My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 38

The sun shifted through the clouds, and the sound of evening drums could be heard in the distance. Shu Tang followed the group of disciples to the main hall, and immediately saw an acquaintance, Hu Qiu.

At first, this reckless disciple made a move against her master, making her unhappy, and later apologized as if he was reluctant to do so. Seeing him looking at her frequently at this time, she was upset and quietly took a step back, just standing behind a disciple, blocking his vision.

The elder who resided on the upper seat frowned for a moment when he saw that the intruders were two spirited young girls. He looked back at the three disciples who had been injured and asked, “Looking at you, did these two people injure you?”

The three disciples’ faces were sickly white, clearly having injured their internal organs. One of them had blood on his lips and his eyes lingered on the two girls for a long time before he said uncertainly, “The person who injured had cast an illusion on their face, and the disciple is not sure….”

Shu Tang took a deep breath and said, “The one who hurt you is me. My true qi is unstable these past few days, and the true qi in my body is often chaotic in the meridians. But because of this, the true Qi was in a state of disorder and accidentally injured the three people. I am here to apologize to you.”

Seeing her voluntarily admit, the elder slowly nodded, walked down the stairs, went up to her, pointed at Miao Jinghan and asked, “Then what happened to this one?”

“She is my companion, we had a disagreement. I made trouble when I was alone. After she found out, she followed the gap in the barrier to find me.”

There was nothing flawed in what she said, but Miao Jinghan never spoke beside her, so it was hard not to be suspicious. The elder turned his head and asked her, “Is what she said true?”

“I’m standing with her, naturally I’m in the same group as her, and you asked me if it is true, you really asked a nonsense question.” Miao Jinghan looked at him, word for word.

The elder was momentarily speechless and took a deep breath, not expecting this little girl to be a sharp-tongued one. After examining her for a long time, he continued to ask, “Then how do you plan to handle this matter?”

Before Shu Tang could speak, Miao Jinghan had already snapped, “Do you know the identity of my companion?”

She deliberately stressed the word “companion”, Shu Tang felt guilty, but she couldn’t say anything else, clutching Miao Jinghan’s arm to prevent her from going on.

The elder frowned and sized up Shu Tang, “Who are you?”

“I’m just passing through this city…” Shu Tang’s voice of explanation was instantly overshadowed by Miao Jinghan’s words, “She is the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian.”

Shu Tang almost didn’t come up in one breath, what the hell is this guy going to do!

And everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air, unable to believe that the delicate young girl in front of them was the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian!

If he remembered correctly, the apprentice that the previous Immortal had brought along was a little piggy. So, was the one in front of him an impostor, or was she another disciple of the Fuyu Immortal?

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t imagine that Shu Tang was the half-grown piglet. Hu Qiu was someone who had seen the piglet before, he was not as calm as the elder, nor did he know how to think carefully, when he asked, “What proof do you have that she is the Shangxian’s disciple?”

Miao Jinghan smiled slightly and said leisurely, “Why should a disciple of the Shangxian prove her identity to you, informing her identity to you is already the utmost blessing, little disciple, don’t be ungrateful, ah.”

Seeing that she was about to stir up trouble, Shu Tang busily covered the little cat’s intrusive mouth, saying repeatedly, “This friend of mine is not good at speaking, please don’t blame the elders.”

It wasn’t that she was really afraid of these disciples, even though she herself didn’t like Hu Qiu and the others much, however, what she, Shu Tang, represented wasn’t just her, so how could she make a fuss? Once Fuyu’s disciple’s identity was exposed to others, her every move was a representation of her master. Even if she didn’t want to be angry at this time, she still had to take the master’s face into consideration and be as polite as possible to the Qing Rong Sect.

Master herself had already offended many people, so she wouldn’t accept an apprentice who would offend more people than her master, right?

The student surpasses the master, this is true, but it is not used here after all.

The elder returned to his seat with his sleeves and his face was unhappy. The situation became tense with the few words of Miao Jinghan, and Shu Tang knew that there must be an explanation given to Qing Rong Sect.

Either compensate the three disciples, confess to the crime, and then confess to pretending to be Fuyu Shangxian’s disciple; or take out the evidence that she was Shangxian’s disciple, and talk to the Qing Rong Sect well, and lose face for Master.

Shu Tang sighed in her heart, sure enough, every time she met Miao Jinghan, she had to get into trouble.

She didn’t want to choose either of these two options. And, if you think about it, the first method doesn’t seem to embarrassed Master, but as the saying goes, who knows when she will meet everyone here again as Fuyu’s disciple? It would be even more awkward when the time came to hit the road.

In this way, no matter what she decided to do next, she would embarrass her master. Shu Tang gritted her teeth, looked at the cat who was so relaxed after the provocation, she could not wait to throw her out now.

However, that little cat had an innocent look on her face, as if those provocative words were not from her, which made Shu Tang angrier.

The so-called living on the face is probably like this.

Thinking about it, Shu Tang bit her lower lip, released the mouth of Miao Jinghan, and cupped her hands to the Grand Elder, “I am indeed the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian, I have lived in the Qing Rong Sect for a period of time. I have just recently taken human form and have yet to teach the Three Realms to know about it.”

The elder locked his eyebrows and questioned, “The last time I saw that little pig, it had only just entered the first realm, in just a few months, how did it transform into human form?”

“Naturally, Master has educated me well,” Shu Tang dropped her hands back to her side, not wanting to elaborate more, she merely said, “If Elder doesn’t believe me, I can tell you all about my experiences in the Qing Rong Sect.” With that said, she added, “Moreover, I know that the Qing Rong Sect’s murders are different from the rumors circulating outside.”

The elder did not say anything, but Hu Qiu had already said, “These words of yours can be uttered even by an impostor.”

Shu Tang didn’t expect them to really believe in her, and she could talk about her experience in the Qing Rong Sect for the next few days. After finishing speaking, she glanced at Hu Qiu, and showed a slight expression of her dissatisfaction.

The elders could already see how much Fuyu Shangxian valued her disciple from the last time she came to apologize. Now, seeing that this girl’s words were sincere and there was no flaw in her words, even if he still had concerns, he believed her.

As such, the rest of the story became simpler. Shu Tang apologized to the three disciples, who all said that they were fine and asked her not to worry.

When the head of the Qing Rong Sect learned of this, he immediately arranged for someone to prepare a table for them. Shu Tang was ashamed of this, and because of her lack of appetite, she put down her chopsticks after a few bites. And although Miao Jinghan was unwelcome when she spoke, she was a friend brought by the Shangxian’s disciple after all, and the disciples were quite polite to her. In this harmonious atmosphere, she ate happily.

After the meal, the elder was polite to her again, and Shu Tang, feeling guilty, poured out three of the healing pills given to her by her master and gave them to the three disciples. The three disciples were so flattered by the pills that they forgot that they were victims and thanked Shu Tang repeatedly.

Shu Tang, who has consciously embarrassed for 

her Master, really had no face to stay here more, taking Miao Jinghan to leave in a hurry.

It was already night, and although the lights were bright outside, it was still a bit dangerous. The elders intended to keep them for the night, but Shu Tang was as stubborn as her master and insisted on leaving.

The Elder could not keep her, so he sent her away. However, as soon as they arrived at the exit of Qing Rong Sect, they saw that the Second Elder was waiting for them.

Seeing the Second Elder, Shu Tang suddenly thought of Qing Senyang. He was the Second Elder’s personal disciple, and the Second Elder’s visit to her must be for him.

Moreover, he was waiting at the exit alone, obviously not wanting others to know about this. With a change of heart, Shu Tang said to the elder, “Since the Second Elder is here, I won’t bother the elder. In addition, the Qing Rong Sect has had a lot of affairs lately, so today’s matter is really hard on you.”

The Grand Elder said a few polite words to her, and seeing that the Second Elder was here, he left at ease. As expected, as soon as he left, the Second Elder immediately welcomed her and asked, “Miss Shu, do you know the whereabouts of my disciple?”

Shu Tang only heard from Nantan Shangxian that he had lost his breath in the human realm, perhaps because he had met with misfortune and didn’t know much about the actual situation. She didn’t dare to talk about things she didn’t understand, so she could only say vaguely, “I don’t know either, but after he returned to the human realm, I no longer know his whereabouts.”

“I also can’t feel his breath, I am both worried about him and not allowed to travel to the Immortal Realm to find him, which is why I took the liberty to ask you….” The Second Elder’s face was filled with worry, “This child has always been a peace of mind, what is wrong this time? “

Shu Tang couldn’t bear to tell him what Qing Senyang had done. In the Second Elder’s heart, his disciple was outstanding, how could he believe that his good disciple had done something like indirectly killing his fellow disciple?

Thus, until she exited the boundary, her heart was heavy.

Outside the exit was a clearing, considered a rare place of tranquility in Qing Rong City nowadays. Miao Jinghan saw her tense her little face and couldn’t help but go to tease her, “Your appearance is not like Qing Senyang betraying his master, but like you betraying your master instead.”

Shu Tang was really irritated by this, “How could I betray my master! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have to go to the Clear Rong Sect to find this guilt!”

“Tsk tsk, I’m just afraid that you have nothing to do today, and I will give you some fun. Why don’t you appreciate it? “Miao Jinghan wrinkled her little nose, “Speaking of which, why didn’t you ask me why I brought you in?”

Shu Tang hardened her heart and looked at her coldly, but did not speak.

The kitten was amused by her appearance, “What are you always so defensive about? I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong to you.”

“It’s true that you haven’t done anything wrong to me,” Shu Tang quietly replied, “but you’re by no means a good person either.”

Miao Jinghan smiled coquettishly, “Tang Tang, that’s not how good guys and bad guys are divided. At least, when you first met me, you liked me a lot.”

Shu Tang was unable to speak as she choked on her words and simply didn’t speak.

Seeing that she was almost done being amused, Miao Jinghan also became serious, “I brought you in to tell everyone that Fuyu Shangxian’s disciple came to the human realm to practice.”

“What good will that do you?” Shu Tang asked her.

The kitten inhaled the fresh air outside and whispered, “I don’t need everything to be good for me to do something. I wanted to do it, then I’ll do it, that’s what makes it fun.”

The cat’s mind was like the mind of a woman in love, it was impossible to guess.

Both of them suddenly quieted down, and after a while, Miao Jinghan suddenly said, “That thing you promised me earlier, I’ve thought about what I want you to do.”

Shu Tang looked up at her sharply and asked guardedly, “What is it?”

A gust of breeze blew, amber-like eyes flickered, and she looked at the little girl in front of her. The owner of the eyes was silent for a long time until Shu Tang couldn’t help but ask again when Miao Jinghan laughed lightly and said, “How about you kiss me and we’ll call it even?”

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