For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 12 – I really want to… take a bite… (2)

She tried her best to capture Xiao Yuqing’s face in the darkness, but she could only vaguely see the dim light of Xiao Yuqing’s eyes, everything else, could not be seen…

The sound of the wind and rain was still whistling outside the window, but indoors it was quiet. Unwittingly, Lin Xian’s consciousness gradually became hazy…

Four minutes later, Xiao Yuqing gently removed the thermometer from under Lin Xian’s armpit and then walked out of her bedroom and into the bright living room to check the temperature.

38.5 degrees1….

With this temperature, it was already considered a high fever. Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows were locked tightly together and she felt a little overwhelmed for a moment.

When she went to get the thermometer she checked the medical box in the house. She blamed herself for not caring about it on a regular basis, but all the medicines in the medical kit were expired. And now it’s stormy outside, so it’s impossible to get to the hospital.

Xiao Yuqing gripped the thermometer in her hand tightly, her heart in turmoil.

No medicine, no condition to go to the hospital, what could she do? She had no experience at all in caring for someone who was sick in such a situation. She calmed down and began to think back to how her mother had taken care of her when she was young and sick.

After a few moments, she settled down, went to the bathroom and took two towels, soaked them in hot water and wrung them out, and then picked up another cup of warm water before returning to Lin Xian’s bedroom again. She folded a hot towel and gently covered Lin Xian’s forehead, while the other towel, was used to gently wipe Lin Xian’s face and hands.

Lin Xian opened her eyes again in a daze, and her innocent eyes, wet like a fawn’s, were locked on Xiao Yuqing’s body.

Xiao Yuqing touched her face, sat down at the head of the bed, reached under Lin Xian’s neck, wrapped her shoulders and gently picked up her upper body, letting her lean on her arms. Then, she took the glass of water and brought it to Lin Xian’s lips so that she could feed her water.

Lin Xian weakly and obediently leaned into Xiao Yuqing’s arms, taking small sips of water while secretly observing her with her afterglow in a daze. This was the first time she had ever looked at Xiao Yuqing up close like this, with her beautiful eyebrows, long and dense eyelashes, beautiful and upright nose, soft red lips, and exquisitely smooth contour lines…

She looked at Xiao Yuqing’s glowing white and plump face and a sudden surprising desire arose. I really want to… take a bite…

“En? What?” Xiao Yuqing asked her in a soft tone.

Lin Xian blinked her eyes hard before she felt her mind clear up a bit. She seemed to have, accidentally, said it out loud?

With a dumb voice, she covered it up, “It’s nothing, I seem to be a little confused. I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

After hearing this, Xiao Yuqing only felt more and more sad. Her eyes were full of concern and heartache, and instead of pursuing the question, she gently released Lin Xian and soothed her, “It’s okay, you’ll be fine after a good sleep. Sorry, there’s no fever-reducing medicine at home, I can only keep feeding you water, so I may not be able to let you sleep peacefully.”

Lin Xian smiled weakly, but still carried her usual spirited cuteness, “Aunt Xiao, you’re so silly, why do you have to apologize to me? It’s obvious that I’m the one who dragged you out of sleep.”

Xiao Yuqing pulled out a smile and lovingly reached out to gently scratch Lin Xian’s nose, scolding her, “So rude, dare to call me silly.”

Lin Xian squinted her eyes and her smile curved more.

Throughout the night, Xiao Yuqing did not close her eyes again. She moved a small chair and sat by Lin Xian’s bedside, waking her up every half hour to give her water. During that time, she took Lin Xian’s temperature two more times. Fortunately, the temperature did not rise again but was steadily decreasing.

In the darkness, Xiao Yuqing quietly looked at Lin Xian’s peaceful sleeping face and couldn’t help but feel a sour feeling in her heart.

After living alone for so many years since her parents’ departure, she had almost forgotten what it was like to be so genuinely worried, anxious, heartbroken, self-critical, and mixed up in all sorts of emotions for someone.

It seems that overnight, she felt as if a part of herself that had been sealed up for a long time had quietly come back to life…

Finally, when she took Lin Xian’s temperature again at 5:30, the temperature had dropped to 36.9 degrees2 and returned to a normal body temperature.

Xiao Yuqing breathed a long sigh of relief and the sleepiness that she had forcibly ignored suddenly swept over her. She used her phone to set an alarm clock for 6:30, sat on a small chair, lying on the edge of Lin Xian’s bed, and drifted off to sleep.

When Lin Xian woke up unconsciously at six o’clock, she heard the rain outside the window continuing to fall, the wind and rain obscure… she slightly lowered her head and saw Xiao Yuqing lying next to her bed. Her gentle and beautiful face, facing her, her vermilion lips that were always in a gentle smile, were slightly open at the moment, unexpectedly a little lovely.

Lin Xian stared at Xiao Yuqing for a brief moment and reached out her hand as if by magic, wanting to gently trace Xiao Yuqing’s face, to smooth out the faint folds between her eyebrows, but the moment she was about to touch Xiao Yuqing, Lin Xian fiercely withdrew her hand. Even she couldn’t tell why she reached out and why she withdrew her hand.

She looked at the sleeping Xiao Yuqing for a long time and said softly and gently, “Good morning, I’m sorry for making you worry. Xiao Yuqing.”

The author has something to say
Xiao Yuqing: Are you happy with this one?

1 38.5 celsius = 101.3 fahrenheit
2 36.9 celsius = 98.42 fahrenheit

Translator: You guys are pretty lovely, in my opinion.

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  1. Xiao Ivana Qing? Thanks for another chapter.

    I’m having fun wildly guessing just how long they’ll be in this vast expanse of wanting to say something but being waaay too scared to actually say something. And instead they start thinking and imagining how it would go constantly and eventually slip up and say something considerably more lesbian than they had intended. It’s a tale as old as time.

    This chapter was just a little appatizer I’m sure, for all the things they’ll slip in the future lol.

  2. Mhmhmh looks like the fever awakened MCs gay instincts lol.

    Ohhh remembering her parents hu? So maybe Yuqing hasn’t really been in a relationship?

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