My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 34

The calf raked with the furry tail, caused Shu Tang to pull back sharply. With a rare frown, she asked, “Didn’t you promise to help him with this? Why are you going back on your words?”

“A promise is a promise, whether or not I’ll change my mind after that, it all depends on my mood.” The kitten stretched over to her, shaking her fur, “I’ve changed my mind now, will you accept?”

As soon as her voice trailed off, Fuyu’s voice suddenly sounded inside Shu Tang’s head, “Don’t be compelled by her, she’s trying to draw out your demons.”

Shu Tang’s mind then snapped to attention, when she said to the kitten, “I won’t accept it.”

Even though Master had said that she was causing her own demons, Shu Tang still struggled with some hesitation when she rejected her.

Killing Qing Senyang is much easier than destroying the entire Qing Rong Sect, and if she had accepted Miao Jinghan’s deal, Qi Yan would have received the Soul Return Pill soon. Now, since she rejected Miao Jinghan, it was like indirectly cutting off Qi Yan’s life.

She didn’t know Qi Yan very well, and she was even more hostile towards Zhu Caitong, but she still felt guilty.

Fuyu secretly sighed at her apprentice’s innocence and kindness, and said to her, “Caitong and Qi Yan won’t blame you. You’re extremely talented, so you mustn’t develop such demons, which will harm you.”

Having been enlightened by her master, Shu Tang felt slightly better. The little cat had already expected her to refuse, and with a swipe of her tail, she said with a smile, “You can refuse to accept, but I’ve changed my mind anyway, so I might as well change it even more completely.”

Shu Tang didn’t know what she meant and continued to listen, “As long as you promise to do one thing for me in the future, I’ll take the Soul Returning Pill from Qing Senyang for you. This deal is a bargain to the max, how about it, do you promise to do it?”

Before Shu Tang could speak, Zhu Caitong was the first to say, “Not good, I had thought that the matter of the Soul Returning Pill was purely a transaction, but I hadn’t thought that it was just a scheme. We don’t want the Soul Returning Pill. Shu Tang, let’s go.” Saying that she and Qi Yan got up together and reached out to grab Shu Tang.

The little cat meowed softly, yawned, and said, “I thought I was the only one with a bad temper, but I didn’t think you, with a peony hairpin, were even more impatient than I am.” She gracefully stood up and stepped on Shu Tang’s legs with its soft paws, “I will sincerely give you the Soul Returning Pill while trying to get back something I want, how could you called it a scheme?”

With something as precious as the Soul Returning Pill, which can be obtained by doing just one thing on one’s own, is this Miao Jinghan stupid, or is that thing that needs to be done too difficult? This pie falling from the sky is bound to be deceitful.

However, Shu Tang didn’t see any malice in Miao Jinghan’s eyes.

Although she had killed several people in the Qing Rong Sect and was an unpredictable Demon Immortal, however, from the time she played with her in the stone forest, to the time she helped her turn into a human in the barbaric wasteland, even now, Shu Tang still couldn’t see any malicious intent from Miao Jinghan towards her.

For a while, there was silence in the main hall, and a while later, Shu Tang reached out her hand and picked up the kitten, placing it on the ground, “What you want me to do for you must not violate my morals, must not kill or set fire to anyone, must not betray my conscience. If you agree, then I will promise you.”

The kitten meowed, shook itself, and returned to its human form, playfully saying, “Deal.”

Fuyu remained silent in her original body, while Zhu Caitong immediately stopped her, “You don’t have to go this far for us.”

Shu Tang’s gaze fell to the ground and said softly, “My master has known you for many years and I am her disciple, if you need help, how could I not help? Moreover, I’m just promising her to do something and compared to completing that so-called mission, I didn’t give anything in this matter.”

Zhu Caitong still wanted to say something, but Qi Yan stopped her after taking a deep glance at Shu Tang.

Miao Jinghan walked back to her seat with light steps, Shu Tang took this opportunity to check on that city lord and found that he had at some point held up a scroll and was seriously reading a book.

This person, really, the more you look at him, the weirder he gets.

Miao Jinghan said that the pills would be delivered to Zhu Caitong’s Rejuvenation Hall in three days’ time, and the deal was completed, Shu Tang and the others did not stay any longer and left right away. In the meantime, the city lord did not say a word.

Only after they had completely left the palace did Lie You put down his scrolls, got up from his high seat, and slowly descended the steps. With each step down, his clothes grew a little darker, and by the time he descended the last step, his white clothes were completely stained with ink, turning into a black brocade robe. While his eyebrows, eyes, and features remained the same, his entire aura had undergone a drastic change.

Looking at the thick evil aura emanating from his body, Miao Jinghan unconcernedly said, “What did you find when you poked around Little Tang’s spirit platform?”

The evil aura on Lie You’s body gathered fiercely, pushing straight towards her face, “I’m not going to ask you. Tell me instead, what was the purpose of this play you were putting on today?”

“I’ve had enough of Qing Senyang, I don’t want to use him anymore,” Miao Jinghan wasn’t frightened by the aura, but casually sat down in her seat and fiddled with her hands, “He’s ambitious and has intelligence. I can’t keep him, so naturally, I have to kill him. However, killing him outright is a pity for me, so I’ll simply use him once more.”

Lie You withdrew his evil aura and responded to her indifferently, “What you did today was not to tell Shu Tang about his affair. Your real purpose was to make that deal with her.”

“Yes. Although I had made more of the preparations earlier, it’s just that if I hadn’t been able to make those preparations previously, how could Zhu Caitong be so grateful to her later, and how could she have agreed to me in the midst of her great inner struggle?” Miao Jinghan smiled wryly, “Everything I do, it’s all for her and for you.”

Lie You swept a glance at her and said in a nonchalant manner, “If you dare to hurt her at any point, I won’t let you go either.”

“Don’t worry, even if you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t be willing to hurt her at all.” Saying that, she turned back into a cat and landed lightly on the ground, “Alright, I’m going to do what needs to be done as well.”

With that, she leaped out into the hall and disappeared without a trace.


Standing in the middle of the empty main hall, Lie You slowly withdrew his evil aura, flew over the stairs, took his seat, and then grabbed the scroll.

This scroll, from the first page to the last, had only two sentences, yet he has read it for thousands of years.

Fortunately, that person was finally found by him.

In the large main hall, he was the only one. Suddenly, a soft voice was uttered by him-.

“Qian lun1.”


As soon as they left the City Palace, Fuyu transformed back into human form, and Shu Tang, who felt guilty, didn’t dare to look at her master and followed her with her head down.

As Miao Jinghan had expected, Zhu Caitong’s attitude towards Shu Tang really changed, she no longer teased her, and she no longer mentioned Fuyu’s story to her. Seeing Fuyu transform back into human form, the first thing she said was, “This time I owe you the favor of your disciple, thank you.”

Fuyu said indifferently, “This is her choice, it has nothing to do with me.”

Although her master usually spoke in such a bland manner, Shu Tang had done something wrong, and always felt as if her master’s words were not very happy. Was it… Is she really going to be thrown back into the pigpen?!

It was good that Master didn’t mention letting her go back to the pigpen, and the four of them didn’t have much to say along the way, waiting until they reached the entrance of the inn before Fuyu said, “What you need help with, my disciple and I have already done it, so it will be fine to separate from now on.”

The more Shu Tang felt her master’s displeasure, the more she dared not to breathe, and only obediently followed her master.

Zhu Caitong’s goal has been achieved. Looking at Fuyu’s profile, she sighed slightly and turned away. Qi Yan looked at Shu Tang for a long time and left together with Zhu Caitong. Fuyu watched them go far away, and only then did she lift her foot and enter the inn, at the same time saying to her apprentice, “Huahua, let’s go.”

Hearing that her master still called her Huahua, Shu Tang liked this name so much for the first time and kept up with her master.

The fact that Master still called her by her nickname showed that she wasn’t really mad at her!

Shu Tang was thinking happily, however, as soon as she entered the inn, she felt a sudden change in her Master’s demeanor2. Before she could play nice with her master, Fuyu had turned her head and said sternly, “How did this master teach you?”

“Master…” Shu Tang called out stupidly, thinking that she was angry that she had touched her original body. In the next second, she heard Master’s stern voice, “I taught you not to get involved with that cat demon, but what did you do? You actually promised to do something for her.”

“Master, I…..” Shu Tang wanted to explain, but the words that came to her lips felt pale and weak.

Master was right, she had indeed not listened to Master’s words this time. She had made a deal with Miao Jinghan. Firstly, it was in order to exchange for the precious Soul Returning Pill for Zhu Caitong, and secondly, because she felt that the kitten had no ill will towards her. Master clearly stressed repeatedly that she couldn’t get involved with her, but she…

Shu Tang knew that she was wrong, but also remembered that she had touched her master’s body today, so she felt even more guilty and hung her head, not daring to speak again.

Fuyu looked at her drooping head and well-behaved appearance, and cruelly, continued to discipline her, “I have never had high expectations for you. I only wish for you to be safe and sound, but I did not expect that you would not listen to what I said in my heart…..” Having said this, she suddenly felt a strong dizziness, and could not speak for a while.

She hadn’t been able to rest properly for several days and had consumed a large amount of her origin power while fusing her disciple’s spiritual roots. However, even though her body was already incredibly weak, she still transformed into her original body to help Zhu Caitong. Now she was angry again, and she couldn’t hold it anymore. Before she finished speaking, she fainted forward. Fortunately, Shu Tang reacted in time and grabbed her master’s arm with both hands to help her up.

“Master? What’s wrong with you, Master?” Shu Tang was so anxious that she couldn’t care that her master was still angry, and helped her stumble to the side of the bed, carefully helping her lie down.

Fuyu’s brain was chaotic, and it was as if a hurricane was blowing in the spirit platform, stirring her almost out of consciousness. It wasn’t until an icy force entered the spirit platform between her brow that she was able to calm down.

Yet, when she opened her eyes, what she saw was a delicate little face very, very close to her.

Shu Tang who was putting her forehead against her master: “……”

She stared blankly into her master’s clear eyes, her cherry lips parted and tried to explain something, but at the sight of her master’s pure gaze, she couldn’t say anything, so she hurriedly got up and stumbled back a few steps.

Fuyu didn’t know how long she had been in turmoil, but her nose seemed to still have the lingering scent of her apprentice’s body. She frowned slightly and sat up holding onto the blanket, asking, “How long have I been unconscious?”

“Only, only for a short while….” For the first time, Shu Tang said the words so poorly that she almost bit her tongue.

Fuyu looked at her red face, only to feel all the anger she had earlier dissipate, and helplessly said, “How did you come up with this method?”

Listening to her master’s tone of voice become much softer, Shu Tang felt a little more at ease, and replied, “I just helped you lie down. The power of the jade pendant in my head seemed to have a connection with you, I was led…. by it to….” touch your forehead were words she really couldn’t say.

Although she hadn’t finished her words, Fuyu’s mind turned and she understood. The jade pendant belonged to her own original body, so naturally it had a bond with her. It was just that this healing method would consume a lot of her disciple’s energy, and she couldn’t use it again in the future.

So, she said to Shu Tang seriously, “This method is not right, so I don’t need this method of healing in the future. I only need to rest for a few moments to regain my energy, you need not worry.”

She said indifferently, but Shu Tang’s heart trembled as she listened.

Master said that this method was improper….. Could it be that Master had discovered something?

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1 “Qian lun” or 千轮 means a thousand wheels but I’m not sure what that means. I like to think that Shu Tang is part of a prophecy of being a higher god/being (not technically wrong since she is part of a God and she came from another world) so maybe Lie You wants to use her to become bigger and badder: to go beyond the realm of high gods and true gods, if that makes sense. Other than that I wouldn’t know until later. 🙂
2 Oh SH–! Run little piggy, run for your life!!

Translator: Wow! This chapter was… wow. Just wow. And you guys are too.

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