Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 18 – Not playing by the rules

“I’m not home, go away.”

Yu Miaoyin stood outside the door helplessly, wondering if the person inside was really her senior sister. How could she say such a childish rejection.

“Sister, I really have something important!” Yu Miaoyin rapped on the door and shouted, but no one answered inside the door.

“….” Senior sister, you forced me to do this.

1,2,3. Yu Miaoyin counted to three silently, blushing, and shouting with all her might, “Senior– sister–, I know where your cat is—“

Cat? This word touched Xiao Man’s nerves. Xiao Man sprinted to the door, pulled the doorknob and suddenly opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, Yu Miaoyin’s ending sound had not yet finished, and a series of “ah” sounds pierced Xiao Man’s forehead. Xiao Man could even see her tonsils trembling in the depths of her tongue, as Yu Miaoyin’s mouth opened so wide.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Xiao Man squinted at the strange girl through the layer of the security door. She felt that this girl looked a bit familiar, but couldn’t remember where she had seen her.

“Senior sister, you’ve finally opened the door!” Yu Miaoyin closed her mouth and stared excitedly at Xiao Man through the the security door, her eyes round and goofy. Xiao Man finally knew why she looked familiar – her eyes looked like the dead cat she had buried a few weeks ago.

“What is it? Speak.” The door of Xiao Man’s house had two layers, a security door on the outside and a wooden door on the inside, and she was now holding the wooden door frame, ready to close it at any moment, without any intention of inviting the girl outside the door to come in.

“I’ve been standing outside for a long time, my feet are so sore…” Yu Miaoyin was lying on the security door, her eyebrows drooping to the sides into a figure eight1, her head slightly lowered, her eyes darting upward, looking at Xiao Man pitifully. Exactly the same as the dead cat Xiao Man used to have.

Xiao Man was unmoved and said faintly, “If you don’t say it then I’m closing the door.” Saying that she really closed the wooden door outside, Yu Miaoyin quickly surrendered, “Don’t don’t! I’ll say it! I’ll say it!”

The door was been half closed, half of Xiao Man’s body stood behind the door, with a crooked head, and raised eyebrows, “Say.”

“Sister, you really won’t let me go in…” Yu Miaoyin asked again without giving up.



This time there was not even a little hesitation. The vermillion wooden door unceremoniously closed in front of her, slamming the door with excessive force, even the door frame shook several times with the ground.

Senior sister, why are you so bad-tempered… Yu Miaoyin showed that she was shocked, so the spoiled senior sister is only an illusion! It was hard for her to find the courage to sneak over to see her…

“Meow…..” Yu Miaoyin sat in front of Xiao Man’s house and let out a meaningless cry.

Xiao Man’s doorstep was occupied from noon until dark. She was so hungry that she was groaning. What Yu Miaoyin thought was that Xiao Man couldn’t cook so she will eventually have to come out to look for food. She’ll have to order take-out no matter what, right? Unexpectedly, after eight o’clock in the evening, the door was still closed, not to mention the takeaway brother, even the silhouette of a person did not pass by.

“Senior sister, please open the door… I’m going to starve to death…” Yu Miaoyin shouted in a collapsed voice. She didn’t have any hope, but she really opened the door.  

Yu Miaoyin turned her head and saw Xiao Man looking at her strangely with a bowl of instant noodles, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Anyone who has eaten instant noodles knows the instant noodles smell, especially when someone is hungry. The fragrance can seduce the gluttons all over the body. Yu Miaoyin was too hungry, her eyes locked tightly on the instant noodle. Xiao Man observed her for a while, curled up the corners of her mouth, and stretched out her arm holding the cup of instant noodles.

Yu Miaoyin’s eyes drifted in the direction of the hot noodles as she scooted over.

Xiao Man took her arm back, and Yu Miaoyin’s gaze followed.

“Want to eat?” Xiao Man asked.

“Mmmmm!” Xiao Man was in a trance, as if Miao Miao had changed her appearance and returned to her side.

Yu Miaoyin’s stomach rumbled in response, and she blushed as she covered her stomach.

Xiao Man lost her smile, and her mood, which had been depressed for many days, suddenly changed for the better, and generously opened the door, raising her chin, “Come in.”

Even Xiao Man was confused as to why she let an unknown stranger in for no reason at all.

It wasn’t until Yu Miaoyin entered the territory she was familiar with and changed her slippers familiarly, that Xiao Man remembered and asked her, “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Miao Miao.” Yu Miaoyin wandered into Xiao Man’s house, pulled out a cup of instant noodles, then wandered into the kitchen, and poured boiling water. Xiao Man became nervous and ran into the kitchen and asked, “What do you mean by your name?”

“Miao Miao, ah.” Yu Miaoyin looked innocent. It was so sudden that she realized what was happening and laughed out, “Senior sister, I am Yu Miaoyin. My nickname is Miao Miao, we even saw a movie together once, I was sitting next to you. Did you forget?”

Xiao Man thought for a while, as if that was the case, and then asked, “The one whose brain was smashed into a hole?”

Yu Miaoyin nodded with her steaming instant noodles in her hand, “Yes, the one whose brain was smashed into a hole.”

“Oh.” Xiao Man didn’t comment, finishing the last mouthful of instant noodles and wiping her mouth, “Didn’t you go into a coma? When did you wake up?”

“Last month.” Yu Miaoyin was so hungry that she counted to three minutes and waited for the noodles to soak. She eagerly tore off the lid, picked up a plastic fork, and sent a forkful of noodles to her mouth, scalding her mouth. Xiao Man frowned, “Slow down, no one will steal it from you.”

Yu Miaoyin was burnt so much that she didn’t let go of her mouth, while chewing on the noodles and slurring her words, “I didn’t eat at noon. I’m starving to death.”

Xiao Man nodded her head, put down the cup of instant noodles in her hands and picked up the PS4 on the coffee table to play the game again. She always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t remember it until Yu Miaoyin finished eating the noodles. Along with Xiao Man’s cup of instant noodles, she took it to the toilet to pour it out, flushed the residue, cleaned up the kitchen and living room of Xiao Man’s house, and took out all the garbage and threw it away. Xiao Man finally knew what was wrong.

“Why are you here?” Xiao Man put down the PS4, “And how come you know my house better than I do?”

Yu Miaoyin had an inscrutable smile on her face, “Senior sister, your instant noodles are in the left drawer of the TV cabinet, cookies on the right, and chips in the middle. Not only that, but I also know that your underwear are in the third compartment of the dresser in the bedroom on the left by the window, arranged accordingly to their shade of colors.”

After saying that, Yu Miaoyin looked provocatively at Xiao Man, “Senior sister, who do you think I am?”

After hearing this, Xiao Man silently took out her cell phone and dialed the police, “Hello police? I’m calling because there’s a peeping Tom in my house, and yes, they’ve been caught.”


Yu Miaoyin quickly rushed over and hung up Xiao Man’s phone, “Senior sister, you’re a bully! Why don’t you play your cards by the rules!”

1 “Her eyebrows drooping to the sides into a figure eight” the face is 囧

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