Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 19 – Teach you how to chase a goddess

Xiao Man yawned and looked at her phone. It was about five minutes to midnight. She turned around and took a look at the girl on the sofa who was playing a game with a controller. The girl looked excited and was fighting on the screen, showing no sign of leaving.

Xiao Man began to reflect on how she had somehow managed to get this girl, who seemed a little out of her mind, in here.

“Hey.” Xiao Man impatiently said, “When are you leaving?”

“Ah?” Yu Miaoyin’s attention was focused on the controller and the screen in front of her and she didn’t hear what Xiao Man said.

Xiao Man got up and grabbed Yu Miaoyin’s controller.

“Ahhhh what are you doing! Quick! I’m dying, I’m dying!” Xiao Man raised the controller over her head. Yu Miaoyin was already short, but Xiao Man was taller, so she jumped several times on Xiao Man and couldn’t reach the controller.

She was so furious that she saw her character’s blood bar being knocked empty by the monster, “You are a bully! How could you!”

Xiao Man hugged her chest as she raised an eyebrow, “Miss, this is my home.”

What do you mean this is your home. I’ve lived here for half a year, sooner or later it will be my home too! Yu Miaoyin slandered and with a smile on her face, she shook Xiao Man’s arm and begged her, “Senior sister, will you take me in for a night?” She was afraid that Xiao Man wouldn’t agree, and then she said, “It’s so late now, I’m afraid to go back alone…”

Xiao Man thought that she knew how to be afraid. She broke into a stranger’s house all by yourself for half a day and she didn’t know how to be afraid. Now she’s thinking of being afraid.

“Senior sister… “Yu Miaoyin was getting tired again, and Xiao Man put her palm against her shoulder and pushed her far away, stopping the girl from getting any closer.

“I’ll give you two choices.” Xiao Man said, “First, get out of my house by yourself.”

“What about the second?” Yu Miaoyin’s eyes instantly became bright and shiny. There was hope, there was hope!

“Second….” Xiao Man smiled at Yu Miaoyin’s starry eyes and slowly said, “I’ll throw you out.”

“Hey….” Yu Miaoyin hung her head in disappointment, lay down on the sofa arrogantly, and continued to sneer, “Then throw me out, I’m ready.”

“…..” Xiao Man was just trying to scare her, but didn’t really expect her to pull out this move, and for a moment she didn’t know what to do. Moreover, Yu Miaoyin, no matter how skinny she is, she is still an adult. Xiao Man had no strength to throw her out.

Xiao Man has lived for more than twenty years, and this is the first time she has encountered such a stubborn human being. If it was a scruffy scoundrel, it would have been easy to just hit her with a broom, but this scoundrel still had a bit of a charming little beauty. Xiao Man may have a cold temperament but she also knows how to take pity and cherish a jade, so she really couldn’t bear to do it.

The reason why she said it was “the first time I met such a stubborn human being” is because it was not the first time Xiao Man met a similar creature. The kitten she had adopted half a year ago, and in terms of the ability to swindle, Xiao Man had never seen anyone who could compare with Miao Miao.  

Forget about it, it’s dead. What else should she do? Xiao Man looked at Yu Miaoyin indifferently, “As you wish.” Xiao Man had no choice but to put down such a cruel sentence, and went back to her room to get clean clothes and take a shower.

Yu Miaoyin watched Xiao Man disappear around the corner of the bathroom without blinking, her shoulders slumped in dismay, and her shameless demeanor a minute ago completely disappeared. She took out her phone and opened the tab, only to find a tab labeled “Teach you how to chase a goddess”. She clicked on it and crossed the first point in her mind.

1. Stalking.

  The fierce girl is afraid of being stalked. Adopt the strategy of stalking the goddess with your burning heart and melt the glacier within the heart of the goddess~~~

Yu Miaoyin shivered with goosebumps at the three ecstatic wavy lines that followed, and puckered at the unreliable advice, then looked at the second point.

Well, this one seems to be pretty good. Yu Miaoyin nodded thoughtfully with her chin in her hand, and then snapped her fingers, so be it!

Yu Miaoyin stared at the phone screen, ears high, always paying attention to her senior sister’s every move in the bathroom. When she heard the sound of water in the bathroom reduced, she quickly put the phone back in her pocket, sat on the sofa, with both eyes focused, watching the corner where she had disappeared.

Three, two, one.

Xiao Man reappeared around the corner, and she wiped her hair with a towel and asked in disgust, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

As she said that, she looked down in the direction where Yu Miaoyin was, and the second she looked into Yu Miaoyin’s eyes, her heart thumped.

It was this look, like, too similar.

Xiao Man had forgotten what she was going to do at the moment. Her hand wiping her hair stopped in mid-air and a murmur came out of her throat that only she could hear, “Miao Miao….”

“What did you say, Senior Sister?” Yu Miaoyin tilted her head and asked with an innocent face.

“No, nothing.” Xiao Man panicked and withdrew her gaze, continued to wipe her hair on her hands, and advised her earnestly, “Miss Yu, you should go back, it’s already a miracle that you woke up. Why waste your time in a stranger’s home?” Xiao Man’s voice was dry, she didn’t like to talk, today was probably the most she had ever spoken, and it was even to a stranger.

“Senior sister, you should call me Miao Miao.” Yu Miaoyin corrected, and smilingly replied, “My parents have gone to my grandmother’s house, and no one is home tonight.”

“That’s all the more reason for you to go back.”

“But I don’t have my keys.” Yu Miaoyin bit her lip pitifully, “I don’t have my wallet either… I’m going to sleep on the street if you don’t take me in….”

“….” Xiao Man looked at Yu Miaoyin.

Yu Miaoyin also looked back at Xiao Man.

After five minutes, Xiao Man lost and pointed at the sofa in resignation, “You can only stay at my house for one night, but tomorrow at dawn, get out immediately.”

“Huh? But Senior sister….”

“Or you can roll right now. Pick one.”

“….Okay.” Yu Miaoyin looked at Xiao Man’s head that was almost on fire, knowing that this was probably the limit of her tolerance, and patted her chest to assure, “Don’t worry, senior sister! I’ll be quiet and good. I don’t snore and I have no bad habits, so go ahead and sleep and I’ll watch the house for you!”

“Oh.” Xiao Man dry fake laughed, “Then I really thank you.”

Xiao Man went back to her bedroom, and Yu Miaoyin nestled on the narrow sofa and thought, “Stalking isn’t completely useless, at least she finally got in, and she didn’t waste her face1.

After tossing and turning all day, Yu Miaoyin was already very tired, hugging her knees and curling up on her side on the uncomfortable sofa and fell unconscious. Xiao Man sat in her room until late in the night, thinking about it, and got up to take a quilt to cover up Yu Miaoyin.

The sudden arrival of warmth made the sleeping Yu Miaoyin so comfortable that she rolled over, wiggled a few times, and let out an extremely faint whisper.


The sound was so small that Xiao Man almost thought she had heard wrong.

1 AKA being shameless was worth it

Translator: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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