Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 19 – Sleeping together

“Why didn’t you pick up my shoes for me?”

The voice was still ringing in her ears, gentle and full of temptation.

Lin Siyi felt that she shouldn’t have gone out tonight.

As her eyes drifted into a trance, she saw a pair of white high heels in front of her, she stepped forward, bent over, and tried to reach out and pick it up.

“I’ll do it”

Lin Siyi reacted strongly and immediately bypassed it, quickly running into the dormitory building.

The sound in her ears instantly disappeared and she stopped to look outside.

The lights on both sides of the road were illuminated and the night was extremely quiet as the stars shone brightly.

She exhaled, glad she hadn’t picked up her shoes just then.

If it wasn’t for her keen eyesight to see that the other girl had nothing under her long blue dress, she wouldn’t have been able to discern that the girl wasn’t human.

There was no telling what would have happened after picking up the shoes, but good thing she escaped.

Lin Siyi, who was holding a few bottles of yogurt in his arms, felt like a survivor.

In the room, Nan Xueqing had just closed the book when the door was opened.

The other party was gusty.

“Xueqing, I’ve bought the yogurt for you!”

The voice was cold, “Oh.”

Lin Siyi couldn’t wait to share what she had just experienced and didn’t care about her attitude, so she put the yogurt in the fridge and made her way over.

“Xueqing, you really have no idea what I’ve just encountered, first….”

The other party’s lips were pink and small, opening and closing one after another, not too tired at all, lasting more than half an hour before stopping, and opened her large, watery eyes, looking at her in a grievance.

Nan Xueqing lost her mind for a moment, then her eyebrows slightly knitted, “You said you saw that cloud cat?”

Lin Siyi nodded seriously, “Now that I think about it, that cat didn’t chase after me, it must have been trying to lure me to run that way and then have me get killed by the female ghost.”

“I didn’t expect it to be a scheming cat.” Lin Siyi sighed.

“Hey, where are you going Xueqing?”

Seeing the female lead get up and head out, she immediately followed suit.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were deep, “I’m going out for a walk.”

“Then I’ll also go with you.”

Lin Siyi, who had just gone through a heart-stopping experience, didn’t want to be alone at the moment at all.

Nan Xueqing looked at her profoundly.

Lin Siyi who looked at her was somehow guilty and tried to tug at the corners of her lips to smile.

“Go to sleep.”

Seeing the female lead walk to the bed, Lin Siyi faltered, “Aren’t you going for a walk?”

“It’s late, it’s better to go to bed early.”

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi who was still standing in front of her bed and didn’t move, and saw her squirming and pointing to the refrigerator, “Do you want some yogurt before bed?”

“It’s the original, I just bought it hot!” Her eyes looked expectant.  

Nan Xueqing, “……”

“I don’t drink hot, but cold.”

“Huh? Ah no” realizing that she said the wrong thing, “I didn’t mean that, I meant to say, say…say” Lin Siyi scratched her hair, “it’s just that… Why don’t you have a drink while it’s hot?”

After saying that she immediately slapped her mouth, “It’s not hot, it’s cold, I can guarantee that this yogurt is cold. It’s not hot, I’m just saying it’s smooth, it’s definitely cold…” Lin Siyi was somewhat speechless by the end, not knowing how to organize her words.

“Alright, I’ll drink it tomorrow, so go to bed early.”

Nan Xueqing suddenly felt that it was fun to tease her.

Why was it so easy for her to get anxious?

Lin Siyi touched her head, “Then… I’ll go wash up then.”


Lin Siyi took her pajamas and headed to the bathroom, wishing she could smack herself twice.

Drink it while it’s hot, amazing that you can say that!

Nan Xueqing picked up her phone and looked at the message in her WeChat, then saw the new friend update in her circle of friends with the avatar of a pink yogurt bottle.

Nan Xueqing, “…….”

Just as she was about to turn off her phone, the WeChat rang.

[Bo Leng: Did you see Lin Siyi’s WeChat avatar? I noticed it, it was just changed this afternoon! You guys aren’t supposed to be together this fast, are you?]

[Nan Xueqing: I don’t want to repeat what I said #smile #]

Throwing the phone on the table, she paused and couldn’t help but look towards the bathroom.

“Don’t pick the wildflowers on the side of the road, remember my love, remember my love, uh-oh”

Nan Xueqing immediately withdrew her gaze.

Lin Siyi quietly opened the bathroom door and poked her head out, “Xueqing, you haven’t gone to bed yet.”

“Can you help me get the shampoo, it’s just put it under the bed.”

Nan Xueqing went to get the shampoo under the bed and handed it to Lin Siyi’s outstretched hand.

The entire time, her eyes did not meet the other’s.

After Lin Siyi got the shampoo, she immediately shut the door, and as the water sounded again, Nan Xueqing’s gaze stayed on the glass door for a few seconds before pulling back her gaze.

Lin Siyi, who had washed up, was refreshed, and with her afternoon nap, she was not sleepy at all.

Feeling a bit in a chattering mood.

She looked over at the female lead who was already in bed.

Probing, “Do I turn off the lights?”


“Ai” Lin Siyi sighed, did she have so little desire to have the female lead chat with her?

It seems that the feeling is still not enough.

Lin Siyi opened the curtains a crack, then turned off the lights and felt her way to the bed through the moonlight outside.

After slipping into the bed, she tossed and turned, eventually looking over at the female lead again.

Calling out in a soft voice, “Xueqing, are you asleep?”

Nan Xueqing said, “Nn.”

Lin Siyi immediately lied down and looked at the other side, “Xueqing, do you think this courtyard is too unsafe? You can meet a ghost if you just walk around. What if I accidentally get killed by a ghost?”

The other party didn’t make a sound.

Lin Siyi, who had originally just wanted to find a topic of conversation, ended up becoming sadder and sadder after saying it.

When she was in B courtyard, she was worried that she would suffer, but now that she’s in C courtyard where the ghosts and monsters are rampant, wouldn’t it be easier for the killer to get rid of her originally?

Lin Siyi couldn’t help but clutch the blanket tightly and look at the dark room, her heart rumbled fiercely as scenes from movies she’d seen about killing people in the dark in the secret room suddenly surfaced in her mind.

“Xue- Xueqing, did you hear someone… talking?”

Nan Xueqing felt that if she kept silent, she might not be able to sleep this entire night.

“The voice next door.”


Lin Siyi was just about to put her ear to the wall and listen carefully when a very loud voice rang out.

“You damned hungry bastard, how much have you eaten from me and still won’t go to reincarnate, I fucking owe you from my last life, don’t I?”

As the roar rang out, there were immediately many angry voices from the other dorms as well.

“I beg of you, okay? Go reincarnate, I’ve listened to your math lessons for a whole month, and now my head is full of function, function, function, ah ah, let people live!!!”

“Why am I so miserable!!!”


Lin Siyi was dumbfounded, “Wha- what is this?”

Nan Xueqing, “Almost everyone in the C Courtyard crosses ghosts at night, didn’t you know?”

Lin Siyi was trembling with fear, “So… So at this moment, there’s a… in each of their rooms? There’s a ghost in each one?”


“So… what happens if one of the ghosts gets out while they’re not looking?”

Nan Xueqing found it a bit amusing, wondering why the other party was scared like this.

Deciding to tease the other, she gave a doubtful tone, “Yes, what should we do, you won’t even know if it runs out and sleeps next to your pillow for a night.”

Nan Xueqing looked at the other’s scared eyes through the moonlight, “Maybe, you’ll even use it as a pillow to sleep comfortably.”

Lin Siyi looked towards the polar bear doll she was holding in her arms and immediately threw it aside in fear.

Nan Xueqing held back a smile, “Go to sleep, I still have to go to the teacher at eight in the morning tomorrow.”

How could anyone still sleep, Lin Siyi kept her eyes open and stared at the front door, just in case if any of the stray ghosts would barge in.

Time passed by every minute.

Just when Nan Xueqing was sleeping, she heard a rustling sound, getting closer and closer to her.

The hand hidden under the blanket quickly froze, and in less than a second, a sharp blade of ice appeared in her hand.


As a small voice called her name, Nan Xueqing’s body stiffened.

“Can we sleep together?”

A corner of the blanket was tentatively lifted.

“Get down.” Nan Xueqing’s voice was cold.

Who knew that not only did the other person not get down, but they even stretched their legs in.

“Don’t, good friends should just sleep together.”

Afraid that the other party would refuse again, Lin Siyi nimbly got in.

The ice blade in Nan Xueqing’s hand instantly disappeared.

“Hey, Xueqing, your bed is a bit cold, but it doesn’t matter, let me, the little heater, help you warm up.”

“Don’t touch me.” Lin Siyi unintentionally rubbed against her thigh, Nan Xueqing immediately moved away.

A large space was immediately made available between the two of them.

This was the first time Lin Siyi felt bad about the size of the bed.

She couldn’t feel the female lead, it was as if she was sleeping alone, and she didn’t feel safe at all.

However, Lin Siyi secretly moved forward a fraction and quietly placed her hand on the corner of the female lead’s pajamas.

Being able to feel the existence of the other girl’s clothes was also fine!

Closing her eyes in satisfaction, “Goodnight Xueqing.”

Nan Xueqing’s back was turned towards the other person, her eyebrows knitted together, and her eyes were staring at the wall as if she wanted to make a hole in it.

After an unknown amount of time, her eyelids finally began to tremble, and just as she was about to fall asleep, her waist was suddenly tightened.

The other person actually leaned in and hugged her all at once, one leg even going directly under her hip.

Nan Xueqing’s entire body stiffened at once. She didn’t dare to move and there was a tickling around her neck the other person’s head was buried in and rubbed down in passing. Her heartbeat rapidly accelerated and a red color crawled up to her ears at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The sound of regular breathing that was exhaled constantly impacted her hearing, her heartbeat became increasingly louder and louder as if it would explode in the next second. Nan Xueqing’s mind constantly echoed what Bo Leng said.

“Don’t think she’s a bit weird?”

“She’s weird like me.”

” …..weird like me.”

“…..like me.”



Suddenly she breathed, and the other party’s body felt like a hot flame that was constantly burning her.

Nan Xueqing closed her eyes and mobilized the ice element in her body with extreme force, causing it to engulf her, trying to make herself sober.

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