Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 16 – Don’t know what title this should be

After sleeping for half a year, Yu Miaoyin finally woke up, which was a great good thing, a few days later several of her good classmates found out, but since she just woke up her body is still very weak, and it was inconvenient for her classmates to visit her.

Yu Miaoyin laid in the hospital bed for another week, her mother was always around to take care of her. She was not allowed to use mobile phones or surf the Internet. She couldn’t even read books for a long time. Yu Miaoyin felt that she is about to grow mushrooms, and her mother finally approved it. A mobile phone that she can play on for one hour a day.

Yu Miaoyin used this hour to contact her classmates to find out how Xiao Man was doing, but to no avail. She only heard that she hasn’t been to school for several days, giving Yu Miaoyin an ominous premonition in her heart.

Yu Miaoyin and Xiao Man have lived together for half a year. Based on her superficial knowledge of senior sister, even a knife in the sky couldn’t stop Xiao Man’s enthusiasm for learning. It is too strange for her to be absent from class for several days in a row.

Is something wrong? Yu Miaoyin was so anxious that she immediately dialed Sun Qian’s phone, “Qian Qian, it’s me, Miao Miao.”

“Miao Miao? How are you recovering?” Sun Qian was surprised and delighted when she received a call from Yu Miaoyin, “I heard you were awake and I wanted to go see you, but the doctor said I couldn’t disturb your rest, so I didn’t. You’re finally awake, thank God. I was scared to death that day…”

Sun Qian’s mouth is broken and she never stopped talking, so Yu Miaoyin interrupted her rambling by pressing on her forehead, “Qian Qian, let me ask you something.”

“What’s the matter? Is it homework? Anyway, you’ve already done the suspension procedures, there’s no rush, hahahaha, when you come back to school you’ll have to call me senior sister, it’ll be really fun!”

“No…” Yu Miaoyin frowned helplessly, “I’m talking business with you, don’t joke around.”

Sun Qian was quite reasonable, joking aside, when she heard that there was business, she immediately became serious, “What is it, you tell me.”

“Do you remember Xiao Man?”

“I remember. Wasn’t she a classmate of Sister Mi Lin? Usually she is always fierce. Wait, no, why did you bring her up?”

“I want to ask you for a favor.” Yu Miaoyin paused for two seconds and said, “Help me find out how Xiao Man has been doing with Sister Mi Lin.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll ask later. I’ll call you then.”

“Qian Qian, thank you.”

“Our relationship don’t need any thank you, but you have to hurry and recover. Do not scare me again.” Sun Qian’s heart throbbed, “That day you just fell in front of me without any warning, and I had nightmares for a week.”

Yu Miaoyin and Sun Qian have been best friends for several years. To have had such a big incident in front of Sun Qian. Although Sun Qian is usually careless, Yu Miaoyin knows that she is very timid and said with guilt, “I’m sorry. I made you worried.” 

“It’s okay, I’m not that prudent.” Sun Qian magnanimously said that she didn’t mind, and thought about it, and then added, “These past half year since your accident, the aunt and uncle are all very tired…”

Sun Qian didn’t finish her sentence, but Feng Jiawan, who had gone out to prepare food for Yu Miaoyin, came back and sat down by Yu Miaoyin’s bedside, “Miaoyin, it’s been an hour.”

Yu Miaoyin said to the phone, “Qianqian, I have to hang up now, let’s talk again tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, Yu Miaoyin gave the phone back to Feng Jiayuan, who opened the thermos and gave Yu Miaoyin her food, “Is that from Qian Qian?”

“Mm, she’s quite worried about me.” Yu Miaoyin took the chopsticks and sat down on the bed to eat slowly.

Feng Jiayuan nodded, “Qian Qian came to visit you quite a few times when you were unconscious, it’s about time to make a phone call to report your condition….”

“Mom.” Yu Miaoyin put down the chopsticks and sighed, “I’m sorry.”

Feng Jiayuan lowered her head, red eyes, “It’s mom who’s sorry.”

Feng Jiayuan always thought that Yu Miaoyin’s accident was caused by her own suspicions, if it was not for her suspicions, their family would still be harmonious. A little rich, but not too rich, and living in peace, how nice. It was her own suspicions that ruined everything.

Yu Miaoyin became more saddened by her mother’s words. She still remembered the last time she saw her mother when she left home before becoming a cat. Her mother had dark hair and a young face. She thought that was the last time she and her mother would see each other, but she had a third life, and this time, her mother was old and tired, not at all like the well-groomed and thoughtful woman she remembered.

“Let’s eat.” Feng Jiawan smiled bitterly, “The food won’t taste good when it gets cold later.”

Yu Miaoyin picked up her bowl again and ate in silence. After finishing her meal, she looked up firmly as if she had made up her mind, looked into Feng Jiawan’s eyes, and said again solemnly, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

“Miao Miao…”

“Mom, listen to me.” Yu Miaoyin closed her eyes, took a deep breath, slowly letting it out, and opened her eyes again, without looking away, “I like women.” One word at a time, clearly spoken.

“Wh- what?” Feng Jiawan’s expression froze, her mouth stopped in an awkward position with a half-smile, and she blinked, not understanding the meaning of her daughter’s words.

Without hesitation, Yu Miaoyin said again, “I have someone I like, she is a woman.”

Feng Jiawan asked tentatively, “Is it… Qian Qian?”

“Ah?” This time it was Yu Miaoyin’s turn to be stunned, how could she think of Sun Qian? Where did my own mother get this divine conclusion?

Feng Jiayuan sighed, and looked like she knew, “Actually, I guessed it a little bit even if you didn’t tell me. You’ve never had a boyfriend since you were a kid, you just love to play with girls. Look at our community, children as big as you have already had a boyfriend today, and in a few days there will be another one. It’s just you who has been single for twenty years, and the only one who plays well is Sun Qian. I guessed it before…”

“Wait wait wait wait!” Yu Miaoyin made a stop gesture, laughing and crying, “Mom, you misunderstood, it’s not Sun Qian, she and I are just ordinary best friends….”

Feng Jiayan looked at her obliquely and was skeptical, “Really?”

“I’ve already confessed to you that I’m gay, so why would I lie to you about that?” Yu Miaoyin couldn’t figure it out, “No, how did you conclude that Qian Qian and I are… what….” Yu Miaoyin is too familiar with Sun Qian, just thinking of the relationship beyond friendship with her gave her goosebumps.

“Didn’t you say you liked women? There are only a few friends around you, the only one closest to you is Qian Qian. If I don’t suspect her, whom would I suspect?” Feng Jiawan took it for granted.

“Mom, it’s really not her.” Yu Miaoyin wanted to directly tell Feng Jiawan her senior sister’s name, but gave it a second thought. Nothing has happened yet, and she doesn’t even know her. Thinking about it, she said to Feng Jiawan, “Mom, I can’t tell you who she is right now.”

Feng Jiawan was silent for a moment and laughed lightly, “Miaoyin, no matter who it is, Mom will support you.”

Yu Miaoyin couldn’t believe her ears, “Mom, are you telling the truth?”

Feng Jiawan wanted to laugh at her daughter’s stunned appearance, and stared at her, “Will mom lie to you?”

“But….” Yu Miaoyin always felt something was wrong, and after thinking for a long time, she finally came up with the question, “Don’t you think I’m disgusting?”

Feng Jiawan looked at Yu Miaoyin until Yu Miaoyin looked away with a guilty conscience, before she sighed long and hard, “Miaoyin, you are my daughter.”

With just one sentence, Yu Miaoyin’s eyes instantly warmed up, and her heart also warmed up.

In the afternoon, Sun Qian tried to contact Yu Miaoyin, but couldn’t get through to her, so she thought about it and went to the hospital to see how Yu Miaoyin was doing.

As Yu Miaoyin was reading a book, the hospital room door was pushed open, and Yu Miaoyin looked at Sun Qian in surprise, “Qian Qian, what are you doing here?”

Sun Qian looked solemn, “Miao Miao, Sister Xiao Man she…”

Yu Miaoyin’s heart sank, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She hasn’t been doing too well lately…”

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