For The Rest of Our Life Chapter 11 – No one can compare to you (2)

At that moment, Xiao Yuqing was preparing for a meeting in the conference room. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, she saw the heavy rain pouring and crackling fiercely outside the window and she was afraid that it wouldn’t stop for a while.

In the meantime, she took out her cell phone with some concern, fearing that Lin Xian would not be able to pick up the phone, so she only sent her a text message, “Is the exercise over? Did you get caught in the rain? If it’s over, don’t go home in the rain without an umbrella, wait a little, I’ll come over to pick you up after the meeting.”

When Lin Xian received the text message, it was already after the group photo and everyone was dismissed back to the dorm to change clothes. When Shi Man finished the assembly exercise, she told Lin Xian that her sister had driven to pick her up and asked Lin Xian if she wanted to go together. Lin Xian’s clothes were wet enough to squeeze out a bucket of water, and several familiar students in the dorm asked Lin Xian to go to their room to clean and change into a T-shirt. Lin Xian thought about it, but still rejected Shi Man’s offer, and decided to go to the classmate’s dormitory to borrow a dry T-shirt and go home by herself. She was not sure whether Shi Man was on the way, but she didn’t want to bother her too much.

She was still on her way to her classmate’s dormitory when she saw Xiao Yuqing’s concerned text message, and her eyes couldn’t help but smile. When she looked at herself, not a single part of her body was dry anymore. She thought about it a bit, but texted back, “It’s okay, don’t come pick me up, I’ll just go back by myself. Don’t worry, it’s not raining, I’ll just borrow an umbrella.”

The rain outside was so heavy, it would be too troublesome to make Xiao Yuqing take a special trip to come here. Moreover, driving in the rain increased the insecurity factor, and Lin Xian also felt uneasy. Therefore, she decided to tell a small good-natured lie and rejected Xiao Yuqing’s good intentions.

However, even though she had changed into a dry T-shirt and dried her hair, her underwear and pants were still wet. She was desperate for Xiao Yuqing to get home in one step and wash away the body. So, unable to borrow an extra umbrella, Lin Xian stood in front of the dormitory building for a long time, seeing that the rain was much lighter, she prepared to rush out in the rain. Suddenly, there was an umbrella that was delivered to her face.

“Lin… Lin Xian, you don’t have an umbrella? You can use this.” The voice had a slightly magnetic clean youthful voice, and the tone seemed to be a bit bashful.

Lin Xian followed the voice, and the first thing that came into view was a large, broad hand which was tender and fair. Although the five fingers were long, the bones were very thick and uncoordinated. Following the other party’s hand holding the umbrella and looking up, Lin Xian recognized him as one of the few boys who had been staring at her from the stands earlier.

She gave the boy a fixed gaze, narrowed her eyes, and her voice faintly declined the offer, “Thanks, but no thanks.” With that, she opened the changed military training jacket with both hands, propped it on top of her head, lifted her foot, and strode forward, rushing into the rain.

As she ran, she couldn’t help but recall a hand in her mind again, five fingers as long as spring onions and nails manicured neatly and clean, as warm and graceful as her entire body.

When waiting for the bus, Lin Xian stretched out her hand, looked at it, and thought back to the boy’s hand just now, even Zhou Qin and Shi Man’s hand, suddenly gave birth to a feeling that no one can compare to Aunt Xiao.

On the bus ride home, Lin Xian shivered with a chill and sneezed several times in a row. Once she got home, she found that Xiao Yuqing hadn’t come back yet. She rushed into the bathroom before she had time to take a sip of hot water. She washed her hair and took a shower. Before she could blow her hair, she hurriedly washed the wet clothes, clean and neat, destroying the evidence.

Everyone is anxious to go home on a rainy day. If they are in a hurry, they are prone to problems. Xiao Yuqing got off work half an hour early, and almost got stuck on the way. When she got home, she was half an hour later than usual.

She frowned slightly, rubbed her temples tiredly, and took out the key from her bag to open the door.  

Lin Xian had already dried her hair and was sitting in the living room watching TV. When she heard the sound of the security door, she immediately jumped up and ran to the entrance to greet Xiao Yuqing.

As soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by Lin Xian’s bright and brilliant smile and a sweet voice, “Aunt Xiao, you’re back.” In an instant, she felt her heart warm and all her chill and exhaustion disappeared. She relaxed her eyebrows and softened her gaze, responding to Lin Xian, “En, there was a traffic jam on the way and I came back a little late, are you hungry?”

Lin Xian reached out and took Xiao Yuqing’s umbrella, set it down, shook her head and replied with a smile, “I’m not hungry, I accidentally ate too much at noon.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed softly, shut the door, carefully scrutinized Lin Xian, and said uneasy, “Have you taken a bath? Did you get caught in the rain when you came back?

Lin Xian grinned, her lips red and teeth white, “Of course not. I borrowed a classmate’s umbrella and came back.”

Xiao Yuqing looked around, but she was skeptical, “What about the umbrella?”

Lin Xian was slightly stunned and reacted extremely quickly, “We traveled all the way, her house is right in front of us. In fact, we only had one umbrella, so after she sent me back first, she went back on her own with the umbrella.” In order to dispel Xiao Yuqing’s doubts and not to dwell on this issue, Lin Xian first extended out her hand to hold Xiao Yuqing’s cold hand, and then squeezed Xiao Yuqing’s five fingers, interlocking ten fingers, and said with a smile, “Look at my hand. Isn’t it warm? It really didn’t get wet.”

Xiao Yuqing was caught off guard by the tight grip on her hand, and her reflex was to gently pull out, but in the next second, she saw Lin Xian’s young and bright face and curving smiling eyes, and gradually relaxed, allowing Lin Xian to hold her hand and feel Lin Xian’s body temperature.

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t remember how long it’s been since she hadn’t relaxed like this and gave her hands to someone else to hold. She had almost forgotten that when her hands were held closely with all ten fingers, she felt the sense of solidity and warmth.

Lin Xian was actually vaguely aware that Xiao Yuqing did not like such intimate contact, but she, on the other hand, very much enjoyed such contact with Xiao Yuqing. However, surprisingly, she felt Xiao Yuqing seem to grip her hand slightly. She heard her gentle and pleasant voice, with a slight smile of joy, and definitely answered her, “It’s warm.”

She raised her head in surprise and looked straight into Xiao Yuqing’s clear eyes, and saw, in her eyes, a small version of herself with a radiant smile rippling in her eyes. And the Xiao Yuqing in her eyes was just like her, with eyes flowing and a smile from the heart.

The author has something to say:
The vice cp finally came out~
Do you think Aunt Xiao can still attack? Her hands are so beautiful…〃∀〃

Translator: Such beautiful people.
I don’t mean the characters I meant you guys. ❤

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  1. <3

    You are also a wonderful person who feeds us a lot. Thanks for the chapter.

    This is the textbook example of white lies, and the way they grow. There are a dozen little things that could clue her Aunt in, and they could be months down the line when the protagonist has entirely forgotten about this, but something reminds her Aunt and then it comes up.

    Maybe she comes down with a cold tomorrow. Maybe next time it rains and she can't get picked up, her Aunt wonders why she didn't walk home with the girl down the street. Maybe then her Aunt starts worrying that she isn't making friends at school?

    So it can cause trouble even without being addressed. But maybe her Aunt does realize it was a lie. And then walking home in the rain doesn't even matter. Just the lying.

    And really, what is the point of it? Could have let her Aunt know she walked home and then took a warm bath. To be clear, I'm not trying to make Lin Xian out as some sort of pathological liar. Just that making small lies to someone close never pay off, but build a tolerance and habit about it. Speaking from personal experience, unfortunately. And it's kind of cathartic to type this up, otherwise I wouldn't have.

    1. Thank you. I like to try and give you guys something to look forward to and encourage you guys lately. Hope it worked✌️

      And I also completely agree with you about the white lies, this is how trust issue are formed. Maybe that’s why the author stressed out/mentioned the words that it was “good-natured”.

      In my opinion, I think Auntie Qingqing will find out is by asking about her friend who lives close to them. Maybe she’ll ask Lin Xian to bring them over or casually pop it up and say thank you to a random friend but realized there’s nothing to thank for.

      I’m also rooting for her to get sick (sorry guys), so she can get her butt handed to her while being loved at the same time Aunt Yuqing style.

  2. Mhmhmh I really feel like Yuqing is remembering someone.

    So the vice cp us this Shi Man girl and someone else? Another girl? That guy?

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