My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 42

Miao Jinghan glanced at her without speaking.

After Shu Tang asked, she suddenly realized that she had come to the Mortal Realm to cultivate so that she could solve the problem by herself. Before, she had relied on her master and wanted to turn to her for help with anything, but now she was unconsciously relying on the kitten, which was really wrong.

As soon as she realized this, she immediately explained to the cat, “I’m just talking to myself, you don’t need to pay attention to me.”

Afterward, she took the fish to the place where the sand was most delicate, and squatted down, looking at the fish for a moment, and then at the sand. Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind and Shu Tang immediately took action. Immediately she packed up the fish, then controlled the grains of sand so that they condensed into a cauldron, placed the fish in it, and at the same time guided the clear sea water into the cauldron. After everything was done, the flames burst out of her hands, and she began to cook the fish in place with the power of fire in her body.

The kitten flicked its tail beside her and squinted at her, and the person in the shadow also smiled with relief.

Shu Tang originally learned all the spells by herself, and only knew how to use them, but not how to use them. Now she finally had her own idea, which was rare.

In a short time, the fragrance of a boiled sea fish was overwhelming, it was ready to be served. The kitten was finally willing to move, and from nowhere produced a large white porcelain bowl, and gave it to Shu Tang.

The taste of the river fish that had been eaten for a long time was delicious, but there was nothing salty after eating for a long time. The first taste of the sea fish with the saltiness of the sea really amazed Shu Tang.

However, after ten days, she did not think so anymore.

One person and one cat stayed at the beach for ten days, and Shu Tang also caught fish for ten days. Even though she knew that this was an exercise for her, she was still anxious to get out of here.

The time given by her master was only three months, and now she had already spent half a month catching fish. The Mortal Realm is so big, she wanted to go to see all the fun and mysterious places, but now, not to mention to see other places… Shu Tang suspects that she may end up catching fish for three whole months.

Suddenly, she missed the days when she was a piglet, but it only took a moment for her to realize – if she was a piglet for the rest of her life, how was she going to protect her master?

It was another uninspiring day, and as Shu Tang sat on the beach for a while, thinking about what kind of fish to catch, she was disturbed by the sound of a kitten’s call and opened her eyes.

“Your perception of the outside world is too poor when you meditate. Next time you meditate, you shouldn’t be distracted and pay attention to your surroundings. Otherwise, I’ll just swallow you alive and you won’t even know it.” The kitten walked up to her with its tail raised and high spiritedly.

Shu Tang struggled with the words it said, pursed her lips, and asked, “So, what did you call me for?”

“I’m going to be hungry in an hour, and according to my experience in the last few days, you should go catch fish now.”

Shu Tang: “…Oh.”

She might as well have kissed Miao Jinghan in the first place! If I had agreed to her, I wouldn’t be in such a miserable state now, would I?

She stood up and was about to leave, but then she heard the cat say, “Tomorrow we will go somewhere else. You haven’t been to the middle of the sea before, so why don’t we go and have a look.”

 Shu Tang’s knowledge of the sea was based on what she had known before crossing the sea, and the deep sea was full of mystery and danger to her. But the kitten was right, she didn’t know when the next time she would come to the sea would be, so she might as well take a look because this world was different from the one she had known. It was reasonable to assume that there should be many demons cultivating in the sea, but she hadn’t been able to see them in the shallow waters in the past few days, so perhaps they were all hiding in the deep sea.

With this thought in mind, she flew directly to the sea, looked around, and what she saw revealed the boundless sea. Looking at the deep blue water below her feet, even with the spell, Shu Tang was still a little nervous, and her breathing was not smooth.

Just by looking at the sea, she almost thought she would be sucked into it in the next second, much less catch fish. She was about to rush back to a safe place when she suddenly saw the sea water tossing and turning without an explanation, and before she could react, the waves suddenly rose up into the air like a big net, completely blocking her surroundings.

Shu Tang’s breathing was stagnant, and she felt that she was in danger from the deep blue sea. However, the person who controlled the seawater was obviously several times more powerful than her, and all her resistance and evasion was like a child’s play and struggle, which had no effect at all.

She believed that she had never made any enemies, and could not think of anyone who would want to trap her here, so she shouted, “Who is it? it’s better to come up and show yourself.”

A boundary had already been formed in the sea net, and Shu Tang only had time to hear a soft laugh, but suddenly the royal wind lost its effect, and she actually fell straight into the deep sea!

The seawater around her seemed to have a hypnotic spell, and as soon as she touched the seawater, she felt that she was going to sleep. Shu Tang’s body was completely submerged in the seawater and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

She secretly thought that this was not good, but there was nothing she could do at this moment, and she could only try her best to resist the power of hypnosis. However, she could only resist the hypnotic spell as best she could, but there was no obvious effect even until she exhausted all her qi, and she still fell asleep as she sank.

When she woke up again, Shu Tang was lying in a place as soft as cotton. When she got up, she saw a magnificent palace under the sea.

The palace was covered by a boundary, and the interior of the palace was exquisitely decorated with gauzy curtains, like a dream. When Shu Tang stepped down from where she was lying, she looked back and saw a huge seashell with a white soft couch and pearls scattered around it, which was both luxurious and not too tacky at the same time.

Shu Tang walked forward slowly, looking at the smooth jasper wine bottle and the glazed wine jug on the long table, as well as the empty jade plate.

This should be the bottom of the deep sea, outside the boundary is the dark seawater, but inside the barrier is shining with pearls, like entering the palace of the mountaintop.

Holding the long table with one hand, and for a moment could not understand where she was. Call it a dragon palace, but without the shrimps and crabs that one would expect, it is an ordinary palace… who would have nothing to do than build a house in the bottom of the ocean?

In the meantime, she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind her. She suddenly looked back and saw a woman with a veil over her face.

A woman slowly walked up to her, smiled, and said, “Immortal Qi Xuan, it’s my first time meeting you, and I’m deeply offended.”

When Shu Tang heard her name, a thought suddenly dawned on her and asked, “What is your relationship with Qi Yan?”

Only her forehead and eyes were exposed, but just by looking at them, one could imagine how beautiful she must have been under the veil. With a smile in her eyes, she replied softly, “I didn’t expect you to know her, she is my sister.” After that, she conjured two glazed chairs out of thin air and said to Shu Tang, “Please sit down.”

After both of them had sat down, she said, “It’s been a long time since a person has come to the sea, and it’s rare to meet a person with immortal qi, so I took the initiative to invite you to be my guest.

Shu Tang said in her heart, this is not “inviting” someone as a guest, it is obviously kidnapping. But the other party called herself the sister of Qi Yan and was polite, so she couldn’t say anything, but just commented, “It’s no big deal. It’s my good fortune to meet you, Immortal.”

“What good fortune? When you see me, don’t say it’s bad luck in the future.” Qi Xuan picked up the flask and poured her a glass of wine, “Your immortal qi is very faint, but I can sense familiarity with you. If you don’t mind, can you tell me where you came from?”

Shu Tang would not reveal everything to someone she was meeting for the first time, “I have had occasional encounters with people from the immortal world and now I am cultivating by myself. There is nowhere to go.”

Seeing that she didn’t want to say more, Qi Xuan smiled lightly, “Are you always so wary of people?” Before Shu Tang replied, she added, “I haven’t talked to anyone for a long time, could you accompany me for a chat? When the time comes, I will naturally send you out.”

Shu Tang didn’t know when that time was, but she had no other way to communicate with this strange loose immortal.

It turned out that this sister of Qi Yan was a loose immortal who had come from a rabbit demon cultivation. After becoming a loose immortal a thousand years ago, when she and her sister first came to the mortal realm, she saw a place that attracted her even more than grass – the sea. According to her, ever since she saw the sea, there was no room for anything else in her eyes, so she immediately separated from her sister and came to live here. After a thousand years, the two sisters had not seen each other since.

As Shu Tang listened to her story, she had a vague feeling that something was not right, but when she looked at her smiling eyes, she felt that she was overreacting.

Qi Yan’s eyes were as black as ink, like ink-dyed pool water, dark and unfathomable. On the other hand, Qi Xuan’s eyes were slightly blue, like a deep and boundless ocean, with perplexity in her soul.

They chatted for about an hour. During that time, Qi Xuan repeatedly invited her to drink several times, but Shu Tang declined because of something wrong in her heart.

Shu Tang told her about the outside world, some of which she had experienced, and some of which she had heard from Miao Jinghan. When Shu Tang thought of what to say, Qi Xuan suddenly said, “It’s getting late, I’ll walk you out.”

Before her voice fell, she took Shu Tang’s wrist and flew upward, through the boundary, and directly to the surface of the sea.

Once out of the ocean, in addition to the endless sea, there was a woman dressed in white. The woman had a breathtakingly beautiful appearance, but her surroundings were filled with an air of malevolence.

“Master?!” Shu Tang was startled and could not believe the person in front of her.

How did her master get here? How did she know she was here? Has…. master been watching her?!

Shu Tang was delighted and was about to say something when she suddenly felt her wrist go empty and Qi Xuan, who was holding her, disappeared in the blink of an eye. Her eyes were only focused on her master, so she was momentarily unaware and almost fell back into the sea.

“Your ability has indeed improved, but you also need to know where to go and where not to go.” Fuyu looked unhappy, and after saying this, she didn’t even care about the strange behaving loose immortal, and led her disciple all the way back to the shore, never saying another word.

Shu Tang, who was being pulled by her, naturally didn’t dare to argue. She was indeed presumptuous, knowing that she was not a capable person, but was curious enough to go to a dangerous place.

Moreover, the joy in Shu Tang’s heart was far greater than the shame of being reprimanded by her master, who had been holding her in her hand.

However, she didn’t react until she landed on the shore–if Master had been paying attention to her, then she should be aware that Miao Jinghan had been spending time with her every day.

Shu Tang’s heart tightened, and she was busy looking at her master, cautiously asking, “Master, do you know everything about my time in the mortal realm?”

Fuyu released her and said, “I know all of it.” Then she added, “The grilled fish was delicious.”

As if struck by lightning, Shu Tang: “….”

Wait! Forgive her for not having enough brains right now… What did Master just say?!

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