Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 20 – The Ultimate Weapon

Early on the following morning, while still dreaming, Xiao Man was disturbed by an annoying knock on the door.

“Who is it?” She shouted in a daze, only to hear a not-so-familiar woman’s voice outside the bedroom respond, “Senior sister, get up for breakfast!”

Xiao Man fell asleep at 3:30 last night, and when she looked at the time, it was not even 7:30. She took a few deep breaths and just wanted to curse MDZZ1 heartily.

How can there be such an annoying woman in the world!

Why does this annoying woman have to mess with her!

What the hell did she do to deserve this torture!

Xiao Man collapsed and buried her head in the pillow, nothing to love. jpg

“Are you still sleeping? Eat first, then sleep. I made my best…” Yu Miaoyin yelled as she knocked on the door, and before she could finish, the bedroom door was opened from the inside. Her knocking gesture failed to come back, hitting her senior sister’s chest instead.

Time was frozen.

Yu Miaoyin’s hand was still on Xiao Man’s chest, her mind was blank, and she didn’t know what to do, so she could only squeeze it according to her instincts.

Mmm, so soft….

In the next second, Yu Miaoyin was contentedly thrown against the wall by a furious Xiao Man.

By the time Xiao Man came out of the bathroom, Yu Miaoyin had taken herself off the wall and was sitting in front of the dining table squirming, her face flushed, as if she had just experienced something wrong.

“…..” What are you shy about, mao, mao, mao2! It was my mother who was touched! What’s with the little appearance of being molested!

In the end, good manners prevailed. Xiao Man narrowed her eyes, smiled as she sat down at the table with her veins bulging, and asked in a gentle and amiable tone, “What did you say you made best?”


Yu Miaoyin shuddered at Xiao Man’s smile and gulped at the masterpiece she had been working on all morning, “To-tomato scrambled eggs…”

“…..” Xiao Man calmly put down the chopsticks she had just picked up and continued to be polite and courteous, “I’m allergic to eggs, sorry.” Then she turned around and went back into the room. Yu Miaoyin didn’t know what was going on in the room, but just listening to the kuang, bang, dang of the noise inside made her anxious and frightened.

She weakly took out her cell phone and put a cross at the end of the second part of “Teach you how to chase a goddess”.

2. Considerate care.

  Care about the goddess in the details of life, such as cooking her a warm breakfast. Let her feel your thoughtfulness and care. Come on, you will surely capture the goddess’ peace of mind~~~

Yu Miaoyin squeezed the phone tightly, holding back from smashing the expensive thing she had spent money on.

What kind of fucking strategy is this! Screw this! This baby’s heart is bitter! Let me explain!

Xiao Man locked herself in her room and vented for a while, and finally opened the door and came out in a calm manner.

“Se-senior sister…” Xiao Man’s face was so calm that she didn’t have any expression on her face. Yu Miaoyin couldn’t figure out her thoughts, and cried timidly. Xiao Man didn’t speak, dragged her out by the collar, and then resolutely closed the door.

“Senior!” Yu Miaoyin’s nose just touched the door, her nose became red, and tears came out.

Well, it looks like she totally screwed up this time. Yu Miaoyin descended the stairs dejectedly, dragging her steps slowly and tragically out of Xiao Man’s neighborhood, just like a pet that had been chased out of the house by its owner.

Xiao Man stood on the balcony with her hands in her pockets, silently watching the short figure downstairs walk out of the neighborhood door.

The girl was a little noisy, but there was a lot of anger in the house with the addition of her. In fact, she is not a nuisance. Xiao Man is far from being annoyed with her.

Xiao Man was just a little afraid that the excitement and happiness were brought by someone else and when that person leaves, all these positive, sunny and upbeat things will disappear from her life again.

It is always more painful to lose after gaining something than to never gain it. Xiao Man suffered just from one not long ago, and that was enough. She doesn’t need anything else in her life, be it human or other creatures. It’s good to be by herself.

Thinking like this, Xiao Man buried her face deeply into her palms.

“Miao Miao, I miss you.”

Her life was always like this, gaining and losing, such as her father and her cat. In that case, it was better to drive everyone far away, Xiao Man did not need anything.

… …

Yu Miaoyin was walking on the street outside the neighborhood, boringly kicking stones around.

When Yu Miaoyin was a cat, she was able to shamelessly sell her adorableness and be a spoiled brat, but now she has lost her only skill — after all, she is 20 years old, so it is a bit shameful to be a spoiled brat….

There was no choice but for her to use the ultimate weapon “Teach you how to chase a goddess”.

Yu Miaoyin’s mind was spinning, suddenly she had a good idea, and she called Sun Qian’s phone.

“Miao Miao? What’s up?”

“Qianqian, which mountain village did you say had a spa resort last time? I don’t remember.”

“Oh, it was called something like ‘take you to the bath’, weren’t you too lazy to go? Saying it’s hot in the summer.”

“I changed my mind! Soaking in a hot spring in summer is a great way to beautify and nourish your skin.” Yu Miaoyin opened her mouth and said, “Hey, why don’t we go next weekend?”

“Okay, I just happen to have a few more vouchers, and I heard that the chef there is a specially hired Japanese chef, so let’s try that too.”

Yu Miaoyin’s eyes twinkled, “But isn’t it too small for just the two of us?”

Sun Qian and Yu Miaoyin have been friends for so many years, but still didn’t understand her, and rolled her eyes funny, “Don’t keep secrets, tell me, who do you want me to help you ask?”

“Great Qianqian! As expected of a good sister!” Yu Miaoyin chuckled through the microphone and said with a smile, “Well, why don’t you make an appointment with Senior Sister Mi Lin…”

“What? You you you… you to Senior Sister Mi Lin!” Sun Qian was shocked, “Miao Miao, although I can faintly guess that you like girls, but Sister Mi Lin she…. it will not end well with you two together.”

“Wait, what have you been imagining…” Yu Miaoyin held her forehead, “I meant to call Sister Mi Lin, let her ask Senor Sister Xiao Man Sister out, aren’t they acquainted…”

“Oh–” Sun Qian dragged out a long and twisted accent in a yin and yang manner, and said, “Miao Miao, ah, Miao Miao, it turns out that you are interested in Miss Xiao Man.”

“Stop talking nonsense, are you helping or not!” Yu Miaoyin’s face heated up and threatened rudely.

“Help help help, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Yu Miaoyin nodded her head in satisfaction, hung up the phone, retrieved the strategies she had collected, and saw the last point.

The ultimate move: lust\ seduction.

  Goddesses are always reserved, noble, unadulterated, go for it! Bewitch her with your beauty and let her fall to earth for you!

Although Yu Miaoyin feels a little guilty about using her beauty, it seems to be the only tactic left at the moment.

1 “MDZZ” sounds similar to the word/pinyin 妈的智障/Mā de zhìzhàng which means “Mom’s mental retardation”
2 ”Mao” is just FL scolding

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