My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 37

Outside of Qing Rong City, the greenery was lush.

Ever since the news that the Fuyu Shangxian had visited Qing Rong City to guard the city, the city had been incredibly lively. Originally, the number of people going out of the city and the number of people entering the city were basically equal, but now, the number of people entering the city every day was far more than the number of people going out of the city. The inns in the city were often full, some people could not stay in them, so they could only have a stall outside the tavern or the inns to cover a night.

The innkeepers and tavern keepers in the city were all happy, and the people of the Qing Rong Sect were also happy at first, as the courtyard was full of people, saying that their sect finally had its day to shine. Unexpectedly, less than half a month later, the headmaster forcibly ordered the closure of the sect, preventing anyone from entering.

Most of those who came to Qing Rong City were idle immortals, but of course, there are some people who are not righteous. Most people came here to ask immortals questions, but this small group of people had ideas that shouldn’t be made.

What kind of person is Fuyu Shangxian? If you look at today’s immortal sects, how many of them have ever seen the actual person? So, why should she be able to go and stay at the Qing Rong Sect, if it wasn’t because there was something good in the sect! The killing of the disciples in the Qing Rong Sect was also spread more and more mysteriously under this theory, and by the time Shu Tang heard about it, the version of the rumor was completely out of sync with the original incident.

Once in the human realm, Shu Tang knew that she was unfamiliar with various places, so she might as well come to a place she was relatively familiar with. However, when she entered Qing Rong City, she realized that it was very different from when she left.

The inn was full, and the people coming and going were no longer the people and resident traders of Qing Rong City, but more people from outside. Fortunately, it was still early in the morning when she came in, so she wasn’t anxious to think about where she was going to stay at night. It was just that she really couldn’t figure out the current situation, and after some thought, she went to the restaurant to find out the news.

These inquiries made her a little bit dumbfounded. No wonder these people wanted to join the Qing Rong Sect. It turns out that someone has spread the rumor that there is a treasure in the Sect.

It’s not uncommon for a sect to have treasures of the town, but which sect doesn’t have a few treasures? However, amidst the rumors, the treasure of the Qing Rong Sect was rumored to be divine. Some people said that it could eclipse the human mind and had the power of the ancient gods, which led the disciples to kill each other and caused a tragedy in the sect; others refuted him and said that he was talking nonsense, but the truth was that it could make people become immortal directly and had infinite power.

In the end, they gave a convincing conclusion to the story – if the treasure was not rare enough, why would the Fuyu Shangxian come here?

Hearing this, Shu Tang couldn’t resist and stepped forward to interject, “How do you account for the people who died in the city?”

The person spreading the rumor slapped the table heavily, surprised, “What? There are people who died in the city?!”

Shu Tang held her forehead, thinking that she might be in trouble. According to her deduction, the more people died in the rumor, the more evil this rumor would be spread.

In short, she sort of figured out why so many people had come here, firstly, it was because her master had come here, causing many people to come here to worship under Qing Rong’s disciple or to visit the place and soak up the aura of immortality. Secondly, there were rumors that Qing Rong Sect had treasures that could attract immortals, and these people came here to seek treasures.

But the school had been established for a thousand years, how could it be broken into so easily? They not only strengthened the boundaries of the school but also caught a few immortals with their own hands to show them off.

For people like idle immortals, becoming an immortal has become an extravagant hope, and if there is anything in this world that can make them directly become immortal, this temptation is greater than countless gold and silver treasures.

Shu Tang changed places in the restaurant and listened to people talking loudly and seven times about why they wanted to become an immortal. Listening to them, she felt that a large portion of these people had no idea why they wanted to become immortal.

Some had just been born and were told that they were destined for immortality and should be sent to practice immortality; some thought that they could live forever and linger more in this flowery world; others believed that immortals had boundless powers and had the absolute advantage of strength to subdue others.

These people are confused and muddled, and only a few of them are able to do so – they practice immortality to broaden their horizons, be in the sky, and understand what is Tao, what is human, and what is immortal.

When she was with her master, such scenes were invisible to her, and Shu Tang felt that she had gained a lot of insight in just half a day. However, when the joy of gaining insight passed, she became depressed and began to miss her master.

What would her master do now that she was alone in the house? Planting radishes? Pulling radishes? Or meditation?

Shu Tang thought for a long time in the noisy restaurant before she threw her head back and stood up to walk out of the restaurant.

She had come here to see the Qing Rong Sect, and right now, the people in the sect were so busy, how could they have the time to care about her? However, standing on the street, she really didn’t have the slightest clue as to where she was going.

How exactly will the experience of going to the human realm…. be?

Before entering Qing Rong City, she had cast an illusion for her face, and in the eyes of others, she was just a short, ordinary woman who didn’t stand out in the crowd. So, she strolled aimlessly through the streets without fear of anyone staring at her.

However, she had obviously overestimated her ability to cast illusions, and when she approached the front door of the Qing Rong Sect, the patrolling disciples immediately spotted the woman who had cast illusions on her.

Not showing her true appearance was either because her looks were too striking, or had some sort of purpose that could not be detected by others. Although the patrolling disciples could not see her original appearance, they knew there was something wrong with her by watching this person wandering back and forth at the entrance, as if she was measuring something.

The disciples did not act rashly, all of them were secretly watching her every move. Shu Tang didn’t notice that she was being watched, but at this point, she was just thinking about where she was going, and without realizing it, she was spinning around at the entrance.

It was only when she paced to the entrance of the boundary once again that she suddenly realized that she had actually arrived at the gate of someone’s sect. Shu Tang looked at the heavily guarded entrance, shook her head inwardly, and turned to leave.

Even if she didn’t know where she was going, the Qing Rong Sect was not a place she should be visiting right now.

Thinking like this, she had already drifted away, when suddenly, a familiar power suddenly came, heading straight for her forehead. The familiarity was like a lightning bolt, and before she could react, her body had returned uncontrollably to the boundary entrance.

Damn it! Her body is being controlled!

Shu Tang quickly transferred her body’s true qi to resist that power’s control with all her might, but the gap between her and that power was too vast, and the verdict was so close that she was completely helpless against it.

So next, Shu Tang watched as the fire light appeared out of her hand, and after injuring three disciples in a row, she tore open the boundary with her bare hands and stepped into it.

At this time, she also finally realized who this familiar power was coming from.

As soon as she stepped onto the land of the Qing Rong Sect, the control on her body then disappeared, and Shu Tang stumbled forward, and when she stood still, she turned back suddenly, “Miao Jinghan, come out.”

A black light flashed in front of her eyes, gradually transforming into a pretty little girl. She smiled playfully at Shu Tang, “Little Tang, you really don’t look good, I’ll help you restore it.”

Saying that she raised her hand and flicked it in front of Shu Tang’s eyes and canceled the illusion.

While speaking, the disciples who heard the sound flocked to them, and at this time they were surrounded by groups. Miao Jinghan didn’t care at all. After her pupils fluttered among these people, she raised her head to speak but was suddenly pulled behind by Shu Tang.

The pretty girl with a face like a peach blossom gave a curtsy to the crowd and spoke, “Sorry, it was me and my companion who was reckless, thinking that there was something interesting in this boundary, which is why we mistakenly entered here, we’re leaving.”

The leading disciple was the elder’s own disciple and thought the trespassers were treacherous petty thieves but did not expect to see two beautiful women who did not resemble real people.

Among the two women, the one who spoke was younger, with a face like a peach blossom, and was already beautiful without wearing any makeup. The black-robed woman behind her should be seventeen or eighteen years old, and despite her arrogance, she still did not hide her beauty. She was a well-behaved and dazzling one.

All the people present were immortals, how could they ever see such a beautiful girl in their daily lives? At this point, listening to her speak so politely, they were all pitying her for a moment and couldn’t bear to be rough with her.

It was just that after all, they had injured the disciples, and the leading disciple pondered for a moment before saying, “We don’t want to embarrass the two of you, but you must not be weak if you were able to break into the boundary. It’s only necessary for the two girls to come with us to meet the elders and inquire about it, then you can leave.”

Behind her, Miao Jinghan was a little more restrained and wanted to move forward to confront him. She was not sure of her intentions, but she couldn’t let her kill the innocent disciples again. So, she was busy pulling the dishonest kitten a little tighter and said to the disciples, “Alright then, we’ll go with you to see the elders.”

Hearing this, the lead disciple immediately went to summon the elder, and the others took the two girls and went to the main hall in a grand manner. Shu Tang was afraid that this unpredictable little cat would say something or do something that she shouldn’t, knowing full well that their strengths were vastly different, but still pulled her along tightly.

After being pulled, Miao Jinghan really didn’t mess around and obediently followed Shu Tang’s side with a playful look on her face.

If she didn’t feel it wrong, not long after they entered, the Qing Rong Sect’s boundary produced an extremely faint fluctuation again. In other words, there was an absolutely powerful person sneaking in.

Who else would it be if it wasn’t that Fuyu Shangxian, a strong person who could have this spare time?

Miao Jinghan secretly lifted the corners of her lips, pulling out a meaningful smile, her dark, shining eyes sizing Shu Tang up and down.

It seemed that this Fuyu Shangxian was really attentive to her disciple. If that’s the case, with her personality, how can she not have some fun with it?

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