Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 17 Mary Sue (IX) part 1

I felt much better after the wound was bandaged. There was really nothing wrong with spending a lot of money every year on a bunch of doctors.

Originally, I was just planning to keep a low profile and go to school, so I didn’t even have a secret bodyguard with me, but I didn’t expect to cause so much trouble… As expected, I’m a person who can’t keep a low profile by nature, and the radiance I exude, even in the daytime, is dazzling.

Ugh, what a pain. Why is it so hard to be a normal person for a while? Why did God make me so wonderful, I just wanted to go to school quietly!

I am sad in my heart, if it was before, I would probably find a corner to sigh alone, but today, I want to find someone to talk to.

I looked in the other direction, my heart suddenly had a kind of unexplainable unhappiness. I am suffering from injuries yet, Su Qianqian, you are actually chatting with someone else and chatting passionately. With this kind of attitude, how can you possibly chase me! Humph! ╭(╯^╰)╮

“Guanguang!” There’s also the Grand Steward, who doesn’t do her job and goes off to chat up with young girls. With such a big age difference, doesn’t she feel there’s a generation gap?

“Su Xingyu!”  


Humph! Are you seeing me now?

“Are you all right, Su Xingyu?”

Why are you touching my forehead, I don’t have a fever. I rolled my eyes gracefully, are you taking advantage of the opportunity to eat my tofu again?

“No…” I was about to say that it was no longer a big deal, but suddenly I thought to myself, be weak pretending to be strong, “I’m fine… really fine…”

My big eyes were full of tears and stubbornly not letting it flow down, making me look more charming and pitiful.

“It really doesn’t hurt at all…ha~” I gasped slightly, “I don’t feel the pain at all, don’t worry about me Qianqian~”  

“How could I not be worried!” Su Qianqian’s eyes were red again, biting her lip as if she hated to suffer for me, “You must be in so much pain that you can’t feel it, I’m sorry…”

I don’t know why she’s apologizing to me, it’s not like she’s the one who got me hurt, but she doesn’t seem to think so herself.

“If you hadn’t saved me, you would have been able to escape by yourself. I’m sorry I got you into this, I’m sorry wu wu wu…. you must be in a lot of pain, jumping out of a bus after being bitten by a vampire…”

The scheme got out of hand and I didn’t mean to make her cry! I was just trying to comfort her when my Grand Steward Guangguang suddenly yelled at me with her loud voice, scaring the words out of my mouth and holding them back.

“Can’t you see that the master still says it hurts? Go and look again! What’s the matter, aren’t you all the best doctors!” Su Guangguang was filled with annoyance, “Master can’t even heal skin and flesh injuries!!!”

How many times have I told you not to talk so loud! The plane will crash because of her!

For my personal safety, I made the right great decision, “Guangguang, I’m going to give you a mission!”

“Master, please speak!!!”

I was full of black lines, I told you not to speak so loud! I’m still a patient! You’ll be demoted sooner or later!

“Guangguang you go and look up the information on the math teacher of the second year class. I want the most detailed information, including his family!”

“Report to Master, I have information on him! He is the future heir of the 170th Liang Clan in the world. Before you enroll in school, you have checked the basic information of all your teachers!”

I don’t think Guangguang understood what I meant, and there was a deep sneer on my lips.

One hundred and seventieth? Not even in the world’s top ten and you dare to think of me.

I looked outside the plane, the azure sky was beautiful, I said with a calm voice, “It’s cold, let the Liang’s go bankrupt.”

Guangguang seemed surprised, but immediately agreed, “Yes!!!”

Me: …… Keep your voice down!!! You’re shaking the airplane to its core!

I added, “It’s getting cold, so let the Liang’s go bankrupt now.”


“Yes, now, go.”

Guangguang was ordered by me to take the group of doctors to another plane, and this one had just me, Su Qianqian, the pilot, and a few maids.

I said to the maids, “You guys go make some lunch.” I hadn’t forgotten the original purpose of going out of school, and my already front and back body was hungry even more.

“Qianqian, is there anything in particular you’d like to eat?”

“Me? I don’t need it!” Su Qianqian waved her hand, “I’m not very hungry…”

“How can you not be hungry, I can hear someone’s stomach protesting.” I casually commanded, “Then eat the same as me.” She likes me so much, so if I like the food, she must like it too.

Afraid she wouldn’t eat it, I added, “Don’t refuse, they say the grace of dripping water, the spring will return1. I ate your shredded potatoes, how about a ton of potatoes back?”

“A ton of potatoes?!” Su Qianqian was stunned, “No… no need….”

“Then you’ll eat lunch with me or I’ll give you a ton of potatoes.”

“Uh… I’ll eat then….”

It’s funny to see her acting like she’s being forced to take poison.

“Qianqian, help me sit up.” It’s not very comfortable lying on my side, and it’s not convenient for me to eat later.

“Okay. Wait, slow down! I’ll give you a pillow first!”

Sitting up was still a little uncomfortable and I frowned.

“Did you pull the wound? Is it open again? I’ll get the doctor!”

“Don’t go!” I held her back, “You forgot, the doctors just left.”

“Ah! Then what should we do! How can they all go! Are you bleeding again, let me see!” Su Qianqian was so anxious.

It’s pretty cute to see her anxious look, as a warm feeling crossed my heart.

1 “The grace of dripping water, the spring will return” means returning the favor or to give back more than you received

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