Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 25 – Grand Finale

After returning from the resort, Yu Miaoyin avoided Xiao Man for several days. She felt a little embarrassed.

How could it not be embarrassing? In front of her, the senior sister directly revealed all the embarrassing things she had done in the past, one by one, so who would not be embarrassed? Not only embarrassed, but she also wanted to dig a hole and bury herself!

Originally, Yu Miaoyin didn’t have the extravagant hope that she would be able to turn back into a human again, so she just stayed by her senior sister’s side, but who would have thought that she would be so lucky as to turn back!

To change and change back. The memory of the important six months hadn’t been forgotten at all, it’s all clearly printed in her mind. Yu Miaoyin is depressed, how can she have the face to face her senior sister?

“God! Let me have amnesia!” Yu Miaoyin rolled over on her bed in her own room with the quilt in her arms, and rolled to the bottom of the bed with her head feeling dizzy.

Just as she was cupping her head and groaning, her mother sounded outside, “Miao Miao, your classmate is here to play with you.

“Coming!” Yu Miaoyin rubbed the back of her head and got up, wondering who came to her house so early in the morning. Sun Qian? No way. Sun Qian is going to the Neon Country1 with a few friends, and she won’t be back until next week.

Who is it? Yu Miaoyin cupped the back of her head and opened the door, only to see her beloved senior sister standing in the living room, smiling and waving at her, “Miao Miao, hello.”

After five minutes of silence, Yu Miaoyin ran back to her room with a shrill cry, closed the door with a bang, and locked it with lightning speed.

No, how did she know where she lived? Yu Miaoyin was ants on a hot pan, spinning around in her own little room. Her face had not been washed, her teeth had not been brushed, her hair had not been combed, and she had not even changed her clothes! It’s over, it’s over, her image in the heart of her senior sister! There was a little person in Yu Miaoyin’s heart biting her handkerchief and crying.

Yu Miaoyin’s mother was a little upset when she saw her daughter leaving the guest in the living room and hiding in her room, why is she so rude to such a big person? Knocking on the door, she shouted, “Miao Miao? Open the door, Miao Miao! Your classmate is waiting outside! What are you grumbling about in there?”

“It’s okay. Auntie, I had a little trouble with Miao Miao. I’ll go in and explain to her,” Xiao Man said.

“Huh? In that case, you can go in.” Feng Jiawan gave Xiao Man the key to Yu Miaoyin’s room, “Miao Miao, this child is spoiled by me. You young people, if you have conflicts, you should solve them. What does it look like to hide like this? Auntie will teach her a lesson.”

“No, auntie, can I go in?”

“Go ahead, go ahead, have a good chat. Young people who have any contradictions or not, it’s good to talk openly.” Feng Jiawan was in a hurry to go to work and didn’t care about the two little ones. She opened the door for Xiao Man, took her bag, and went out.

Xiao Man entered Yu Miaoyin’s bedroom, which was a standard teenage girl’s room, with several rows of comics and novels on the bookshelves, a pink bed, and all kinds of plush dolls piled on top. Upon entering, Xiao Man didn’t see Yu Miaoyin, only a bulging quilt could be found on the bed. Xiao Man was not in a hurry to lift her quilt, but was attracted by a picture frame on the bedside table.

The person in the photo was familiar to her. It was of herself, wasn’t it? She was only a sophomore in college at the time, right? The person who took the photo found a good angle. Obviously it was summer and the photo had a kind of late autumn warm feeling. The person in the photo had a stinky face and when Xiao Man looked at she wanted to drag out the person out and beat them up.

“So you already know me.” Xiao Man picked up the photo frame and whispered.

Yu Miaoyin held the quilt for a long time, lifted the quilt, grabbed the photo frame from Xiao Man’s hand and put it in her arms, “Don’t look at it!”

Xiao Man looked at her eyes that looked like a little beast protecting food, and laughed, “You only say that after I’ve seen it.”

“What are you doing here?” Yu Miaoyin thought about it, and felt that it didn’t seem right for her to ask, so she changed the question, “How do you know where my house is?”

“Sun Qian told me.” Xiao Man sat on the edge of Yu Miaoyin’s bed with her hands in her pockets, relaxed. She was dressed coolly, with a simple solid-colored T-shirt and a pair of shorts that were down to her thighs. Her long, white legs made Yu Miaoyin swallow her saliva as she stared at them.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Xiao Man looked at her with her head propped up and asked.

“Huh?” Yu Miaoyin’s mind came back from Xiao Man’s long legs and said blankly, “What did you say?”

Xiao Man lightly smacked Yu Miaoyin’s forehead, “I asked you why you are avoiding me, stupid cat.”

Xiao Man had perfume on today and when she got closer a faint smell in the air entered in Yu Miaoyin’s nose. Yu Miaoyin’s brain was unable to stop spinning, and she uncontrollably sniffed her nose, only to find that her senior sister smelled really good.

“Saying that you’re a stupid cat, you really are a stupid cat.” Xiao Man looked at the kitten that had turned into a human, and the more she looked, the happier she became, raising her hand to pinch Yu Miaoyin’s face, “Stupid cat, when are you coming home with me?”

“Coming home?” Yu Miaoyin was at a loss, “Back to whose home?”

“Of course it’s our home.” Xiao Man smiled, “Miaomiao, when I picked you up and brought you home, you were my cat for life, and no matter what you become, you have to come back with me.”

Xiao Man confidently waited for her cat to be good and go home with her, but who knew that Yu Miaoyin was silent for a long while, biting her lip and shaking her head, “I, I can’t go back.”

“What did you say?” Xiao Man suspected that she had heard wrong.

“Senior sister, I can’t go back.” As if she had made up her mind, Yu Miaoyin raised her head firmly and looked Xiao Man in the eyes, “That cat died a long time ago. This is my home, I can’t go with you.”

Yu Miaoyin has been thinking a lot these days, and of course she is happy that senior sister recognized her, but what she wants is not Xiao Man’s affection for her pet. A large part of the reason why she’s been avoiding Xiao Man stems from this – Yu Miaoyin is already a human, not a cat, so how can the two of them get along with each other using the pet and owner pattern? It’s not like it’s some strange game.

“Aren’t you the cat?” Xiao Man’s eyes narrowed.

“I am.” Yu Miaoyin paused and laughed bitterly, “But I’m not either.”

Turning into a cat and back into a human for no reason, to find this kind of experience in the entire China/Country, there is no way to find another one. The probability of one in a billion happened to be her. She really didn’t know if it was fortunate or unfortunate.

“Miao Miao, stop it. Come back with me.” Xiao Man lowered her voice, a little close to begging.

“Go back with you, then what?” Yu Miaoyin said, “Senior sister, what do you think of me in your heart? A pet? But I’m a human being. And as a living human being, how am I supposed to continue living with you?”

She continued, “What you want is a kitten that rolls around, cuddles, and sticks to you all day long, but I can’t do that anymore. How can I continue to do the things that only a cat can do when I’m like this?”

Xiao Man was silent, she knew that Yu Miaoyin was right, but she didn’t want to be avoided by Yu Miaoyin without knowing why. Miao Miao didn’t die, this person, obviously, is her Miao Miao. Xiao Man didn’t want to lose her again.

Right, what should she do after bringing Yu Miaoyin back? How would they interact? Pets? Family? Friends? No matter how she was treated, it will always be strange. Moreover, Yu Miaoyin has a family, unlike her, she is not alone.

Yu Miaoyin waited for a long time, and before Xiao Man could respond, she couldn’t help but summon the courage to ask, “Senior sister, do you really want to take me home?”

“Mmm.” Xiao Man nodded her head without hesitation.

“If you take me home, you have to take care of me for the rest of your life. You have to talk with me and make me happy, you know?”

Xiao Man looked at Yu Miaoyin strangely, isn’t this a load of nonsense? She wanted to take her home, and that’s what she had in mind, okay? This person, whether human or cat, can always only be her Miao Miao. Xiao Man is not at ease unless it is her who takes care of her.

Yu Miaoyin saw that Xiao Man still did not understand, and directly threw Xiao Man on the bed, closed her eyes and kissed on her lips. This time she did not master the strength and two people’s teeth knocked together, aching and sore. Yu Miaoyin’s features were painfully deformed, and she was reluctant to let go of her mouth.

Xiao Man was kissed by her, and the feeling of her rapid heartbeat that day came back. This time it worse than the last, her heart quickly jumped up from her throat, and her hand unconsciously held Yu Miaoyin tightly.

“Senior sister, I don’t want to be taken care of as a pet.” Yu Miaoyin pressed down on Xiao Man and breathed heavily, “Senior sister, I like you.”

“I love you, Senior sister.”

This sentence, Yu Miaoyin has kept for three years, she finally said it, only to find that confessing was not that difficult.

Like, love. Xiao Man read these two words in many books, she does not like those romance novels, nor does she believe in the so-called like. Just look at her parents and one will know that like is just an illusion produced by the momentary impulse of people. Once the illusion dissipates, there will always be a time to see the truth clearly.

Xiao Man’s heart instantly swelled with great warmth and satisfaction when Yu Miaoyin said this to Xiao Man, and she liked to hear Yu Miaoyin say this, so she said back, “Miao Miao, say it again.”

“I love you, Senior sister.”

“Say it again.”

“I love you, Senior sister.”

“Say it again.”

“I love…”

Xiao Man grabbed the back of Yu Miaoyin’s head and kissed the two opened and closed cherry blossom-like lips precisely, blocking the rest of Yu Miaoyin’s words.

That’s it, love. Xiao Man wanted to keep Yu Miaoyin in captivity, but couldn’t find a motive for doing so, but it turned out to be love.

Because she loves this person She wants to take care of her, wants to spoil her, wants her to be soft and pampered in her arms, plus have a little involuntary heartbeat. Love doesn’t ask for a reason. No matter what Xiao Man’s opportunity was to fall for Yu Miaoyin, it was always love.

Xiao Man kissed Yu Miaoyin’s lips until they were red and bloody, and then pressed her forehead against hers and said, “Miao Miao, come home with me, I love you.”

Yu Miaoyin whispered, “Okay.”

Yu Miaoyin pulled Xiao Man up from the bed, “Let’s go now!”

She packed her luggage with her hands and feet, and Xiao Man helped her fold the clothes she wanted to take with her one by one and put them flatly into her suitcase.

“By the way, Senior sister, how come I haven’t seen Sister Mi Lin and Sister Chu Chu lately?”

“They’re….” Xiao Man stroked her chin in a serious manner, “They’re busy falling in love.”

“Huh?” Yu Miaoyin accelerated her actions as if she was on the verge of a great battle, “We need to fall in love too! We can’t be left behind them!”

“Miao Miao.”

“What is it?”

Xiao Man hugged Yu Miaoyin from behind and rested her chin on her shoulder, “Don’t run away this time.”

“I won’t run away.” Yu Miaoyin’s nose was sore, and she choked, “Why should I run if I’ve already fallen in love with senior sister. I’ll never run again.”

Xiao Man had borrowed Chu Fanxi’s old Buick and on the way back Yu Miaoyin said, “Senior sister, this is not the direction to your home.”

“There’s no hurry to go back.”

“Ah? So where to?”

“Furniture Store” Xiao Man smiled wryly, “We need to get a bigger bed….”

“! ! !” Yu Miaoyin blushed with realization and fidgeted, “Good, good idea….”

The future is long and they are so young, who knows what will happen? The only thing Xiao Man is sure of is that she has finally gotten her stupid cat back, and she has made her pet a wife. Now she is going to live happily ever after with her own wife.

(End of Story)

1 Nippon/Nihon pronunciation sounds similar to Neon getting the name Neon Country = Country of Japan

Translator: Yay! Now I need to go back to where I left off; For the Rest of Our Life!!

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