My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 43

Shu Tang was in a cold sweat and asked her Master incredulously, “What do you mean… the grilled fish was delicious?”

Fuyu swept a glance at her and replied very calmly, “The literal meaning.”

Shu Tang took two steps backward in horror, “That little white cat was you?”

The waves lapped against the shore, and the wind was mixed with the faint smell of the sea, blowing the clothes of the two individuals. Fuyu was silent for a long time, suddenly realizing that she seemed to have said something she shouldn’t have said.

The entangled Immortal looked at her frightened little disciple, and for a moment she did not know how to formulate her words. A long while later, she said in a calm voice, “I just wanted to taste your first cooking skill. The reason for turning into a kitten is not to arouse Miao Jinghan’s suspicion.” She then added, “Besides, you are the one who is practicing alone, so it is not good for me to show up.”

Shu Tang, however, did not hear the unnecessary explanations, and only heard her master’s words – she wanted to taste her own cooking.

She hung her head, her cheeks tinged with red, not knowing whether it was from the sea breeze or from some shameful words she had heard. Clutching the corner of her clothes tightly, Shu Tang whispered, “The first time I grilled the fish, it was very terrible. I was thinking of going back to the immortal realm to make it for master after practicing my skills…. cough, Master, have you been watching me?

Fuyu nodded without changing her face and said, “In a way.”

Shu Tang’s heart was overjoyed, and for a moment she forgot the determination she had made in the Immortal Realm, and stuck her head in her master’s arms, missing her for half a month, saying, “Master, this disciple thought you didn’t want me anymore…”

The little girl in Fuyu’s arms had a face like a peach blossom, with a few grievances in the corners of her eyes and words like anger. Fuyu’s heart softened and gently embraced her, “I only have you as a disciple, how could I not want you?”

Before, Shu Tang was thinking about how awkward it would be to be spoiled by her master, but when she was really spoiled, she found that she could do it very smoothly.

When she came out of her master’s arms, she suddenly remembered the kitten sunbathing on the beach and panicked, “Master, I have been…. with Miao Jinghan all this time.”

Shu Tang silently thought, “Confess and be lenient”, and admitted her mistake before her master condemned her. Unexpectedly, her master did not react too much, “I know, don’t be afraid. You made a promise with her, and there is nothing wrong with keeping your promise.”

Quietly breathing a sigh of relief, she asked carefully, “Has Master seen her?”

Fuyu shook her head, “When I saw you in trouble, I went straight to your rescue, but I didn’t see her.” After saying that, she looked away and said, “She should be resting over there. Go and find her.”

“What about Master? Where are you going?” Shu Tang asked anxiously.

Fuyu was not a person who would lie, so she looked at her disciple’s clear eyes and reacted for a long time before moving her gaze and said, “Since you are fine, I am going back to the Immortal Realm.

When all of the missing, panic, and joy gradually dissipated, Shu Tang could see the exhaustion between her master’s eyebrows, and immediately said understandingly, “You must be tired these past few days and need to rest more. Next time, this disciple will not exceed her own capability, and will not cause trouble for you. Master should be at ease.” Before her words ended, she added, “Miao Jinghan, Master does not need to worry about her either.”

Fuyu hadn’t had a good rest for half a month, however, it was clear that her disciple was more important than that. After pretending to agree, she patted her disciple’s head and said to her, “Don’t go to the deep sea again.” Then she disappeared.

Half a month’s worth of missing her was released at this moment, and Shu Tang couldn’t help but reveal a big smile. She stared at her master’s footprints left on the beach for a long time before she ran to find Miao Jinghan.

The kitten seemed to know nothing about what happened and was now lying on the rock, fiddling with the sand with her front paws, like a lazy man with nothing to do. As soon as she saw her, Miao Jinghan asked, “Why are you so happy when you haven’t caught any fish?”

Shu Tang didn’t tell her about her master and only told it about what happened in the deep sea and then asked, “I have long felt that something was not right. The book said that demons can be born in water, but how come there is not a single demon in the sea, only some fish without spiritual intelligence?”

“Of course there are demons in the sea, it’s just that there are no demons in this sea.” The cat spoke in a subtle tone, “And what you saw just now was not a loose immortal, but a demon immortal just like me.” 

When it said the word “demon immortal”, its voice trailed off and the end of its sentence rose slightly, as if it was mocking Shu Tang for blindly trusting that person.

When Shu Tang heard this, she was stunned. In other words, in the underwater palace, what Qi Xuan had said was mostly a lie?

Perhaps seeing her confusion, the cat continued, “She is an immortal, but she is also a crazy person. Your master told you not to provoke me, but I do think that you should not provoke her even more.”

“She’s crazy?” Shu Tang was surprised.

The cat fiddled with the sand and casually asked, “Demons in the sea and the spiritual energy of demons in the sea is greater than that of demons on land. But in this sea, there is not a single demon, only one crazy demon immortal – do you understand what this means?”

Shu Tang hesitantly asked, “She doesn’t let other demons live here?”

The cat paused, jumped onto a higher rock, looked at Shu Tang, and said, “Naive.”

A bold thought came to Shu Tang, “She killed those demons…?”

“Not only did she kill them, but she also condensed their bones into pearls and put them in her bedroom.” Miao Jinghan suddenly smiled, “Did you see those pearls when you were in her residence?”

Naturally, she saw it. When she woke up, she was sleeping in a seashell sprinkled with pearls, and she got goosebumps all over her body.

When she looked at her, Miao Jinghan guessed the answer, “I know a lot about her if you want to know, you can ask me.” Before Shu Tang opened her mouth, Miao Jinghan said, “But I’m hungry right now, so I don’t want to answer.”

Shu Tang: “….”

The kitten said proudly, “I want to eat fish.”

Shu Tang: “…Oh.”

When they finished eating the fish, it was already evening.

The light was no longer dazzling but was cascading into the clouds, from deep to shallow, like a prairie fire. Sitting on the beach with her knees hugging and a cat licking its fur next to her. Shu Tang looked at the beautiful sunset while thinking about her master.

Moreover, she felt that today’s master seemed particularly gentle. Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Even if she made a mistake, her master didn’t blame her much, but only warned her to understand her capability when they first met.

If Master knew the true identity of Qi Xuan, it was normal for her to worry about her. As such, it was not too much to receive a warning or two from her master, but on the contrary, it made Shu Tang’s heart a little bit sweeter.

It seemed that her master was still always concerned about her, and since that was the case, she had to work even harder to show her!

Shu Tang was in a good mood, so she stretched out her hand, mimicking the color of the setting sun, and slowly pushed out her body’s renewed true qi and fire power, causing it to condense into a fire cloud. When Miao Jinghan saw this, she didn’t know what she was doing but found it interesting. She reached out her paw and swung at it lightly, causing the fire cloud to rise into the sky.

When she lost the fire cloud, Shu Tang rubbed the kitten’s head in anger, but how could she rub the kitten’s hair without any reason? One cat and one person immediately fought and when they got tired they fell down on the beach together.

The sun was setting and moving among the clouds. The cat’s eyes flickered, looking at the glow of the sky, and suddenly said, “It would be wonderful if it could always be like this.”

Shu Tang, not knowing what it meant, pinched the fur on its belly and asked, “Always like what?”

“Always cultivating together. You catching the fish, me eating the fish….” At the end of its speech, its voice became smaller and smaller, until Shu Tang could no longer hear it. She felt a little nervous and coughed dryly, “It’s shameful enough for pigs to catch fish, so how can I keep catching them?”

“Yeah.” Miao Jinghan sighed softly and stopped talking.

Although Shu Tang didn’t know what it meant, she always felt that something between them was gradually changing.

As the sunset faded away and the sea breeze grew stronger, the cat finally leaped up from the ground, mewed, and said, “We should go.” 

“Where are we going?”

It looked into the distance and softly said, “Let’s go to an old place and meet an old friend.”

Shu Tang has not traveled to many places in the mortal realm, and the only place that can be considered an old place, besides the Qing Rong Sect, is the Barbaric Wasteland. She was stumped, but before she could ask the question, she heard the cat cheerfully answer, “The place we are going to is the Barbaric Wasteland.”

Translator: I should clarify something. Big coincidence but I was wondering why the author was no longer adding titles and instead numbers to the chapter when I had scrolled down and read a comment asking the same thing. Well, in this chapter he/she had explained why they had stopped and it was for security reasons such as preventing/slowing down hackers and stolen contents. Obviously you guys have seen that I haven’t been adding titles to these chapters and that’s because I didn’t want to look like an idiot. Thank you.

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      1. I just finished my Final Exam, so reading this afterwards was a really nice reward. Thank you, and an early Happy Holidays to you!!

  1. Interesting, I feel like Jinghan really does care a lot about Shu Tang and really wished they could stay together like that, she loves her, but does she love her or someone she reminds her of? Still a bit iffy on that but I do think it’s Shu Tang herself for whatever reason she fell for her.

    Hehe a cute moment between Shu Tang and Fuyu finally, they were both bottling up their tenderness and it all came out, gosh I want the Yuri to start ….

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