My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 39

In the middle of the summer night, there was a cool breeze. The fresh breeze, mixed with the fragrance of grass leaves, gently brushed past Shu Tang’s shoulders and lingered in the kitten’s nose.

The surrounding greenery was dyed with darkness, and the fireflies dotted the night with soft yellow light, just like the stars dotting the night sky, and the heavens and earth were reversed.

When Shu Tang’s head buzzed, she thought of her master’s beautiful face for no reason and was so frightened that she hurriedly took a few steps backward. After she realized that the person in front of her was not her Master, she refused loudly, “Not good at all!”.

How bold!

Miao Jinghan is out of her mind!

Smiling at Shu Tang’s frightened face, the kitten took a few silent steps forward, “Isn’t your master not letting you get close to me? Wouldn’t it be a good deal for you to cut off contact with me with a kiss?”

It’s a good deal, my foot!

Shu Tang guardedly stepped backward, “Thank you for your understanding, I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Tsk,” Miao Jinghan smacked her lips and leaned forward, two tender ears creeping out from the top of her head, “Do you seriously disagree?”

Shu Tang nodded seriously, “I disagree.”

It was a matter of principle! It’s useless to tempt her with cat ears!

Miao Jinghan regretfully took back her cat ears and pouted in dissatisfaction, “I gave you three chances and you didn’t take any of them, you can’t blame me for this.” In the next second, she abruptly changed back to her kitten form and scampered towards Shu Tang. Shu Tang subconsciously caught the cat and held it in her arms.

The kitten stretched, then found the most comfortable position for itself, half-closed its eyes, and lay down in Shu Tang’s arms.

“Since you don’t want to make the deal, then you’ll take me with you for the rest of your cultivation.” It flicked its tail and said, “You can’t refuse this request anymore, meow~”

“Taking you with me to practice while I’m in the human realm will be considered as the thing I do for you?” Shu Tang asked dubiously.

The kitten felt a little cold at the tail and after bringing her long tail into Shu Tang’s arms as well, she said, “Of course meow~”

Shu Tang: “……” selling cute is shameful!

However, overall, this request was much more reasonable than the last one. Although Master wouldn’t allow her to have too much contact with her, it was the only way to go at the moment.

Moreover, even if she had more contact with Miao Jinghan, her Master…. must not know about it.

At the thought of Master, Shu Tang looked a little gloomy, and after casting an illusion spell for her face, she carried the kitten towards the brightly lit streets of Qing Rong City.

The hidden figure of Fuyu Shangxian, who was now staring at the cat in Shu Tang’s arms, her eyes flickered, unknowingly clutching her sleeves in a death grip.

Shu Tang, however, did not know that everything she had done had been seen by Master, and her heart was still thinking about how cold Master had been to her when she left the Immortal Realm.

Perhaps, when she went back again, she should also learn how to be petulant?

It is just that, when she thought of the scene of acting petulant towards her master… Shu Tang shivered with a bitter chill, it is better to forget it.

At this hour, the entire Qing Rong City could not find a vacant room for this one person and one cat to reside in. Naturally, Shu Tang understood and took the cat with her to find a slightly secluded alley on the street, sitting on the ground under the eaves, meditating and resting at the same time, and so she spent the night.

The first day of her solitary training in the human realm ended in meditation. Miao Jinghan nestled between Shu Tang’s cross-legged, seemingly sleeping, but actually opening her eyes from time to time, surveying Shu Tang from bottom to top.

The night was dark and wet with dew and the closer it got to morning, the colder it was. The kitten had a fur that could protect her from the cold, but Shu Tang was meditating and her qi was flowing in her body, but could not be dispersed.

In the midst of the cold and wet, Miao Jinghan opened her eyes once again and gently placed her small paws on Shu Tang’s hands, and in a split second, a transparent boundary covered her body and began to protect her from the cold.

The night passed and only when the sun rose again and its light shone on the earth did Shu Tang slowly open her eyes.

This night, she had actually spent a surprisingly peaceful night. Shu Tang thought it seemed that it was all right to sleep outside, and it would save a lot of money for accommodation.

And this amount of silver… as she stood up while holding a lazy cat that wouldn’t walk on its own, she thought – perhaps she could buy a jade bracelet for her master.

Master’s wrists were always bare and white and flawless, so how could she not get a jade bracelet to go with it? Although she couldn’t afford to buy a rare and fine jade, it was still a token of her appreciation and was sure her master would be happy to receive it.

Thinking about the jade bracelet the whole way, Shu Tang brought the kitten to the breakfast stall. After casually buying two buns for herself, she was about to leave, but the cat in her arms suddenly grabbed her arm and meowed.

Knowing that it didn’t want to expose its identity in front of the outsiders, Shu Tang wasn’t surprised and lifted the kitten up and asked, “Do you want to eat baozi too?”

The kitten meowed milkily, but strangely, Shu Tang really understood what it was saying.

If she wasn’t mistaken, Miao Jinghan was saying – “No.”

Could it be that she had mastered a foreign language in ancient times?

Shu Tang raised her eyebrows in disbelief and asked again, “So what do you want to eat?”

“Meow~” the kitten squinted its eyes and softly called out, and Shu Tang actually understood its meaning again – “Eat fish.”

Shu Tang helplessly held the kitten in her arms, and after nibbling on the bun, she began to look for fish on the street. However, it was still early in the morning and most of the restaurants and eateries were still open, but only a few of them were open and at this time they only sold breakfast, not fish.

After walking around, the kitten was so hungry that it called out “meow” so she had to ask people around where there was running water nearby.

She had never done such a thing as catching fish with her bare hands, but Miao Jinghan was a cat and a rare demon immortal in the world, so she should be able to catch fish, right?

After asking around, the nearest source of water that Shu Tang learned about was more than ten miles away from Qing Rong City. Although the spell book given to her by her master earlier contained the Royal Wind Technique, Shu Tang had never tried it because she was confined in the remote hall all day. She tried a few times outside the city and found that it was indeed difficult for her to quickly master this skill, and then shifted her gaze to the little cat.

No one was here, and after feeling her gaze, Miao Jinghan bluntly said, “If I’m not thinking wrong, you are cultivating in the lower realm this time, so how can you think about relying on my strength?” 

Shu Tang said unconvincingly, “If it wasn’t for you, why would I need to go in search of any water.”

“What’s wrong with a Soul Returning Pill in exchange for you going in search for a body of water?”

Shu Tang was so angry that she looked at the kitten leisurely in her arms and wished she could throw it out.

She was really blind! Why did she think it was a cute, harmless, and simple cat in the first place!

Yesterday she didn’t know how she should train, but now it seems that her training in the human realm will definitely become fruitful with the participation of the kitten.

It’s just that from the current situation, it is not known whether the appearance of Miao Jinghan was a blessing or a curse. She hoped that her Master would not be displeased by this when she found out.

Outside of Qing Rong City, it took almost half an hour for Shu Tang to finally fly unsteadily into the wind. However, she could only fly ten meters out before falling to the ground again. The kitten was lying on the grass basking in the sunshine, meowing from time to time, looking completely like a spectator.

Shu Tang was so angry that she patted the dirt on her body, stood up, and said, “You’re crying out for food again, and you’re not trying to find a running water by yourself, so why are you tormenting me here?”

“You can’t say that, Xiao Tang Tang, I’m urging you to practice the royal wind.” It turned over on the grass, revealing its snow-white belly, “You have to learn the royal wind before it’s too late. You can’t wait until you’ve ascended to immortality to practice, can you?”

Shu Tang squatted down and poked its belly with her finger, “At any rate, you’re a demon immortal, can you pay attention to your image?”

“I was like this when you were a piglet, how come I didn’t see you dislike me then.” The kitten was poked so comfortably that it couldn’t help but close its eyes.

When Shu Tang saw it like this, she couldn’t get annoyed even if she wanted to, so she got up and asked, “By the way, you’re an immortal, why are you still hungry?”

“A demon immortal is different from an immortal.” After it said this, it closed its eyes completely, as if it had fallen asleep. When Shu Tang saw that it didn’t look like it wanted to talk, she helplessly shook her head and went to the side to practice her royal wind technique again.

Ironically, she always had an inexplicable indulgence towards this little kitten, and she didn’t know why. While reciting the technique of the Royal Wind Technique, Shu Tang wondered and didn’t notice that the kitten on the grass had gently moved its paws.

But this time, Shu Tang finally managed to fly into the sky by accident. Although it was not high, he could move forward steadily. The kitten yawned, rose into the sky, fell into her arms, and let her fly.

Shu Tang didn’t expect to succeed this time and was pleasantly surprised, but at the same time carefully controlled the speed of her flight for fear of falling to the ground again. Fortunately, there were no further mishaps until she flew to the edge of the small river and landed smoothly on the ground.

It was the first time the Royal Wind was able to fly this far, Shu Tang couldn’t help but ask the kitten, “Did you help me?”

Miao Jinghan meowed, dismissively said, “Why would I help you?”

Shu Tang scratched its furry head and scratched its neck, “I just can’t believe that I succeeded so quickly.”

“It’s not surprising that you’ve succeeded with your good immortal fate.” The kitten was extremely comfortable being scratched by her, “En…. now you should go catch fish.”

Shu Tong: “….” What does immortal fate have to do with catching fish!

She thought the cat would catch the fish by itself, and never thought that the responsibility of catching the fish would fall on her. Shu Tang heartily put the cat on the grass by the river and stepped into the river with her skirt.

The morning sun was warm and the river temperature was moderate, neither cold nor hot. Shu Tang pulled up her sleeves high, showing two tender white arms, and caught the fish in this river.

However, after a quarter of an hour, Shu Tang realized that catching fish is a skill. There were so many fish in the river, but all of them seemed to have learned magic, and they would slip out of her hands as soon as she grabbed them, but she couldn’t catch a single one.

After trying to recall all her memories of catching fish, Shu Tang ran to the shore with her wet skirt, broke a branch the size of an arm, sharpened it with her inner qi, and returned to the river to spear the fish.

After another fifteen minutes, Shu Tang felt as if she had no talent in the matter of spearing fish.

The pink-clothed girl stood by the river, holding a rough wooden harpoon, her long hair gently fluttering in the breeze, her face full of uncertainty.

Since coming to this world, she had suffered almost no setbacks except for a broken immortal root. In the pigsty, she was able to snag the best place to drink milk, and in the immortal world, she practiced at a speed that surpassed almost all mortals… But now, she was embarrassed by a group of slippery fish.

Seeing that the person was standing in the river, the little cat that had been watching for a long time raised its whiskers, stood up, shook its body, walked to the bank nearest to Shu Tang, and meowed.

Shu Tang stared blankly back at it, thinking that it was dissatisfied with her efficiency in catching fish, and while not expecting it, Miao Jinghan suddenly transformed into a human and asked her in a rare and serious manner, “You are an immortal cultivator and have learned various types of spells. When you encounter such things, why don’t you consider using spells to solve them?”

Translator: *Keck* *kAK* *heaves* *gags more* Taking refuge in my room because my brother sprayed too much chemical and now everywhere in the house *hack* *pfffbbt* Not my type of chemical romance.
His wife is weird. She says she can’t taste it then joked if we will get high off of it.
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