Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 17 Mary Sue (IX) part 2

Of course I won’t let her look at the wound, it’s not even open. It’s fine.

I paled my face and said, “It’s alright… it’s really nothing… it doesn’t hurt at all…”

“You lied to me again wu wu wu…”

I didn’t know that Su Qianqian was such a crybaby, but if I often bully her in the future, won’t my ears be deaf by her?

“You promised me earlier that you wouldn’t get hurt and you still got hurt …wu wu wu… cheater big cheater….”

Su Qianqian tears fell straight down, and her crying nose was red. It really made me feel unbearable. Does she have to make me admit the pain before she will stop?

Okay then, I’ll admit it.

“It only hurts a little, Qianqian, don’t cry. If people see you, they’ll think I’m bullying you.” I picked up a tissue and wiped her face.

She was also a little embarrassed, lowered her head and allowed me to move, and stopped shedding tears, but also whimpered quietly.

“I… actually just feel so guilty. You’re hurting and I can’t do anything to help.”

“Oh, I see.” I said thoughtfully, in a serious voice, “Then kiss me and it won’t hurt anymore.”


“Huh? You don’t want to?” I was shocked and then had a sad expression, and my mouth still pretending to be strong, “It’s okay, just let me hurt. It’s okay if it hurts for a while, but it just makes me lose consciousness. It’s really okay…”

“Don’t!” Su Qianqian stopped me from saying what I was going to say next, and looked like a big, righteous person, “Then… then I’ll kiss you!”

Go ahead, kiss me! Kiss me!

I clutched my chest and said stubbornly, “Hmm~ I… I don’t hurt…doesn’t hurt…”

Then I felt something soft and warm come up next to my cheek and leave again. So quickly that I didn’t have time to feel it carefully.

I stalled and reached out to touch the place where I had just been kissed. Underneath my hand is full of collagen, so smooth and soft I could pinch it, but that’s not what I want to feel.

My heart is beating faster, my face is burning, my circulation is speeding up, what’s wrong with me?

My brain still doesn’t catch up, but my body is honest and my mouth is even more honest as I hear myself say, “Hmm~ It seems a little better….well, no, it seems to hurt a little….”

So I felt that same soft, warm touch next to me again and it flew away just as quickly, but this time I figured out what the physical reaction was, I seemed to smell the effects of hormones1

It should be springtime…

“Does it still hurt?” I heard Su Qianqian’s shy voice. The voice was obviously the same as before, but now I feel a tingling sensation in my ears.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I shook my head, “Your kiss was effective.”

“Well, ah, it’s good if it works!” Su Qianqian said suddenly, “Why don’t I wipe your face?”

“Wipe my face?” I’m sorry, the topic changed too fast and my brain haven’t recovered yet.

Su Qianqian, however, didn’t answer my question and rummaged around in her large backpack before opening a pack of wipes.

The second before the wipe wiped on my face I was confused up until the second she took off the wipe that I came back to my senses.

Oh, so it was my face that was dirty.

But Su Qianqian!!! You tell me!!! Why did the wipe have traces of ink on it! Huh?!!!

“Su Qianqian!!!” I think I must have looked very scary at this point. I gritted my teeth and said, “Explain it to me!”

“This… that… So it’s cold, uh, is there any connection between cold weather and bankruptcy? Is there some kind of classic story…”

“Don’t mess with me, speak!”

Su Qianqian stood up straight, her two hands folded in front of her, constantly moving, and her eyes fluttering, “It was when you were sleeping, carelessly, one didn’t pay attention, one didn’t control…”


“Left a mark of love on your face…”

“What else?!!!”

“A cute little creature…”


“A lifelike…. little bastard…”

“Su Qianqian!!!”

So I am bearing the mark of her love, a lovely, lifelike little bastard, shameless before so many of my subordinates, right? !  

Life is not worth living.jpg

“Su Xingyu, don’t ignore me. I was wrong. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. QAQ…Su Xingyu…..”

“Don’t call my names.”

“…… Well, ma’am, don’t ignore me. ……”

“Don’t call me ma’am.”

“Good girl I’m wrong @x@.”

“And don’t call me girl.”

“What exactly do I call you?”

“Please call me Goddess!”

“Goddess I was wrong! You have to forgive me@x@”

Humph! Don’t expect me to talk to you, goddesses are all cold╭(╯^╰)╮

The author has something to say:Su Xingyu turns into an actress in one second, the little white flower is adorable.~\(≧▽≦)/~
I suddenly realized a problem, the heroines are still underage! Do not write underage xxoo! They will take a long time to reach adulthood! What should I do!

1 You can smell hormones??? wAT?

Translator: Umm. Wasn’t there a scene where Qianqian draws on Xingyu’s face? I vaguely remember but I might be wrong because my reality is distorting. I think it was in the hallway of the school…. ah well, I wish you guys the best of luck! Stay safe!!

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  1. That sounds… vaguely familiar? Lol it is hard to remember when its been a while. But there should have been many opportunities to draw on her face.

    As for “smelling” hormones, maybe the meaning is closer to “suspect”. I.e. she is trying to understand what this new reaction is. Can’t be love, so it must be hormones? We’d typically say something like infatuation but I think that is probably to close to “genuine emotional response” for this girl’s comfort so she substituted a strictly biological response instead.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Haha yeah sorry. And the hormone Xingyu mentioned “springtime” so I think she was *cough* turned on *cough* but smelling hormones? Interesting way to put it.

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