person like me would not do a loss-making deal. Therefore, all that I have done has a return, you don’t know it now, but you will know it in the future.”

After a pause, she added, “What you have given me is far more than what I have given you.”

Shu Tang stood speechless for a long time then sighed softly.

“I don’t know what you’re after and I don’t know exactly what you’ll get. Since you insist on it, then…. let’s go.” With that, she raised her feet and walked over to Miao Jinghan, standing side by side with her.

There was another moment of silence, and countless images flashed through Miao Jinghan’s mind. Finally, the image was fixed in that late afternoon – the young girl-like Shu Tang, cleaning the fish under the warm sun, sweat on her forehead, and the river water rolling down like pearls.

After a long time, she let out a soft “hmm” and the wind rose. Shu Tang followed, trying to maintain the same speed as her.

For some reason, in that moment just now, she felt some sudden heartache for this always proud and capricious cat. Because she seemed to see her own shadow in the cat.

There were no words spoken along the way, and it wasn’t until they arrived at the city next to the Barbaric Wasteland that Miao Jinghan took the lead and said, “It’s late at night and you haven’t had a good rest for half a month, so why don’t you come with me to the palace to rest for the night.”

The palace she mentioned is naturally the palace of the city lord. Shu Tang didn’t know her relationship with the city lord, her heart was wary, but she still went with her. The two arrived at the palace unhindered and only then did Shu Tang realize that there was not even a single servant girl or guard in this palace.

However, with the character of the kitten, perhaps she really doesn’t need others to interfere with her life and she naturally doesn’t need to be guarded because of her strength. Moreover, it is late now, so the servant girls should have gone to bed. But as a result, the house where Miao Jinghan lived looked incredibly empty and once she stepped inside she felt that there was no trace of life here.

Fortunately, they are only staying for one night. Shu Tang fetched herself some hot water and took a good bath before changing into the clothes Miao Jinghan had prepared for her.

As this was the place where Miao Jinghan lived, the color of the clothes prepared inside was mainly black. Shu Tang felt a bit strange wearing black clothes but accepted and changed into it. The kitten thought that it was rare for her to wear black and held on to her for half a day, saying that the dark clothes looked good on her.

Being praised so much by the kitten, Shu Tang suddenly remembered what happened previously and asked her, “When I first took human form, you put whiskers on my face and said I didn’t look good, why was that?”

“When did I ever say you were not good looking?” Miao Jinghan went back to her familiar residence and was in a better mood, so she laughed with Shu Tang and said, “At that time, I liked your appearance so much I was half jealous and half happy, so why not leave a mark on your face in a fit of anger?”

Shu Tang’s face blushed, thinking, if the kitten was pleased, then her master…. should have also been very fond of her look?

Miao Jinghan didn’t know what she was thinking, but she could see the fatigue between her eyebrows, and immediately said, “It’s late, it’s time to rest. You don’t need to meditate and rest tonight, have a good sleep.”

Therefore, the two walked together to the bed and Shu Tang looked at the lonely big bed, opened her mouth, and slowly said, “I’d better…. meditate on the floor.”

Miao Jinghan transformed into a kitten in a blink of an eye, rubbed her paws on the carpet, jumped to the head of the bed in a flash, coiled her body up, and said, “You come up and sleep.”

If two women were sleeping together in the same bed, Shu Tang would be uncomfortable. However, now the other party has turned into a cute kitten, she is no longer concerned, with the wind of the palm to blow out the candles, she slowly climbs into the bed.

The night passed, when Shu Tang woke up, it was already sunrise, and the kitten had long since disappeared. Unexpectedly she was this sleepy, she hurriedly got up from the bed and when she turned her head, she saw traces of someone meditating in the place where no one was lying last night.

….Could it be that she was sleepwalking in the middle of the night meditating and practicing?!

Shu Tang expressed pride in her own diligence while putting on her shoes, she tried to remember. Unfortunately, last night was dreamless and she slept so peacefully that she couldn’t recall exactly when she got up and meditated.

After cleaning herself up a bit, she carefully pushed open the door and was looking for Miao Jinghan, only to see the person she was looking for outside on the verdant stone tiles, her body flying, practicing martial arts.

As far as she could remember, Shu Tang had never seen her fight, and the only time she fought against her, she only pretended to be suppressed by her master’s spiritual power and did not show her strength. So, she simply sat on the steps and watched the other party finish practicing before speaking, “The Demon Immortal’s technique is really different from that of ordinary immortals, I’ve gained some insight.”

Miao Jinghan retracted the outburst of immortal qi, walked to Shu Tang, and said, “If you like it, I can teach you, but you can’t use the essence of it.”

Shu Tang shook her head and asked, “I see that there seem to be signs of meditation on the bed, is it something I did during the night?”

“No.” Miao Jinghan suddenly curled her mouth, her eyes drifting around, not knowing where she was looking, “Maybe some other cat broke in and messed up the bed.”

Shu Tang listened in confusion, unable to figure out what the other party really wanted to express. In the shadows, someone gave a pause and had a guilty conscience.

Her apprentice was sleeping in the same bed with someone else, so she can’t let it go as a master…. just, next time, she would have to erase all the evidence and not make such mistakes again.

The matter of the meditation passed like this, Shu Tang along with the kitten directly left the city lord’s palace. However, after staying here for such a long time, not seeing a living person, it is inevitable that this place was slightly bleak.

Once again back to the barbaric wasteland, although Shu Tang did not know why the kitten wanted to bring her here, she couldn’t help but be a little excited right now. The first time she came here, she was still a piglet and when she went out, she had taken a human form. This second time, what kind of strange encounter will there be?

However, Miao Jinghan said that they came here to see an old friend, could it be that they came here to see that inconspicuous Red Flame Beast?

With all these questions, Shu Tang silently recited the Clear Heart Technique, broke the Ancient Beast’s Killing Formation together with the kitten, and entered the Barbaric Wasteland without a problem.

Yellow sand filled the sky and the sound of wailing entered the ears. Shu Tang just stood still, then activated the true qi protection, when she suddenly heard the exit of the Formation behind her seemed to have a strange movement. When she looked back, she only saw a white light flashed and no other strange sound.

The jade pendant hidden in the earth converged all the light. Seeing the two people in front of it walk forward, it shrank and followed.

In the Barbaric Wasteland, such invisibility techniques are not allowed to be used and Fuyu Shangxian is eager to protect her disciple. She forgot for a while and was almost discovered by her disciple. It’s a good thing that Shu Tang quickly shifted her attention to other places, otherwise, the Shangxian really wouldn’t know how to explain such a humiliating situation to her disciple.

After bypassing the pile of white bones, Shu Tang froze for a moment and never thought that the Barbaric Wasteland would become so lively. She didn’t know that after the Soul Returning Pill appeared, it aroused some people’s determination to search for treasures in the Barbaric Wasteland and they came here to look for their own opportunities, making the Barbaric Wasteland very lively during this time.

After listening to Miao Jinghan and her explanation, Shu Tang suddenly realized something and turned her head to look at the pile of white bones.

Sure enough, she felt that this place was a little different from the last time because the scale of the white bone pile had expanded a lot.

However, these people who come to seek treasure are not all so stupid as to come alone to challenge the beast souls of the entire Wasteland. Most of them came in teams, in one team there are at least two-third realm powerhouses and there are some teams that are so strong that there are also loose immortals to help support them. There are not many two-person teams like Shu Tang’s.

Standing under the pile of white bones, her mood was a bit complicated for a while, looking at the people teaming up to fight with the beast souls in the distance, Shu Tang asked softly, “Are we coming here for the same purpose as them?”

Miao Jinghan shook her head and said with suspense, “Naturally not.”

Seeing a beast soul open its bloody mouth to attack a woman, Shu Tang’s heart felt unbearable, and subconsciously wanted to go forward to help, but was instantly pulled back by Miao Jinghan.

“Your strength is still weak and I have no intention of saving others. This trip, we do not trudge through this muddy water.” She suddenly revealed an evil smile, ” These beast souls outside are not enough to enter your eyes. What I want you to see-” she slowly trailed off and said, “is invisible to ordinary people.”

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  1. Saw a shadow of herself in Jinghan? I guess it means she noticed that Jinghan seems to love her but is pushing down her emotions since she knows Shu Tang loves someone else?

    Wtf that’s quite sad … I like Jinghan cuz she’s always just been helpful so it’s quite sad she’s is such a vulnerable did to herself and she knows shell never get Shu Tangs love …. And Fuyu still hasnt realized anything and Shu Tang I denying her feelings so it’s all the sadder …..

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