Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 22 – The Little Volcano of Love

Chu Fanxi speaks without thinking and doesn’t mean any harm when she says it. But seeing Xiao Man sad like that, how can she not know how important that little stray cat is to her? Her head lowered deeply because of guilt, the tip of her chin almost touched her collarbone, sat side by side with Xiao Man, and sullenly apologized, “A’man, I’m sorry.”

The hurtful words are like an awl that sticks in the heart, and a single prick is a bloody hole that can’t be cured by even the strongest miracle cure, not to mention an apology? But Chu Fanxi really didn’t know what to say besides apologizing. Miao Miao was gone, Xiao Man couldn’t get out of it’s shadow, and any more pleasant comfort was in vain.

Mi Lin sighed and found the medical kit in Xiao Man’s apartment. She walked back with the medical kit, sat on the other side of Xiao Man, picked up her injured right hand, and slowly disinfected and cleaned the bloody wound with hydrogen peroxide.

“A’man, we are very worried about you.” Mi Lin took a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide and slowly rubbed it on the back of Xiao Man’s hand. The burning sensation on the wound made Xiao Man’s hand involuntarily flinch for a moment, then resisted moving again.

Mi Lin laughed a little helplessly, “A’man, you’re always like this.”

Xiao Man had such a dull virtue since she was a child, and she kept her words hidden in her heart. Even if she was alone with her heart disease, she still didn’t say a word when others asked her what was wrong.  Back then, Xiao Man’s family had such a big incident and Xiao Man’s father had nothing to say. Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi didn’t know until Xiao Man was moving. When they were young, the two little kids rushed out of breath. When the time came, Xiao Man had almost left.

“A’man, do you think you’re the only person in the world who is the saddest? The world is sorry for you. You are so cool, knocking down teeth and swallowing blood, so handsome.” Milin continued, “Wake up girl, you I have already passed the age of suffering from a secondary illness.”

Xiao Man still kept her head down and didn’t speak, Chu Fanxi was a little worried and whispered to stop her, “Xiao Mi, don’t say it….”

Mi Lin squinted at Chu Fanxi, and the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and maliciously tightened the bandage that was being wrapped around Xiao Man’s hand. Xiao Man frowned with pain, so Mi Lin sneered, “So you know it hurts too. I thought you really became a stone human being.”

Jokes aside, Mi Lin carefully bandaged the back of Xiao Man’s hand, packed up the medical kit, and put it to the side, leaning her head up against the wall behind her, “A’man, we’re all worried about you.”

Xiao Man’s eyes moved and she didn’t speak.

“Chu Chu and I are very sorry about Miao Miao, but A’man, one has to move on. Miao Miao wouldn’t want to see you so depressed all the time.”

Chu Fanxi also chimed in, “Yeah A’man, how much longer are you going to keep us worried, you bastard.”

The three girls, who were not very old, sat side by side in the small, dark space at the entrance, each speaking softly for fear of disturbing something. Even though there were only three of them in the room.

Since Xiao Man moved away, the three of them have not been so close together for a long time. Gradually growing up and drifting apart. Mi Lin has other thoughts on Chu Fanxi, even after growing up together again, they can not bring back the childhood.

Each of them thought that the other had a weak relationship with them. Unlike before, in truth, was indifferent and today they know that the feelings are there, but the more they grow up, the more timid they become. Concerns about a friend can only be spoken in a roundabout way.

Isn’t that what friends are like? Even if the usual contact time is less, even if the days apart are longer, as long as the other party is in trouble, find ways to help each other, and if unable to help, accompany them in sadness together.

“Xiao Mi, Chu Chu.” Xiao Man finally spoke, she lowered her act, the long uncut bangs only to reveal a smooth jaw in the dim light, “Am I very selfish?”

She was like a confused little child, hugging her knees, with her tall figure shrinking into a small ball, it was a little…. pitiful.

Xiao Man has always been proud of herself, always confident in front of others, and never letting anyone else notice. But she showed such a pitiful look, because Xiao Man suddenly realized that Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi were not considered “outsiders”, they were her friends, her only friends that would never leave.

But Xiao Man personally told them to get lost, such a vicious word, the target of her vent was her own friend.

“You’re a big selfish bastard. And also stupid. Just grew up without brains. Both you and Chu Chu, a piece of stubborn stone and a piece of rotten wood. I’m unlucky for eight lifetimes to meet you two.” Mi Lin patted Xiao Man’s shoulder and laughed, “But who let us be friends.”

The word “friend” can’t be said lightly; it’s a lifelong thing to say.

Xiao Man buried her face in her knees again without saying a word. She didn’t say a word for a long time. Mi Lin’s words touched her so much. Xiao Man, this stubborn stone, was silent. She gave Xiao Man a hand then said, “Hey, it’s almost done! Won’t you know unless you see it?”

It took a few more minutes before Xiao Man lifted her head from her knees, both eyes red, and Mi Lin realized that Xiao Man was crying.

Crying, crying, she moved back toward Xiao Man, their bodies pressed together on her sides, “A’man, you still have us.”

… …

In a double room at the Resort Hotel, Yu Miaoyin was sitting on the bed in a proper position. Her legs were pressed together, her back stiff, her hands resting on her knees, and her eyes looking straight ahead without moving. Her posture was incomparably upright. She was so nervous that her hand on her knee gripped her pants tightly, wanting to gouge ten finger holes in the thin fabric.

Yu Miaoyin’s hands were full of sweat, her heart was crackling like a firecracker, and her mind was blank, not knowing what to do at all.

On the other bed across from her, Xiao Man leaned on the bed reading a book and stared at it for ten minutes before she thought of turning a page. It wasn’t that Xiao Man was a slow reader, but her mind was not on the book.

Isn’t this the girl who broke into her house a few days ago and didn’t leave? Last time she looked bold and thick-skinned, so why is she so reserved today? What’s wrong with her?

What Xiao Man didn’t know is that last time Yu Miaoyin gave herself half a month’s worth of courage before she dared to be so bold and reckless.

The main point is… Yu Miaoyin and Xiao Man will be living in the same room! Before Yu Miaoyin came here, she didn’t even dare to think that a room…. would be equivalent to sleeping in the same bed, right? What does it mean to share a bed? Sharing the same bed and rounding it up is equivalent to…

Stop! Yu Miaoyin shook her head vigorously. Never let the senior sister see that she had a hidden agenda! Calm down! Calm down!

The resort was far away from the city. It was Chu Fanxi who drove them over. Setting off at noon, eating and playing along the way, until reaching the destination at night, and was tired by the end of the day. Chu Fanxi had a room with Milin and Yu Miaoyin was with Xiao Man in a room. Everyone took their own room card and went directly back to their respective room, with no other activities arranged in the evening.

“Do you want to take a shower?” Xiao Man couldn’t read the book and looked at the time. It was almost nine o’clock, so she closed the book and asked.

Yu Miaoyin’s hair stood up all over her body, “Senior…. sister you… you wash first….”

Does this… look like she would eat her or something? Xiao Man laughed in her heart, but her face was calm, with no expression, nodding her head, and walked to the travel bag to take out her pajamas and towels. She put them in a sealed bag and carried them to the bathroom, but suddenly turned around and said, “I don’t eat people, so don’t be afraid.”

Uh, was Senior Sister just joking with her?

Yu Miaoyin blinked, a little confused, and it took her a long time to realize that Senior Sister really made a joke with her. Okay, even though Yu Miaoyin was very familiar with Xiao Man when she was a cat, she did a lot of selling cute and rolling and eating tofu a hundred times, but even after she became a human again she… was still nervous when she faced Xiao Man.

When facing the owner who possessed the aura of her senior sister in her cat form. It’s only natural that she would stick and kiss her, but as an adult woman, she will always be shy when facing the person she likes. Which is a completely natural reaction that is not controlled by her brain.

Yu Miaoyin stared at the single bed across the room, but she couldn’t believe that she was sharing a room with Xiao Man.

That is Senior Sister. Yu Miaoyin has thought about it for three years, and has secretly taken countless pictures of her back and side profile.

What if she snores in her sleep and talks in her sleep? Will it leave a bad impression on senior sister? Ahhhhh what to do, I think I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight…

When Xiao Man came out of the shower, she saw Yu Miaoyin staring intently at her bed, and she walked over to Yu Miaoyin.

“Hey!” Miao Man shouted and shook her hand again.

“!” Yu Miaoyin jumped up in shock. Just as Xiao Man was bent over very close to her, Yu Miaoyin got up sharply, hitting Xiao Man’s chin with unreserved force, causing Yu Miaoyin to fall down with her head in her hands.

Xiao Man grunted in pain as her body quickly grabbed Yu Miaoyin’s tiny waist, and Yu Miaoyin fell into Xiao Man’s arms, avoiding the tragedy of falling to the ground.

The light mint scent of the shower gel belonging to Xiao Man rushed straight into Yu Miaoyin’s nose, and Yu Miaoyin’s face blushed from her forehead to the back of her ears, and both of her ears could almost blow out hot air.

This is the embrace of senior sister! This is the embrace of senior sister! Not as a cat, but as she herself! The little volcano of love in Yu Miaoyin’s heart erupted completely, and the hot lava burned all her organs, and everywhere she touched was scalding hot.

Translator: It’s finally December!!! Can’t wait for this year to end!

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