My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 41

Shu Tang was stunned for a moment, and did not understand the real meaning of her words. After thinking about it, she nodded very seriously and said, “I miss her very much. When I was in the Immortal Realm, it was fine not to see each other for ten days, but the first day I came to the Mortal Realm, I began to miss my master.”

She didn’t feel the need to deceive the little cat on this matter. To appear false, there is something to cover up.

She did miss her master now, both the extraordinary miss and the normal miss of master and disciple. The special one, she hid it in her heart, and for the normal one, it has nothing to do with the kitten’s words.

The kitten on the ground poked the fish with its paws for a while before responding, “Oh.”

Shu Tang looked at it puzzled. If she didn’t feel wrong…. is Miao Jinghan suddenly upset?

Vaguely, she had a thought in her mind, recalling what the kitten had done to her during the day, and suddenly her breath stopped. But then she looked at the cat, who was eating the grilled fish, and thought that maybe she was overreacting.

When you think about it, she is just a little girl about ten years old now, Miao Jinghan…. would not be so hungry, right?

After reassuring herself, Shu Tang inserted another fish into the sticks and began to concentrate on grilling the fish.

After the last experience, she had better control of the flame. When making a fire, most of the flames have a maximum point, so if you put the food on the highest point, it will be heated and roasted unevenly. But this time, Shu Tang controlled the shape of the flame to form a relatively flat surface, roasting fresh and tender fish in a relaxed manner, and the effect was naturally different.

There are no condiments, not even a grain of salt, and even though Shu Tang doesn’t know how to cook, she understands that if there are no seasonings to enhance the flavor, it is necessary to show the delicious taste of the food 100%.

However, the freshness in the fish is not something that can be easily brought out. Shu Tang also didn’t plan to eat a fat man in one go1, slowly feeling every change in the fish.

Miao Jinghan ate the tattered fish with dignity and then lay down by the fire to keep warm.

The night was still cool, and in this kind of weather, there was a warm fire, fragrant fish, and… her being serious. The kitten curled up in a ball, its black and white fur coated with a layer of orange under the flames, and the little head hidden between its belly came out from time to time to take a look at the girl baking the fish.

In the daytime, she actually saw the grown-up Shu Tang, and although she knew it was just an illusion, she still felt it was very real when she thought about it now.

Miao Jinghan was a little irritable for no reason. If she had known, she should have waited until Shu Tang entered the third realm before helping her transform into a human. But then again, if the piglet directly turned into a young girl, she would have been reluctant to give her back to Fuyu, right?

The kitten sniffed the fragrance of the fish, squinted its eyes, and unconsciously made a soft meowing sound as the young girl’s face flashed in its mind. When Shu Tang heard this, she flipped the fish and said, “It will be ready soon.

Sure enough, after flipping the fish twice, she cheered, “This one’s done!”

Upon hearing this, the kitten suddenly opened its eyes and scampered to Shu Tang’s side.

Although this fish still didn’t have any condiments, it was very good in appearance, with golden and slightly charred skin, and no burned part.

The fragrance of fish lingered on the river bank and Shu Tang couldn’t hold herself back. The bullying kitten was now in the form of a beast. She tore off a piece of fish with lightning speed and stuffed it into her mouth.

Fresh! Fragrant! Crunchy! Tender!

Shu Tang was grinning at the meal. When she was about to tear off another piece of fish, she suddenly noticed that there seemed to be another creature within ten meters. She immediately became alert and shouted, “Who?”

Who could be approaching quietly at this time of the night? Is it possible that her first confrontation with someone after she came to the Mortal Realm… is finally coming?

Shu Tang suddenly got a little excited, holding the fish in one hand and waiting for the person to come out with the other. However, what she didn’t expect was that the person she waited for was a small white cat.

She was startled at first, then she looked at the fish in her hand, and leaned over smilingly, and asked, “Did you come here because of the smell?”

The little white cat’s eyes were dark and translucent, like dark stars in the night. It flicked its white, snowy tail, tilted its head, and mewed softly.

Shu Tang was instantly touched by it and turned her head to ask Miao Jinghan, “Can I give her some fish?

Miao Jinghan’s amber eyes stared straight at the white cat, sizing it up several times before she said with a smile, “Okay.”

As soon as Shu Tang heard its agreement, she immediately tore off a big piece of fish meat and handed it to the white kitten. The little guy cried softly twice, as if thanking him, then bit into the fish, turned, and ran away.

Shu Tang: “….” It left too neatly, didn’t it?!

It was not until its white figure disappeared into the night that she returned and handed the rest of the fish to Miao Jinghan, “It’s your turn.”

There was some anger in Miao Jinghan’s heart for eating what was left of it. However, proud as she was, she still took the remaining half of the fish.

When it finished eating, the kitten licked its paws while asking her, “That cat just now… don’t you think it’s weird?”

“Of course it’s strange, but it appeals to people, so I won’t think about it too much.” Shu Tang replied honestly. In the meantime, she gathered up the fish bones and bits on the ground, dug a hole, and buried them in the ground.

The little white cat that came just now, by looking at its fur, you can tell that it is not a wild cat. Cats love to be clean, but a feral cat can’t be that clean by any means. Looking at its every move, it is cute and there is always a sense of incongruity.

Hearing this, Miao Jinghan asked contemptuously, “Did you take me out of the Stone Forest because of this?”

“Otherwise?” Shu Tang asked it back, “By the way, you are a demon immortal, why do you need my master’s help for the Stone Forest Boundary?”

The cat snorted, disdainfully saying, even though she was not taking up the position, “There is a spell in that secret book that only Demon Immortals can learn, and only a handful of them know it. If the world’s demon immortals knew about it, they would probably flock to the Qing Rong Sect together. Therefore, the boundary outside the Stone Forest has been strengthened repeatedly by several immortals, and each layer is guarded against the demon immortals, so even if I can go in, how can I get out?

Shu Tang drummed her mouth and asked, “In other words, you knew that Master would come to rescue me before you lured me to the Stone Forest?”

The kitten balled itself into a fur ball and said, “No, you weren’t in my plan originally, but I didn’t think you’d take the initiative to come to me yourself.”

Shu Tang: “….”

It turns out that she did it all by herself! Why! Why let her know the truth!

Having said that, after spending two days with this cat, she couldn’t count the number of times she was heartbroken!

This is no way to live!

Shu Tang secretly told herself that she must not be sloppy next time and be fooled by this lazy cat. After repeatedly admonishing herself, she sat up cross-legged and meditated calmly.

After bullying her, Miao Jinghan was in a better mood and closed her eyes after she had cleaned her coat.

The person who was concealed in the dark was also relieved, transformed back to her original body, and rested stealthily in the grass.

At the end of the day, the disciple was almost eaten tofu, but overall, she still learned a lot of practical knowledge. If this continued, after three months, she would not only have refined her spells but also improved her ability to survive. The only problem was that the disciple still had little resistance to furry little creatures.

But for now, that was a good thing.

Before Fuyu fell into a deep sleep, she was still in a daze and thought–

The first time my disciple grilled fish, it was slow, but the flavor was good.


In the next few days, Shu Tang’s life was uninteresting. She spent her days fishing, chopping wood, and grilling fish. She always felt that if she continued like this, the river gods might come to her to talk about life.

Fortunately, after five days of fishing in the river, the cat finally decided to go fishing somewhere else.

When she thought of Miao Jinghan eating fish every day, she couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you ever get tired of eating fish every day?”

Miao Jinghan returned to her human form, her black sleeves fluttering, “How about we go to the forest and try bear paw?”

Shu Tang: “…Let’s find another place to fish!”

So, reluctantly, Shu Tang had to carry the cat in her arms to a new fishing spot.

A few days ago, every time she fished, Miao Jinghan would ask her to use a different spell. This time she used an earthen cage, the next time she would use an earthen spike, and the next time she would use a wooden harpoon and control it with a spell to spear the fish.

In this way, she gained a little bit of understanding on the flexible use of spells, and together with the daily control of the power in the fire, Shu Tang’s spirit root spells also improved greatly.

The new fishing place was a bit far away, and when the wind was blowing, Shu Tang suddenly remembered one thing. She was supposed to go to the mortal realm to practice her ability to fight with people, but now… it seems to be practicing her ability to raise cats?

Earlier, when she went to the river, it was because the cat wanted to eat the fish, but now when she goes to a new place, it’s because the cat still wants to eat the fish… Shu Tang is a bit confused, how could she be led by the cat without knowing it?

But when she landed on the ground, these mixed thoughts vanished in an instant, and she couldn’t help but be filled with the magnificent scenery before her.

She had lived for so many years, but this was the first time she had come to the sea.

The sea was a little different from what she had imagined. All she had ever seen were photos and videos of the sea, but now she was looking at the actual scene. Moreover, the first time she saw the sea, she realized that the sea needs to be felt firsthand, and no matter how many videos she watched, it was not as good as seeing it in real life.

The blue sea and clear sky in the near distance, the vast expanse of waves in the distance, and the shore covered with tiny grains of sand and stones. Shu Tang’s childlike temperament came up, put the kitten in her arms on the sand and cheerfully said, “If you become a human, can we go play in the sea?”

“No,” Miao Jinghan simply rejected her and jumped onto a rock herself, “I’ll watch you play.”

In this case, Shu Tang didn’t care about it anymore, lifting up her skirt and ran to the place where the waves passed, having a great time.

When she had finished playing, Miao Jinghan lifted her paw and slowly directed her to the shallow sea to catch fish.

One of the biggest challenges was the waves. Shu Tang had to resist the strong power of the waves with her true qi, and had to use magic to find the fish in the sea, which was really exhausting.

Only when she was exhausted did she walk back to the shore with a strange-looking fish dripping seawater from her head.

She was not good in the water, and the trip was really embarrassing for her.

Throwing the fish onto a rock, Shu Tang fell directly onto the soft sand. The little cat lifted her paws and gave her a cleansing spell, drying her hair and clothes in an instant.

After a long while, Shu Tang, who rarely enjoyed the care treatment of the cat, breathed a sigh of relief, turned over and picked up the fish again.

When she looked around, the coast was full of sand and rocks. Shu Tang, who was carrying the fish, was a little bit troubled. After thinking about it for a while, she hesitated and asked, “By the way, this fish…how should it be cooked?”

1 “To eat a fat man in one go” means to rush to get things done all at once

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