Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 13 – Doudou and Miao Miao

“Auntie, I want some chocolate!”

Yu Miaoyin watched the position on her lap that had always belonged to her being occupied by the six-year-old Xiao Zhengtai. She hid away and watched the interaction between her and Xiao Zhengtai sadly, and licked her hair reluctantly.  

The Xiao Zhengtai’s name is Xiao Qiyu, and because he was not well when he was born, like a little bean sprout, his nickname is called Doudou, and he is the son of Xiao Man’s cousin.

Xiao Man has always been cold to people, but only to this little nephew of hers can she show a little smile, plus her cousin and his wife are busy with work, so they often bring the little nephew to her to trouble her for a few days. Yu Miaoyin came just by coincidence, it has been more than half a year since she touched Doudou, today is considered to be her first.

“You’ll have dinner later, your mother said you are not allowed to eat snacks.” On Xiao Man sat a restless Doudou, with a book in her hand, reading calmly.  

Doudou turned back, round goofy big black eyes just unblinkingly stared at Xiao Man, and did not speak. After three minutes, Xiao Man was defeated, grabbed a handful of his bowl cut hair and said, “That’s it, only one piece is allowed.”

“Thank you, Auntie!” Doudou is grinning from ear to ear, he is having his teeth changed and has lost one of his front teeth, so his smile is quite comical.

It’s a pity that Yu Miaoyin can’t like Doudou, a boy with a big head, because the child has only been here for half a day and has already pushed Yu Miaoyin from her arms to a corner where she can’t see her, can she like him?

The key point is that Doudou is still a good baby. At this time, Yu Miaoyin hopes Doudou is a bear child so that she can openly accuse to her senior sister about this boy bullying her.

Yu Miaoyin watched her senior sister pick up her favorite chocolate, her slender fingers nimbly tear open the wrapper and feed it to Doudou herself. Doudou two cheeks were stuffed, bulging and chewing, like a little hamster, chewing it while smiling triumphantly, but Yu Miaoyin was jealous.

“Is it delicious?” Xiao Man asked as she touched the back of Doudou’s head.

“Delicious!” Doudou’s front teeth were showing, his words were unclear, and she was smiling like a little old lady.

“Meow….” Yu Miaoyin squatted in the corner of the sofa and weakly protested, she also wanted to eat chocolate! Didn’t they say dogs die when they eat chocolate? She’s not a dog! She’s a cat! Cat!

When Yu Miaoyin called out to her, he immediately jumped off his aunt’s lap and squatted in front of her, looking curiously at the shiny white cat.

Yu Miaoyin had a bad experience of being severely injured by a bear in the past, and was especially wary of Doudou. She was originally lying spread out on the ground, but as soon as Doudou arrived, she immediately became alert and lifted her head to lock eyes with Doudou.

“Meow!” Steal my sister! Bastard!

Doudou had been intimidated by Xiao Man in the past, and had an almost instinctive resistance to creatures similar to cats, so he wanted to play with her but was afraid she would bite him, so he squatted far away from Yu Miaoyin and stretched his neck, his black eyes flickering, “Kitten!”

“Meow.” When Yu Miaoyin saw that he didn’t dare to come forward either, she put a little vigilant away, relaxed and licked her paw.

“Hi, I’m Doudou!” Doudou recalled the manners he was taught in preschool, and extended his little hand as if to shake hands with Yu Miaoyin and make friends.

Well, this little Doudou is really quite cute. Yu Miaoyin thought for a moment, hesitantly reached out one of her front paws and shook hands with Doudou to make friends.

“Auntie, you’re lying! You said cats are monsters!” Doudou stood up again as if he had discovered a new world, and quickly ran to Xiao Man’s feet with his short legs. It was already late spring and early summer, the weather was warm, and he wore little clothes, so when he ran up, his buttock were bouncing, and his whole body was like a little ball.

“Auntie is lying!”

Xiao Man put down the book and pushed her glasses to laugh. “Doudou thinks Auntie is lying?”

“Yeah!” Doudou nodded vigorously, for fear that Xiao Man felt that his position was not clear enough, pointing at Yu Miaoyin and shouting, “Mimi1 is not a monster! Mimi is Doudou’s good friend~”

“….” Mimi…. Yu Miaoyin understood that Doudou just gave herself a random name, but since the word “Mimi” has other meanings… cough cough, a child’s words are child’s words, don’t use your own wretched thoughts to speculate on a kind-hearted little friend

“Doudou wants to make friends with Miao Miao, right?” Xiao Man asked.


“So Doudou remember, her name isn’t Mimi, her name is Miao Miao, got it?”

Children’s friendship is very strange, especially this kind of small child who says he doesn’t understand that he understands everything, and that he understands her but doesn’t understand anything. For example, he only shook hands with Yu Miaoyin and decided that Yu Miaoyin was a good friend of his.

All sorts of hugs and kisses, and Yu Miaoyin says she just wants to be hugged and kissed by her senior sister, okay? I don’t want to be kissed and touched by a little bean sprout!

In this way, she has less time to stick to her senior sister.  

“Meow.” Yu Miaoyin was lifelessly held in Doudou’s arms, indicating that she was almost a useless cat now.

“Does Miao Miao want a marshmallow?” After cuddling with the cat lovingly for a long time, Doudou pulled out a pink marshmallow from the pocket of his backpacks.

Yu Miaoyin’s eyes glowed.

God knows how long it had been since she had eaten human food, whether it was chocolate marshmallows or anything else, Yu Miaoyin just wanted to taste what human food tasted like, otherwise she had almost forgotten what it was like to be human.

The only marshmallow was confiscated by Xiao Man’s quick eyes and hands just as Miaoyin opened her mouth wide like a dog and spat out her tongue, just waiting to be fed by Doudou.

“Miao Miao is not allowed to eat the candy, and neither is Doudou, it’s time to eat.”

“Ooh….” both Doudou and the kitten’s eyes fell.

Doudou ran up to Xiao Man’s lap with a rush and held Xiao Man’s thighs tightly and pampered, “Auntie, I want to eat KFC!” After saying that he looked at Xiao Man with his eyes, that look, it was really hard to refuse.

Xiao Man prepared the cat food and placed it next to Yu Miaoyin’s bed. “Your mother said no to snack. Put on your shoes. Let’s go.”  

“Won’t Miao Miao come with us?”

“She’s a cat, she can’t eat human food.”

“Oh….” Doudou thought, patting Yu Miaoyin’s head, “Miao Miao be good, Auntie and I will be back soon, don’t be afraid!”

Yu Miaoyin couldn’t laugh or cry, and rubbed Doudou’s calf counting it as a response.

Xiao Man led Doudou out of the door, Doudou walked downstairs mumbling why they couldn’t take the cat with them, Xiao Man explained to him for a long time, but he didn’t listen, and he was so intent on bringing the cat out to play with him that he deflated and was about to cry.

“Auntie, Doudou was scared when mom used to leave Doudou at home alone, Miao Miao must be scared too, let’s take her to dinner with us, okay?”

“Doudou be good, didn’t your mom say that no pets are allowed in the restaurant.”

“I don’t want to! I’m going to take Miao Miao with me!” Doudou had a hard time making a new friend, although the race is a little different, he still didn’t want to be separated from his good friend for a minute.

Xiao Man couldn’t help him, so she had to agree, “Okay, okay, let’s go and take Miao Miao out.”

After Yu Miaoyin settled the lunch in her basin, she laid down in the bed comfortably for a nap, and was so unprepared to be brought out by the one large and one small people who had already left the house. However, with her senior sister hugging her all the way, it’s a beautiful sight no matter where she goes.

1 “Mimi” = boo-*cough cough*

Translator: Completely forgot about this novel until I saw notifications from TheLime.

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