Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 23 – Kiss

Translator: This chapter is going to be a lot of moments.

Xiao Man was knocked out by Yu Miaoyin, her teeth were almost dropped out of her head, covering her mouth for a long time, unable to speak. After five or six minutes finally passed by, while holding her mouth, squeezed out two words, “Let go.”

“Ah!” Yu Miaoyin quickly jumped out of the way, her face flushed crimson, “I’m sorry, senior sister! I, I, I… I didn’t mean it!”

Yu Miaoyin’s fingers twisted the corners of her blouse, and her toes drew a few circles on the floor, Xiao Man continued to hold her cheek and ignored her. She went back to her own bed, laying down with her back to Yu Miaoyin, and closed her eyes to sleep.

I don’t know what kind of drugs Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi were selling to invite this girl here. Xiao Man thought depressingly.

Xiao Man’s obvious rejection and boredom, if Yu Miaoyin couldn’t feel it, she was a fool! She didn’t dare to disturb her senior sister’s rest anymore, and gently took her pajamas and went to take a shower.

At three o’clock in the morning, after turning over countless times in her bed, Yu Miaoyin finally realized that she had insomnia. She wasn’t surprised by the sudden insomnia – her longed senior sister was right next to her. She could hold her hand as long as she stretched out her arm, so how could Yu Miaoyin not have insomnia at such an exciting moment?

Yu Miaoyin’s eyes widened and she sat up in her bed, sitting cross-legged on her single bed and looking aimlessly out the window with her palms on her head.

In a resort hotel far away from the city, the air was fresh and the scenery was pleasant, and it was a clear night at the beginning of the month. The dark blue sky had only a thin curve of the moon, but there were a lot of stars, which covered the whole sky brightly and faintly, but Yu Miaoyin didn’t feel like appreciating such a beautiful scene. She was frustrated.

Yu Miaoyin admitted that she was a wimp. She dared not to even say hello to someone after liking such a person for several years in the past twenty years, and after having a chance to get close to her, she made a fool of herself and caused countless problems for her senior sister. With an admirer like her, she was really unlucky for eight lifetimes.

If it was the former Yu Miaoyin, she might have buried her wishful thinking in her heart for the rest of her life and never told anyone, but she was someone who had already died twice. Yu Miaoyin had thought about it a lot, and was determined to let her senior sister know her feelings — even if she hated her, it was no big deal. At least let her completely give up.

After sitting cross-legged for half an hour, Yu Miaoyin quietly turned back towards Xiao Man’s bed, where Xiao Man was still lying on her back, breathing steadily, fully asleep. After hesitating for a few seconds, Yu Miaoyin slowly got off the bed and stood on tiptoe to go around to Xiao Man’s side, fearing that she might make some noise and wake her up.

The senior sister is so beautiful. Yu Miaoyin sat on her knees beside Xiao Man’s bed, lying on the edge of her bed and thinking. She was sleeping so soundly, could she be dreaming about something beautiful? She was fantasizing, and Xiao Man, who was sleeping, suddenly opened her eyes in the dark night. Her pupils reflecting a little starlight from outside the room, so bright it was frightening.

“Ahh!” Yu Miaoyin was so scared that she sat on the ground and took several steps backward, only to hear Xiao Man coldly say, “What are you doing sneaking around in the middle of the night not sleeping?”

“I…. I….” Yu Miaoyin did not expect that Xiao Man also did not sleep. After settling down, she was swallowed in embarrassment. Fortunately, Xiao Man didn’t want to listen to the reason why she was not asleep in the middle of the night. Instead, she turned her body and closed her eyes again, “Go to sleep.”

“O…. Okay….” Yu Miaoyin crawled back to her own bed and lay down honestly with her eyes closed.

Perhaps it was because she had just been frightened by Xiao Man, but this time she fell asleep quickly, rolled over a few times, and found the most comfortable position to have a beautiful dream.

Xiao Man’s closed eyes opened once again, looked at Yu Miaoyin across from her, and closed them again.

The schedule for the next day was not very full, in addition to the swimming pool, tennis court, KTV and other basic entertainment facilities, there are several orchards in the mountain village. Originally, the summer is the time when the fruit can be picked, but the trees in the orchard had not been here long, and have not yet produced any fruit, so several people strolled around in the mountains behind the mountain resort, and ate some of the special dishes of the resort. As the day passed and the evening came, Mi Lin suggested going to the bar in the resort for a drink.

“Drink?” Chu Fanxi was so shocked that she opened her mouth so wide that she could almost stuff an egg in her mouth. “No, with your stupid drinking capacity, what are you going to drink?”

Mi Lin wiggled her eyebrows to indicate that there were two others beside her, and Chu Fanxi got the message, “Drinking is good! My mother has been strictly restricting my drinking lately, and I’m craving wine. A’man, Miao Miao let’s go together, okay?

Yu Miaoyin looked at Xiao Man with some embarrassment and whispered, “I….I don’t drink…..”

“It’s okay! Just go and sit down, we’re here anyway, what are you afraid of!” After Chu Fanxi finished speaking, she was happy. Why did she sound like a dirty uncle who was trying to lure and deceive a simple girl? Of course, she didn’t think she was creepy at all.

After persuading Yu Miaoyin, Chu Fanxi asked Xiao Man again, “A’man, are you going?”

Xiao Man nodded her head, “Go.” Not that she wanted to drink, the thing was that Chu Fanxi was unreliable. Let her and Mi Lin go out for a drink and Xiao Man is afraid of what will happen. She can at least watch on the side.

“Then let’s go!” Chu Fanxi took Xiao Man on her left and Yu Miaoyin on her right, not forgetting to wink back at Mi Lin and make a gesture of victory.

“Look at you fooling around.” Mi Lin followed with her lips smiling.

The villa was quiet during the day, but the bar was very lively at night, playing loud music, and there was a group of friends who came to party and sat in a circle, and there were also lonely people who came to hunt for women or ordered a glass of wine and sat on the bar.

“Whatever you want.” Yu Miaoyin entered the bar for the first time in her life, and didn’t know what kind of wine to order, and said urgently, “Just the same as Chu Chu.”

So Chu Fanxi ordered a few cocktails according to her own preferences. She was really greedy and added a bottle of foreign wine after thinking about it. Xiao Man frowned when she heard it, “Don’t drink too much.”

“You don’t understand, the opportunity is rare when no one cares about me.”

Chu Fanxi’s drinking volume was indeed good. She still didn’t change her face and heartbeat after drinking half a bottle of foreign wine. Xiao Man sat on the sofa with her legs up and listened to the residents singing in the bar. The wine in front of her remained untouched. Yu Miaoyin saw that the blue cocktail was pretty in color. She took a big sip without knowing how much alcohol was in it. The taste was not unpleasant and after ten minutes, her head became dizzy, and her face and neck became red. Mi Lin also had a little too much, but her consciousness was clear and she didn’t dare to be greedy for any more drinks. She took Chu Fanxi’s drink to prevent her from further drinking.

“What are you doing?” Chu Fanxi looked at Mi Lin with dissatisfaction.

“Don’t drink anymore.”

“Give me.”

“No one will carry you back if you drink too much. No more drinking!” Mi Lin refused to give up.

“You give me back my wine!” Chu Fanxi rushed to grab the wine glass in Mi Lin’s hand and without controlling her strength, she threw Mi Lin onto the sofa. Mi Llin laid on her back and looked at the woman who had grown up with her. Her heartbeat suddenly became chaotic.

Chu Fanxi is a piece of rotten wood. She has loved her for so long, but she doesn’t even notice it. If she drags on like this, she doesn’t know when it will end! The more Mi Lin thought about it, the more aggrieved she became and the more her heart simply sank. She put her arms around Chu Fanxi’s neck with her slightly drunk hands and lifted her upper body to kiss Chu Fanxi’s lips.

Drinking wine had made her lips moist and cold and Mi Lin’s mind was swimming. She kissed with all her heart but didn’t know what to do next. She just felt that the wine on Chu Fanxi’s lips tasted so beautiful that she instinctively stuck out her tongue and licked it.

The soft tip of her tongue glided over the lips and Chu Fanxi’s brain exploded. She pushed Mi Lin away and stumbled out of the bar.

“Chu Fanxi! Stop right there!” Mi Lin shouted after her, but she had already run away. Mi Lin was so angry that she stomped her foot and chased after her.

Xiao Man sat calmly on the sofa for a long time, and finally took a sip from the cup in front of her1.

“Senior Sister….” Yu Miaoyin, who was drunk, hugged Xiao Man’s arm and rubbed her head against her bosom, like an unweaned, sticky kitten.

Xiao Man’s hand opened and closed, opened and closed, repeatedly, and finally couldn’t resist it anymore. Her eyes darted around and when she saw that no one was paying attention, she quietly lifted her hand and gently scratched Yu Miaoyin’s chin like a kitten’s chin.

Yu Miaoyin was tickled by Xiao Man, laughed a few times with drunkenness, and buried herself even more into Xiao Man’s arms.

Xiao Man withdrew her hand in disappointment. It was different. No matter how much people and cats are alike, the touch is different after all.

“Senior Sister… I’m Miao Miao… why don’t you recognize me…..” Yu Miaoyin murmured, “Meow…. meow….”

Xiao Man’s heart trembled, and she looked at Yu Miaoyin again.

“”Senior sister, your instant noodles are in the left drawer of the TV cabinet, cookies on the right, and chips in the middle. Not only that, but I also know that your underwear are in the third compartment of the dresser in the bedroom on the left by the window, arranged accordingly to their shade of colors.”

“Senior Sister, who do you think I am?”

But this is too unbelievable, right?

Xiao Man touched Yu Miaoyin’s cheek in disbelief, her voice trembling, “Miao Miao, is that you?”

Yu Miaoyin only heard her senior sister call her. She was so drunk that she opened her eyes in a misty manner. Her eyes were wet with water, and when she saw Xiao Man at first sight, she thought that she was still a cat, and she smiled at Xiao Man with a blushed  cheek. It was unspeakably charming that Xiao Man felt that her heart was about to melt.

“Senior sister, I miss you so much…” Yu Miaoyin climbed onto Xiao Man’s shoulder, and licked Xiao Man’s lips with her little pink tongue like a cat.

“Senior sister, I miss you so much…”

1 Hahah she definitely needed a drink after seeing that.

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