Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 18 Cinderella (IX) part 1

“Goddess, I was wrong, please forgive me@x@” I said insincerely, wearing a mask of hypocrisy. I didn’t know that Su Xingyu was still ignoring me, turning her head to one side, as if determined to make trouble with me.

Feeling so powerless, I stiffly changed the subject, “Where are we going?”

Although it is a change of subject, the problem is truly a concern. I don’t even know where we’re going!  

“My house.” She turned her back to me and answered two words at least, looking out of the plane as if she was drawn to the view outside.

“Hehehe.” I smirked, trying to find common ground with her, “Your house is pretty far away and my house is also far away!”

In order to get to school I have to get up very early, eat a good breakfast, make my lunch, take the subway and squeeze in the bus, and make many turns to get to school. But it seems that Su Xingyu’s house is even further away, and the plane hasn’t even arrived yet. How far away is it, how early does she have to get up for school?

“This is my house.”

I couldn’t understand what she meant, so I followed suit to admire the view outside the plane. Looking downwards, everything was downsized, and all the scenery that I couldn’t see in the past, was in my sights. It really was a great view to see!

I felt a sense of grandeur in my chest. It is true that those who stand tall are in a different realm!

Looking at it, I suddenly brightened up, “Su Xingyu, look! It’s the ocean!”

I grew up in the inner cities and I didn’t have the luxury of going out to see the ocean, so I’ve only seen lakes and swimming pools. I have seen pictures of the ocean, but I didn’t have much of a feeling towards it.

But when I really saw the magnificent ocean, I realized how really shocking it was.

Even though I was sitting high up in the plane, looking at the endless, surging waves, I felt like I could hear the huge roar. I had no doubt that if I came closer, I would be smashed to pieces by it!

“Oh.” Su Xingyu explained indifferently, “That’s my small swimming pool.”

Me: -_-||

The plane flew for a little while longer and I got excited again, “Look at that, Su Xingyu! What a big, tall mountain, it turns out they were the ones we saw from a distance at school!”

I’d be sticking my head out of the airplane window if it wasn’t impossible to open it. “These hills are well-managed! It’s hard to find mountains with clean water that are so well protected now, isn’t it?”

When I looked down from above, all I could see was fine, undulating, towering, unreachable mountains! But the fresh water around them added a touch of elegance to them, what beautiful water, hills, and glorious mountains!

I was confused and asked, “Is this some kind of national special reserve, why haven’t I heard of it?” It’s such a nice place, it should be famous.

“Oh.” Su Xingyu said again and again without surprise, “That’s my small back garden.”

Me: -_-||-_-||

The next few repeated similar situations:

Su Xingyu: “Oh. Ah, that is my little xx.”

The look on my face as I flew along looked like this: -_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||-_-||…

One silly, face two silly faces, three silly faces, four silly faces, five silly faces, a hundred silly faces, lined up silly faces, diagonal silly faces, separated silly faces, dotted silly faces…

However, although this almost made me confused and embarrassed by the n-th time, we finally communicated and talked a lot. I was relieved, Su Xingyu, she has probably forgiven me.

“Su Xingyu, you’re not angry anymore, are you?”

It was okay if I didn’t say it, but when I did, it was as if I had given her a reminder, and Su Xingyu changed her face for a second and grunted, her face saying I’m angry, I’m extremely angry, come and coax me!

My regret is so spicy (hitting my arm as far as it will go), it’s a real pain in the ass!

I poked her arm cautiously. After all, it was my fault, and it was reasonable to lower my posture.  

“Don’t be angry~” I confessed my mistake, “I was a momentary lunatic, I didn’t know. I had a brain fart!”


Still ignoring me, what should I do?

A memory flashed and suddenly I thought of the method Su Xingyu herself said earlier. Mad, what a shame QAQ

“Then …… then I will kiss you and you won’t be mad anymore, okay?” I’m really cheeky and open-minded, if she doesn’t accept… then…. then I’ll… just force…

The good news is that, although Su Xingyu was still cold, she finally reacted, and grunted, “You can kiss me if you want1.”

1 Don’t pretend you didn’t want that Mary Sue!! And Cinderella you should use reverse psychology! Don’t kiss her until she forgives you haha

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