The Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 17 – Currying

“Are you really going to move in with her?”

In the dormitory, Bo Leng smiled and looked at Nan Xueqing who was packing her belongings.


Nan Xueqing placed the last item in the suitcase, got up, and walked to the fridge to get out a bottle of yogurt1.

Bo Leng leaned closer, “Don’t you think there’s something weird about this person right now?”

“Where’s the weirdness?” Taking a sip.

Bo Leng stared at her, “She’s weird like me.”

The yogurt that swallows into the throat is instantly a little hot.

The milk that was swallowed into her throat suddenly felt a little hot.

Nan Xueqing put down the milk and looked at her with a strange look.

“Do you think everyone is like you?”

Bo Leng, “Hey, what’s wrong with being the same as me. Nan Xueqing I’m telling you, with my years of experience I can tell you that this Lin Siyi is definitely not like a normal friend!”

“You didn’t pay attention to the fact that I had made that little bit of physical contact with you at the stairway earlier, and she looked anxious as if she wanted to kill me, and the way she looked at you, it was obviously different.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s just like me.”

Nan Xueqing placed the bottle of milk in the fridge and smiled as if she thought the other person’s statement appeared very funny.

“You don’t believe me.” Bo Leng inquired after her.

“Believe, I believe it.” Nan Xueqing said with obvious perfunctory.

Bo Leng, “Then let me ask you a question, do you have a crush on her?”

Nan Xueqing pulled up her suitcase to look at her, her eyes serious, “I’ll tell you one last time, I don’t like women.”

Bo Leng suddenly beamed, “In that case, you shouldn’t have any problem with me chasing after Lin Siyi, right2?”

Nan Xueqing’s footsteps paused and without a word, she opened the dormitory door and left.

Bo Leng took a glance at the WeChat contacts on her phone and smiled mischievously.


After Lin Siyi had eaten, she had originally thought of going back to her dormitory to say hello to Chen Xing, but it turned out that the other party didn’t even return.

After sending her a message on WeChat, she went to find the female lead.

After enthusiastically hugging one of the other party’s luggage bags, she volunteered to send it over to her first.

Once inside the C courtyard, there was barely a single person around until they walked inside the dormitory building.

There were only four rooms on the first floor, and Lin Siyi was placed in one of the first rooms on the third floor.

At a glance, she saw her luggage piled up in front of her.

She didn’t expect it to be quite fast indeed.

But when she thought of paying so much money, she still felt great pain.

She carried her belongings into the dormitory one by one and laid right down after making her bed.

It was perfect for another nap after eating and drinking.

Her eyes fell on the refrigerator in the corner, immediately jumped out of bed, turned on the power, and then opened a bag full of small cakes and milk yogurt.

To impress someone, you have to start with what she likes!

After lining up the yogurts and cakes, Lin Siyi closed the refrigerator with satisfaction.

Walking out onto the veranda, she leaned over to the front window and looked out.

So sad, why haven’t the female lead arrived yet?

After staring for almost five minutes or so, Lin Siyi couldn’t help but take a nap.

In this weather, not taking a nap would really be a shame.

In her sleep, she seemed to hear someone walk in and wanted to see if it was the female lead, but her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn’t open them.

Disoriented, thinking that she must greet the female lead, she forced herself to open her eyes, but in the end, she lost to the Duke of Zhou.

When Lin Siyi woke up it was already past eight o’clock in the evening.

The room was illuminated with lights and the female lead was sitting on the sofa in a white nightgown, her slender white hand was holding a thick book, and her eyes were downcast, her long eyelashes downcast.

It was like a fairy in a painting.

Lin Siyi rubbed her eyes and lifted the blanket and walked over, “Xueqing, when did you get here, have you unpacked everything?”

Nan Xueqing did not raise her head, “While you were sleeping.”

Lin Siyi was still not fully awake and tilted her head as if she was thinking about what time it was when she slept.

A moment later, Nan Xueqing lifted her head.

But Lin Siyi suddenly pounced on her, her knees pressed into the sofa, and her slippers fell to the floor.

Holding the female lead’s neck, her face came close, “So sleepy, Xueqing, are you sleepy?”

Nan Xueqing’s entire body stiffened, and her hands were placed at her sides wanting to push the other person away, but she didn’t know how to move.

The other party leaned against her ear, the sound of breathing could be clearly felt. Crucially, she even breathed out slowly, and the numb feeling instantly exploded.

Her voice was mechanical, “Up… Get up.”

Lin Siyi felt that the body she was holding was soft, just like her pillow, so she couldn’t help but rub against it twice, but was violently pushed away by the female lead.

Nan Xueqing stood up and stared at the other party, “Don’t get too close to me.”

Such a push made Lin Siyi completely awake, and couldn’t help patting her head, knowing that the female lead didn’t like people being close to her, so why did she still try to get close only to be disliked.

Then her eyes were a little lost.

It had been several days already, why wasn’t the female lead close to her yet.

One must know that in her real life, she and her good sisters, often slept on the same bed and drank from the same glass of water, even hugging each other was like a family affair.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes swept the loss of the other party’s eyes, and suddenly the words that Bo Leng had said before came up in her mind. Her pupils shrank and she immediately took a step back.

This action was seen by Lin Siyi, and her heart cried out, no way, the female lead had even started to dislike her!

No, she would never allow such a thing to happen.

Immediately she ran to the fridge and took out the yogurt inside like a treasure offering, “Xueqing, I saw that you liked yogurt before, this is what I’ve reserved for you!”

Nan Xueqing’s lips pursed and a thought flashed through her mind.

The corner of her mouth presented a slight curve, “Sorry, I don’t like to drink the date flavor.”

Lin Siyi immediately took a look at the words on the package, then quickly opened the refrigerator to see that it was all date flavored!

God didn’t help her!

With pitiful eyes, “So what flavor do you like?”

Nan Xueqing’s voice was slow, “The original.”

Lin Siyi’s eyes instantly lit up, “Then wait, I’ll go buy it for you now!”

It’s time to show sisterhood!

Nan Xueqing watched the other run out in a breeze in her slippers, her eyes froze, then pressed the spot where her heart was feeling strange.

1 “Bottle of yogurt” here is an example. Another example would be Kefir.
2 Yes!! Chase her! Make FL go mad! (I’m not rooting for that CP, I promise. There just needs to be a lot of unnecessary drama first and I rather have it start now than later)

Translator: Yesterday was stormy, where I am, so today should be beautiful just like my readers and everyone else.

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  1. The female lead hasnt even grown attached to her romantically but here we have the mc sisterzoning her already

  2. MC has no sense of personal space. She needs to calm it down and hook up with Bo Leng for a fling to get FL jealous and play it cool. She’s way too eager to please right now and it just comes across as clingy. I know she doesn’t want to die but like take it down a notch lmao

    Also “I don’t like women.” LOL famous last words.

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