My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 40

Solve it with a spell? Shu Tang was startled at first, then immediately understood the meaning of Miao Jinghan’s words.

The fish was born in water and belonged to water, while earth overcame water, in other words….

Shu Tang’s mind was suddenly clear and she turned her head to throw the wooden spear out of her hand, silently reciting the spell in her heart while her hands made a seal. When the seal was formed, her body withdrew backward and then struck it heavily on the surface of the water.

In an instant, the mud and sand at the bottom of the water mixed with the river water, and the sand and gravel instantly formed an earthen cage, locking the two squirming fish into it.

Shu Tang controlled the earthen cage, causing it to rise slowly from the water and then fall slowly onto the river bank. Miao Jinghan looked at the fat, live fish in the cage, playfully quirked her lips, and turned back into a kitten with white flowers on a black background.


  Shu Tang breathed a long sigh of relief and her legs went limp, almost sitting in the water. After barely holding on to the river bank, she inadvertently saw the mud dots on her clothes and her scalp went numb.

She had just been so focused on catching fish that she had forgotten that the mud caused by this spell would stain her clothes!

Shu Tang crawled out of the river with a stuffy heart and said to the cat that was leisurely on the ground, “The fish has been caught, why don’t you eat it?”

The kitten looked up at her, “I only eat cooked fish.”

The fish in the earthen cage struggled desperately in the sunlight, its tail slapping the cage hard again and again, its mouth open and closed, eager for the river’s salvation.

Shu Tang pursed her lips, dragged her dirty clothes, and crouched in front of the kitten, before she hesitantly asked, “You’re not… asking me to cook you fish to eat, are you?”

“How else?” The little cat looked at her with extreme contempt, her two little ears moved, “I want to eat grilled fish.”

Shu Tang was instantly speechless. Don’t even talk about whether she could grill fish or not, just mentioning that killing and cleaning the fish was a great challenge for her ah!

Looking at the fish that kept flouncing in the earthen cage, she asked again, “Do you really want me to do it for you?”

The kitten flicked her tail, tilted her head up, and walked over to the earthen cage, looked at the fish, looked at her, and suddenly asked, “You haven’t killed a living thing, have you?”

After seeing Shu Tang’s nod, Miao Jinghan said, “Then these two fish are just perfect for you to practice with.”

In the meantime, Shu Tang asked uncertainly, “People who cultivate immortality should… not kill, right?”

“Joke, in this world, who takes anyone’s life seriously but their own?” For some reason, it suddenly became excited, “Gods, immortals, humans, demons, and devils, which realm dares to say that it has never committed a killing?”

Seeing the cat that suddenly exploded, Shu Tang just wanted to comfort it, but then she heard the cat say, “Forget about demons and devils, people have to slaughter livestock just to survive, let alone to become immortal. I’ve seen many cases where they’ve plotted against their fellow disciples and harmed their master in order to become an immortal. Besides, the immortal world you’re in, do you think it’s as clean as you see it? The spirit people stepped on the immortals, and the mortal people stepped on the spirit people, and for the sake of a magic weapon, they plotted against each other; it was not uncommon for them to kill each other for the sake of greater power. As for the Shangxian, I’m not at liberty to say much about them. There is also the divine realm…”

Shu Tang was dumbfounded and wanted to tell it to stop, but she saw its evil eyes and continued, “Gods were the supreme existence in the Six Realms, but look at them now, where are they in the Three Realms? Little Tang, let me tell you, it’s not just humans and demons who have desires, Gods and immortals have desires that are ten thousand times more intense than those of humans and demons! And most desires are accompanied by killing, otherwise….”

As it spoke, its front paws unconsciously gripped the grass on the ground, and its voice was suddenly somewhat mournful, “Otherwise, how could the other Three Realms disappear all at once?”

Shu Tang was completely shocked by its words and asked incredulously, “So, the Ancient Gods and Demons War….”

“Yes, even if it is a god, there are countless dead souls from their hands.” The kitten loosened the grass that had died in its paws and said, “And the more powerful the ability, the more people it will kill.”

Shu Tang, who had no reason to be distressed, stretched out her mud-soaked hand and stroked the kitten’s fur from head to back, comforting it, “In any case, those things are in the past. What you’ve been through, I don’t know it and I don’t think you’d want me to know, but with you like this, I feel sad.”

The kitten laid softly on the ground, her amber-like eyes staring blankly ahead.

It turned out that she would be sad too?

After a long time, the little cat said softly, “For many people, the ancient barbaric wasteland is just a leftover battlefield with countless opportunities. However, there are still many people in this world who remember those who are no longer here, and remember what the barbaric wasteland was originally like.”

The original appearance of the barbaric wasteland? Shu Tang was busy asking, “What was the original barbaric wasteland like?”

Miao Jinghan raised her head, her soft and cute face was friendly and approachable, “You want to know?”

“Yes.” Shu Tang nodded.

Miao Jinghan: “But I don’t want to talk about it.”

Heart-broken Shu Tang: “……”

She knew she had nothing to talk about with this troublesome and lazy cat-demon immortal!

Before her heart could finish breaking, the kitten said, “Besides, with all the mud you’re rubbing on my fur, are you going to give me a bath?”

Shu Tang: “……” Also a bath! What the hell!


Half a minute later, the muddy Shangxian disciple crouched on the bank with the cat in her arms, supporting it with one hand and washing the fur from the top of its head to back with the other.

The closer it was to noon, the warmer the river water became. Shu Tang endured her temper as she gave the cat a warm bath and asked reluctantly, “Can’t you make a cleaning spell for yourself?”

“Didn’t feel like it.” The cat was so comfortable that she meowed, “That was good. Keep up the good work next time.”

Shu Tang: “….” There’s no next time, okay! Who would have bathed it if it hadn’t mentioned the Soul Returning Pill! And, if she remembered correctly, didn’t cats dislike baths!

After serving the kitten, the fish in the earthen cage over there was nearly dead. Shu Tang endured the fishy smell and ruthlessly gutted it, and cleaned one under the guidance of the kitten.

By the time she had cleaned the second fish herself, it was already noon. Shu Tang couldn’t help but laugh at herself for dragging her breakfast into lunch and then took the fish and washed it in the water.

In the sunshine, a girl with a messy appearance squatted on the shore, her white arms stained with water drops, like pearls rolling off a flawless jade. The girl, with a face like a peach blossom, light pink cheeks, and a couple of mud dots on her forehead, was both beautiful and playful.

Miao Jinghan was lying on the grass looking at Shu Tang. Somehow, the girl’s face in her eyes gradually changed, and within a few breaths, she had become seventeen or eighteen years old.

At that moment, the cat on the ground seemed to see thousands of flower buds blooming out of thin air, and the girl’s face was gorgeous and shining.

When Miao Jinghan reacted, she had already transformed into a human form and walked up to Shu Tang’s side, wiping away the mud spot on her forehead with her black robe.

Shu Tang looked at Miao Jinghan who was close to her with a horrified expression. After yelling twice, she saw that she still didn’t intend to back away, so she picked up the fish in her hand and directly slapped it at her face.

Unexpectedly, the other party actually grabbed her wrist with one hand in a smooth motion, while sticking out the tip of her tongue and licked it gently.

The numbness on her wrist spread all over her body, Shu Tang panicked and hurriedly urged her true qi to shake off the kitten that still wanted to continue licking, then hastily supported herself on the shore and climbed up.

At this moment, in the dark, a person who was about to show up retracted their body and hid again.

After Miao Jinghan returned to her senses and realized that she had hallucinated, she brushed her fingers across her cherry lips and smiled.

Shu Tang looked at her with an expression like she had just seen a ghost, and only then did she nonchalantly transform back into her beast form and return to the position she had just been lying on, indifferently saying, “I was so hungry and you had the smell of fish on your hands. I couldn’t resist.”

“I use a fish to smack you, why didn’t you lick the fish!” Shu Tang wanted to whip her again.

The kitten righteously said, “I told you, I only eat cooked fish.”

Shu Tang, who was clearly dominant, had to keep a safe distance from the kitten and continued to wash the fish.

Looking at the little girl’s blushing face, the kitten was in a good mood and slowly turned over and started tanning her belly.

As for Shu Tang, after washing the fish, a new problem also came up – how does one grill a fish?

After thinking for a moment, Shu Tang left the fish on the grass and ran to the jungle not far away to collect firewood. However, the number of fallen sticks on the ground was really limited, so she had no choice but to condense her true qi into her right palm and chop the branches with her qi.

Seeing that she was already consciously practicing her various abilities, the cat was very satisfied.

Shu Tang, however, did not know that this was the kitten’s way of training her and concentrated on chopping wood with the power of her true qi. Not long after, she came back with the firewood in her arms, stacked the wood, put her hands facing each other, silently recited a spell, and lit the branch in front of her with the fire that rose between her palms.

The kitten looked at the smoke, raised her paw, and the gust of wind suddenly blew out the fire.

“Dry the firewood before lighting it, feel the changes in the fire when you light it, control the flames… and most importantly, don’t burn it.” After the kitten said that, it coiled itself into a ball of fur and went to rest.

Shu Tang first hated it for being so nosy, and then suddenly reflected that all these methods the kitten had just mentioned seemed to enhance her use and control of fire.

She thought of the initial royal wind, then later when catching fish, and her chopping wood, and finally realized that Miao Jinghan had been teaching all aspects of her abilities in different ways since she left the city!

First, it was the Royal Wind, after it was the earth spells, then the true qi condensation, and now it was sensing the power of fire and strengthening the control of it…. Shu Tang was a little startled for a moment, not expecting that Miao Jinghan was actually teaching herself cultivation in silence.

She always believed that in this world, except for the old sow and Master, there would be no one else who would be good to her without a reason and without asking for a return. Then, what was the reason for Miao Jinghan being nice to her?

She is nothing in this world, except for having a superior master. So is the reason why Miao Jinghan is good to her because of her master?

After a lot of thought, she finally returned her attention to the pile of firewood, controlling the temperature with both hands and drying the wood in silence. It was already the beginning of the moon when she put the fish on the fire.

Miao Jinghan’s breakfast turned into dinner, and when she smelled the aroma of grilled fish, she instantly opened her eyes and ran over to the fire.

Shu Tang’s small face was flushed red by the flame and was now carefully controlling the fire with her palms clasped together. Unexpectedly, even though she was extremely careful, half a quarter of an hour later, she was still rewarded with a tattered and smoldering grilled fish.

When she put the fish in front of the kitten, she instantly felt the overwhelming dislike from the kitten.

Shu Tang was slightly embarrassed, carrying the fish, “Sorry ah, it’s my first time cooking and I have no experience…” She thought that Miao Jinghan would throw away the bad food and demand her to grill the next fish immediately. Unexpectedly, even though the kitten disliked it, it still fiddled with the fish under her mouth before biting into the place that was not completely burnt.

Shu Tang watched it eat the ugly fish and told her that she wasn’t nervous. After it swallowed the first bite, she asked nervously, “Is…. is it cooked?”

The kitten raised its eyes to look at her, a pair of eyes shining in the darkness of the night. Under Shu Tang’s intense gaze, it finally spoke up and replied, “It’s okay, just a bit hot.”

Shu Tang smiled happily for a moment, “Really? I didn’t think I had a talent for cooking. When I get back to the Immortal Realm, I must cook for my master!”

The person in the dark was first opened their mouths slightly in surprise and then curled their mouth in delight.

The black and white kitten, however, suddenly lost its appetite for fish, and was silent for a long time before asking softly, “Little Tang, do you….really miss your master this much?”

Translator: If there’s any confusion about the interaction between Miao Jinghan and Shu Tang when she was washing the fish, I’m pretty sure that Miao Jinghan had an illusion/hallucination of Shu Tang as someone else who she love(s/d) so the scene overlapped with the memory. Maybe Shu Tang looks very similar to “her” and that’s why Miao Jinghan said she didn’t like her face back in the barbaric wasteland. This is just my speculation.

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    1. I’ve thought/been thinking about that too but I think the answer is no. The cat likes her, yes, but not Shu Tang as Shu Tang. Personally, I think she really likes Shu Tang because Shu Tang reminds her of someone else.

  1. I was thinking the same, that Jinghan is overlapping Shu Tangs image with someone from her past she used to love and that’s why shes good to her ?

    Then again she could have fallen in love for her and just imagined what she’s look like in the future?

    Fuyus emotions are on rollercoaster mode atm I imagine lol ups and downs galore seeing her little disciple train so hard and think about her but also see Jinghan flirt with her so much.

    Jinghan got jelly at the end there. … maybe she does have feelings for Shu Tang? And it’s not all just a play or her loving someone else that looked like Shu Tang?

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