Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 21 – Second Goods

The hot spring is not open. After all, there are not many people in the world who have the same thoughts as Yu Miaoyin. Mi Lin was shocked when she heard Sun Qian mention this to her, and quickly reached out to touch Sun Qian’s forehead, then compared the temperature of her own forehead. After touching it for a long time, only then determined that Sun Qian had not burned out her brain.

“No, the temperature outside today can be 35°C. The day to go to the hot spring… is to soak in the bath or stew human broth?” Mi Lin smiled and waved her hand, leaning over to Chu Fanxi, “Whose idea was it to get attention? How are you even more second than Chu Chu.”

“Who are you talking about?” Chu Fanxi was playing a game on her phone and shrugged her shoulders and pushed Mi Lin to show her displeasure. She smiled evilly and said, “Qianqian, honestly, is it true that one of your classmates has fallen in love with senior sister Xiao Man? It’s also a hot spring, which is a really damaging idea.”

Although Chu Fanxi had a mean smile on her face, Sun Qian didn’t dare to ignore the two cold lights deep in his eyes. She shuddered on the spot and shook her head quickly to deny, “No! It’s really not! It’s… it’s…”

“What is it?” Chu Fangxi narrowed her eyes dangerously, “Speak up! Don’t hesitate.”

“Qianqian, Sister Chu Chu and I have both grown up with you since we were kids, what else can’t we say? Just tell us, it’s no big deal.” Mi Lin smiled and patted Sun Qian’s shoulder, her face full of spring and warmth.

Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi are at least two years older than Sun Qian, and have eaten two more years of dry food, especially Chu Fanxi, who graduated from high school and has been hanging out in an Internet cafe, what kind of people have they not seen? Sun Qian, this kind of yellow-haired girl is not allowed to cheat, the both of them gave a face and sang shamelessly, and three times Sun Qian explained it all.

“I said it, isn’t it enough?” Sun Qian wept and begged for mercy, “It’s one of my classmates, she wanted to ask Senior sister Xiao Man to come out to play, but she was afraid that Sister Xiao Man would not agree. I thought of Sister Milin, aren’t you familiar with Senior sister Xiao Man…. Sister, you know that classmate of mine too! The one who was unlucky enough to have her head smashed open at the movies half a year ago and finally woke up after being unconscious for half a year….”

“I remember!” My Lin snapped, “That girl seemed to be called… called….” She grabbed the back of her head and thought for a while, and Chu Fanxi, who was playing the game next to her, grudgingly answered, “Call Yu Miaoyin….”

“Right, right, right! She’s called Yu Miaoyin!” The first time she saw the girl’s face in front of Xiao Man, she was so scared that her face turned white and red, and thought Xiao Man was too serious and scared the little girl.  

Chu Fanxi won the game in her hands, and rubbed up against Mi Lin and laughed at her, “Still saying I’m dead wood all day, didn’t you see it? Dead wood! You can’t carve a dead wood1!”

“Go! Looking for a pinch, huh?” Mi Lin opened her eyes and stared at her. Chu Fanxi instantly shrank back like a mouse seeing a cat, mumbling and complaining, “So fierce, see who will dare to ask you…”

Sun Qian couldn’t bear to see the two of them bickering so happily, and covered her face and wailed, “My good sister, Miao Miao is very much in love with Xiao Man… Please don’t be so sarcastic and think of a way to help her. Saving a life is better than building a seven-floor pagoda!”

“Well…. “Mi Lin touched her chin and thought, “It’s really not a good thing that A’man is so old and single, but it’s rare to have a blind school girl who is interested in her. “

“That’s right, set it up!” Chu Fanxi nodded in agreement, “And how is it that A’man has been so depressed all this time that she won’t even come out of her house? I have some impression of that girl, she’s quite pretty and worthy of that stone Xiao Man.”

“Help or not?” Mi Lin handed Chu Fanxi a questioning look.

Chu Fanxi cut off the words, “Help!”

Sun Qian was overjoyed and said with joy, “Great! Thank you, sister!”

“Don’t be so quick to thank yet.” Mi Lin was speechless, “Yu Miaoyin is so dumb that she actually came up with the idea of soaking in a hot spring…. Right Chu Chu, didn’t your dad have a friend with a newly opened resort? Let’s call up Xiao Man and take this opportunity to have some fun, shall we?”

“Okay, anyway, I heard from my dad that the place just opened and there are no people there, so it’s just quiet.”

“Then it’s settled. Qianqian, you go and talk to Yu Miaoyin, I’ll let you know the exact time.”

“Okay, thank you, sister Mi Lin! Thank you, Sister Chu Chu!” Sun Qian gave a big bow to the two of them and walked out of Mi Lin’s house. Only then did she catch her breath and wipe the sweat from her forehead, and quickly called Yu Miaoyin to tell her the good news.

“Miao Miao, this time you have to treat me to a big meal.” Sun Qian held the phone to her ear.

As soon as she received Sun Qian’s call, she immediately asked, “Is it done?”

“It’s more than done.” Sun Qian proudly said, “It’s perfect.”

“Qianqian, you are great! Mua! Muamuamua!” Yu Miaoyin kissed the receiver several times, and Sun Qian quickly took the phone away and thought she was too tired.

“Okay, okay, okay, after you and Sister Xiao Man become a couple, just remember me for this credit.” Sun Qian dismissed, “But Miao Miao, your stupid idea, I went to talk to Sister Mi Lin and she laughed at me…”

“What’s so funny about that?” Yu Miaoyin was puzzled, secretly analyzing her own “plan” with Sun Qian, “Think about it, in a small pool, face to face, soaking there, the surrounding foggy, it’s a good opportunity!

“Have you ever thought about the temperature outside today? Thirty-five degrees! Have you been in a hot spring? You’re more like a human broth!” Sun Qian poured all of Mi Lin’s words of ridicule on Yu Miaoyin.

Yu Miaoyin thought about it and nodded thoughtfully, “That seems to be the case….”

 “…..” Sun Qian was tongue-tied for a long time before she said into the phone, “Yu Miaoyin, you’re really a talent.”

“Hehehe, thank you for the compliment.”

“….Get out of here. “

Yu Miaoyin had a couple of interruptions with Sun Qian and remembered the main matter, “Oh right, how did that sister Mi Lin finally agree?”

“Do you remember the last time you went to the movies, the sister Chu Chu sister next to Mi Lin? The short-haired, tall, skinny one. She’s got a new resort for us. I haven’t seen it and don’t know what it’s like, but it sounds a lot more reliable than your bad idea.”

“Senior Mi Lin is so interesting! I’ll be sure to thank her later!”

What should be said was said, the jokes were also played, and Yu Miaoyin ended the line, lying on her small desk, dreaming of fantasies with starry eyes. Vacation resort ah, if she can be with the senior sister in a room…. hehehe…

Xiao Man, who was staying in her small apartment, sneezed violently and took two tissues to blow her nose.


Xiao Man was persuaded by Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi to go out. When Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi showed up at Xiao Man’s doorstep and told her in high spirits that they were going to the resort, she refused without a second thought, “No,” she said. After that, the door was closed.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute!” Chu Fanxi grabbed the door frame with one hand and pressed against the door with the other and forcibly opened the door of Xiao Man’s apartment and squeezed in. She looked around the living room and frowned at the box of instant noodles on the coffee table, saying, “Miss, how many days have you not been out? Look at how skinny you look now! Your face is as hollow as a drug addict. Shouldn’t you go out for a walk? You’re going to grow mold if you don’t get some sun!”

“That’s my business.” Xiao Man leaned against the door and knocked on the shoe rack, impatiently reminding, “If you have nothing to do, just go, I’m busy.”

“Busy? You’re busy my ass!” Chu Fanxi scolded, “Busy playing games or busy eating instant noodles? Xiao Man, isn’t it just a dead cat? You didn’t use to be like this!”

“Chu Chu!” Mi Lin rushed over to cover the foul mouth of the unthinking Chu Fanxi, “You’re not going to say anything!”

Xiao Man leaned against the wall with her hands folded against her chest, half-hidden under the shadow of the door crack, and whispered, “Get out.” The place was too dark, Chu Fanxi could not see Xiao Man’s expression, but Xiao Man’s tone of voice… how should one put it, it is obviously a very smooth tone, but those two words seem to have been frozen in a glacier in the extreme north. In the great summer, the cold was penetrating, along with the hands and feet.

“A’man… “Mi Lin mumbled and stepped forward, Xiao Man’s hand suddenly clenched in a fist to hit the cold hard wall behind her, “I told you to get out!”

The fleshy fist touched the wall with a bang, and the four knuckles flowed with blood, and all fell on the white ceramic floor ticking along the wrist. The pure white floor was suddenly dyed with drips of blood red, just like a few winter plum petals that fell on the flawless snow, looking like a painting.

Chu Fanxi and Mi Lin were both shocked by Xiao Man’s sudden outburst, stunned for a while, not knowing what to do, until Xiao Man slowly and wearily slid along the wall and sat on the floor, covering her face and saying huskily, “You guys go away, please.”

But what’s the big deal about a dead cat that everyone thinks is a dead cat? There are thousands of cats in the world, and there are even more like her, so if one cat is dead, just find another one. Anyway, a cat is not a person and can be distinguished by its appearance, as long as the fur is the same color and size, it is just a cat, right? Why can’t she live without an animal?

For Xiao Man, she could not live. When Miao Miao was rescued by Xiao Man, she wasn’t even half a palm’s size, and she couldn’t open her eyes. She couldn’t stand up, couldn’t crawl, and was so hungry that she was screaming. When Xiao Man entered the house to get milk, the little thing seemed to be telepathic and tried desperately to crawl out and wanted Xiao Man not to leave. Her tender belly was rubbed on the ground until bloody. Xiao Man was shocked when she saw it, but this little milk cat didn’t seem to feel any pain. Turned in front of her smoothly, with total trust.

Xiao Man kept Miao Miao until she was six or seven months old, and watched her gradually recover from being a dying kitten, slowly losing a layer of dirty hair on her body and growing new, soft white fur. In her arms, the kitten curled up softly like a white snow dumpling. 

Although Xiao Man knew that cats did not live as long as humans, and she had planned to give Miao Miao a final rest in a decade or so, yet how could that little lively creature die? Isn’t there a saying that cats have nine lives? Why did it get cold and hard in Xiao Man’s arms, and could never be saved?

It was a little thing that Xiao Man devoted herself to raising and watched her die in front of her, and in the mouths of others, it was just a cat or a dead cat.

It was just a cat.

“A’man, your hand is hurt,” Mi Lin whispered.

Xiao Man didn’t answer. She had exhausted herself so much these days that she was too tired to even speak.

1 “Dead wood” = hopeless.

Translator: Chotto matte! Has Chu Fanxi been a girl this whole time??? Cause chinese pronouns are the same for he/she/it. I usually read a little further in the chapter to determine whether the person is a guy or girl, otherwise I’ll just wing it. But in this chapter they said “sister Chu” meaning… there’s been a misunderstanding the whole time?? Aw now I gotta go as far back as I can and change ‘em. Oh well, now we know.

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