My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 35

Shu Tang’s ears seemed to recall what Zhu Caitong had said to her and knelt in front of her master as her knees softened on the spot.

“Master, today this disciple was the one who had offended Master. Please don’t be angry with me!” She simply confessed all the mistakes she had made today, “This disciple should not have touched the master’s body, nor should I have made that promise with Miao Jinghan… the disciple is wrong, but please don’t drive this disciple away….” Before she could finish her sentence, Fuyu got off the bed and lifted her up in a baffled manner.

“Huahua, it’s you who has been thinking too much, I don’t blame you. I know that the matter of my original body is indeed unavoidable. As for the matter of Miao Jinghan, I am only trying to give you a warning, I hope that you will be able to distinguish right from wrong in the future, so you don’t suffer any loss in the future.” Fuyu stretched out her hand to brush away the falling hair in front of Shu Tang’s forehead, “You still have to walk your own path, I will not always accompany you. Now I am here to remind you, but in the future, you can only rely on yourself.”

Shu Tang was stunned listening and asked, “Does Master want to drive me away?”

“Of course not. However, you will one day become a master and have your own place and your own apprentice.” Fuyu curled her lips slightly, her smile blossoming with endless splendor, “Until then, I don’t ask you to be a teacher, I just hope you can teach your disciples well and walk your own way.”

The tone in which she spoke was no longer harsh as before, it must have faded away. But the words she spoke caused Shu Tang to be infinitely terrified.

Master was right, if it was just this kind of master-disciple relationship, one day they would become each other’s past. Shu Tang was not an ungrateful person, how could she forget the kindness of her Master and completely go her own way without caring about her Master?

She stared at her Master’s gentle and beautiful face with eyes that were filled with sparkling water, but in the end, she could no longer say a word. After a long while, she took a step back and respectfully bowed to her master, “Disciple will follow Master’s teachings and will not disappoint.”

With her master’s personality, she can get along with people who have had emotional connections like Zhu Caitong, and can also treat her humble apprentice who has a secret affection for her with a normal attitude. In other words, no matter what kind of wishful thinking you have in your heart, it doesn’t matter to your master.

Fortunately, my careful thoughts about the master are still in its infancy, so it doesn’t hurt to break it like this. Falling flowers deliberately follow the flowing water, and flowing water unintentionally loves falling flowers. What’s more, her master is not a flowing water, but a rushing river. After falling into the river, her little petal can’t cause ripples.

In that case, it would be better to let go early and think less of her master and practice more.

After the mess was over, the two of them rested for the night and returned to the Immortal Realm. When Fuyu left the City Lord’s Palace, she sent a message to Nantan, who immediately sent someone to keep an eye on Qing Senyang.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Fuyu returned to the immortal world, she heard Nantan, who had rushed here, say to her regretfully, “When we went to look for Qing Senyang, he had already disappeared. Luhua was reckless earlier and let him go back to the human realm, but I searched around for him in the human realm and couldn’t find his trace. I suspect that…. he is dead.”

Fuyu, who was standing at her own door, had a frown on her face, and Shu Tang, who was standing behind her, was also startled.

Wasn’t Qing Sengyang in cahoots with Miao Jinghan? She really killed him? Also, how could a man as smart as him die so quickly?

After Nantan finished his urgent business, only then did he beckoned to Shu Tang, saying, “Shu Tang, come here.”

“Hello, Nantan Shangxian.” Shu Tang greeted him respectfully, sizing him up for the first time at a more equal height.

All the people in the Immortal Realm weren’t bad looking, and the Nantan Shangxian in front of her was no exception. But compared to his looks, his aura was even more astonishing. No wonder he handled most of the affairs of the Immortal Realm, someone as noble as an emperor was hard to find in the Immortal World.

According to Master, Nantan Shangxian was created from a sandalwood tree, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for countless years and finally developed the spiritual wisdom of heaven and earth. Before he met Luhua and Fuyu, his name was “Tanmu”, but when he saw that others had chosen elegant names, he named himself “Nantan”, which he had used for thousands of years.

And while she was sizing up Nantan Shangxian, the other party was also sizing her up. At first, Nantan thought that it would take ten years for this little pig to cultivate into a human. Never would he have thought that in just a few months, she had become such a beauty.

By the way, Fuyu was lucky to have such a good disciple after raising and killing thousands of pigs. Nantan patted Shu Tang’s shoulder with great relief, advising, “With a spiritual root, you must cultivate harder, my Immortal Realm has yet to produce anyone who has become an immortal within a hundred years, so I’ll leave this important task to you.”

Shu Tang straightened up and said in a serious tone that she hadn’t even noticed, “Thank you, Nantan Shangxian. I will not disgrace my master.”

Nantan revealed a small smile and said to Fuyu, “You’ve really found a good disciple.”

Fuyu herself was not polite, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Shu Tang knew that she shouldn’t get involved in these matters in the Immortal Realm, she just needed to learn how to practice better now. So, after exchanging pleasantries and courtesies with Nantan Shangxian, she took her leave early, entered the main gate, and returned to the side hall, leaving them outside to continue discussing matters.

Luhua has been in Fuyu’s residence for the past few days, taking care of the house for her. As he was drinking tea, he suddenly saw a beautiful and pretty girl running in unhindered, so he followed without saying a word.

Shu Tang had the scent left by her master, so naturally she wouldn’t be stopped by the boundary outside the residence. After she ran all the way back to the side hall, she just wanted to close the door to practice, but when she turned around she saw a gentleman with a jade crown and tied hair standing outside the door, sizing her up with a playful face.

Wasn’t the man in front of her the Immortal Luhua?

Shu Tang couldn’t help but cover her face, luckily Master didn’t know many people, otherwise, she would definitely be surrounded by even more people.

Didn’t she just transform into a human… There are quite a few immortals in the immortal realm who are made of objects and transformed into human beings, it’s not even that unusual!

Luhua had seen enough, which is why he walked in idly and laughed at her, “So it’s the little piggy, I was wondering whose little girl had run amok and gone to the House of Fuyu Shangxian.”

Shu Tang looked at him and respectfully said, “Greetings, Luhua Shangxian.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he echoed three times in a row, smiling, “The little girl is much more polite than your master. Good, good, good. It’s not in vain that I carefully chose that jade pendant for you earlier.”

Shu Tang thought silently. At first, I don’t know who said “One by one, one by one2,” that kind of cursed pig words.

Of course, she didn’t dare to say this, but instead said, “Thank you, Luhua Shangxian.”

Luhua hadn’t had anyone to talk to for days, and now that he had caught Fuyu’s disciple, he naturally wouldn’t let her go. Then he pulled her to sit on a mahogany chair and asked, “Where’s your master?”

“She’s outside talking to Nantan Shangxian.” She said as she pulled her arm out of Luhua’s hand.

Luhua did not care and began to reminisce with her, “When your master brought you back, I thought it was going to be another dead piglet. I did not expect that in a few months, you not only survived but also turned into a human…” he droned on for a bunch of time and concluded with the sentence, “Anyway, you have broken the record for the longest time your master has raised piglets, so you don’t have to be under pressure anymore. No matter what, you are Fuyu’s longest piglet to raise.”

Shu Tang: “……”

Luhua! Can’t we talk anymore! Why are you always cursing pigs when you open and close your mouth?

Pigs have the right to be born too! And also have dignity!

Shu Tang was stuffed with nonsense from Luhua for half an hour, and while Luhua was chatting up a storm, she finally saw her master walking towards the side hall. She immediately stood up and wanted to run to her master’s side, but then she thought of the decision she had made earlier, so she stopped herself and stood where she was, waiting for her master.

Luhua was just as thoughtless as Fuyu, and no one could see the difference in Shu Tang. They chatted casually for a few moments, and then Luhua got up and left, leaving only the Master and disciple in the room for a while.

Shu Tang mused that she couldn’t think nonsensically, then she said respectfully to her master, “Master, disciple is going to practice now, the technique she learned previously couldn’t be utilized, but now she wants to try it.”

Only then did Fuyu felt as if there was something not quite the same about her disciple, and after thinking about it, she felt that nothing was different. She took out two books from her sleeve and said, “This is the fire secret book that Nantan Shangxian found for you. I heard that it is a move used by the ancient Taotie clan, when you have practiced it, you can go with me to thank him.”

Shu Tang took the book and nodded, “Does Master have any other instructions?”

“No.” Fuyu replied with a slight frown on her face, thinking to herself that her apprentice had mostly grown up, but for the past few days,she wasn’t as clingy as she used to be.

In the past, Bai Huahua really wanted to nestle in her master’s arms all day long, but now she seemed to be distant from her, which was really abnormal.

After the master left the side hall, Shu Tang only let out a heavy sigh of relief, not knowing for a moment whether her choice was right or wrong. However, for her, since she couldn’t figure it out, she didn’t think about it. After gently closing the door of the side hall, she turned around and held the book with spells written in it to study it.

Everything was still unknown, everything else was unpredictable, and all she knew was that the only way to see what the future would look like was to be strong enough.

She had decided to become a person on par with her master, so, no matter what happened, this original purpose could not be changed!

Only, Shu Tang looked at the book’s densely packed moves and secrets, remained slowly gripping the spine of the book and murmured, “Master…”

She was, after all, a bit reluctant.

Thank you Val for supporting this novel! Hope you’re enjoying these chapters!

1 “Tanmu” or 檀木 means Scandalwood (lol) and “Nantan” means South Sandalwood
2 “One by one, one by one” I think she’s referring to all the little piggies who died before her

Translator: Low-key, I feel hurt right now. Just a little. When you want to let go but can’t (┬┬﹏┬┬)

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  1. Awwww how sad ….

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  2. it is really a reasonable response and something I could see an IRL person do. elevates the story a lot

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