Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 14 – The author knelt down

In the end, Xiao Man couldn’t refuse to take Doudou and took him to KFC. Cats are not allowed in the place, so Xiao Man handed over Yu Miaoyin to Doudou, urging the two to not run away, before going in to buy food.

“You can’t run away, you have to wait for Auntie to come back.” Doudou squatted beside Yu Miaoyin and touched the fur on her back.  

Yu Miaoyin stood next to Doudou, all four feet standing, neck high, always mindful of the looks of the pedestrians.

Before the dining rush hour, there are not many people in KFC. Xiao Man quickly bought a children’s set and another set. Doudou couldn’t wait to play with the toy given by the children’s set.

Xiao Man was carrying a large bag of food in her hand, and it wasn’t convenient to hold Yu Miaoyin anymore, so she let Yu Miaoyin and Doudou walk in front and follow them. Doudou fell in love with his new toy along the way. When he was about to cross the road, Xiao Man patted him on the head to remind him, “Doudou, concentrate when you walk. Give the toy to Auntie to help you put it away.”  

Doudou reluctantly handed over the plastic toy in his hand to Xiao Man, thinking about it, and worriedly instructed, “Auntie, you can’t lose Xiao Huang.” The main body of that toy was light yellow, and Doudou gave it the name Xiao Huang.

He looked at Xiao Man solemnly, as if he was going to part with his Xiao Huang. Xiao Man was amused and promised him that she would never.

The aunt and nephew had a serious and in-depth discussion on the issue of Little Huang, while Yu Miaoyin waited and stared at the traffic lights for a while.

Yu Miaoyin couldn’t see the colors of the traffic lights, but she could see the speed of the traffic coming and going on the road.

The red light at this intersection is a bit long, and the number of people waiting for the light is increasing, and there was a small child standing at the intersection who looked even smaller than Doudou, holding onto his mother’s clothes.

Just as a taxi came speeding by, the child walked so suddenly that it was too late for the driver to slam on the brakes, and the child’s mother was laughing with the friend next to her, completely unaware that her child was in danger.

“Meow ao-” Yu Miaoyin witnessed all this from the side, there was no time to warn anyone, nor could she scream, and reflexively jumped up and threw the little boy who was about to be hit into the other side of the car–

“Ahhh-” the accident came so suddenly that the taxi slammed on its brakes and stopped sharply, but it still drove out a long way. The people on the roadside screamed in horror, especially the little boy’s mother, who was paralyzed in a trance at that moment, and the scene was chaotic.

“Miao Miao!” Xiao Man’s heart thudded cold, subconsciously picked up Doudou like an arrow and rushed out, going around to the other side of the taxi.

There were also many people who reacted and followed Xiao Man around to see if there were any casualties. There was a puddle of flesh under the taxi’s wheels, but they all put their minds at ease and whispered around the taxi after seeing it.

“Fortunately, no one was killed, just a dead cat.”

“The child was going to die, it’s a wonder he didn’t cry his mother to death.”

“But it was a good cat, I can’t believe it saved the kid, I don’t know whose it is.”

The little boy, at a loss for words, stood dumbfounded on the left side of the taxi, his mother crying and kneeling on the ground holding him tightly as she cried and reprimanded him and spanked him hard.

Xiao Man stood next to the mother and son with Doudou in her arms, her whole body stiff and her mind blank.

Her Miao Miao, one second she was jumping around in her arms, the next she was under the wheel, a cold mass of flesh and blood.

Such a small clump. The snowy white fur had been crushed by the wheel, the crimson liquid had coagulated, and the sand and stones from the road had all stuck to her glossy white fur. Grey, red, and dirty.

Her Miao Miao, before she could grow up, Xiao Man didn’t even have time to wait for her to die of old age and leave, but the little one had already left her.  

Xiao Man’s entire body was cold, it was early summer, and it was as if her entire body had fallen into an ice hole, cold to the bones.

Everyone was glad it was a cat that died, and no one but her would care what the cat represented, no one would take a cat’s life seriously. Comparing cats to people, of course people were more important.

Doudou hugged Xiao Man’s neck and cried at the top of his lungs, snot and tears flowing over Xiao Man’s shoulder, constantly complaining to her that the little boy hiding in his mother’s arms had caused the death of his best friend. The little boy’s mother thought the kitten belonged to Doudou, wiped her tears and held Xiao Man’s hand, thanking them for saving her son’s life, not feeling that the death of a cat was a big deal.

Xiao Man coldly swept a glance at the woman, the woman who was scared by her eyes shivered, and smiled understandingly, “Miss, don’t worry, I will compensate you for a new cat, it will be exactly the same as the dead one.”

Exactly the same.

Xiao Man’s whole body trembled with anger and gritted her teeth, “What did you say?”

“I, I…”

Xiao Man shook off her hand and strangled her neck glaringly, “Compensate? What are you going to pay for?”

The anger in her chest was about to explode, her eyes glazed red, the five fingers that strangled the woman’s neck increased their strength, and her teeth revealed a few words, “I killed your son. Would you like me to compensate you with a new one?”

“Auntie… Auntie…” Doudou was put down by Xiao Man, hugging her thighs and crying, but Xiao Man was completely unable to hear Doudou speak.

The woman was choked by Xiao Man, unable to speak, and the surrounding spectators finally realized that Xiao Man was mentally abnormal, and quickly called the police, pulling the two people apart.

Xiao Man collapsed and softened on the asphalt road. Only her own bloody little fellow was in her eyes. Her ears could not hear any sound, her mouth trembled and she couldn’t say anything, her eyes were dry and she blinked hard. Not a single tear could come out.

Miao Miao was dead.

Xiao Man only hoped it was a nightmare, that she would wake up and still be in her little apartment, her soft white cat licking her hand, nesting honestly in her lap, and everything would be as it should be.

With great difficulty, Xiao Man moved over to the wheel, took off her own coat, and picked up Miao Miao’s dirty body in her arms. She didn’t dare to look, and couldn’t bear to look.

“Miao Miao, wake up.”

Miao Miao couldn’t wake up, it was dead.

The author has something to say:
Dear readers, I am already on my knees, come on (Fearless.jpg)

Translator: My nose is congested and I taste something salty.😢
ᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢIn memory of Miao Miaoᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢ

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