Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 12 – A Stupid Happy Life

Xiao Man’s mother came once, Xiao Man gave her a hard time, and never came again, and after the fifth day of the new year, Mi Lin and Chu Fanxi came by to visit Xiao Man once. The first time Chu Fanxi introduced a pair of unreliable adopters to Xiao Man, she also came to Xiao Man with a big basket and brought a lot of small dried fish to please Yu Miaoyin. The aroma of the dried fish was rather delicious and Yu Miaoyin couldn’t stop eating, the side of her mouth was full of crumbs, and she generously forgave Chu Fanxi.

School officially started at the end of February and beginning of March. At the beginning of the school year, there was also an internship. Xiao Man became very busy. She woke up early every day and stayed up late in the middle of the night in front of the computer. Yu Miaoyin pestered Xiao Man several times, but after a few times she saw that Xiao Man was really busy so she didn’t dare to interrupt her rest and obediently had fun by herself.

Yu Miaoyin recently fell in love playing with her own tail. The experience of being a cat for the first time is still very strange. For example, she saw in a funny video on the Internet that many stupid cats would chase their tails and play with them as if it wasn’t part of their own body. Therefore when Yu Miaoyin was really bored, she wanted to find out if cats could chase their own tails or not.

She pounced after her tail several times, in a circle, before she became dizzy, and came to the conclusion that cats really can’t chase their own tails.

After this, Yu Miaoyin suddenly realized that she had become one of the “stupid cats”.

Cough cough…… Wrong, meow meow.

Yu Miaoyin moved back to her bed as if nothing had happened.

After a busy month of school, in April, Yu Miaoyin started to shed her hair. On the sofa, shoe cabinet, bed, floor, as long as Yu Miaoyin can get to the place, you can find a handful of large fluffy, white cat hair. After cleaning up the layer after layer of hair, Xiao Man chased after Yu Miaoyin to brush her, but her brush was not as fast as her shedding.

The point is that Yu Miaoyin doesn’t look very big, and she doesn’t know where she got so much hair on her body. Everytime Yu Miaoyin shed, Xiao Man was worried that she would go bald, but her hair was still shiny and she didn’t even go through the so-called “embarrassing period” that cats and dogs go through when they grow up.

At the same time, Xiao Man also found something tragic – she was allergic to cat hair.

At first, Xiao Man only sniffled a lot and sneezed sometimes, but she didn’t care. Later, when Yu Miaoyin officially entered the hair loss phase, Xiao Man sneezed more and more often, and her nose was red for more than a week, especially when Yu Miaoyin brought her body full of floating hair to rub against Xiao Man, Xiao Man’s sneezing became more and more serious and that’s when she realized that she might be allergic.

Xiao Man put on a mask and armed herself to hide from Yu Miaoyin’s approach. It really improved a lot, but it was hard for Yu Miaoyin.

The main culprit for the non-stop sneezing is herself, and Yu Miaoyin was too embarrassed to stay with Xiao Man, so she kept to herself in her bed every day, trying not to come out as much as possible.

She is a restless little cat, she couldn’t wait to hang on to Xiao Man twenty-four hours a day, and now, she could only look at Xiao Man but not eat. She was full of resentment, she didn’t want to eat, and her favorite small dried fish didn’t taste as good anymore. It was only when Yu Miaoyin grew that her hair started to shed more. It caused Yu Miaoyin to look more thin than usual, causing Xiao Man to be anxious and thought the cat had some kind of disease.

“Doctor, so what’s going on with my Miao Miao?” Xiao Man was impatient and couldn’t find the cause of the problem, but it was true that Yu Miaoyin was starving and losing weight. Xiao Man worried that Yu Miaoyin had a serious illness that had not been detected.

“We’ve already given it a full body checkup, and you were still worried and gave it another checkup of all kinds. And you saw the results, so it shouldn’t be a physical illness. By the way, does Miao Miao have any other symptoms besides a decrease in food consumption?” The vet asked.

Xiao Man thought, “She used to be very active and loved to jump around, but lately she’s been inactive and has been lying on her stomach all day.” She spoke with a mask on and was heavily protected, but still couldn’t help but sneeze.

The vet thought she had a cold and didn’t care, frowned seriously for a while, and finally thought, “Then it’s probably… a mental illness…”

“Meow meow meow?” Yu Miaoyin expressed a silly face, did they not consider that she didn’t want to lose hair around her senior sister, how did this diagnosis of a mental illness come out? What a joke, she was probably the most mentally healthy kitten in the world.

“….” Xiao Man was also speechless, probably because she had never had a pet before, and for the first time she learned that cats could also get a mental illness.

But since it was said by a doctor, they are professionals after all, so they could only listen, Xiao Man asked, “Doctor, I can’t understand the cat’s speech, how can I cure this disease?”

“Spend more time with it on a regular basis and play with it.”

“Meow meow meow!” Yu Miaoyin was the first one to jump up and protest. Senior Sister is allergic to cat hair and this doctor still want her play with her, quack medicine1!

In order to let her Senior Sister know that she cared about her and not that she is sick, Yu Miaoyin tried her best to eat to regain her appetite. Although she still can’t move around at home because of the hair shedding, at least her appetite had returned, and Xiao Man’s heart became slightly relieved.

After two months of eating and sleeping like this, Yu Miaoyin’s shedding season was over, and Xiao Man’s allergies gradually got better. And finally, Yu Miaoyin was able to climb and jump around the house again, and at the same time, she had gained some weight gloriously.

Yu Miaoyin: I want to lose weight! Nobody’s stopping me!

Xiao Mann: Where’s that clever little white cat that used to be so smart and agile? Who are you, you little fatty?

Of course, chagrin is chagrin, dislike is dislike, finally being able to stick to the senior sister again, Yu Miaoyin is still very happy.

The size of Yu Miaoyin’s body is now a bit like that of a grown-up cat, and her strength is completely different, so things like unscrewing the door handle, which used to be like an ant trying to shake a tree, are now a piece of cake. In addition to petting and cuddling, Yu Miaoyin also has a new activity: peeking at her in the bathroom.

This day, Xiao Man was taking a bath and the bathroom door was pushed open from the outside, Yu Miaoyin saw for the first time among the steam was the flesh|striped|naked body. She became too excited and directly hit the water pipe.

Xiao Man was washing her head when she saw that her stupid cat hit the water pipe. She quickly shut off the water and ran over to pick up the cat, scratched her head and said nervously, “Miao Miao, did you crash into the pipe? Give me a noise!”

“Meow….” Yu Miaoyin faintly called out in the arms of the senior sister, as if dreaming.

The first time I saw such a fragrant sister, it was worth getting hit. At this moment, Yu Miaoyin’s soul flew away, feeling that her wish had been fulfilled.

Yu Miaoyin really wanted to have such a good day every day, but not long after that, Yu Miaoyin finally met the only nemesis of her cat life.

The annoying little nephew of Sister Xue is here.

1 “Quack medicine” refers to doctors with poor medical skills, who misuses drugs, and kill people with their prescriptions

Translator: I just want to say that you guys are amazing. Very much my inspiration at 7 am in the morning when I wake up.

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