Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 16 Cinderella (VIII) part 2

I had the cloak in my hand, proudly watching the vampire’s misery, when suddenly I heard the sound of planes coming from above, and it was getting closer and louder.

I looked up and was momentarily stunned.

Dozens of planes were flying in the sky, getting bigger and bigger, and also… coming towards us?!

Could it be this vampire’s helper? It’s gonna drop. It’s going to land at the school! I was shocked and kicked him hard, but he was limp and didn’t resist.

No, no, no, whether it was his accomplice or not, I had to take precautions!

I dragged the little vampire up and half dragged him next to Su Xingyu. If it was his help that was coming, then we’d have a hostage too!

“Ah!!! It stinks!!!” The vampire was extraordinarily annoyed by the smell of garlic and struggled desperately, wailing grimly, “Take it away! Take it away! Ugh~”

“Huh? Let it stink you to death!” I let out my anger and kicked him again, gloating.

Tu Tu Tu! The sounds of the plane were so loud and then suddenly five words came from the sky: Master! I! Am! Come! Ing1!

What? What the hell is this?

The words that appeared out of thin air in the sky slowly disappeared and the planes landed not far from us.

Out of the planes ran several teams of people wearing black suits and sunglasses, tall, and seemingly well-trained bodyguards. They walked closely, the ground seemed to be shaking, and quickly surrounded the three of us.

Looking at this black mass, cold sweat broke out on my forehead. I really didn’t expect so many people to come, and it looked like any one of them could finish me off!

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” A woman suddenly emerged from the suits of bodyguards, her voice loud as she methodically arranged, “Stretcher! Clean up the scene!”

“Master!” That’s right, she was calling Su Xingyu Master!

“Master, can you still hold on? This subordinate was late!”

…Wait, let me calm down.

It was a bit of a shocking sight, but when I came back to my senses, I was also being carried on a stretcher by them. I looked to the side, and both Su Xingyu and the vampire were also on the stretcher. I was busily pointing at the little vampire and telling them, “He’s the bad guy!”

The woman with the loud voice waved her hand, “Get him under control first!”


I saw the little vampire being tied up by five bodyguards. Still worried,  I handed over the remaining garlic in my hand to the woman who seemed to be our reinforcements, “Garlic! Use garlic! He’s afraid of garlic!”

The woman: “…okay.”

The plane burst into life again, and several people in white coats gathered around Su Xingyu to help her with her wounds. Some people also offered to examine me, but I dully refused. I wasn’t hurt.

The plane wasn’t small, but it wasn’t big either. And after being crammed with medical equipment, beds, and so many other people, it was a little overcrowded. I could barely see Su Xingyu at all anymore.

“Hello! How do I address you, Miss?” The woman with the loud voice was also on the plane. She was very loud, but she was very pretty and feminine. She was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, wearing a tight black dress, with a tall figure and flaming red lips.

“Ah…I…just call me Qianqian.” This is my first time someone had addressed me so formally, or seen such a good and beautiful sister, I was a little overwhelmed.

“Hello Miss Qianqian.” The pretty sister’s voice was still loud, “I’m Master’s Grand Stewardess, Su Guangguang.”

“Su Guangguang?” I pronounced her name once after her, a little shocked. I really didn’t expect such a beautiful sister with such an… unexpected name2.

This was a bit impolite, so I quickly greeted, “Hello, Sister Guangguang!” Just now I was only concerned with how shocking her name was, when I suddenly thought of the other half of her sentence, “The master you’re talking about… is Su Xingyu? Grand Stewardess?”

“Yes!” Su Guangguang said, “I am the master’s Grand Stewardess and master’s friend is also our guest. If you need anything, please feel free to say so.”

I didn’t have the heart to think about Su Xingyu’s identity at this point, I was only worried, “Su Xingyu, is she okay? Is the wound serious? Will there be any sequelae? Will it hurt? Can I go over and see her?”

I asked a few questions in a row, and I blushed a little bit. Fortunately, Sister Chu Guangguang did not dislike me, but answered my questions carefully.

“Don’t worry, these doctors are some of the best around the world, having won countless Nobel Prizes in medicine, and I’ve checked that the Master only has a superficial wound, which will heal in a few days at most, it will not even leave a scar behind.”

I became silent.

A bunch of doctors who have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, surrounding a person who only had a superficial wound, they really shouldn’t be bullshitting at me for being poorly educated. This wouldn’t be possible even with money!

However, it wasn’t long before I realized.

There’s nothing money can’t do, and if there is, it’s not enough money!

But as a regular citizen who is flying for the first time, my current thoughts are: I’m not in the wrong filming set, am I!?

1 “主!淫!我!来!了!” or “Master! I! Am! Come! Ing!” I understand that in English this is four words but it was the closest I coud get without it sounding weird
2 “Guangguang” means light. Maybe because she was wearing black, and looked like a seductress,  the name “light” didn’t fit

Translator: Wishing everyone some love!!💖💖💖

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