For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 12 – I really want to… take a bite… (1)

Xiao Yuqing has always been a light sleeper, when she lived in the college dorms, she would wake up when her roommate made a slight noise in the night.

At some point in the middle of the night, Xiao Yuqing was awakened by the sound of the storm raging outside her window. She opened her eyes and looked out of the window, but the night was deep and dark, and without the moonlight, she could only vaguely see the light of the rain beating wildly on the glass of the window frantically, waves after waves.

As if she had thought of something, her beautiful eyebrows knitted together, she reached out to turn on the lamp on the bedside table, sat up slowly, and looked at the window sill once again.

As expected, there was an exuberant splash of water running down the side seam of the window and on the wall below the window sill, rainwater was already flowing down.

The flooring is made of solid wood, which is nice to look at, but hard to maintain, and most of all, it cannot be soaked in water.

After sighing softly and tucking her messy hair behind her ears, Xiao Yuqing got out of bed gently and went out of the bedroom to get a mop and the usual absorbent cloth. When she returned to her room, she put the absorbent cloth on the window to block the source of the water and then took the mop to clean up the water. After tidying up her bedroom, she took the mop and the absorbent cloth to check and clean up the other windows before finally arriving at Lin Xian’s room.

She stood at the door of Lin Xian’s bedroom and caressed the door handle with her fingers, hesitating a little. She was afraid of waking up Lin Xian and disturbing her sleep if she knocked on the door; but if she didn’t knock she felt it was rude to barge into someone else’s room.

She hesitated again and again, but finally her heartache for the solid wood flooring finally prevailed.

Xiao Yuqing involuntarily slowed down her breathing, slowly turned the door handle, pushed open the door, opened a small slit that would allow her to enter, and crept inside.

She was afraid of disturbing Lin Xian, so she did everything cautiously, gently, and carefully, but it went against her wishes and Lin Xian still woke up.

When Xiao Yuqing had just cleaned up the water spill under the windowsill and was about to call it a day, she suddenly heard Lin Xian’s confused, half-surprised, deep and husky voice coming from the bed not far away, “Aunt…Xiao?”

Having failed in her efforts, Xiao Yuqing sighed regretfully and turned around to apologize, “I’m sorry to wake you up. It’s probably the typhoon that has landed, and it’s raining heavily, so I came in to check the windows.”

Lin Xian opened her mouth to answer her, “It’s okay”, but for some reason, her throat felt like it was on fire, and she couldn’t help but cough twice.

Xiao Yuqing’s heart tensed when she heard this and she immediately put down the mop in her hand and walked to Lin Xian’s side, asking her with concern, “What’s the matter? Does your throat hurt?” She reached out her hand and reached for Lin Xian’s forehead.

Lin Xian’s head was dizzy and she swallowed several times before she managed to ease the pain a little, straining to answer Xiao Yuqing, “My throat… hurts very much….”

The hot temperature on the back of her hand had already told Xiao Yuqing the answer, without any further explanation from Lin Xian. The knowledge that Lin Xian was running a fever made Xiao Yuqing’s heart sink and in a split second she was distressed and blamed herself.

She still failed to take good care of Lin Xian. It’s only been a few days and Lin Xian is already sick ……

But right now, it was not the time for her to think about it. Her eyes dimmed, she reached out and turned on the light, picked up the remote control, and turned off the air conditioner. After that, she gently touched Lin Xian’s hot face and gently said, “Don’t talk if your throat hurts, you have a fever. I’ll pour you some water and take a thermometer to measure you.”

When Lin Xian heard the words, her heart made a “thump”, and she thought when has my body become so weak that I got a fever after getting soaked in the rain?!

Within a minute, Xiao Yuqing returned with a cup of warm water. She helped Lin Xian to sit up halfway, pulled up the blanket to cover her, and tucked it in before bringing the warm water to Lin Xian’s lips and help her take a drink.

Lin Xian took a small sip of water from the cup. She looked up at Xiao Yuqing quietly and saw that she looked concerned and heavy and couldn’t help but feel sad. She didn’t tell Xiao Yuqing that she had been caught in the rain because she didn’t want to trouble her and make her worry, but as a result, she seemed to have caused Xiao Yuqing even more trouble. In the middle of the night, she even got Xiao Yuqing involved and could not sleep well.

Xiao Yuqing didn’t notice the thoughts of the delicate girl in front of her and only felt filled with concern and regret. “Is it too hot?”

Lin Xian gently shook her head, indicating that the temperature was just right.

After feeding Lin Xian, Xiao Yuqing helped Lin Xian lie down again, handed Lin Xian a thermometer, let her put it under her armpit, and gently tucked Lin Xian into the bed. Then she sat down quietly beside Lin Xian.

After Lin Xian placed the thermometer and looked at Xiao Yuqing’s quiet, worried, and slightly tired face Lin Xian bit her lip and persuaded Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, I’m fine. I’ll be fine after a nap, go back to your room and rest.”

Xiao Yuqing lifted her hand and gently patted her blanket, and tugged on the corner of her lips to force a smile, reassuringly said, “I’m fine, I’m not sleepy, I won’t be able to sleep after waking up. If you are sleepy, just close your eyes and rest, I’ll call you when the time is up.”

Lin Xian was actually very sleepy and her head was very dizzy, but she was unwilling to close her eyes and leave Xiao Yuqing alone, so she bravely said, “I’m fine, I’m not sleepy either.” As soon as the words fell out, she involuntarily opened her mouth and a yawn came out. By the time she reacted and forced her mouth shut, the yawn was already halfway done.

After witnessing the whole process, Xiao Yuqing finally couldn’t help but reveal a genuine smile and clear eyes. She stood up, walked to the switch, flicked the button, turned off the light, and in an instant, the world fell into darkness again.

Lin Xian heard Xiao Yuqing’s warm and pleasant voice, coming from the darkness not far away, softly saying, “Sleep for a bit, I’ll stay here with you.”

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