Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 24 – Satisfied

Xiao Man sat on the edge of Yu Miaoyin’s bed and drew hot water from the basin to wipe her face. The first time she drank, she didn’t have a sense of propriety, so she fell asleep after she finished drinking in the bar.

Although Yu Miaoyin was unconscious, she didn’t drink much and only had a little aroma of wine on her body, but her face was already red, like the freshest apple on a branch.

Xiao Man wiped her face, and in the middle of wiping, she took back her handkerchief and touched her reddened face, but Xiao Man still couldn’t believe that this little girl was her dead Miao Miao. She couldn’t tell what she felt deep inside, a little shocked, a little skeptical, a little unacceptable, and a little bit of hope that somehow emerged from the bottom of her heart.

It was not unacceptable. Xiao Man’s thumb traced across Yu Miaoyin’s full forehead, lingering around her eyes. When her fingertips touched her eyelashes, the pair of beautiful eyelashes quivered naturally, and a slightly itchy touch came back. Which was wonderful to say the least.

Xiao Man had imagined many times what her Miaoyin would look like if she were a human being, probably… short, small, a little mischievous, very clever, and loved to lie in her arms like a baby. She traced the outline of Yu Miaoyin’s face with her thin fingers. Whether it was a psychological effect, or whether it was destined to be, she surprisingly felt that Yu Miaoyin was just like the human form of Miao Miao she had made up in her mind.

Xiao Man’s hand left Yu Miaoyin’s cheek and held the hand of the drunken, ignorant girl, whose palm was slightly smaller than her own, and whose fingers were soft and smooth, and whose carefree upbringing was evident at first touch.

“Miao Miao, it would be great if it really was you.”

In response to Xiao Man, Yu Miaoyin’s hand returned a grip in the dream, already mindlessly babbling, “I don’t want to eat chicken liver mix…. I want to eat chocolate….”

With such a nonsensical dream phrase, Xiao Man was so happy that she almost shed tears. She took Yu Miaoyin’s hand and kissed it, cheering silently, “It’s great. It’s really you…”

It’s a pity that Yu Miaoyin didn’t know anything. In her dream, she coveted the chocolate in her senior sister’s hand, and wanted to jump on her to get it back, but she kept the chocolate farther and farther away with a fierce look. Yu Miaoyin was so anxious that she was on the verge of tears, and her features were wrinkled into a frown, begging bitterly, “Don’t go, Senior Sister! I am Miao Miao! I’m Miao Miao!” She was so anxious that she finally had no choice but to stomp around on all fours and moew constantly.

“I know.” Xiao Man wiped the tears from the corners of Yu Miaoyin’s eyes and pressed her ear to soothe her, “Miaoyin, I’m not leaving, I’m right here….”

In her dream, Yu Miaoyin finally caught up with her senior sister and jumped into her arms, finding a comfortable spot to curl up her body and fall asleep. Outside the dream, she leaned against Xiao Man’s arms and smiled contentedly.

Yu Miaoyin’s head was leaning against Xiao Man’s heart. The summer material was cool, and through a thin layer of material, the hot air from Yu Miaoyin’s nose sprayed on Xiao Man’s heart. Xiao Man felt her heart was so hot that it was about to melt. Her heartbeat was like a drum and her limbs were stiff.

Xiao Man didn’t know what was wrong with her. She had spoiled Miao Miao in her arms countless times before, and she had never had such a strange reaction.

Am I sick? She thought she probably had a fever, or else her face would be burning up and her brain would be dizzy. It was a shame that there was no mirror beside the bed, or else Xiao Man would have seen that her face was even redder than the drunken Yu Miaoyin’s. 

Xiao Man just kept on watching Yu Miaoyin. She had already decided in her heart that Yu Miaoyin was the cat she had lost and cherished and she couldn’t get enough watching until the sky became white and the sun rose from behind the mountain. She got up when Yu Miaoyin opened her eyes confused, her focus changed from blurry to clear, and the first person in her eyes was Xiao Man.

Xiao Man suddenly panicked, hastily letting go of Yu Miaoyin’s hand that she was holding tightly, straightened her back, and tensed her face, “You’re awake.”

She tried to make herself look less nervous, but who knew that she had overdone it and looked at Yu Miaoyin’s eyes cold and hard. In the early morning of July and August, Yu Miaoyin shivered from the coldness of Xiao Man’s eyes.

Senior Sister, what’s wrong? Yu Miaoyin’s heart was racing, did she do something last night that she hated? The hangover made Yu Miaoyin’s entire head buzz with reverberation, and she couldn’t concentrate on what stupid thing she did last night, so she could only keep pounding her head with her hands, trying to relieve such a blasting pain.

“Headache?” Xiao Man’s heart immediately hung in the air and her mind was so focused on Yu Miaoyin that she didn’t even notice the concern on her own face.

“O-okay…” Yu Miaoyin was flattered at Xiao Man’s concern and subconsciously shrank into the bed a few times.

Senior sister is abnormal, too abnormal.

“Are you afraid of me?” Xiao Man sat back down in dismay. She was so mean to her before, of course she should be afraid of herself, otherwise what else could it be? Is she like Miao Miao, who will pounce on her as soon as she beckons?

But Xiao Man was a little unwilling, this girl, she was obviously Miao Miao, although Xiao Man didn’t know what strange magic she used to become a human, but she was obviously her cat. Xiao Man had raised her little by little, and no slight movement of hers could escape Xiao Man’s eyes.

“Of course not!” Yu Miaoyin’s denial came out of her mouth, and she felt as if she shouldn’t have denied it so eagerly, and then turned her face to smile accusingly, “How could I hate my senior sister….”

I like you even more than that.

Xiao Man listened, but her mood was even worse. See, she really was afraid of me, and didn’t even dare to look into my eyes when she spoke.

The two of them were silent for a while, and said in unison, “You…”, looking at each other to speak, but at the same time stopped talking.

“Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” Xiao Man asked.

Yu Miaoyin shook her head, “I’m not hungry.” But her stomach didn’t think so, gurgling loudly. The boss called out and she covered her stomach and blushed with embarrassment.

Xiao Man was amused by her, stood up and affectionately urged, “Get up, let’s go have breakfast.”

“Oh…” Yu Miaoyin sat up obediently, her eyes darted to Xiao Man’s bed and exclaimed in surprise, “Senior sister, you haven’t slept all night!”

“Hm?” Xiao Man followed her line of sight and saw the neatly folded futon on her bed, not caring much, “The bed was too hard for me to sleep in.”

It’s too hard? Yu Miaoyin moved her butt to feel it. It’s not hard, the bed is softer than her own bed.

“Then you….” Yu Miaoyin wanted to ask Xiao Man how she could eat well during the day without sleeping, but Xiao Man preceded her and patted her head, laughing softly, “Miao Miao don’t linger on the bed, get up and take you to eat delicious food. “

“Okay…” Xiao Man’s approach made Yu Miaoyin feel like stepping on a cloud instantly, and disorientedly got out of bed and put on her slippers. As she walked in the direction of the bathroom, it was as if a thunderbolt had struck her on a clear day, standing on the same spot.

“S-Senio…. Senior sister! You, you, you… what did you call me?”

“Miao Miao.” Xiao Man smiled and blinked, “What’s wrong with that?”

Of course it’s wrong! Something is wrong big time! Yu Miaoyin rubbed her face and tugged at her ears to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, and finally made her ears red. Only then was she sure that she was not dreaming.

But…. but! It’s even worse if she’s not dreaming! Is this still the Senior sister she knows? Is she seeing this correctly? Senior sister is smiling! Is she actually smiling?

“Senior sister, when did I upset you again, can you tell me?” Yu Miaoyin drooped her eyes and begged for mercy, “You’re smiling…. I’m scared….”

Xiao Man put away her smile and sighed in exasperation, “Miao Miao, why didn’t you tell me.”

“Ah?” Yu Miaoyin is a bit confused, tell her what?

“I picked you up in the stairway last winter, when your eyes couldn’t even open and you were about the size of a little mouse.”

“When you were a month old, you didn’t like to sleep in your own nest, and kept getting under my blankets at night.”

“You wanted chocolate all the time. The last time you tried to steal it, I caught you trying to eat it, and I threw all the chocolate out of the house in a fit of rage, never buying it again.”

“I have cold feet in winter, every time I draw, you take the initiative to nestle on the top of my feet and warm my feet with your own stomach.”

Xiao Man said, her eyes red. The bits and pieces of her getting along with Miao Miao had never been mentioned to anyone. They were all kept in her heart. After Miaomiao left, she did not dare to remember, and she was reluctant to remember.

“Senior sister…” Yu Miaoyin took a step in Xiao Man’s direction.

Xiao Man continued, “You listened to me so much and the only time you disobeyed me, I lost you all at once, not even giving me time to react.”

“Senior sister….” Yu Miaoyin got a little closer to Xiao Man.

“Miao Miao, you are the worst. The worst cat in the world.”

“Senior sister…..” Yu Miaoyin finally walked up to Xiao Man, opened her arms, and hesitantly, but firmly, hugged Xiao Man.

“But.” Xiao Man added, close to her ear, “You’re also the best well-behaved cat in the whole world.” The warmth was so gentle that it almost melted Yu Miaoyin into it.

Yu Miaoyin buried herself in Xiao Man’s chest and quietly wiped the tears from her eyes, but she also forgot that her summer clothes were so thin that her tears were coldly soaked through and onto Xiao Man’s hot skin.

Xiao Man hugged Yu Miaoyin back, the heartache in her chest was like the stifling hot air that was suddenly brought on by a heavy rain. All the suffocating depression and pain disappeared at this moment, even her breathing was much smoother and more free than ever before.

“Miao Miao, I’m so happy.” Xiao Man hugged the person in her arms, satisfied.

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