Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 18 Cinderella (IX) part 2

As the saying goes, once you’re born, twice you’re cooked, three times you simply don’t need to be taught. I leaned down and grabbed her cheek.

Su Xingyu’s expression did not fluctuate, but I noticed that she blushed, and it was effective immediately, so I leaned forward and kissed again. Anyway, we’re all girls, I won’t suffer…cough!

“Okay, am I forgiven?” I blinked expectantly.

“Hmm.” Su Xingyu thought she was cool but her blushing face wasn’t convincing, “No.”

Me: …… No um what, what did you say?

I pounced on her and kissed her on the cheek, “Forgive me? Forgive me? If you don’t forgive me, I will keep kissing! Kiss until you forgive me!2

“Hey, hey, hey! Serves you right!” Su Xingyu couldn’t escape my onslaught, so she had to go soft.

When I stopped, she picked up a tissue to wipe her face and complained, “You’re drooling all over my face.”

I was also a little embarrassed. Luckily, although Su Xingyu complained, she didn’t show a disgusted expression.

As she wiped her face, she also lectured me, “I know I look like I make you want to sin, but can’t you be patient? You’re annoying me like this, you know that?” She sighed deeply, as if she had endured it for a long time, and finally burst out with some indignation, bellowing, “Everyone wants to throw down labor! What the hell is good about labor! Has the labor reform failed1?”

Me: Uh… I… I have no words….

“Su Qianqian, come over here.” Su Xingyu waved her hand like she was calling a puppy, but I still got my butt over there. I’m a good person in every way, but there’s just one bad thing about me, I’m too righteous! Su Xingyu had saved me, so I felt like I owed her, trying to be a little nicer to her, just a little bit nicer, as if it was the right thing to do.

I squatted over her bed and smiled, “You forgive me?”

Su Xingyu raised her head high, her slender neck like a proud swan, then gave me a glance and said, “Not really.”

“Why are you so petty?” I blanched bitterly, “Worst case scenario, I will let you draw it back!”

I didn’t expect that my casual remark would be taken seriously, but Su Xingyu nodded thoughtfully, “That’s a good idea.”

“You really want to draw it?” I tried to talk her into changing her mind, “It’s not good for you, isn’t it?”

“But it doesn’t hurt me, does it?”

I choked, it did no damage to her.

“Go and get the pen you drew on me with.” 

What an abomination, to play a prank on me, and to have me supply the tools to do it! I reluctantly took out my pen and gave it to her.

“And what’s the point of squirming? It’s not like I’m asking you to enter the bridal chamber, face up.” She looked at me with good grace and evil eyes. I felt like a beautiful lamb caught by a big wolf, becoming a prey to be slaughtered in her pot, and I couldn’t help but shiver2.

But sticking my head out is death, and so is retracting it. I ruthlessly plucked up my courage, closed my eyes, and righteously leaned in, “Come on.”

“Pfft!” Su Xingyu suddenly laughed in such an atmosphere, “Making me look like I’m going to… ravage you3!”

Is it not? I feel wronged.

“Okay.” Su Xingyu cupped my chin and held a pen ready to start drawing on my face, “How many people want this honor yet can’t? Trust my handiwork.” She said with a wink and showed off by spreading her hands, her fingers were long and bony, her nails smooth and round, indeed a fine pair of good hands.

Hmm, but no matter how good the hand is, no matter how good the craft is, I won’t like it. It’s scribbling on my face! Crazy!

I finally despaired when the cool tip of the pen touched my face. I shouldn’t have expected her to suddenly smile at me and say “I’m just kidding” moments before she drew on me.

“All right! Done!” Su Xingyu quickly finished drawing, and exclaimed to my face, “Beautiful! Beautiful! It’s beautiful!”

It was the first time someone praised me so bluntly and surely, my face blushed and I was so shy that I didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, I didn’t say anything.

“Fluttering like astonishment, bracing like a dragon, flowing like the clouds, powerful as a rainbow. Good words, good words!”

Seeing her proud face, I had no fluctuation in my heart and even wanted to laugh. Flipping the table (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

I was about to take a look at her masterpiece in the mirror, but Su Xingyu stopped me.

“You’re not allowed to look! And don’t wipe it off within today!”

“By what reason!” I wasn’t convinced.

She said coolly, “I didn’t see my face, and I didn’t take the initiative to wipe it off.” I withered at the thought, self-defeating, unable to live.

“Okay, you’re not happy, but those six words4 are my response to your mark of love, to your declaration of love, are you touched?”

I’m not touched at all, thank you!

A declaration of love? What the hell is that? The curiosity itches!

“How can your stinking face be worthy of my words? Smile, smile, smile, smile.” Su Xingyu poked me in the face, poking up in a hard angle, “You kissed me so many times, and took so many advantages of me. I didn’t even find you to kiss you back. So just take pleasure in this.”

“Hmph.” I sneered, I don’t want to owe others, “Then you can kiss me back!”

1 “Everyone wants to throw down labor! What the hell is good about labor! Has the labor reform failed?”I don’t know. Maybe it means that there was no work done to cheer her up and cinderella was just hoping to use words and kisses as a shortcut
2 At least she understood that she’s the prey
3 But you obviously want to???

4 Wait…what six words? *frantically scrolls back to reread the chapter*

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