Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 18 – Night Terror

Lin Siyi ran out in a breeze and only reacted when she saw that there was no store downstairs. This was not like the B courtyard, there was no store under the dormitories!

She glanced upstairs and wondered if what she could see was her own room.

The mind was just thinking about how humiliating it would be to go back empty handed if she didn’t get it.

After following the road in front of her for a while, she didn’t shrink away and took a look around, there was no one here.

In vain, there were lights illuminating the road in front of her.

This shouldn’t be an empty courtyard, right?

Otherwise, it would be easy to think so when one couldn’t see a single person passing by after walking for so long.

Lin Siyi shook her head, remembering that everyone in the C courtyard dealt with ghosts.

It was good that she didn’t run into anyone, or else she wouldn’t know if it was a person or a ghost she was running into.

As Lin Siyi prayed for blessings, a figure appeared on the road in front of her, crouching darkly.

Flames burned in front of it, making a sound and emitting smoke.

Lin Siyi stopped and took a closer look.

The person was wrapped in a black jacket, carrying something unknown in their hand, and was heading for the fire, seemingly muttering something.

It was odd to be wearing so much at this time of summer.

She crept forward a few steps, and when she could see what the other was burning, her feet immediately switched directions, ready to bolt.

“Stop.” That person’s voice suddenly sounded.

Of course Lin Siyi wouldn’t listen to the other person’s words, her steps quickly fastened and both her arms swung out, but she found herself still moving in the same place, as if someone was tugging at her to keep her from leaving.

Turning back immediately, she sucked in her breath and was close to fainting, but luckily she was able to pinch herself in time.

She looked at the person next to her, “At night, you can’t just sneak onto something, or do you want to sneak on a ghost?”

The person in black approached her with a wad of paper money in their hands.

“You, you let your hands loose first, it’s terrifying.”

Lin Siyi pointed at a certain ghost who grabbed her clothes, his entire face decaying and smiling eerily at her.

Her heart was about to jump out.

The person in black waved his hand at it, and the ghost stared at him, seemingly hesitating, but still letting go.

It was this moment of hesitation that made Lin Siyi almost feel like she couldn’t breathe, afraid that the other party wouldn’t let go.

She immediately took a few steps backwards.

“What do you two want?”

The black clothed man’s face was now facing her head on, which made it apparent that there was a long scar on the other man’s face, but… Lin Siyi felt that this reflected his manliness even more.

There was a smell of a mature older man, even though he didn’t look a few years older than her.

“Go buy me a few more stacks of paper money.” The other party’s voice was husky.


Did she look like an errand girl?

She saw the man pull a couple of hundred bills out of his pocket and shove them into her arms.

“Buy more or you”ll have a hard time eating tomorrow.”

Lin Siyi, “?????”

How the fuck is this a mature older man, a schoolyard bully, huh?

Lin Siyi looked at the at least ten bills in her hand, her eyes turned, and asked, “Where can I buy it?”

The man gave her a sidelong glance, “It’s in the supermarket.”

“Where’s the supermarket?” That was the question Lin Siyi wanted to ask most.

The man, “…..”

The ghost that was standing still next to him suddenly began to fidget, and actually raised his hand and began to pull at the rotting flesh on his face.

The man roared, “What’s your hurry, I’m not asking people to buy you anything, and if you move again, you’ll never touch money again in this life!”

A certain ghost immediately dropped his hand, but his jaw slowly dropped.

“Get your jaws back!”

Then he fiercely looked at Lin Siyi, “Go straight ahead and turn left and you’ll be there.”

The other party’s fierce appearance stunned Lin Siyi and she flinched when she heard the man speak towards her.

“Still not going for me?”

“Oh okay okay.”

Lin Siyi took one look at the ghost that had moved behind the man and immediately ran forward, what a fucking sight.

Oh no, she just saw a ghost.

Following the path pointed out by the other man, Lin Siyi really saw how good the supermarket and stores were.

…….. And a whole bunch of people.

Yes, she finally saw the students of C Courtyard.


“Uncle, look at this paper money, the workmanship is so rough, the words aren’t even printed, can’t it be cheaper?”

“And look, these two sticks of incense, one is longer but thinner, the other is shorter but thicker, essentially both of them are pretty much the same when eaten by a ghost, so why are the longer ones so expensive?”

“Will bargaining be okay, I have my whole life ahead of me.”


There were voices of buying and selling everywhere, one by one scornfully playing rascals.

There was even a man who went straight up and hugged the boss’s thigh, and just cried, “I really beg you, if it wasn’t for a credit, I don’t think I would have chosen to ferry a starving ghost, just bargain cheaper wooooooo”

Lin Siyi stood in the same place with large bills in her pocket, suddenly feeling a little out of place.

At this time a person suddenly patted her shoulder, “Classmate, you are an unfamiliar face, are you new to C courtyard? I can have a lot of good incense here, do you want to-“

“Liang Liang! How many times have I told you, if I find out you’re trading privately again, you’ll be disciplined!”

With a loud voice, Lin Siyi turned around to see an old man running over with a megaphone, carrying a red band on his arm with the four characters manager written on it.

Liang Liang ran away immediately, and the old man quickly caught up with him.

This is too humane.

Lin Siyi sighed, walked a little ahead, away from the noisy crowd, and finally saw a snack shop at a corner.

When she walked in and picked out a few bottles of yogurt, the owner kept staring at her as she paid the bill.

Lin Siyi was looking a little nervous, “What are you looking at?”

As a result, the boss suddenly whispered, “By looking at your face, you must be new to C Courtyard. I have some good incense here, would you like a few?”

Lin Siyi, “…….”

“Aren’t you a shop, can’t you just sell it directly, why are you still sneaking around?”

After hearing this, the owner spoke like she was sad and immediately mourned, “Who let me be pitiful to even be assigned to a snack shop, in this place, if you don’t sell something the ghost likes, you can’t make any damn money!”

“I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for that dog, Hu San, who tampered with the lottery, I should….”

Looking at the boss who couldn’t stop talking, Lin Siyi silently retreated a few steps.

Holding her yogurt, she quietly left.

Before leaving, Lin Siyi randomly found a store and took out ten hundred yuan bills in her hand, “Buy the best paper money, take as much as you can.”

As soon as this was said, she received almost everyone’s attention around her.

She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, how could she feel like she was about to be ganged up on.

Taking the bag handed to her by the boss, she immediately took off.

It wasn’t until she was far away from the place that she was relieved.

She picked up the bag, it didn’t feel very heavy, so she opened it.

Damn, a thousand bucks for less than five piles of paper money?

Are you kidding?

Lin Siyi, who was holding the yogurt, suddenly kind of wanted to change her way back.

“Why did you just come back!”

The man snatched the paper bag from her hand before she got close.

“I’m leaving!”

How come the ghost has lost half of its face already?

Lin Siyi looked at the certain ghost hiding behind the man, it really was getting scarier by the minute.

As the man re-lit the flame and prepared to burn the paper money, Lin Siyi immediately took a few steps forward, “You guys should continue, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Wait a minute”

Lin Siyi looked at the other with a silly smile on her face.

The man took out the four wads of paper money in the bag and his whole face darkened, “You didn’t bargain?”

At this critical moment, Lin Siyi’s brain raced and said, “I think that a noble person like you, bargaining such crude things is really not worthy of your identity.”

The man was stunned, then pondered, feeling as if the other party had a point, with his status… Wait!

He wasn’t the one who went shopping, so how would he lose his status?

Looking immediately, there was no one in front of him.

Man, “……”

After running a long way, Lin Siyi stopped breathlessly.

Luckily, it was good thing she was clever.


Lin Siyi straightened up for a moment, alert.


Stepping out of the side of the bush, the grey fur seemed to blend into the night, and the cat’s blue pupils looked more and more bizarre.

Lin Siyi immediately took a few steps backwards, and she recognized this cat almost immediately as the Cloud Cat that had appeared in her dormitory before!

A quick glance behind her and then ahead, what the hell is going on here, a tiger in front and a wolf in the back, are they going to let anyone live?

The sharp-eyed Lin Siyi noticed a stone path on the front side, and looking at the direction, she should be able to return to the dormitory.

She immediately hugged the yogurt in her arms and rushed forward.

Aversion lifted his paws to wipe his face, then gave a huff, turned around, and actually left.

It was getting darker and darker ahead, and the lights on the side of the road seemed very faint.

Lin Siyi stopped and looked behind her, relieved to find that it wasn’t coming after her.

It seems that it is not suitable to go out at night.

She proceeded forward for a while, her intuition telling her that the direction was right, and that she should be able to see the dormitory building in less than fifteen minutes.

However, Lin Siyi’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and she squatted down to look at the white high heels on the ground.


They looked quite expensive, who was so careless that they were able to lose their shoes?

A beautiful voice sounded from behind her, “That seems to be my heels, can you pick them up for me?”

When Lin Siyi turned back, it was a very good-looking girl, about fifteen or sixteen years old, with a thick braid placed in front of her chest and a pale blue long skirt, very cute.

“Of course I can.”

Lin Siyi’s outstretched hand was about to touch the white high heels when she suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” The girl’s voice was somewhat close, as if it was ringing right next to her ears.

Lin Siyi took a deep breath and quickly got up holding the yogurt and scampered off again.

“What are you running for?”

The girl’s voice was still in her ears.

Translator: Stay safe and warm!

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  1. What… What is even happening right now? This some sort of acid trip? It feels like I read the last few chapters in a dream I just woke up from; while I remember letters which spelled english words, and were arranged into sentences, I can’t really recall what.

    Still, I really appreciate the hard work you put towards this TL, I’m just not really following. It might be my fault, my eyeballs are pointing at the words but not making sense of them. Maybe I should get some sleep.

    1. Haha no this was a little funky to translate because there was a lot of ghost everywhere.
      So basically after she moved to C courtyard I think classes are during night-time. I think that’s why there was nobody during the day until night came when they have to do their assignment which involves getting ghost to cross over. She met the guy in dark clothes who was in the middle of doing that and when she went to the shop area there are students who are bargaining prices for the items needed. An example would be the money and it is burned for the ghost to have in the afterlife. Does that make sense? Ask more you need clarification and I’ll try my best. I understand I’m not the greatest at explaing

  2. Replying to the top comment, so from my understanding in this chapter Lin Siyi is trying to yogurt and gets stopped by a strange ghosty man who forces her into doing an errand for him in the marketplace where a bunch of her classmates are setting up shops despite it being nighttime (since I guess that’s one of the quirks of the C Courtyard). She does the errand and gets her yogurt and makes her way back to her room, running into a cat (which I suspect might be the cat that was talking to Nan Xueying a bunch of chapters ago), then meets this ghost woman who’s trying to get her to pick up her shoes? Perhaps to trick her into doing something, I’m not sure. But Lin Siyi runs away yet again haha. I’m really enjoying this story so far. Thank you so much translator for your hard work!

      1. Thanks guys, still sort of lost on me but now I can follow the general progression from what you’ve both explained.

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