Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 15 – Back to the beginning

“Miaoyin, I ran into Qianqian today, that’s your good friend. She said your classmates miss you very much.” The towel went through the warm water on the edge of the hospital bed and was wrung dry. Feng Jiawan took Yu Miaoyin’s other hand and prepared to wipe it. But after wringing it a few times, she froze there with a sigh, threw the towel back into the water, and sat on the edge of the bed holding her knees.

The cheeks of Yu Miaoyin on the hospital bed were thin, and Feng Jiawan remembered that her daughter’s face had a little baby fat before the accident, and her fleshy hand felt very good when she squeezed it, it felt just like a cotton ball, but now Yu Miaoyin’s cheeks were deeply sunken, and her body radiated a gloomy and sickly look.

Yu Miaoyin had been lying in her hospital bed for more than half a year, and she didn’t know how much longer she would lie there. Feng Jiawan found many similar cases on the Internet, some woke up after lying for five or ten years, and some woke up after lying for twenty or thirty years. These examples were not encouraging at all. As a mother, she really couldn’t bear the long ten years and twenty years.

She regretted why she was so suspicious and kept bugging her husband and daughter about it. If she hadn’t called her that day, maybe Yu Miaoyin could have escaped and wouldn’t be lying on the hospital bed.

“Miaoyin, do you blame mommy for not waking up?” When Feng Jiawan grabbed her daughter’s hand, her eyes began to moisten, and then the tears flowed again. She thought her tears had dried up, but no, tears are endless, and people will cry when they are sad and desperate.

“Miao Miao, mommy misses you.” Feng Jiawan quit her job and took care of her daughter every day in the hospital room, day and night. But she missed Yu Miaoyin so much that she tossed and turned every night and couldn’t sleep. She longed for her daughter to wake up one day and call her mom.

Once again, Feng Jiawan dreamed that Yu Miaoyin really woke up, but it was twenty years later and Feng Jiawan was at the bedside in her old age, and the first thing Yu Miaoyin asked when she opened her eyes was, “Who are you?”

Feng Jiayuan woke up from her dream, broke down and cried loudly in the bathroom. Yu Hai Zhang comforted her outside the door and stayed with her all night. The next morning, with red eyes, she asked her husband, “What if Miao Miao never wakes up again? What if we’re old when she wakes up and she doesn’t recognize us?”

Yu Hai Zhang hugged her shoulder and said, “No, Miaoyin will wake up, I guarantee it.” But Yu Hai Zhang couldn’t guarantee it either. He could only comfort himself with the words “she will wake up soon”. Yu Hai Zhang was the backbone supporting Feng Jiawan, and he couldn’t collapse for the sake of his wife and the family.

Feng Jiawan stayed by the bedside for a while, and stood up with difficulty. She was only in her forties and her back was already hunched over and there were two big bags under her eyes, always staring at Yu Miaoyin in a daze. In the past, Feng Jiawan paid a lot of attention to appearances. When she took Yu Miaoyin shopping, everyone thought they were sisters. Half a year after Yu Miaoyin’s accident, she aged rapidly at a rate visible to the naked eye, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Feng Jiawan poured the cold water into the basin and sat back on the edge of the hospital bed again, holding Yu Miaoyin’s hand, and chanted some words. Suddenly, Yu Miaoyin’s index finger moved slightly. The strength is very weak, almost like an ant crawling up her finger.

Such a faint movement had happened many times before. At first Feng Jiawan was very excited and thought Yu Miaoyin was about to wake up, but then she was told that it was just a normal reflex, and was disappointed again and again that Feng Jiayan had no reaction to such a movement.

“Miao Miao, Mommy misses you.” Feng Jiawan said again in a voice that only she could hear, and Yu Hai Zhang came back in.

“Jiawan, I’ve brought you some food, I’ll watch Miao Miao. You eat first.” Yu Hai Zhang was the vice president of the hospital, and he was usually very busy, although his daughter was in the hospital, he could not spare much time to see her.

“Hai Zhang, just now Miaomiao moved again.” Feng Jiawan said.

Yu Hai Zhang knew that Feng Jiawan was imagining things again, patted her on the shoulder and handed her the box lunch, “Let’s eat.”

It was not easy for Yu Hai Zhang and Feng Jiawan to have Yu Miaoyin. Feng Jiawan had two miscarriage before, and when she was pregnant with Yu Miaoyin, she was very careful.

However, both of them were full of joy and sweetness at that time, which is very different compared to now.

Neither of them noticed that Yu Miaoyin’s eyelids moved, and then slowly opened.

The faint sound of “Mom…” reached the couple’s ears, and the chopsticks in Feng Jiawan’s hand dropped to the floor.

She turned her head incredulously and stared stiffly into Yu Miaoyin’s eyes, and saw two somewhat cloudy and unfocused eyes. Yu Miaoyin’s eyes were really opened.

“Mom…” Yu Miaoyin called out again.

All of Feng Jiawan’s emotions choked in her throat for an instant, her mouth opened and closed, and she only spat out one syllable, “Ai.”

Tears flowed out along with the monosyllable, and in that instant, Feng Jiawan sobbed.

“Mom, Dad.” Yu Miaoyin’s eyes gathered focus and weakly called out again, and Yu Hai Zhang, whose eyes were also red, responded, “Miaoyin, you’re finally awake.”

Yu Miaoyin’s accident happened without warning, and she also woke up without any warning either. Her body has been lying in bed for more than half a year, her body function has degraded, and she had to recover slowly. But this is nothing to Feng Jiawan and Yu Hai Zhang, as long as their daughter wakes up, she can take her time to recover, and she can always recover one day.

Yu Miaoyin woke up and looked at her aging mother, her nose became sour and tears fell.

“Mom, I’ve made you worry.”

Feng Jiawan jumped on Yu Miaoyin’s body, tears soaked half of Yu Miaoyin’s shoulder, “Miaoyin, mommy is wrong, mommy is sorry…”

Yu Miaoyin returned to hug Feng Jiawan’s back and looked at her father with red eyes, her heart was half filled with guilt and the other half was filled with Xiao Man.

How is senior sister doing? The cat has died, how sad must she be?

Yu Miaoyin was deeply worried about Xiao Man, and she also began to worry about herself. When she was no longer the cat that could only roll around and sell cuteness in the arms of the senior sister, when she and the senior sister become strangers again, could she only watch senior sister silently in the corner again?

Yu Miaoyin would rather not, she wants to be with her senior sister, but how can she approach her? Yu Miaoyin is a little desperate, everything was back to the beginning, and Yu Miaoyin had already started backing out before seeing her senior sister.

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